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If you’ve ever wondered what Jesus would look like in this time and age, then you need not look far. kingsley okonkwo as he’s fondly called paints a vivid picture. A ‘crazy’ lover of God with a heart full of compassion for people, he preaches the truth in God’s Word with boldness and without any reservations.

With a vision to “raise a victorious people,” he has been on a mission to “school and train people through the word of faith into a life of 100% victory 100% of the time” for 20 years and still counting

Kingsley is not a man who just teaches, he lays emphasis on doing because that’s the only way to get results. He is a man of faith with numerous results to show for it and he constantly and consistently, with joy, teaches Bible-based principles so that people can live victoriously.

He plays tennis and football as a form of body exercise, watches movies when he can, rides a power bike because he loves to and travels round the world while still preaching the gospel on his trips

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