BLOODLINE 2 Episode 18 (Blood And Diamond) by Ironkurtain

BLOODLINE 2 Episode 17 (Blood And Diamond) by Ironkurtain

BLOODLINE 2 Episode 18 (Blood And Diamond) by Ironkurtain

One month later.

The silence in the brightly lit office got umcomfortably longer as Barry quietly went through the pages of the documents. Except for the faintly heard ticking of the wall clock and the occasional shuffling of feet, the only sound that came out as Barry went through the divorce papers infront of him were the flipping of the papers and a few long sighs.

His lawyer, a glasses wearing middle aged man with an average frame, was sitting beside him. And the man seems to be unhappy with the way Barry was handling the situation at hand as he too stared at the documents. He expected more from him. Atleast a few protests to the demands Barry’s wife was making. The lawyer had already gone through the documents and they were quite outrageous.

Agnes was seated on the other side of the table. Her daughter, Victoria, and her own lawyer, a plain looking woman in her mid thirties were sitting by her sides. The three of the stared at Barry in silence, waiting for any objections to which they were well prepared to counter.

After a few more minutes of silence, Barry dropped the last paper in the document and sighed with his hands folded under chin. Then he looked at the pen lying infront of him and reach for it to put it in use. His lawyer began to protest as Barry picked up the pen, but Barry motioned at the man to stop.

“I’m doing this for the sake of our kids”, Barry began and looked at Agnes. “I know what i did was wrong and probably inexcusable. But you and i know the real truth about our marriage. We were not really happy together,……we were never really happy. Over the years we tried as much as we can to keep the union from falling apart. But doing so was the mistake we were making…..because we were never meant to be together”.

Agnes remained silent ad stared at her clasped hands. Victoria pursed her lips with a look of disdain.

“I dont want to contest your demands because i want it all to end. I dont want our kids to suffer because of our mistakes”, Barry continued. Then he scribbled his signature on the documents and slided the file to Agnes. “I trust your management skills”, he said to Agnes as her lawyer glanced through the documents and handed it to her with a satisfactory smile. “I know you will be more than able to run the company very well”, he concluded.

Then Agnes lawyer got up and thanked both Barry and his lawyer for their co-operation and motioned at Agnes. Agnes seemed unwilling to leave as she kept staring at the files handed to her. Victoria then got hold of her mother’s arm and stood her up. And walked her out of the office.


Agnes walked out of the building unaccompanied by her daughter. Her lawyer was the first to leave after giving some final advises. As she headed towards the spot where her chauffeur parked the car, she saw Nina standing near another car and staring at her. Agnes regarded the woman with alot of disdain and decided to go have some talk with her.

Nina saw the woman approaching her and shook her head with a sigh. Agnes came over and stood infront of Nina, staring at her for over a minute. Nina stared back at the woman with an expressionless look on her face.

“Before i leave the both of you alone, i want to ask you a question”, Agnes began with a sigh. “What is it about you that made my husband to be so willing to abandon his family and to do something so foolish”, she asked and held up the file infront of Nina’s face.

“Why didnt you ask him that question when you were penning your signature in that document?”, Nina replied indifferently to the question with another question.

“Well, i’m asking you the question now, and i expect to get an answer”, Agnes said authoritatively.

Nina looked at Agnes from head to toe and laughed, despite having alot of anger for the woman standing infront her. She was having alot of urge to reach for the weapon concealed under skirt and add another number to the bodies she had dropped. But she knew better.

“Woman, its not about me”, Nina said to Agnes. “Your husband just got tired of living with a manipulative c#nt. And a very greedy one for that matter”. Then she looked at Agnes. “That’s the answer to your question”.

The answer left Agnes dumbfounded.

“I just happen to be the other person who is helping to set him free”, Nina continued. “But you have to be forever grateful to him my dear, cos there are other ways he could have used to settle this matter. You know very well that he has the resourses…..and the people”, Nina smiled and jerked her head at Alex who was standing some metres away and staring at them.

Then Nina looked ahead and saw Victoria striding towards them. Victoria eyed her condescendingly and turned to Agnes.

“Mom everything is done, we are ready to go”, Victoria said to Agnes and eyed Nina again. “Is it her?….is she the woman?”, she asked and rudely pointed at Nina.

Agnes sighed and said nothing.

“No wonder….just look at her. Quite pathetic”, Victoria muttered and looked away.

“I know you think you’re all grown up”, Nina coolly said to Victoria without looking at her. “But you need to show the respect that your mother taught you to have for anyone……if at all she did so”.

“Show some respect… who?, to a shameless woman who snatches husbands?”, Victoria scoffed.

Nina looked at Victoria with a funny smile. “Excuse me young lady, but arent you and i riding the same wagon?”, she asked Victoria. “Or do you want her to know about those visits to Allen Estate and who you are seeing?”, Nina pointed at Agnes.

The angry look on Victoria’s face immediately changed to a surprised stare. Agnes looked at Victoria with knitted eyebrows and asked her what Nina was talking about.

“Honey, let me give you a heads up about that game you are playing”, Nina continued with a smirk. “There are about a dozen other girls like you that are also sneaking in and out of that house when the wife is not around. He is just rotating you fools like….cattles, so dont believe all those bullshits he is telling you”.

Victoria stared at Nina with a thoughtful stare and then hanged her head up with a look of defiance. This made Agnes to get angry.

“Will you get inside the car!”, Agnes barked at Victoria and glared at her daughter as she grumbled and left them, heading toward Agnes’ car parked a few metres away. “Foolish girl!”, she fumed and looked at Nina. “Anyway”, Agnes sighed, she glanced at the file she was holding. “I’m glad we all came to an amicable agreement, even though deep down inside my heart, i hate to see it end this way”, she said and looked at Nina. “Well i hope he gonna be alright”.

Nina chuckled. “You wanted his company and everything he owns and got it all”, she said and looked away. “Now you are hoping that he gonna be alright”. Nina chuckled again. “Don’t worry, he gonna be alright…..we all gonna be alright”, she then said and ignored Agnes.

Agnes sighed. Seeing that Nina wasnt interested in saying any other words to her, she turned to leave.

“And i hope i dont see you again, woman”, Nina said and looked at Agnes as the woman walked a few steps.

Agnes paused and looked over her shoulder. She could see the flame of anger in Nina’s eyes as she stared at her.

“Barry did it his own way and you got everything that you wanted”, Nina continued in a cold tone of voice. “But if you ever come to us again with your bullshits, i’m gonna do it my own way…..and it’s gonna be me taking what i want……All of it”, she warned.

Agnes slowly turned and silently walked away, heading towards her car.

Alex stood with his arms resting on the roof of the grey coloured 2015 C class Mercedes-Benz and stared at Agnes as she walked towards her car. Then he glanced at Eric who came over and stood beside him.

“You are late”, Alex began and turned his eyes back at Agnes. “The hand over ceremony ended minutes ago”, he continued.

“Yeah i know”, Eric said and looked around. “Where is Suzanne?”, he asked.

“She is with Nancy at her place”, Alex replied. “She said she rather spend time with the cook than be here”.

“How is Nancy doing?”.

“Holding on quite well after Rogers funeral…..and very glad to know that those men who killed him, didnt go so easy”.

Eric nodded and looked at Agnes. “So how did it go with her and father?”, he asked.

“Dad did exactly what he said, he gave everything to that woman”, Alex sighed and stared at Agnes as she boarded the car after giving her chauffeur some instructions. “Just look at her”, he muttered with some anger in his voice.

Eric leaned against the car and watched Agne’s car leave the premises.

“Probably rushing to go celebrate with her damn friends after bleeding father dry of everything he ever owned”, Alex continued with a frustrated look on his face.

“Probably”, Eric muttered and tucked his hands inside his jeans pockets.

“Man, i wish our mother didnt sanction any hit on that [email protected] woman”, Alex said and looked at his brother. “I would love to be the one to stick a knife slowly into that fat neck of hers”, he fumed and glared at the car as it disappeared down the road.

“You gonna do that to a woman you called mother for almost twenty years?”, Eric snorted and looked at Alex.

“Weren’t you the one who almost knocked down the house with my laptop after spending just a week with her”, Alex said and looked at Eric. “That woman is heartless. Everything about her is how to take advantage of other people”, he continued. “I spent an entire week leaving corpses of countless men that i even barely know. But here i am, unable to do any goddamn thing to the one person that i hated the most in my life while she [email protected] us over”.

“Well, those men are murderers and remorseless criminals who were coming to kill you”, Eric noted. “She is just a desperate woman. And neither is she worth the stress nor the effort of doing what you want to do to her fat neck with a knife”.

“Dude dont just see that [email protected] meat-sack as nothing but a desperate woman!”, Alex said irritatedly. “I have lived with her for almost twenty years. She is the kind of person that would set you up with those murderers without even thinking twice. Atleast Gus did it for money. That woman will even do it just because she doesnt like your face”.

Eric remained silent and looked ahead. He doesn’t want to continue the debate on why woes should befall Agnes. Debates with his twin brother never ends.

Alex sighed. “Mother and i had to chip in so as to help father meet that woman’s demand before she will sign the divorce papers”, he muttered.

“How much?”, Eric asked.

“Every [email protected] penny in my bank account”, Alex replied. “Mother sold her house and also gave the little money she had”, he added.

“What about the old man?”, Eric asked. “Mother could have contacted him and have him settle this….in the right way”.

“Our grandfather made it clear that he had washed his hands off anything that has to do with our father”, Alex replied. “Even if he wants to help, mother wont allow it cos she too has sworn never take anything from the old man”.

Eric pursed his lips and nodded.

“Luckily……”, Alex dipped his hand into his pocket and pulled out a pouch; the pouch containing the diamonds. “…….grandma gave me this”, he handed it to Eric. “Maybe she convinced grandpa not to give Bernard the diamonds”, he said.

Eric stared at the pouch with a thoughtful gaze and then opened it to take a look at the diamonds in it.

“Atleast we can sell it for a few millions, pay off some of dad’s outstanding loans and put my agency back on track”, Alex continued as he slipped both hands inside his pockets of his black jean trouser. “Perhaps, sell a car or two to supplement what’s left”, he added and pursed his lips with a downcast gaze.

“Sell your cars?”, Eric asked.

“Yeah”, Alex nodded and looked at his twin brother. “Alot of clients paid money for some services and money is needed to render this services”, he said.

Then he looked at Nina and Barry standing near the building and tightly hugging each other. “But i’m more worried about them bro”, Alex said and jerked his head at their position. “You know how they used to live. Money runs sh!t in this world and i would forever hate to see the love they have for each other go sour because of lack of it”.

Eric stared at the pouch for a while and handed the pouch back to Alex. “You know….”, he began with a smile. “…Bringing that diamond into this country wasnt that easy”, Eric said and pointed at the pouch.

“So what?”, Alex muttered indifferently. “Even if you had to shove it so far up your ass that you almost lost it in an endless pile of sh!t, it aint gonna triple its worth”, Alex sighed and looked away.

Eric smiled. “I’m not talking about only the ones in the pouch you fool, i’m talking about all of them”, he said.

Alex furrowed his brows and looked at Eric. Then he held up the pouch and stared at it.

“How much worth of diamonds did you really take from Jacques?”, Alex asked and looked at Eric.

Eric raised his hand and showed Alex three fingers.

“Three million dollars?”, Alex asked.

Eric shook his head.

“Thirty million dollars?!”, Alex almost exclaimed.

“Three hundred million dollars”, Eric corrected.

Alex gasped and stared at Eric with his mouth and eyes wide open. After staying like that for almost half a minute, he then got closer to his brother.

“If this is….some kind of a joke”, Alex began with a throaty voice. “Then it gonna be the last joke you ever made….cos i’m gonna kill you right here, right now”, he said seriously.

Eric smirked and grabbed Alex by his arm. “Get your dumb-ass into the [email protected] car”, he said and pushed Alex towards the driver’s door of the Mercedes. “I’ve got deliveries to make….to some jewelers who just came into the country”, he continued and he went over to the front passenger door.

Alex saw that his brother wasnt joking. He stood and stared as Eric opened the front passenger and slided into seat. Then he turned his eyes to the driver door handle and remained still, as if wondering what to do with it.

“Dude are you going or not?!”, Eric asked and blared the car horn.

Alex took a deep breath and exhaled with his eyes glancing around him to be sure that it wasnt a dream. Seeing that it was reality, he smiled and hurriedly got inside the car. He slammed the door and brought life to the Benz.

“Say we go grab a couple of drinks to celebrate before going for the business transactions”, Alex voice suggested as the car rolled away.

“Isnt it the other way round?, celebrating ‘after’ the business transactions”, Eric’s voice said as the car joined the light traffic on the street.

“Yeah…..but i need a drink to be at the top of my game. You know,…. with the talks and negotiations we have to make during the business”.

“I know…..but you might end up buying the entire bar”.

“Perhaps……but…..okay just one beer. I promise to…..”

“Just drive before you get pistol-whipped”.


Three weeks earlier….

Bernard swung the black Bmw sedan into the available parking space in the international airport car parking lot. He ended the phone conversation he was having and killed the car engine. Then he looked at his gold Rolex wristwatch.

Four-Fifteen pm.

He was a hour early for his flight to South Africa. The phonecall he made earlier was to inform a jeweler he was to meet in Johannesburg on his arrival time to the city.

Bernard sighed and shifted his eyes from the line of cars infront of him to the small black bag lying on the seat beside him. It contained his traveling documents……and the pouch given to him by his former boss; the old man. The pouch that contained the diamonds.

Grunting as he leaned towards the bag, Bernard opened it and took out the pouch. He loosely held the small bag infront of his face. And then shook his head with a bitter smile on his face after staring at it for a while.

Two years, Bernard thought with a distant gaze as he opened the pouch took out one of the diamonds. Two damn years of a well thought out plans and plots. And with his position in the organization, he never thought that anything could go wrong when he set the plan in motion.

Bernard sighed again. He was rolling one of the precious stone inbetween his thumb and index fingers as he continued staring ahead of him. To him, the game seemed tight and the entire plan, perfect. Everything was well in place. All Gus and Dante had to do was complete the tasks given to them and he would be the new Sosai. And he would run the Family ‘the proper way’ because the old man seems to be getting weak and getting too complacent with the way things should be done in the organization. Everything was set for a quick and smooth take-over, only for Nina’s disrespectful bastard boy to throw a damn monkey wrench into his plans and derail the entire operation.

But to Bernard it’s not yet over, not to him. Infact, to him, the Sosai had made a very terrible mistake of not getting rid of him immediately. A mistake that will soon come to hunt the old man. All he need is time; time to re-organize, make new strategies and meet a few contacts who wants the old man brought down by all means.

But before all that, he has something very important to do. To get rid of Nina’s twin sons; both of them. After his business in Johannesburg, he intends to contact the few he knows that are more than capable of taking care of them, especially Eric. And the money he will earn from the sales of the diamonds will be more than enough to hire them……all of them.

The roaring sound of an aircraft landing interrupted Bernard in his thoughts. He glanced at the pouch he was holding and tucked it inside his pocket. Then he grabbed the bag on the seat beside him and hit the car trunk button as he unbuckled his seatbelt. He calmly got out from the car and stole a casual glance around the area with a sea of parked cars before moving to the car trunk to take out his baggages. Taking another quick glance behind him as he opened the trunk, Bernard bent over to grab his travelling bags. Then he paused with his hand over the handle of one of the baggages when he heard a sound behind him.

“Good day sir”.

Bernard looked over his shoulder and stared at the woman standing behind him. She looked quite beautiful and probably in her early thirties. Her skin colour and face showed that she was of mixed black and white heritage, and probably a foreigner due to her accent. The outfit she wore says that she was a Catholic Nun.

“God bless you sir”, the woman continued with a weak smile as Bernard straightened up and faced her. “Care to donate for the less privileged?”, she asked and extended a pamphlet at Bernard.

Bernard glanced at the pamphlet and turned. “Sorry my dear”, he grunted as he hauled out one of his travelling bags from the car trunk. “I’m not much of a religious guy…..besides, i’m quite in a hurry”, he continued and reached for the second bag.

“But sir, you dont have to be a religious person to help the needy”, the Nun said politely and paced closer to Bernard with the pamphlet in her hand still extended at Bernard.

“Oh really?”, Bernard said indifferently and looked at the Nun with a mischievous smirk. “Then a woman like you can do alot of good for the needy. You could take off that clothing and get a proper job. And i know alots of places where females make fast cash”, he chuckled. “A pretty woman like you wouldn’t find it difficult getting work there”.

“Really?”, the Nun looked at Bernard with alot of interest. “Where can i…..get this job that you are talking about?”, she asked.

Bernard smiled mischievously. “Well…..i’ve had quite a rough week”, he began and glanced at his wristwatch. “But i think i’m still good for some…..action”.

“Action?”, the Nun furrowed her eyebrows.

“Yeah, some action before i leave the country”, Bernard said and ran his eyes from the woman’s head to toe. “So you can either get into my car and take off that blanket and soon be on your way with some money to take care of your less privileged…..or shove that pamphlet far up your ass and get out of my face”.

“Sir no need to be…..”, the Nun then heaved a sigh and looked away with a frustrated look on her face. Then she dipped her hand inside her pocket and took out a Bluetooth device. “Look, i’m getting tired of this [email protected] charade”, she spoke on the device. “Just bring the van…[email protected] it if anybody sees us”.

“What?”, Bernard began.

Before he could say any other word, the Nun threw her head forward. The headbutt dazed and fell Bernard to the ground. He groaned and made an attempt to get up as fast as he could. But Nun’s hands was already wrapped around his neck and her vice like grip almost choked him. Then another headbutt squarely impacted him on his face and made his vision go blurry. The last thing Bernard heard before another headbutt sent him into oblivion was the screeching of car tires.


“Wake up mister!”, the woman blurted out and a loud smack to the face that rented the air of the room followed.

The smack woke Bernard up, then a big splash of cold water left him fully alert, shivering and gasping for air. He tried to move his limbs as he squinted his eyes to the fluorescent light shining on his face, but he couldn’t. He tried again. Failing to move from his position on the second try and his eyes getting used to the light in room, he immediately remembered what happened at the airport car park and wildly glanced around room.

Bernard saw himself staring into the cold eyes of the young Nun that knocked him out cold. This time, she was only wearing a yellow sleeveless latex apron. Then he noticed that he was lying on his back, stark [email protected] on a cold concrete slab. Both his arms and feet were spread apart and firmly tied. The air in the room was quite stale and the place smelled of something decaying.

Bernard took another glance around the place and then recognized where he was. He was in one of the meat cutting room of his ex boss’ abandoned meat processing plant.

“Good boy”. The young woman’s voice and her palm patting his cheek, brought Bernard’s attention back to her. She dropped the bucket she was holding and put the filter end of the burning cigarette inbetween her lips.

“Sorry for the…rude awakening”, the woman continued, exhaling a cloud of cigarette smoke with a chuckle as she ran her eyes from Bernard’s face down to his [email protected] body. And stared at his waist with a mischievous smile.

“Who are you?”, Bernard muttered the question quietly.

The woman gave him no response. She continued smoking and turned away. Bernard looked at her uncovered backside as she paced away and saw that the woman was only wearing a black pant under the apron.

“Who the hell are you!”, Bernard asked again and abit louder.

“Good evening sir”.

Another voice turned Bernard’s attention to the other side of the room. He saw another young woman who briskly walked into the room with a tray in her hands and came toward the slab he was lying on. Bernard stared at her with furrowed eyebrows when she stood over him. She looked exactly like the first woman, definitely twin sisters. The only difference between them was the facial expressions and clothing; the second woman looked more friendlier and wore a clean white medical clothing.

“Good to see that you are already prepped up”, the second woman continued politely with a friendly smile and placed the tray on the table beside the slab.

Bernard craned his neck to see the contents of the tray. He saw a ceramic mug of steaming coffee, a small clipboard, two syringes containing a clear liquid…..and scalpels of different sizes.

“We haven’t stayed up to a week in this damn country”, first woman said as she came over, carrying a small ice box on one hand. “We are already into ‘Operation stab-stab’ in a damn rotten meat factory”, she grumbled and noisily dropped the box on the table. “By the way, who the [email protected] is he?”, she asked and stood beside the second woman; her twin sister.

“I don’t know.”, the second woman muttered coolly with a sigh and reached for the coffee mug as she ran her eyes on on the paper on the clipboard. “Mother superior gave an order….and we are here to carry it out”, she continued and pursed her lips after taking a sip of the hot coffee.

“Who the [email protected] are you women?”, Bernard blurted the question at them.

“This is the third time you are asking that question honey”, the first woman replied. “By now you should have known that we skipped the introductions cos we ain’t interested in that part”.

“The Sosai gave me a week to leave the country!”, Bernard blurted out again.

The first woman looked at her sister. “What is he talking about?”, she asked.

The second woman gave no reply.

“Is this Nina’s set up?……are you also working for her?…..are you also her twin daughters?”. Bernard was now sounding desperate and beginning to sweat.

“Yes we are twins. And no, we are not working for…..Nina or whoever that person’s name is”, the first woman replied coldly. “Seriously…do you have to read that….damn report card or whatever it is before we start?”, she impatiently asked the second woman.

“Standard procedure”, the second woman calmly replied with her eyes still on the clipboard.

“Aww [email protected] the procedure. Let’s just gut the [email protected] and take whatever it is that she wants us to take”, the first woman sighed and reached for one of the scalpel.

The second woman smacked her twin sister’s adventurous hand and warned her not to contaminate her tools.

“She?”, Bernard asked with alot of anxiety written on his face. “Who the [email protected] is she….and what does she want to take from me?”.

Both women ignored Bernard.

“Is it Nina?!”, Bernard asked again. “The Sosai gave me an order to leave the country!. Nina knows the rules!……she cant do this to me!”, he said desperately.

The second woman quietly placed the clipboard in its former position and sighed with downcast gaze. Then she looked at Bernard with a friendly smile on her beautiful face.

“Sir, we dont know any Nina or….the Sosai”, the second woman began in a cool polite voice. “And neither are we aware of any rules. We were given the order to take a few things from you sir…..and that order, we intend to carry out”,

“Few things?”, Bernard gasped and took a quick glance at the razor sharp scalpels on the tray. “What few things?”, he asked.

“Oh..”, the second woman picked up the clipboard and cleared her throat. “Your liver, your kidneys and heart sir”, she said and smiled at Bernard. “The rest will be properly disposed. That’s what my sister will be doing”, the second woman said and tapped the shoulder of the first woman who waved at Bernard and took out a pair of rubber gloves from the pocket of her latex apron.

“What?!”, Bernard gasped, throwing glances at both women. “Hell no!”, he shook his head. “You women got the wrong man!”, he protested.

Bernards last words made the smile on the second woman’s face to slowly fade away. She held the clipboard infront of her face and took a closer look at the scribblings on the paper. Then she took another sip from coffee mug and stared at Bernard with a sinister deadpan expression that made her look more scarier than the first woman.

“You think you are the wrong man?”, the second woman began coldly.

The look on her face and the coldness in her voice made Bernard unable to answer the question.

“So you are saying…..that i’m wrong huh?…..that i don’t know what i’m…Fucking…doing?”, the second woman asked again in the same cold voice. Then she dropped the clipboard on the tray. “Your name is Mr Bernard Evans. Forty-two years of age, one-eighty two centimeters in height, eighty-five kilograms in weight, neither smokes nor drink, no known spouse and a few girlfriends….”,

Bernard throat ran dry. He just stared at the woman just met for the first time give him a run-down on everything about him; everything about his life.

“……and your favourite colour is brown”, the second woman concluded. “So do you still think i’m wrong?”, she then asked with a hard look on her face.

Bernard gave no answer. He was dumbfounded as he stared at the woman. Then the woman raised the coffee mug and held it over Bernard’s waist. And poured the blistering hot coffee on his manhood.

“No!…no!!”, was the last words that came out of Bernard’s mouth before his loud scream of agony filled the whole room.

The woman continued pouring the hot coffee on him, slowly, till the mug was empty of its content.

“When i’m right, no one says i’m wrong!!”, the woman then barked at Bernard with alot of rage in her voice and held the ceramic coffee mug close to his face in a threatening way. “No one!!,… you [email protected] understand?!!”, she thundered and her voice echoed all over room.

Bernard nodded as he groaned with a lot of pain written on his face. The woman glared at him with a murderous look on her face for half a minute as he whined in pain. Then she took a deep breath and gently exhaled. She quietly placed the coffee mug on the tray and the friendly smile appeared on her face again.

“What’s going on here?”.

The third voice made Bernard to slowly and painfully turn his head to where it came from. He saw another woman walking inside the room. She looked old, but quite beautiful for her age. She was dressed in an all black suit outfit with a darkshade on her expressionless face.

“I thought your girls are done by now”, the old woman said and stood inbetween the two young women. “By the way, did you get that thing?”, she asked and looked at first woman.

The first woman dipped her hand inside the apron pocket and took out the pouch containing the diamonds. She handed it to the old woman.

“Good”, the old woman muttered coldly. She collected the pouch and tucked it inside her suit jacket inner pocket. “Do you always have to be naked when doing this”, she asked.

“I feel comfortable like this”, the first woman replied.

“Comfortable indeed”, the second woman scoffed and muttered something in italian as she looked away.

“Alright….”, the old woman sighed and quickly glanced around the room. “You girls should hurry up, we have other things to do. Make sure he is totally erased after you all are done”, she said to the first woman and pat her on her back.

“Who the hell are you people?”, Bernard asked painfully and looked at the old woman.

The old woman stared at Bernard for a while and took off her shades. Then she bent closer to the man lying before them.

“You of all the members of the Family should have known better than going against the Sosai”, the old woman muttered at Bernard. “He might be forgiving after what you have done…..but i’m not the forgiving type”, she concluded and straightened up. Then she glanced at the twins and walked out of the room without saying any other word.

Who….who is she?”, Bernard fearfully asked the young women.

“Oh…that woman?”, the second woman asked and picked up the syringe on the tray. “I don’t know the misunderstanding you have with her but she is the last human-being on earth you would wanna mess with”, she said and nodded at the first woman who immediately went over to a bag lying on the floor.

“And she is our mother”, the first woman added and took out a hacksaw from the bag.

BLOODLINE 2 Episode 18

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11 months ago

I really pity Bernard. Even Diana mode of punishment is more brutal than that of Sosai’s

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Wow, it’s getting deeper
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This is going as expected……
Ride on!!