JUST FOR LOVE 2 Final Episode 52 by Azeemah Salami

JUST FOR LOVE 2 Final Episode by Azeemah Salami

JUST FOR LOVE 2 Final Episode 52 by Azeemah Salami

Anel’s POV💞

I was about standing up too when Liam surprised everyone by pulling Artist Shaw into a hug.

Am i starting to see wrongly?
It’s real!
Liam is hugging artist Shaw!

I glanced at everyone’s face one after the other and surprise was written all over.
Artist Shaw looked surprised also but he hugged Liam back and smiled broadly.

Dan waved at me in greetings and i waved back.
I smiled and gave a small wave Mike who was grinning, obviously about to start another trouble,i glanced at Ana and saw her grinning too.

Liam disengaged from the hug and then turned to Dan’s biological Mum.
“Ellen is this you?” He asked.
“Yes Liam,how have you been?” She asked.
Liam nodded without saying a word.
“Hi Laura” Liam waved at Mike’s mum who looked surprised as she waved back.

“Dan how are you?” Liam asked him.
“I’m fine Liam” Dan said before glancing back at me.
I shrugged.
“Hey little boy” Liam said to Mike who hasn’t stopped grinning.

“Have your seat everyone” He said and i quickly adjusted and signalled Dan to sit beside me.
He did.

“Dan, who do you think is on that couch?” I asked in a whisper, pointing to the couch Mil was seated.
“Huh?” He asked and glanced at the couch i was pointing at.
“Milana Sydney!” He exclaimed in surprise.

“Hi Daniel” Mil smiled.
“OMG!” He exclaimed in surprise.
“Mike it’s Milana Sydney” He said to Mike who already jumped out of the couch to go hug her.
Mil laughed.

Dan also stood up and quickly went to hug Mil.
“How are you?” Milana asked cheerfully.
“I’m so happy right now, i love seeing you in movies” Mike smiled.
“Me too” Dan said. “You’re our favorite actor” he added.
“Really? I’m glad to be” She smiled.

“You look more beautiful in reality” Mike said.
“Awwn thanks darling”
“I’m glad to meet you” Dan said happily.
“I’m glad to meet you too honey” Mil said and glanced at me, giving me a ‘i-like him’ look.
I smiled.

I noticed he’s yet to see fallen angels.
He’s just gonna scream his head off.

“Come sit here” Ana called on to Mike, pointing beside her.
Mike quickly raced over and i chuckled knowing that in a matter of minutes, they’re gonna start quarrelling.
“We are gonna chat more later huh?” Mil said to the happy Dan.
He nodded and started walking back to me.

“Dan! Fallen angels” I said pointing behind him.
“Huh” He widened his eyes before turning.
“OMG!” He exclaimed in shock.
“Fallen angels!” He screamed before rushing into their open arms.

I smiled as he hugged them tightly.
Artist Shaw, Dan’s biological Mum and Mike’s Mum also stood up and bowed in greetings..
“It’s so good to see you again Migvin” Artist Shaw smiled.
“You’re the famous artist right?” Vinnie asked.
“Yes Vin” artist Shaw said.

“OMG! I never knew our second lucky fan was the artist i love so much. I love your artworks,come here for a hug” Vinnie said.
“Thanks so much” Artist Shaw smiled and went to hug them.

“And this is your son Dan?” Miguel asked.
“Yes” Artist Shaw said proudly and then glanced at Dan who didn’t want to leave fallen angels side .
“Wow,you raised a handsome boy” Miguel said.
“I’m glad to have him as Anel’s boyfriend” Vinnie smiled and i blushed a little.

“Boyfriend?” Artist Shaw asked.
“Yes Dad,I’m now dating Anel” Dan smiled.
“Wow!” Artist Shaw exclaimed and glanced at me.

I covered my cheeks with my palms and sighed.

“Liam has something to say,we can continue this merry later” Miguel said and everyone sat in silence.
“Mary” Liam called loudly.
“Yes sir” Mary answered from her room.
“Please go fetch granny upstairs” He said.
“Okay sir” She said.

I already went to check on granny when i got back,she’s a little bit ill,the doctor said she’s gonna need a lot of rest so she has been in her room.

“Anel,place a call to your Dad,tell him he needs to be here now.” Liam said.
“Okay Liam” I said and collected my phone from Ana.
I placed a call to dad.

📞Hi Dad” I said.

📞Hey princess,how are you?

📞I’m fine dad,I’m back.

📞 Really?

📞Yes Dad and Liam wants to see you right now.

📞Ohh.. okay I’m on my way.

📞 Okay Dad. Bye.

📞Bye princess.

I disconnected the call and gave my phone back to Ana.

“He’ll be here soon” I said.


Everyone was seated in silence waiting for Liam to speak up.
Ana and Mike has been sent upstairs.
I’m glad Dad came with Claire.
I miss her so much.

“Tam came to me…” Liam started.
“Huh?” Granny gasped. “Tamara came to you? Where’s she? Where’s my daughter?” She asked.
“She appeared to me in my dream” Liam said,tears filling his eyes.

My throat tightened and tears threatened to come.

“Bryan,i hated you for the past sixteen years, thinking you are to blame about Tam’s death. She appeared in my dream overnight just because of Bryan,she wants me to drop the hate i had for you,she wants me forgive you,she wants me to move on,she wants me to stop blaming you. Bryan,she still loves you even in death!” Liam cried loudly.
I also allowed my tears to roll out freely.

Granny started sobbing and Vin did a good job in consoling her.

There was complete silence except the sound of granny’s sob,Liam was crying silently and i also made sure my tears didn’t make a sound.

I glanced at everyone and noticed how teary their eyes were.
Artist Shaw couldn’t hide his tears any longer.

“I love Mara,i love Mara so much but there was no feelings attached. Even if you won’t blame me for her death anymore,I’ll blame myself cause she did everything for me. I..i miss her so much” Artist Shaw said in tears.
“If there’s anyone to be blamed about Mara’s death,then it’s me! I caused everything. I made her do it,she’s the one suffering for my disobedience. I regret everything. Please I’m so sorry” Ellen cried.

“I believe no one is to be blamed. Love clouded her sense of reasoning. She’s someone ought to be praised cause not everyone can do what she did in the name of love. Mara knew the true meaning of love” Miguel said.
“I wish i met her while she was alive,i only spoke to her through call and i took a liking to her” Vinnie wiped her tears .

“Mara is someone i can boldly say was one of the nicest people on earth,she has a heart golden heart and she’s never capable of hurting people..i..i miss her” Mike’s Mum said hugging the throw pillow tightly to her chest obviously trying to stifle a cry.

Mil consoled me by patting my back,she was in tears also.

“Bryan,I’m sorry i sent you out of the hospital after Tam’s death” Liam said.
“No,it’s fine. I understood your mood at that time” Artist Shaw said.
“Was that the reason you didn’t attended her funeral?” Liam asked.

“No,i would have risked anything to be in Mara’s funeral but i.. i stabbed myself after you sent me out of the hospital” Artist Shaw said and everyone gasped.

I glanced at Dan and he nodded.
Why didn’t he tell me?

“Y..you stabbed yourself?” Liam asked in surprise.
“Yes Liam, i did. I felt so guilty about Mara’s death so i thought of also dieing, i stabbed myself Immediately i got home.

I was admitted in the hospital for a week,i was unconscious for that whole week,i finally opened my eyes and was ready to come right away but i wasn’t allowed to cause my wound was still sore and i might hurt more. That didn’t stopped me from sneaking out of the hospital the next day, i got to your house and was told you relocated,i got to Kelly’s house and was told he didn’t want to see me. I searched for you till i could no longer.

Mara’s death affected me deeply that i became a loner while studying arts in the college my parents forced me to go. I never wanted to get married until i met Laura again…my guilt for Mara’s death is still buried in my heart” Artist Shaw said sadly.

He went through all that?

“Bryan I’m so sorry for refusing to see you then..i was hurt by Mara’s death and i didn’t even cared about anyone at that time. I’m so sorry” Dad pleaded.
“It’s fine Kelly,i understand how you felt that time” Artist Shaw said.

“OMG… Bryan I’m so sorry,i never knew you went through that,i thought you deliberately missed her funeral” Liam said obviously feeling bad.
“It’s fine Liam,it’s perfectly fine. Anyone would have reacted the way you did then.” Artist Shaw said.

“Now,I guess there’s a peace among everyone?” Miguel asked and we all nodded.
I cleaned my tears and sniffed.
“We will all need to go visit Mara at columbarium tomorrow” Vinnie said and everyone nodded.

“Please let’s all share a hug” Liam said and everyone stood on their feet and then embraced in a warm hug.
It felt so good and my heart danced freely.

Dan smiled at me and i smiled back.

“Look,Mike they are all hugging” we heard Ana said.
“No way! How could they hug without us,let’s go join them” Mike said and everyone turned to look at them as they both climbed down from the stairs,and then rushed to join in the hug but they were so short that they could only hug our legs.

Everyone laughed hard and i must confess..Liam looks more handsome when laughing. I hope he’s gonna stick to this jovial mood.
I feel damn good seeing smile on everyone’s face.

Claire picked up Ana and Mil picked up Mike to enable them join in the hug.
Dan secretly blew kisses at me and i giggled.
“I saw that” Mil whispered to me and i blushed.

Everyone disengaged from the big hug after some minutes.
Dad went to hug artist Shaw and they both exchanged pleasantries and started chatting like the long time friends they were.

“Mum,i missed you” Laura said to granny.
“Oh..my Laura,come here for a hug dear” granny smiled and Laura quickly went over.

“Damn! Ellen,you’ve grown so beautiful” Liam said.
“Thank you” Dan’s mum smiled.
“I hope you don’t mind if i make you my concubine?” He asked.
“Ugh! You dare not!” Mum snarled and everyone laughed.

Everyone was chattering happily when Mil dragged Dan and i to a couch.
Dan seems so happy to be around her.
Who wouldn’t be happy around Milana Sydney?

“I can’t believe I’m surrounded by celebrities” he smiled happily.

“So you both should gist me about everything that happened during your summer camp and you mustn’t leave out any part” She said..


Everyone was seated round the dining room for dinner..
We had to add extra chairs to the dining chairs cause it wasn’t enough for everyone.

Liam actually told everyone to stay for dinner .

Almost everyone commended Mary on how delicious the meal is.
I’m damn sure she’s gonna smile to sleep this night, she’s also seated with us at the dining.

“Fallen angels” i called breaking the silence.
Everyone turned to me,i glanced at Dan and he urged me to go ahead.
“How did you get ..this..i mean our necklaces?” I asked and they glanced at each other and then smiled.

“These necklaces has saved us multiple times, whenever water touches it,it shines brightly instead of getting rust” Dan said and unhooked his necklace,he made some drops of water touch it and the necklace started sparkling.. those who were not aware of it gasped in surprise.

“Well…we actually made the necklaces from the golds in our magical garden” Vinnie said.
“Magical garden?” Everyone chorused in surprise except Mil who continued eating.
I noticed she was the only one that was not moved about the whole thing,her parents would have told her everything already.

“Yes,we have a magical garden in Australia, where the trees are golden, beautiful lake and waterfall, smooth grass and colourful flowers with beautiful butterflies” Mig smiled.

“God!” Dan completed it for me and i giggled..

“We don’t usually disclose it but i guess it’s because we’re among our love ones” Vin smiled.
“I would really love to visit the garden” I said.
“Me too” Dan said.
“We too” Mike and Ana chorused.
I’m surprised they haven’t quarrelled yet.

“Well, we’ll be glad to show everyone of you our magical garden but I’m afraid most of you won’t want to leave anymore” Mig said and we chuckled.
“You will all have to go back to Australia with us then” Vinnie said.
Everyone cheered happily.
“I can’t wait!” I grinned.

Dan gave me a cute wink and i almost drooled.
This guy is driving me crazy.


I sat in the living room with Mary and Mil after everyone left.
Others have gone to sleep.

Mil is on a call.

I smiled and licked my lips, remembering the lingering kiss Dan gave me before he left.
He’s just so sweet.

“I can’t believe I’ll be sitting on the same couch with Milana Sydney” Mary whispered to me and i smiled.
“Plus,she’s so humble” Mary added.

“Thanks Mary” Mil said and Mary gasped a little.
“You heard me?” She asked and Mil nodded.
“It’s fine,be free to relate with me as you would to any other person okay?” Mil said.
“Thanks Milana,I’m so happy to be here with you..it means a lot to me” Mary grinned.

“I’m honored” Mil said.
“Can i hold your hand?” Mary asked.
Mil laughed..”Ofcourse” she said and stretched her hand to her.
Mary held it, looking so happy like she was holding a god.

I smiled.

“Now,let’s have girls to girls talk” Mil said.


🖤{Next day}🖤

We all walked slowly into the columbarium with flowers in our hands.
Everyone that was present in the house yesterday was also present here.

We stood in front of mum’s space,her large portrait was placed on the her cremated remains.
Tears slowly dropped from my eyes.
My mum was so beautiful.

“Everyone will have to say some words to her, i will start” Mig said.
“It’s so sad you had to leave,Rest in peace Tamara” He said and dropped his flower before stepping back.
“I wish i met you while you were alive. I took a liking to you even without seeing you. May you rest in perfect peace Mara ” Vinnie said and also dropped her flower.
She wiped her tears before stepping back.

“My sweetheart,my dear daughter. I miss your presence,i miss your smile,i wish you didn’t leave that soon. I love you my damsel but I guess God loves you more. Rest in peace Mara” granny said in tears,also dropping her flower.

“Tam,you know how deep my love is for you right? then why did you leave so soon,I’m not healed of your death yet,your absence in my life is affecting me deeply,the pain of your death is still in my heart. I love you sis and i will forever do” Liam said with a sad smile,he dropped his flower.

“Mara,you became the younger sis i never had,i still remember how we both cook in the kitchen,how you normally make me laugh. So many things between us,the memories i had with you can never be forgotten.Look im going to have a baby soon and i promise to name the baby after you its a girl. I still love you Mara and i pray your gentle soul rest in peace” Mum wiped her tears and bent to drop her flower.

“Mara,the only best friend i had,my funny friend,my beauty queen,fatty Mara,I’m sorry about your death. Rest in peace Mara and just know that i love you and I’ll forever do” Artist Shaw said,he dropped his flower gently and tears dropped from his eyes at the same.

“Tammy, you were so beautiful that i fell in love with you at first sight,even though you never loved me as much as i loved you,I’m still glad you made me the father of Anel,your death was painful,you still reside in my heart and i don’t think i can ever forget about you. I love you Tammy and pray for you soul to rest in peace” Dad said.

Everyone left repeated the process till it got to me,i was the last.
I wiped my tears with handkerchief Dan passed to me and then cleared my clogged throat.
I sniffed;

“Mum,you brought me into this world while you were dieing,you went through pains just because of me,you were determined to make me live after you were gone. I loved you right from birth,i grew up without seeing you but my love for you never ceased. Even in death,you protected me and you stood by me when i needed you most, you’re the best Mum in the world and i will always love you. I miss you Mum,may your soul rest in peace” I said in uncontrollable tears.

I dropped my flower.
Everyone bowed and slowly we all stared heading out.
I took one last look at my mum’s portrait.

“I love you mum” I screamed in tears and got down on my knees.

JUST FOR LOVE 2 Final Episode by Azeemah Salami

2 years later……

💞Anel’s POV💞

“Sit sit Anel,I’m gonna do your make up” Mil said drawing her box of make-up into my room.

It’s my graduation day!
I’ll be leaving Makers high school today.
I’ll be going to college.

I smiled as Mil led me to my dressing chair.
“Sit here pretty” She said happily.
I grinned at the engagement ring on her finger.

Mil is now engaged to Thack Holcomb.
Haha…Isn’t that funny?
I’m so glad it’s Thack cause he’s a very good man.

“Just hold on,i need to bring out all I’m gonna use okay?” She said.
“Thanks Mil” I smiled.
“I’m gonna make you look best. Ashlyn is coming over right?” She asked.
“Yes she is ” I said.
Theresa,Vie and Dave already graduated last year,they are in college now but they’re gonna be attending our graduation ceremony.
Wanna know something? Dave and Theresa are now cool lovers.

Why has he not called me yet?
My friends already called me this morning but he hasn’t.
I wonder how did i ended up loving him this much.
He’s a silly ass!

Ana popped into my room with little Lionel in her hand.
They were both dressed up. Ana in a pink Barbie gown with white shoes while little Li in a blue baby coat.

“You both look beautiful” I smiled.
“Thanks Anel,your dress looks beautiful too” Ana said and adjusted the giggly Lionel in her arm.
“Bring him over here” I said and she did.
“Lionel” I pecked his soft cheeks and raised him up,he gave me that cute baby smile.

He’s so cute,he’s a year and some months old.
I’m glad i now have a little brother,he’s so cool,the exact opposite of Ana..
Well..he might be stubborn when he grows up.

“Ana, bring Lionel. I have to feed him” Mum said loudly from the living room.
“Okay Mum” Ana said.
I handed Lionel back to her and watched her walk out of my room.

I turned to Mil,she was still bringing out her make-up tools,she looked so serious that i had to laugh.
“What?” She asked.
“You look so serious right now,you should be a make up artist” I said and she laughed.
“I have to make my sis more beautiful today” She said.
“I’m honored to make Milana Sydney my older sister,the fiance of Thack Holcomb” I said and she smiled proudly.

“Thack is also coming” She said and i gasped.
I’m not surprised he’s coming…I’ve seen him multiple times but he’s coming to my graduation!
The whole school is gonna be in chaosa nd I’m not sure if the graduation will take hold anymore cause everyone will want his autograph including that of Mil and fallen angels.

“Why did you gasp?” Mil asked.
“Everyone will be so focused on you guys that they’re gonna forget about our graduation” I said,she smiled.
“Com’on,we also can’t go to a crowded place without disguise, we’ll disguise and i can bet no one will find out” She said and i sighed in relief.
“Good then…” I was saying but got interrupted by the ringtone of my phone.


I frowned a little before swiping to the receiver.

📞Hey baby” He said into the phone.

📞Hi” I said curtly.

📞 Com’on Anel,are you pissed at me?

📞I was.

📞I’m sorry i didn’t call you earlier,i was so busy getting flowers for our graduation, you know the after party is gonna be at my house.

📞Ohh… okay” I smiled. “Aren’t you excited? Today is our graduation day,we are finally letting go of Makers high school.

He chuckled📞I’m the happiest today. Do you want me to come pick you?.

📞Nah,you can head to school. We’ll meet there.

📞 Okay babe,i can’t wait to see you.

📞Me too” I grinned.

📞I gotta hang up now,love you..

📞Love you more,bye” I smiled before disconnecting the call.

Why do i normally feel so happy and relieved after hearing Dan’s voice.

“Quit smiling lover girl,I’m gonna start your makeup now” Mil said and i giggled.

“Claire” I heard Mum said from downstairs and i smiled.
Claire and Dad are here!
I smiled,so happy she’s here. She’s heavily pregnant and i was thinking she won’t come but she did! I know she’s gonna burst into my room any moment from now.
She got married to dad a year ago and they’re both living fine.

My door opened and Claire bursted in as i predicted.

“Claire” I called happily.

Hours later,the graduating students were standing on stage wearing a white mortar board and white robe with the graduation cap.
We already finished part of the program,we collected our diploma and started singing the school’s song.

I smiled as i watched my family. There’s this proud look on their faces.
The auditorium is filled to the brim.
Mil, Thack and fallen angels couldn’t be recognized in the mask they were putting on. I also nearly took them for other people.

“You’re the most beautiful here” Dan whispered in my ears and i grinned.
“Com’on sing along” I scolded playfully.
“You guys are gonna make them throw us out of the stage” Ashlyn said and i nearly laughed.

The teachers and Mrs Oliver were seated at the corner of the stage looking their best.
Mrs Claude and Mr Jones were the only teachers absent here.
Mr Jones is still in jail for attempted murder,he’s the one behind that large stone incidence in the hallway,he claimed that i always challenged him in class,he hates challenges so he thought the best thing to do is to kill me!
He’s an animal!
He also has more criminal records that shocked everyone.

Mrs Claude has been sacked after her husband filed for divorce cause she was cheating while being married to him.
She was dating that criminal and they had the audacity to draw matching love tattoos.
I’m glad the whole storm is over though.

We finished singing our school song and we all returned to our high seats holding our diploma and smiling proudly.
“Anel,you look beautiful” Jacq smiled at me.
“Thanks Jacq, you look pretty too” I smiled back at her.

We’re friends now but not close friends though.
Ashlyn is the only close friend i have in class, others are just formal friends.

“Karissa your gown looks beautiful” I said.
“Wow! Thanks Anel,my mum actually got it from a popular boutique in London” She said.
“Nice” I said and turned back to Ashlyn, she’s also wearing a pretty red dress.
“I’m so happy” She giggled.
“Me too” I smiled and adjusted my graduation cap.

“Dan” I gasped when he suddenly kissed my ear, i glanced around to make sure none of the teachers saw what he did.
“Ah!” I rolled my eyes and he laughed.

“You’re not wearing your cap properly” He said and helped me place my graduation cap properly on my styled hair.

“I wonder what Miss Oliver is going to say” I whispered to him as i saw her walked to the podium, holding the microphone.
“She’s probably gonna say we were the most troublesome students” Dan said and i chuckled.

🎤Good day everyone. We will be presenting some awards to some students today🎤 She said.

Mr Rolland brought the awards forward in the customised tray of Makers high school.

🎤The award of the most active student in Makers high school goes to Valerie Bells🎤

There were claps as Valerie stepped out in her graduation gown to receive her award.
She’s truly the most active.

She collected her award and walked back to her chair in smiles.
We congratulated her.

Mrs Oliver kept awarding students till it’s remaining two awards on the tray.

🎤Well…the past years,we’ve always have just one overall best student but i guess tables turned this year,we have two overall best students whom i think their parents should be proud of..I’m gonna call them out now🎤 She said and there was tensed silence.
Everyone watched Mrs Oliver waiting for her to announce the overall best students.

She smiled 🎤The overall best students in Makers high school for the year 2019 is;🎤 She paused,stared at the graduating students then back at the parents.

🎤Asanel Yates and Daniel Shaw🎤 She dropped the bomb and my heart popped twice.
I stared on in disbelief.

We were given standing ovation,the cheers was deafening,the whole auditorium was shook with shouts.
My heart raced with happiness.
I glanced at Dan,he was full of smiles.
He gave me a “we-did-it” Look.

We both stood up,the cheers was still going on.
Dan stretched his hand to me and i placed mine on it.
We both started walking to the podium,hand in hand.

“Dan-nel” Our classmates screamed happily as we made our way to the podium.
Our classmates actually gave us a couple name.

“We’re proud of you both” I heard Liam screamed amongst the shouts.
“We love youuuuu” Mil also shouted.

I smiled and held Dan’s hand more tightly,i was feeling so nervous as we both stood beside Mrs Oliver.

🎤Asanel Yates and Daniel Shaw,here are your awards for been the overall best students🎤 Mrs Oliver said and handed golden medal to us one after the other.
“Thank you” We bowed slowly.
🎤Do you both have anything to say?🎤 She asked and i glanced at Dan,he nodded.
“Yes ” We chorused.

Dan took hold of the microphone;

🎤I’m so happy to be given this award,it means a lot to me and I’m glad i made my family proud. I dedicate this award to my whole family🎤 He said and there were loud claps.
🎤There will be after party tonight in my house,my classmates are all invited🎤 He said and our classmates stood up from their seats and jumped in excitement.
He smiled and passed the mic to me.

🎤I’m glad to be a student of Makers high school and I’m so happy to receive this award. I dedicate this award to my family and my late Mum🎤 I said and could read the sympathy on everyone’s face. I wished to continue but i can’t,i was starting to tear up.
I handed the microphone to Mrs Oliver and quickly stepped back..

“Are you okay?” Dan whispered to me and i nodded.
“You sure?” He asked.
“Yes” I said holding tightly to my medal.

🎤Well…that’s the last award for the year 2019…can you all please cheer all the awards receivers🎤Mrs Oliver said and the cheers nearly blocked our ears as we walked back to our seats.

“Congratulations Dan-nel” Our classmates shouted hugging us one after the other.
“Thanks guys” I smiled happily.

Soon,the programs were over and students were running into the arms of their parents.
Liam and Mum’s arms were already opened as i ran towards them.

“I’m not a high school kid anymore” I screamed happily, jumping into their arms.
“Congratulations Anel” they hugged me tightly.

“I love your medal” Ana said.
“Thanks Ana, promise me you will also receive a medal” I said.
“I promise Anel, I’ll make sure i study hard” She said.
“Good girl” I smiled.
“Look Li,i gat a medal” I said to little Lionel who was in Mil’s arm.

He flung his small hands in the air,not understanding whatever i was saying.
I laughed and pecked his soft cheeks.
“Beauty with brain” Thack gave me a thumb up i laughed.
“Thanks Thack”

“I’m proud of you daughter” Dad hugged, kissing my hair.
“Thanks Dad” I smiled.
“Anel,sweetheart,you made us proud” Claire said hugging me lightly,she could have hugged me tightly but that bump! wouldn’t allow.
“Thanks Claire” I smiled.

“I’m so happy for you Anel,you’re good at everything you do. Congratulations” Mary pecked me on my cheeks.
“Thanks Mary ” I grinned .

She’s not working with us anymore, Liam gave her huge sum of money to set up a business and we’re all glad she used the money wisely,she now has a big Mall,she expanded it recently though and the good news is that she’s now dating jack! who’s on a business trip to Atlanta, I’m just so happy their lives turned out well.

“Anel sure gave birth to a genius” Fallen angels said to and i smiled.
“Thanks Migvin” I hugged them tightly.
They came down to Paris just for our graduation.

I smiled when i saw Dan and his family approaching.
They got to us and started exchanging pleasantries,they all hugged me while Dan was also hugged by my family.

“Let’s go join other students in taking pictures” He said dragging me away.
I laughed happily.

We all got home some hours ago,i was in my room with Mil getting ready for our after party.

My phone started ringing,i picked it and checked the caller ID.

📞Hey love” I smiled.

📞Hi babe,guess what Dad got me for my graduation?

📞What?” I asked eagerly in smiles.

Liam actually promised to send me to tour in any country of my choice and I’m so happy about that.

📞Dad got me a car! The latest Benz!” He screamed in excitement.

📞OMG!” I screamed happily,jumping round my room. Mil laughed.

📞I’m so happy right now babe. I’m coming to pick you. I want you to be the first person to ride the car with me” He said with excitement booming in his voice.

📞Okay baby I’ll be waiting” I grinned happily.

📞Dress beautifully for me okay?” ..

📞Yes baby. I love you.

📞I love you more..

I was grinning hard by the time i disconnected the call.

“Mil, Dan got the latest Benz as a gift” I said happily.
“Wow!” Mil exclaimed.
“And guess what? He wants me to be the first person to ride in the car with him” I said,my heart almost bursting.
“Wow. That’s great” Mil smiled.
“He wants me to dress beautifully and I’m at lost on what to wear” I said.

“I think you should wear that red mini skirt” Mil said.
“Yes! I’m gonna wear it with the white and red blouse you got for me” I smiled.
“That will be gorgeous” She said and i nodded.
I picked the outfit and started getting into it.

“You won’t be needing much make up,you just apply lip gloss and mascara” She said.
“Okay,help me with the zip” I said and turned my back to her.
She did and i stood in front of my mirror and adjusted the outfit properly.


I brought out my lip gloss and mascara and started applying it while Mil helped me select red heels from my shoe rack.

“Thanks Mil” I smiled and slipped my feet into it..it made me stood taller.
“Just hold on,you need a red patent-leather bag to compliment this outfit.. I’ll be back” She said and rushed out of the room.

I stood in front of the mirror and admired myself greatly,i think my hair needs a little styling.
I picked a comb…
I was done styling my hair when Mil walked in with the beautiful red shoulder bag.
“Wow!” I exclaimed.
She handed it to me.
“Thanks Mil” I smiled hanging the bag on my shoulder.
“Oh..my…you look breathtaking” Mil said.
I smiled…”Dan is gonna like it right?”
“He’s gonna love it” Mil said and my smile grew wider.

We heard loud horns and we both rushed to the window,we peered outside and i gasped when i saw Dan driving into our compound in his beautiful new Benz.

“OMG! That car is beautiful” Mil said.
I was speechless for a while, that car is actually the best I’ve ever seen.

“Mil..bye” I waved in excitement and started walking out.
“Bye,make sure you don’t drink much” She shouted after me.
“Okay Mil”

It is night already,most of the students are already present in Dan’s backyard,some were swimming in the pool while most were dancing to the blaring music, there’s barbecue and drink for everyone.

Everyone was obviously having good time,i sat beside Dan, trying not to drink much.
Our friends were all scattered over the dance floor and i laughed when i saw Vie pulling out her funny dance skills and why’s Travis dancing with her?

“Care to dance?” Dan asked.
“Of course” I smiled.


It was midnight,the party is over and everyone has gone home.
I can boastfully said we all had a good time.
Our after party was the best.

Dan and i were laying side by side in his beautiful garden, staring at the little stars in the sky.
“Anel” Dan called slowly.
“I love you more than the stars in the sky,i love you more as each moment passes us by,i love you with every breath i take. Thanks for being in my life, without you my heart will be dead. I love you so much Anel and i promise never to leave you” He said with so much emotion that tears filled my eyes.

Truly,there are two sides of love. My Mum may have experienced the bad side but here i am experiencing the good side of love.
I love you Mum.

“Dan,you’re the one my heart chose,you’re the one my mind always reminds me of,you’re the one i love most cause you made me realize the meaning of love in a unique way. Im glad you are mine and i promise i will forever love you” I said and we both faced each other in smiles.

Slowly,our lips locked and at that moment i knew our love was the most beautiful one.


__THE END❤️❤️_


Read One Of Her INCREDIBLE Story > Meant To Be….

Can you guys give her more comments on this….you guys should try to make her feel on top of the world

Make your talented author Azeemah Salami feel like a queen and she’s also gonna bless you with another story soon.

Please Don’t be Ungrateful ? Don’t Leave Without A Comment , One Love ❤.

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