The Female Warrior And The Alpha Prologue by Yasminne

The Female Warrior And The Alpha Episode 1 by Yasminne

The Female Warrior And The Alpha Prologue by Yasminne

Elisia Knight, an undefeated warrior in the US and the first ever female warrior. The Imperial Pride Pack opened their arms to her when she was abandoned on their territory as a baby.

After hearing rumors that there is a female warrior from The BlackShadowed Pack claiming to be ‘better than her’, she decides to accept their match request to put the rumors to rest.

As someone who has never been interested in romantic relationships, she didn’t expect to find her mate. She never imagined being paired with an Alpha, let alone the most powerful Alpha in the country.

Especially not Alpha Theo Hunter.

Hesitant to initiate anything with him, she focuses on preparing herself for the match. However, she soon finds out that the female she will be up against, is obsessed with being in a romantic relationship with Alpha Theo.

The longer she stays on their territory, the more secrets start to get unveiled. Dark and disturbing secrets that, unfortunately, ties her’s and Theo’s family together in the worst way possible.

What does fate have in store for them?

Find out!!!!

The Female Warrior And The Alpha Prologue by Yasminne

– – N:B – –

1. This book is completely based on werewolves, so please bare in mind that this is purely a fictional book.

2. The order of Ranks: (in this story)
1. Alpha (Male Leader)
2. Luna (Female Leader)
3. Beta (2nd in command)
4. Gamma (3rd in command)
5. Omega

{Unranked} – Rogues

3. The plot and characters in this story is completely made up by me, so any similarities to other books, movies or TV shows is purely a coincidence.

4. This book is mostly written from the main character’s point of view (POV), but will also contain other character’s POV for a broader perspective of what is going on

Love Yasmine

Your enjoyment is guaranteed….. ?


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Welcome on board!

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Somtoochukwu Ezioha
Somtoochukwu Ezioha
4 years ago

a href=””>Nice prologue.