BLOODLINE 2 Episode 16b (Blood And Diamond) by Ironkurtain

BLOODLINE 2 Episode 13 (Blood And Diamond) by Ironkurtain

BLOODLINE 2 Episode 16b (Blood And Diamond) by Ironkurtain

Chris used the computer mouse to fast foward the cctv recordings made by the cameras in Gus house. Nina stood beside him with her eyes focused on the windows in the computer monitor and keenly watching all the activities it had recorded.

“Wait!”, Nina suddenly interrupted Chris in what he was doing. Then she pointed at window showing the recordings of the camera in Gus’ mini bar. “I want you to bring up that window and go back”, Nina said to Chris.

Chris did as he was told.

“Stop!….pause it right there!”.

Nina looked closer after Chris paused the video and gasped as she stared at a particular face. “Oh God…it’s…’s him!”, she muttered.

“Him who?”, Chris asked.

Nina immediately brought out her cellphone and frantically dialled. “All of you should do whatever it takes to contact Eric!”, she almost barked into her Bluetooth. “Send text messages to his phone…..or do whatever it takes to get his attention!”, she said breathlessly.

“What the hell is going on?”, Chris glanced at the face on the computer screen that got Nina’s attention and seemed to make frantic with fear. “Who the hell is that guy?”, he asked her.

“That guy you see on the screen is Dante”, Nina said as she waited impatiently for Eric to answer his cellphone.

“Who is Dante?”, Alex voice asked.

“Yeah who is Dante?”, Chris asked the question again.

“The most efficient killer i have ever known and the only person that have ever given me sleepless nights”, Nina answered and cursed out loud when the automated voice told her that Eric wasn’t answering the call. “This guy….is Eric’s nemesis. We have to warn him or else we will lose both the Sosai and Eric”, she said desperately as she dialled the number again.

Eric could see the CANTONA TOWERS building as the motorbike raced through the light traffic on the financial district of the city. He rode the bike at a normal pace to avoid arousing suspicions, especially after the violence that he had perpetuated at the highway in Route 82. He made careful survey of the activities going on in the street as he got closer to the building. Then he brought the motorbike to a halt.

Eric reached for his cellphone inside the pocket of his trench coat with a sigh. It had been vibrating incoming calls and new text notifications. He chose to ignore it because he wanted to stay sharp for the business at hand. But when the phonecalls and notification started getting incessant, he decided to find out what the hell was going.

Eric saw alot of missed calls. Thirteen from one particular number; Nina’s cellphone number. And countless text messages from both Alex and Suzanne. He decided to call his mother than read the numerous text message.

“Eric!…..”, Nina’s desperate voice rang out of the earpiece after he dialled the number. “……..where are you now?”, she asked the question quite frantically.

“I’m still on my way”, Eric replied. “What’s the matter……what the hell is going on?”, he asked.

“Eric we have a very serious problem!”, Nina said.

“Yeah what the [email protected] IS the problem?!”, Eric asked quite irritatedly. He wanted to know what’s the problem other than to be told that there was a problem because he already know that there is a problem. There is always one.

“I think your grandfather is not behind all these things going on”, Nina replied.

“What makes you think so?”, Eric asked.

“Because i just found out that he is also among those Gus intended to kill”, Nina replied.

“So how is that a problem?, Gus’ gang have being subdued and i’m sure Alex and Suzanne have taken care of Gus”, Eric said with his eyes on the building.

“Eric, Dante is the one sent to kill your grandfather”, Nina said.

Eric heard the name and remained silent with furrowed brows.

“And you know how he operates….he never leave any witness alive”, Nina continued. “I’m saying this because of that girl, Lisa”.

Alex took out his cellphone that vibrated a text message notification and looked at the picture that Chris sent to his cellphone.

“So this is the guy sent to kill grandpa”, he muttered as he stared at the picture.

Suzanne came over and take a look at the picture in his cellphone. Then she grabbed his phone to take a closer look at it.

“My God!”, she began as she stared at the face. “I have seen this guy before. He was with Lisa in her office when i went there to give her some files!”, she said. “And both of them seemed quite close… good friends”.

“Really?”, Chris voice asked. “Then i guess he must have been using her as a way to get at the Sosai”, he said.

“Then she is in trouble”, Alex sighed. “The guy would probably want to eliminate anyone who knows one or two things about him”.

Then Chris told Nina what Alex and Suzanne said about Lisa and Dante as she continued making the phone call to Eric.

“Eric, that guy is a well trained killer and very efficient at what he does”, Nina’s voice sounded the warning to Eric. “And his is probably more than a match for you my son.

Eric remained silent and listened to his mother.

“I can lose the Sosai who is my father, but i don’t wanna lose you”, Nina said quietly.

Eric sighed. “So what are you saying?……that i should back out and let Dante do his job?”, he asked.

“If that’s also another way to guarantee your father’s freedom, i say you do so”, Nina replied.

“What about Lisa?”.

“Son remember what i said to you the first time i recruited you. I told you that there are things you can have and things you cannot have. Beside you warned her not to interfere because you knew very well the grave dangers that comes with this kind of situation”.

Eric sighed again with a downcast gaze.

“If you go after Dante and fail, not only will you lose Lisa and your life. Dante will also go after those very dear to you… Esther and her husband and little kid….even us”, Nina continued. “He has the uncanny ability in finding out things….he has done it many times. That’s why he is regarded as the best of the bests. I suggest you let go of this mission”.

Then Eric looked up and stared at the building that was hundreds of metres away from where he was standing. “How can i access the Sosai’s office?”, he asked Nina.

Nina heaved a sigh of resignation and said, “It is inaccessible if you dont have the access card. You cant even use the elevators without it”.

“Where and which side of the building is the office located?”, Eric asked again.

“Top floor and overlooking the right alley and the main street”,

Then Eric shifted his eyes to another skyscraper standing next to the Cantona towers. “Give the phone to Chris”, he said to his mother.

“What do you want me to do?”, Chris voice demanded.

“What is the distance between the Cantona towers and the immediate building on its right?”, Eric asked.

After a brief silence, Chris said, “The buildings are spaced with the city’s standard measurments. So that building, standing in that position next to the Cantona towers, is more or less fifty feet away”.

Eric nodded and stared at the building for a while.

“What do you intend to do?”, Nina voice then asked.

“Nothing too drastic”. Eric ended the call. He throttled the motorbike and started heading towards the other building with alot of urgency.


Dante glanced at the clock on the wall and sighed. “Well”, he muttered impatiently as he got up and went over to Lisa. “It’s like your loverman is indeed too busy to answer a damn phone call”, he said and took the cellphone from Lisa. “I guess i will have to use another way to draw his attention. But before that, i will have to take care of this business”. Dante looked at the old man.

“Kevin just give him a few more minutes”, Lisa said. “He said he will be very busy doing something today”.

“Very busy doing what?”, Dante asked without looking at Lisa as he slipped the phone inside one of his pockets.

“Doing something we call a job”, Lisa replied.

Dante smirked. “Anyway…..”, he cocked the handgun. “His presence here wont even stop what i intend to do. So i can as well go ahead and do it while we wait for him”, Dante said and pointed it at Diana. “And i dont want to keep the old lady waiting”.

Eric speedily swung the bike into the underground parking lot of the building and scanned for the elevator for transporting goods. He saw it and brought the bike to a screeching halt infront of it. He kick out the bike stand and got off to press the button. The elevator arrived and he hurriedly pushed the bike into the wide spaced lift.

The security saw what Eric was doing and started approaching, demanding what was going on. But before the middle aged man could come over to stop him, the door slided close. Eric hit the button to the top floor and heaved a sigh of relief when the elevator started making its ascent to the destination. The bike was quite heavy and he thought the transporter would sound the ‘too much load’ alarm.

The few people walking around the lobby, probably workers not taking the day off for the holiday, got startled as the motorbike roared out of the elevator when its door slided open. Some jumped out of the way and took cover into their offices as the bike rode through the corridor and heading towards the stairs leading to the rooftop.

Eric’s entire body shook as the motorbike galloped through the stairs and sent the rooftop access door flying open with the motorbike. Then he rode to the side of the building that was facing the CANTONA TOWERS building. He stopped near the concrete ledge and studied the building top floor and the office tinted windows. And checked the distance between the two buildings.

“I have done alot of sh!ts….”, Eric muttered as he looked down to the street below. “But this is an insane-to-no limit sh!t”, he sighed.

Then Eric got off the bike and glanced around the rooftop. There seems to be some kind of a maintenance work going on with a few tools and pieces of woods lying around the place.

Eric kept looking around until he saw what he was looking for; a stack of thick wood plank. He checked the wood thickness and immediately hauled three of them on his shoulder, carrying the woods that was quite heavy to the building ledge. He rested one end of planks on top of the waist-high ledge and rested the other end on the rooftop tar and gravel floor.

Then Eric took off his trench coat. He unsling the sawed-off shotgun from his shoulder and dropped everything on the floor. He pulled out his Smith and Wesson handgun from his waistbelt. As he was about to drop the weapon, he stopped and stared at it for a few seconds and turned to the CANTONA TOWER building with a thoughtful look on his face. Then he dislodged the magazine from the handgun and took out all the sixteen bullets in it.

After stuffing all sixteen bullets in the pocket of his trench coat and slipping the empty magazine inside the sleeve of his shirt, Eric quickly straddled the motorbike and rode towards the other end of the rooftop. When he got there, he turned around and faced the ledge, with the tires of the bike pointing at the stack of wooden plank he had leaned against the concrete barrier.

Eric tightened his grip on the powerbike handle and looked up to the sky. “Like i said, please dont ask me unnecessary questions if we meet on the other side”, he muttered. Then he looked ahead and sent the bike sprinting towards the wooden plank.

“Dante…..i’m begging you. Please dont kill her”, the old man pleaded as Dante took an aim at the Nun. “Tell me what you want and i will do it”, he said.

“What i want?”, Dante smirked and looked at the old man. “I want you to suffer…..and then die”, he said and looked at Diana to take a shot at her.

Then a rumbling sound, like the sound of an motorbike made Dante to turn around, in time to see something looming at the office window from outside.

The motorbike crashed into the office and sent shards of glass flying all over the place. The bike landed on the old man’s big desk and Eric propelled himself at Dante while he was shielding his face from the pieces of glasses flying all over the place. Dante managed to let off a shot in Eric’s direction before their body collided with a loud thud and making Dante to lose his grip on the handgun. The motorbike hit a few furnitures and missed the three people tied to their chairs before slamming against the wall.

Lisa let out a scream as both men made a brief hard struggle and rolled around on the floor. Eric stunned Dante with a right hook to his jaw and reached for the handgun Dante had dropped. But Dante recovered quickly and went at Eric as he dived at the weapon. Eric landed on the weapon but Dante was already on top of him, pressing him to the floor and slamming several hard punches to his sides that made Eric to groan painfully. Dante delivered more hard punches to Eric’s back and ribs as he held him down.

Eric managed to free his hand and swung his elbow backwards. The blow caught Dante on his jaw and made him lose his balance. Eric freed the other hand that was hold the gun and turned it towards Dante to take an aim. But Dante had already recovered and grabbed Eric’s arm. He expertly disarmed Eric of the weapon and hit him with a powerful hook to the jaw.

Eric groaned as two more hard blows met his face and opened up a cut on his lip. Dante hit him again and swung the barrel of the handgun at his face several times.

The old man watched as Eric took a merciless beating from Dante and looked at Lisa. “Eat guys like him for breakfast huh?”, he scoffed at her. “He is just like his mother”, he muttered and looked at Diana, who was watching the fight in silence. “A total failure”.

But Lisa wasnt listening to the old man. She watched with alot of fear that Dante might decide to use the gun the proper way though she was surprised to see Eric being the one taking the beatings.

Dante stopped and straightened up with the gun pointed at Eric who laid on the floor with his hands on his bruised face.

“Turn around and remain face down with you arms and legs spread apart”, Dante ordered. Eric did as he was told and Dante did a quick search on him.

Seeing nothing on him, Dante grabbed Eric by the collar of his shirt. “That’s a very rude way of coming in here and joining the meeting. Now get your ass up and go over there”.

Eric quiet got up with his hands raised and limped to where the other three were tied to their chairs.

“Get down on your knees and put your hands behind your head”, Dante ordered again with the gun pointed at Eric.

As Eric did so, he looked at Diana. “You?”, he began when he recognized the face.

“Good to meet you again my dear”, Diana said to Eric

“What are you doing here?”, Eric asked the Nun. “What is she doing here?”, he asked Dante.

“You have to know that you are in no position to ask questions here”, Dante warned as he picked up his chair that had fallen and pulled it closer to his captives. “So you better keep your mouth shut and only talk if i say so…..i hope you understand me?”,

“Yes i understand”, Eric replied and felt the bruises on his face.

“Good boy”.

Then, Dante sat on the chair with keen eyes on Eric and the muzzle of the handgun pointed at him. “So how was it?”,  he asked.

“You are one hell of a tough guy”,  Eric replied and spat out blood mixed with saliva.”Your fists are damn good for sure because i havent seen anyone hit that hard”,  he continued and licked the cut on his lower lip.

     Dante smirked. “Glad to hear that….but i’m not talking about our fight you fool”,  he muttered. “I’m talking about you screwing her last night”,  he jerked his head at Lisa.

     Eric stared at Dante for a while and then glanced at Lisa and the others with a confused look on his face. “Am i suppose to answer that question?”,  he asked and looked at Dante.

“Well you can see that i am the one incharge here”, Dante said and waved the handgun at Eric. “And i asked a question. So i expect an answer”.

Eric shook his head with a sigh. “I dont think i can give you the answer to that question”, he said to Dante.

Dante stared at Eric for a few seconds in silence. “Why?”, he then asked.

“Because….i dont see how it helps my situation…..or yours”, Eric replied with furrowed brows.

Dante smirked. “How do you know that it doesnt help my situation?”, he asked coolly. “You dont even know anything about my situation”.

“Dude, neither do i know your life situation, nor your history with this girl”, Eric said and jerked his head at Lisa. “But one thing i know very well is that we are having a very unpleasant situation here with someone who seems to be doing a job with alot emotions, which, to me, is very bad for this line of work….”.

Dante pursed his lips and stared at Eric.

“…So giving an answer that could potentially make those emotions to run high, doesn’t seem quite appealing to me….or anyone in my position”, Eric continued.

Dante stared at Eric with and expressionless look on his face. The atmosphere in the office started getting tense with the other three wondering what Dante was going to do as he remained like that for a while. Then his lips curved into a friendly smile and he lowered the hand bearing the weapon.

“First, the friendly smile”, Diana whispered. “And then… already know what’s coming next”, she glanced at the old man.

The old man said nothing and continue watching.

“Hm……my emotions”, Dante began quietly and got up from his seat. “Emotions…..running high. My emotions running high”, Dante muttered as he paced around Eric. Then he stopped infront of the man who was still on his knees. “Perhaps you are right. Me knowing that you sticked your [email protected] in her gonna hurt my….emotions”, he said with the friendly smile still on his face.

Without any warning, Dante swung the handgun at Eric and pistol-whipped him across his face. The hard blow knocked Eric to his side and left a bleeding cut on his temple. Then Dante shot his right foot forward and drove it into Eric’s guts.

Eric groaned painfully.

Dante delivered three more vicious kicks to Eric’s body and began to stomp him hard. Every blow delivered drew out blood from Eric’s mouth and nose. And opened up other fresh cuts on his face.

Lisa screamed at Dante to stop as he continued to viciously swing his legs, fist and the pistol at Eric. Eric grunted and groaned painfully as the blows rained down on him. Some he managed to shield from making their impact on the intended target.

Then Dante stopped after Lisa screamed at him again. He wiped the beads of sweat on his forehead and licked his lips with a look of satisfaction on his face. He stared at Eric as he laid groaning on the floor and smiled at what he had done to him.

“I told you so”, Diana whispered at the old man.

The old man still remained silent. But this time, the look in his eyes showed that alot of anger was welling up inside him.

“Dont worry my friend”, Dante said and wiped his forehead again as he backed away to his chair. “That’s just a warning….or rather a stimulus to make you answer every question i ask you”.

Eric painfully took his former position and said nothing with an expressionless look on his face as he stared at Dante.

“So….”, Dante sat on the chair with a mischievous smile. “I’m waiting for your answer to my question”.

“What kind of a sick man are you?!!”, Lisa tearfully blurted at Dante.

“Lady!”, Dante glared at her. “Cant you shut your mouth for once and let the men have some discussion?!”, he retorted.

“He is right”, Eric groaned and wiped the blood on his nose. Then he spat out more blood mixed with saliva and looked at Lisa. “Shut up and let the men talk”,

“Good”, the mischievous smile on Dante’s face brightened up. “Very good. So go ahead and answer my question”.

“So what was the question…..”, Eric muttered and wiped his nose again. “Oh yeah… wanna know how it was [email protected] her, right?”, he continued and looked at Dante

Dante nodded with the smile still on his face and the gun pointed at Eric.

“Well…..i would say it was one heck of an unforgettable experience; a once in a lifetime enjoyment to be frank”, Eric shrugged with a sigh. “You know,…….with her being untouched for almost a year, the good feel was out of this world”.

“I see”, Dante muttered and keenly stared at Eric.

“But the best part was having the thoughts of you stuck in that restaurant and playing ‘the loser’s waiting game’ while i was hard dicking her down”, Eric continued and looked at Dante with a wry smile. “I almost had a screaming premature ejaculation”.

The smile on Dante’s face slowly faded.

“What an idiot”, the old man murmured and glanced at Diana. “He has just given Dante a reason to kill him in a terrible way”, he sighed.

Diana pursed her lips and ignored the old man.

“And….oh….do you also wanna hear the part where i was making a thousand promises to her when the sex got so…..”.

“Shut up!…..just shut your mouth!”, Lisa retorted, interrupting Eric as he continued. “Kevin…Dante, we didnt do anything. I….i swear….Please do believe me…..we did nothing!”, she said the lie with a desperate voice. “I only met him because i wanted to get some informations. Dont listen to him”.

Dante sneered at Lisa and stared at Eric with alot of distaste written on his face. It’s obvious that nothing is going to save her “boyfriend” from a certain death. But she was still putting up alot futile attempt to make it not to happen, even lying through her teeth. To Dante it only meant one thing; that she was still very much in love with the guy. And it hurts Dante’s feelings. Now all he wants to do is to end his rival’s life quicker. And in a horrible way.

“He is just a lying disrespectful jerk…..and that’s why i left him”, Lisa continued and gave Eric a quick angry glance. “Dante please, just let him go. Let them go and you can do whatever you wanna do with me. We can still go on that vacation you wanted us to go. I promise to do whatever you want if you let them go”, Lisa begged.

Dante laughed. “Lady, i can still make you do whatever…..and i mean WHATEVER i want you to do without sparing their lifes”, he then said to Lisa. “Even without breaking a drop of sweat”, Dante added with a smirk.

Then Dante sighed and looked at Eric. “I want you to look at her”, he ordered Eric.

Eric took a quick glanced at Lisa.

“Keep looking at her!”, Dante barked.

Eric sighed and kept a steady stare at the girl.

“I want you to take a good look at her for the last time”, Dante began coolly and gestured the handgun at Lisa. “I want you to take your time in doing it cos i’m gonna kill you right infront of your b!tch. After that, i’m gonna take her. And while you are lying in some cold morgue or turning into maggot food in the ground, i’m gonna have alot of fun with her…..Lots of fun”, Dante smiled. “When i’m very much done with her ,

i will leave what’s left of her for any fool willing to take her. Or perhaps send her to go join you in hell. I just hope you will be able to recognize her”.

Then Dante got up and cocked the handgun. “Any of you wanna say something to this fool before i send him back to his maker?”, he asked, looking at Diana and the old man. Getting no response from them, he said, “Okay then”, and pointed the gun at Eric.

“Kevin…i’m begging you….please dont do this”, Lisa begged and sobbed with a downcaste gaze. Then she looked up and her teary eyes met Eric’s eyes as Dante aimed the weapon at his head. Eric slowly shook his at her and muttered, “Baby i’m sorry”, and then stared at the muzzle of the weapon with a look of defiance.

“I have always being the better guy”, Dante said proudly to Lisa.

And then he pulled the trigger.


BLOODLINE 2 Episode 16b

Ironkurtain: Hm……i know the story didnt turn out to be what you guys expected. You all wanted to see a perfect guy and a fighting machine that always comes out victorious in every confrontation.

Anyway i wanna mess with you guys a bit…..

so if i get up to 30 comment or more for this update i posted, then i will post the continuation. 

. Am waiting…..

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