BLOODLINE 2 Episode 17 (Blood And Diamond) by Ironkurtain

BLOODLINE 2 Episode 17 (Blood And Diamond) by Ironkurtain

BLOODLINE 2 Episode 17 (Blood And Diamond) by Ironkurtain

Lisa let out a loud scream and shuddered with her eyes closed.

Then for a moment, she noticed that it was only her shriek that filled the room. With alot of fear still written on her face, Lisa opened her eyes and saw Dante staring at his handgun like he had never seen it before. Then the fear on her face turned into a look of surprise when she looked at Eric and saw that he was still alive. And with a smile on his face.

“Oops!……”, Eric began. Then he slowly stood up with a painful grunt and dug a hand inside his trouser, reaching for the crotch. “I forgot to mention that….during our little rolling around, i slipped out the clip from that pistol and replaced it with an empty one”, he said and pulled out a handgun magazine.

Dante stared at the magazine Eric was holding. He immediately dislodged the magazine in his handgun and found out that the man facing him wasnt lying after seeing that it was empty. With an overly stunned look on his face he dropped the empty ammo case and quickly reached into one of his pockets.

“Ah ah!……”, Eric reached into his crotch again and pulled out two more magazines. “I also took those ones out”, he said and tossed the three of them under Lisa’s chair. “I warned you about letting your emotions to get the better part of you”, Eric added. “Sh!ts like this are bound to happen on the job bro”.

“Oh dear”, Diana chuckled. “It’s like you boys are now on a level playing field…….or perhaps, the odds has been stacked against someone else”, she chuckled again and looked at Dante.

“Shadap!!”, Dante angrily barked at Diana with a hard glare.

“Oh….okay sir”, Diana murmured mockingly and turned away.

Dante stared at Eric for a while. “Hm….good”, he then muttered with a nod and lowered his eyes to his handgun. “Very good. You really took me by surprise cos i didnt see that coming. Anyway……”, Dante tossed the weapon away. “…..i dont need this gun to kick your ass”, he said.

Then Dante zipped up overall and started rolling up the sleeves. “See, i wanted to make it quick and easy for you….”, he began as he pushed his sleeves close to his elbow. “……because i really admired your bravery in the face of death. But since you have decided to make it hard for me to do so with your slick hands, i guess i will have to use my hands…..and make your girlfriend watch while i beat you to death my friend”, he continued.

“Now let me be straight with you….my friend”, Eric began irritatedly. “This week have been nothing but engagements in an unrelenting old school throwdowns with big ass motherfuckers, and taking matchetes and sh!ts to more extremely violent big ass motherfuckers. So you can see that i’ve been very busy and……i’m kind of getting really tired of all these bloodletting activities”, he sighed.

Dante chuckled. He glanced at Eric and looked at his balled fists.

“My devotion now is to handle my business with this old man. So i’m not in the mood for any physical contest with you”, Eric continued. “And neither will it do anything to change her mind if she doesnt want to hook up with you”, he pointed at Lisa. “I also heard about some certain deal you sighed with this old man. This is a clear violation of the deal and my advice to you is to…..perhaps apologize and honour the deal by walking away, so that we wont have this kind of situation again”.

Dante laughed out loud after Eric concluded and shook his head.

Diana stared at Dante as he laughed and then looked at Eric. “No……the deal has been cancelled”, she said to him. “Isnt it?”, she asked and looked at the old man. “

The old man looked at Diana and smiled. “Oh yes….there is a new deal”, he said and looked at Eric. “Killing him is the price you have to pay if you dont want your father and mother to be bother again……for life”, he said to Eric.

Eric looked at the old man. “That’s an interesting offer”, he said to the old man. “But i’m gonna pass cos i can still set my old man free without doing your dirt”, he continued.

“What about fulfilling the promise you made to Esther your mother?”, Lisa then said.

“I made alot of promises to her and none of them involves this guy”, Eric said with less concern.

“Of course it does. He was the one that set off the bomb that killed Ernest, Esther’s fiance”, Lisa said.

Eric heard it and slowly turned his head to Lisa with furrowed brows. Lisa wasn’t sure of the authenticity of what Dante had earlier said about his deed at the hospital. But she’s well aware that anything that affects or in anyway affected Esther negatively, brings out the monstrosity in him.

“He said it himself and boasted about it Eric”, Lisa continued. “His father took the bomb to that hospital. But he was the one that positioned in the place that killed all those people…. Including Ernest who died saving you”.

Eric slowly turned and looked at Dante. “I have known this girl for more than five years…..and she has never lied to me for once”, Eric muttered as he stared at Dante with the look in his eyes turning into a cold murderous one. “So is it true?”, he asked with a throaty voice.

“Of course that’s the truth”, Dante replied and balled both fists. “But after i’m done killing you, i might go seek out that mother of yours and make it a complete family in hell”, he added. “So enough of this talks cos i have a vacation to plan”.

“Nope”, Eric murmured and shook his head. “No one threatens my mother”, he muttered and started approaching Dante with a determined look.

Dante immediately lunged at Eric and threw a right hook at him. His fist got stopped a few inches away from Eric’s face by a powerful grip that caught his wrist. Then Dante made another move with the other hand and got a blinding smack on the face that sent him staggering to his side.

Dante thought his jaw fell off and felt his face. He looked up and saw Eric coming at him again, muttering, “you threaten my mother?”. Then he swung into action and threw another punch at Eric. But Eric ducked the punch and his open palm met Dante’s face again and landed the explosive smack that filled the room. Then a punch hit him before he could react and sent him tumbling to the floor.

Eric stared as the seemingly disoriented man got up with his mouth and nose bleeding. He waited until Dante was fully standing on his feet….and started going at him again. Dante made a wild rush at Eric and got dropped to his knees by a powerful kick to the guts. Then Eric grabbed Dante by collar of his overalls and swung an uppercut that literally stood him up. Dante made another feeble attempt to hit back but Eric’s powerful arms wrapped around his waist and lifted him off his feet.

The whole world seemed to turn upside down in Dante eyes when Eric body-slammed him hard on the old man’s desk. A large amount of blood spilled out from Dante’s mouth as he rolled out of the table and fell on the floor. He staggered as he got up while Eric stood by and watched. Then he glanced around frantically and staggered toward a glass display cabinet with trophies in it. Eric followed him as he staggered painfully towards the baseball bat standing beside the cabinet. Dante reached for the bat but a power grip from behind stopped him short. Then the grip spun him around to the incoming fist that delivered a sledgehammer blow to his face.

Shards of glasses rained on Dante after the impact of the blow sent his body crashing into the glass display cabinet. Eric grabbed the stunned man and slammed him against the display cabinet again, breaking more glasses in the process before hammering vicious punches into his guts. Dante pushed Eric away as his hand grabbed one of the trophy. He swung it at Eric. But the hand got controlled, the trophy dispossessed and Dante screamed painfully when his elbow got snapped. Then Eric propelled Dante away from the broken case and pushed him away.

Dante stumbled and fell on the old man’s desk. Then he saw a box cutter beneath the file rack and grabbed it. He wiped his profusely bleeding face and nose and made a wild rushed at Eric groaning, “I’m gonna kill you!”.

Eric immediately grabbed the trophy on the floor as he too went at Dante. He docked down as Dante went for a face stab and swung the object at the appendage that came within the reach of his arm.

The bronze-made trophy met Dante’s knee with alot of brute force and the cracking sound of his knee-joint filled the room. And so did Dante’s painful groan as the leg that took the violent blow, buckled. Eric swung the trophy at Dante again, to his face and hit the man with a jaw dislocating blow that sent him dropping face-down to the floor. Then Eric held Dante down to keep him in that position and tightened his grip on the trophy with a murderous look on his face.

Lisa and the other two watched as Eric savagely clobbered Dante’s head, back and spine with the object. Every blow he delivered left a sickening crunching sound of bones…..and Dante’s mouth spewing out alot of blood.

After about half a minute of the air in the office being rented by an unrelenting thumping sound of a savage beatdown being meted out, Eric stopped and slowly lowered the bloodstained trophy he was holding over his head. Then he shook his head with a sigh, as if he had gotten tired of what he was doing. He tossed the object away and and emptied Dante’s pockets, taking both cellphones and the handcuff keys out of it. And then roughly turned the body he had mangled after he was done checking the pockets.

Dante was still breathing. But it was a laboured breath and a wheezing sound could be heard as he struggled to inhale through his bleeding nostrils. His tongue was partially hanging out of his blood filled mouth and the sharp look he always had in his eyes was now a dull gaze with bloodshot eyes. His fingers were still moving, quite slowly and uncontrollably, probably due to the many ‘brain damaging’ blunt force traumas he took to the head and spine.

Eric shook his head again and then grabbed Dante by his ankle. “Like i said earlier, i dont have time for this sh!t”, he muttered as he dragged Dante towards the broken window. “I have other important business to handle man……”. Then Eric let go of Dante’s leg and stood over him. “…..And i don’t wanna handle this business with my emotion running high”, he concluded with an expressionless look on his face as he stared at Dante who seems to be trying to say something, but only succeeded in spurting out more blood from his mouth.

Then Eric grabbed Dante by the collar of his overall. He roughly heaved up and rested the man’s paralyzed body on his shoulder.

“I guess it’s time for you to go on that vacation……”, Eric grunted as he carried Dante closer to the broken window. “…..But it gonna be a permanent one…..cos in hell you gonna fry sir”.

Dantes body smashed through what was left of the window when Eric tossed him out of the building. His mangled body speedily made the several hundreds of feet descent down to the street below the building.

Eric could hear the crashing sound of Dante’s body as he picked up the box cutter and went over to where the other three were tied to their chairs. The alarm of the car that it fell on started blaring out loud. Eric came over and Lisa gestured at him to untie Diana first. Eric stared at the old Nun for a few moments and proceeded to do so.

“That was quite a show”, Diana said to Eric with a smile as he cut her loose. “And i didnt know that trophies are bludgeons, occasionally presented as an award for achievements”, she continued and still smiling.

“I’m glad you figured that out”, Eric murmured as he untied the ropes.

“Oh i have also figured out alot of things… why she is so into you apart from your……performance that got the other man so jealous”.

Eric ignored Diana and moved over to Lisa to cut her loose.

“So….”, Diana felt her hands and rubbed her neck. “…..arent you gonna say anything for Dante or whatever his name is?”, she asked Eric.

Eric paused in what he was doing and looked at Diana. “Am i suppose to say something for the man i just crippled and threw to his death?”, he asked.

“Well, something….anything for the guy?”, Diana replied, still rubbing the bruises on her neck. “Atleast to show some respect for the dead”.

“Well i’m cutting the [email protected] ropes that he forgot to untie”, Eric grunted as he cut the ropes and started untying Lisa.

“A short prayer would be good though”, Diana suggested.

Eric glanced at Diana with a resigning sigh and then straightened up. He bowed his head with his eyes closed. “The man died, amen!”, he muttered with one hand on his chest and then made the sign of the cross.

“Amen to that”, Lisa chuckled as Eric continued untying her.

Eric set Lisa free and then looked at the old man who was staring at him with alot of expectations and eagerly waiting for his turn to be released. Eric ignored him and dropped the box cutter on the floor. He picked up Dante’s handgun and one of the magazines lying under Lisa’s chair.

Lisa asked Diana if she was alright to which Diana assured her that she was in good shape. Then both of them stared at Eric as he went over to old man, holding the gun and the full clip in his hands.

Eric slapped in the handgun magazine, cocked back the hammer and pointed the muzzle of the weapon at the old man’s head.

“So….how did you know about the diamonds i got in Congo”, Eric asked the man with a murderous look on face.

The old man glanced at Diana and Lisa, and stared at Eric with a confused look on his face. “I don’t know what you are talking about”, was his reply to the question.

“Dont [email protected] with me old man!”, Eric barked and put the handgun in its business mode. “You gave Nina an assignment to do in Congo, right?”, he asked.

“Yes”, the old man agreed with a nod.

“I was the person that carried out that task. Only Nina in your organization knew about that. But nobody, not even Nina, knew that i took diamonds from Jacques”, Eric stated. “So i want you to give me some answers before i splatter your brains all over your sweet looking office”, he threatened.

“I see…..”, the old man nodded and looked at Eric from head to toe. “Now i know the real reason why that rebel leader was brutally killed”, he smirked. “Anyway, young man, all i know is our organization was contacted by a European royal family to conduct a secret rescue mission. So i gave your mother the job because she was the only one good enough to accomplish it. She reported a successful mission….except for Jacques getting killed and his rebel group getting wiped out which wasnt suppose to happen because that wasnt part of the plan”.

“Hey old timer!, i already know about that [email protected] story cos you are looking at the guy who made it happen!”, Eric loudly interrupted the old man. “And it doesnt answer my damn question!”, he retorted.

“Well that’s all i know”, the old man said coolly and looked away.


“Then you better be prepared to use that weapon because i cant tell you what i dont know”.

“You are [email protected] lying old man!, i know you had some dealings with him!”.

“Some dealings with who?!”.

“Dealings with that motherfucker called jacques!”, Eric blurted out loud. “That’s how you and your number two buddy knew about the diamonds in his possession!”.

“Young man i don’t even know Jacques!…..and neither do i know about his sexual affairs with mothers!”, the old man angrily blurted out louder.

The old man’s last words made Diana and Lisa to sneer, despite being highly concerned that the gun in Eric’s hand might go off in the heated argument. But the old man was very angry. The hard look on his face and the flame in his eyes as he stared at Eric, said it all. Eric saw the expression and realized that he must have pushed the old man, his grand father, too hard.

Then the old man took a deep breath and gently exhaled to calm himself down. “I dont know about the diamonds you are talking about”, he muttered quietly. “And i never cared to know even though Bernard…..”. The old man paused. And then looked at Eric with furrowed brows.

Eric smirked and put the handgun in safety mode. “Even though Bernard what?”, he asked as he tucked the weapon in his waist belt and picked up the box cutter.

The old man remained silent with a thoughtful gaze on his face

“Let me guess….”, Eric began as he bent over and started cutting the ropes used tie the old man to the chair. “….Bernard talked about some diamonds that Nina might have stumbled upon after killing Jacques and probably tried to convince you to give the orders to go get it from her”, he continued as he untied the ropes and set the old man free after unlocking the handcuffs.

The old man got up and heaved a deep sigh after he was freed from the uncomfortable position. “How did you get to know about all his plan?”, he asked Eric as he straightened his suit jacket and checked for any stain on it.

“I was the one that got all the intel on Jacques that my mother gave to your organization”, Eric replied and glanced at the old man from head to toe. “None of it mentioned Jacques being in possession of any rare diamond. No one knew he had it,……not even his own men”.

“So for Bernard to know about the diamonds meant that he and Jacques were very close”, the old man muttered thoughtfully. “Like….friends”.

“Or co-conspirators”, Eric added.

“Co-conspirators?”, Diana asked and glanced at the old man. “Conspiring to do what?”, she asked and looked at Eric.

“He wants to unseat grandpa from the throne and take over the organization”, Eric replied. “What do you even think gave our ‘Guy Mac-fly’ the courage to come at you?”, he asked and jerked his head at the broken office window; he was referring to Dante. “He literally steamrolled through your bodyguards like they were nothing. I know he is one tough dude, but he still has to have the knowledge of the security formation for him to be able to waltz into your office. And my guess is Bernard was the guy that planned the security for today’s event”, Eric muttered and glanced at the old man

“He is definitely right about that one”, Diana agreed.

“And that’s also why your boy, Bernard tried to kill my mother…..twice”, Eric continued. “The second one, you already know about. The first one was suppose to be done by Jacques”.

“The rescue mission”, the old man muttered.

“Yep”, Eric nodded and picked up Dante’s cellphone. “Bernard used that mission to set her up”, he continued as he inspected the device. “But there was one snag in his plan. He didnt know that i was the one going for the rescue mission. So Jacques ended up getting the wrong info on the person coming to make the deal with him…..and everything went awkward for everybody on the day of the deal”. Eric handed the cellphone to Lisa.

“Awkward?”, Diana chuckled and glanced at the old man who hurriedly went towards his desk and opened one of its drawers. “Awkward as in you singlehandedly annihilating a rebel faction?”.

“Who is this old woman?”, Eric asked Lisa quietly and gave Diana a curious stare. “And….why is she here?”.

“Eric…i want you to meet Diamonds”, Lisa introduced.

“Diamonds?”, Eric snorted with a smirk and looked at Lisa. “What the hell is it with people and diamonds?”.

“She IS the diamonds that your grandfather wanted”, Lisa told him.

The smirk on Eric’s face slowly faded as he turned his gaze back at Diana.

“And she is your grandmother”, Lisa added. “She is Nina’s real mother”.

Those words made Eric to throw glances at Diana and Lisa with furrowed brows. Then he shrugged with a sigh.

“Well, i was expecting to see something else….other than a seemingly talkative old woman”, Eric then said. “What are you doing?”, he asked when he saw the old man taking out a cellphone from the desk drawer.

“I have to call my men to get us the hell out of here”, the old man replied. “And to get that fool, Bernard”.

“No”, Eric objected. “Not now”.

“Why?”, the old man asked.

“Bernard is very smart. And he knows alot. Probably everything about you and the organization”, Eric replied and took the cellphone from the old man. “He definitely knows what you gonna do or what your next move gonna be after a failed attempt on your life. So he will probably be prepared for it”, he stated. “Besides, we also need to know if there are other players in this plan of his. I suggest we play along with it”, Eric added.

The old man nodded with a smile. He was highly impressed with what Eric said.

“Eric……”, Lisa began and showed Eric the cellphone he handed to her; Dante’s cellphone. It was vibrating an incoming call.

“Just like i thought”, Eric muttered as Lisa came over and handed the cellphone to him. “Calling to know if the job is done”, Eric glanced at the old man and stared at the caller number.

Diana thought for a short while and said, “Give me the phone”.

“What?”, Eric looked at her.

“You want us to play along with the plan right?”.


Diana gestured at Eric to hand over the cellphone that was still vibrating. Eric glanced at the old man who shrugged his approval and then handed the cellphone to her.

Diana closed her eyes for a few seconds.

Muttering, “This is going to be easy”, she immediately went over to the desk and placed the cellphone on the table. Then she glanced around the table and grabbed the box of tissue near the office intercom.

Eric and Lisa stared at Diana curiously as she snatched a few plys from the tissue box. And got flabbergasted with their mouth open when she quickly folded the tissue and stuffed it in her mouth.

Then Diana put the cellphone on speaker mode and pressed the answer button.

“Been waiting for your call”.

Lisa gasped when Diana perfectly mimicked Dante’s voice.

“Anyway it’s done…..the old man is dead. I killed the other guy earlier, it took alot of work but he is no longer a problem to you now”, Diana continued in the fake voice. “So let’s round up this business cos i have other place to go”.

“Good….very good”, the voice boomed out from the speakers of the device on the table. “The rest of the payment will be wired into your account immediately. It’s nice doing business with you Mr Dante, take care”.

The phone call ended before Diana could say any other thing.

The old man sighed and rested both palms on the table with his head bowed. “Do we have to play along with this plan?”, he asked, still bowing his head. “Because i can still make him tell us everything we want to know”, he muttered with alot of anger in his voice.

“So what’s the next plan?”, Diana asked Eric.

Eric glanced around the office that was partly trashed, and at the powerbike that he had used to do the damage, lying on the floor. Then he reached for Dante’s cellphone that suddenly vibrated an alert for a new message. A bank alert.

BLOODLINE 2 Episode 17

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Bae nifty
1 year ago

Wow I kinda love this
Bernard is the next to go for vacation

1 year ago

I had known Eric would not die, he’s so smart

Alaka Moses
Alaka Moses
1 year ago

The family of monsters and beasts.
Bernard tried but Eric thinking faculty is too much; he knew about this plan since his mission in Congo.
What an intelligent and fierce man; yhe family will go though all that rigmarole.
Week done IRONKURTAIN!!!

1 year ago

Ironkurtain I love this movie,thanks.It brightens my day.

1 year ago

I’m damn speechless. This story has got my mind blown far away!! Like Wtf?
IronKurtain, your inspiration for this story is on a different level entirely oh!!

Marian iremide
Marian iremide
1 year ago

I know Eric can’t die like dat, cos am a lover of action movies so I know how it all gonna end💃 thanks ironkurtain more episodes pls🙏

1 year ago

What a way to go……..
Eric, Diana, & the old man, together with Nina, Suzanne & Alex we’d be formidable ✊

Bernard here we come 👉

1 year ago

wow! i knew my Eric will not fail me…
well done Ironkurtain, you are the best

1 year ago

Haaaaa…I had to go through the comments first before having the courage to read this episode.
Wow! This is soooo great, I know Bernard won’t be as tough as Dente but they still need to be careful.
Thanks a bunch Irokuntain 😘😘😘
You’ve made my day

Emem Adam
Emem Adam
1 year ago

I knew it…my Eric cannot die like that
Anyways the story is mind blowing

1 year ago

Great job Ironkurtain, I personally moaned the death and I was so pissed but I’m glad he didn’t die. Kudos to you

1 year ago

The end of the road is here now Bernard
Mr Eric pls I want to learn Karate too, incase the need arise

Aderemi Davis
Aderemi Davis
1 year ago

Nobody plays with Eric family and go scot free, Bernard it’s ur turn

1 year ago

Eric is too intelligent

1 year ago

My love for Eric IQ ehn.. Next plz

1 year ago

Opradre, you didn’t post any story today. Hope all is well sha