BLOODLINE 2 Final Episode 19 (Blood And Diamond) by Ironkurtain

BLOODLINE 2 Final Episode 19 (Blood And Diamond) by Ironkurtain

BLOODLINE 2 Final Episode 19 (Blood And Diamond) by Ironkurtain

“So what’s the real reason for coming to Metro-city?”, Eric asked as he and the old man walked side by side towards the old man’s car in a slow pace with the body guards following them.

“Business…..and restructuring the organization”, the old man answered, staring ahead as they walked. “After all that had happened,…you know, with Bernard, your grandmother reappearing and Nina leaving the organization”, he said quietly and glanced at Eric. “Alot of changes has to be made”, he continued.

“I see”, Eric nodded. “But why are you really here?”, he asked. “Cos i dont see how coming to my mother’s place is involved in your restructuring operation”.

Then the old man stopped in his tracks and faced Eric. “Nina”, he replied to the question. “I’m finding it quite difficult to convince her to come back to the organization”, the old man sighed. “Now she doesn’t even want to answer my messages…and phonecalls. So i’m here to ask you to help me do it”.

“Me?”, Eric snorted. “Why me?”, he asked.

“I’m sure she will listen to you”.

“And what makes you think so?”.

“Well…..”, the old man began with a thoughtful gaze. “You made her achieve what she had always wanted; a happy family life with the man she loved. I’m sure you will be able to convince her that she can have all that and still work for me. She doesn’t have to be on field anymore….and will get all the top security she wants”, he said and looked at Eric.

“So you are saying that she will be promoted if she comes back to the organization?”, Eric asked.

“If that’s how you see it”, the old man replied.

Eric sighed. “Well, mother is done with you. She will never ever come back to the organization”, he said. “No one, not even me or her husband or anybody, can convince her to think otherwise”.

“And why is that? “, the old man demanded.

Eric scoffed. “You seem to have forgotten what you made her go through”, he began, quite irritatedly. “Nina literally dedicated her life to the organization when she was serving you. She was always at the fore-front in everything you guys did….

she lived and was always willing to die for the Family”, he stated. “And if you had treated this woman who happened to be your daughter, a little bit better than a mere worker you always disregarded; if you had respected the one thing that you told me she always wanted, you and i wont be having this damn conversation”.

The old man stared at Eric in silence.

“Anyway, what’s the use of wasting my breath saying all these things to a ruthless man like you?”, Eric muttered and looked away.

“I only wanted Nina to know that there are consequences for every actions we make. That’s why i did what i did”, the old man said.

“The same action that brought forth the person that saved you and the love of your life from certain death”, Eric muttered. “Who would even wanna work for man who didnt show a single compassion for the person who spent almost her entire life trying to elevate your organization to greater heights?”.

“Son…..”, the old man began with an expressionless look on his face. “….Nina might have told you things about the organization. But there are alot of things you still dont know….and a man in my position in the organization cannot be compassionate with anybody”,  he said with a cold tone of voice. “People will see it as a weakness and try to take advantage of it. You have already seen that because you were the one that saved me from the person that tried to do that”.

Eric nodded with pursed lips.

“Anyway…”, the old man glanced around the serene upper-middle class residential neighbourhood. “…There is a position in the organization that i have to fill in”, he sighed.

“Well, that’s hardly a problem for you”, Eric said as they started walking towards the Rolls Royce phantom in slow paces. “You can always find someone else to take my mother’s position. You have an abundant supply of well trained killing machines as bodyguards. Just groom the best among them and give him….or her the job.

The old man smirked. “I know i have well trained bodyguards”, he agreed. “But none of them are anywhere close to Nina’s level of efficiency….or even qualified to take her position”.

“If my mother is the only person that can fill her position, then you will have to do something really extraordinary if you want my mother to reconsider her decision”, Eric advised. “Like making an extraordinary offer that will make her come running back to the organization”.

The old man smirk again and stopped in his tracks. “Son, i’m not talking about Nina’s position in the family”, he said and gestured at one of men guarding his car. “I’m talking about a position that even Nina herself is not worthy to fill in”. Then the old man looked at Eric. “You wanted to know the real reason why i’m in Metro-city?”.

Eric nodded his head and glanced at the bodyguard coming over with a slim black briefcase.

“I came here to meet the only one person who is worthy of this position that i’m talking about”, the old man continued. He gave his walking stick to bodyguard when he came over and accepted the briefcase the big barrel chested man handed to him.

Eric glanced at the briefcase in the old man’s hands and suspiciously stared at him for a short while. “And….who is this person that you are talking about”, he then asked with furrowed eyebrows.

The question was unanswered. The old man just stared at Eric with both hands holding the briefcase close to his chest. A smirk formed in Eric’s face……and he laughed as he stared at the old man.

“This is a joke right?”, Eric snorted as he stared at the quiet but serious-faced old man. He looked at the bodyguard. “He is joking, right?,….tell me this old man is making an unpleasant joke”, he said to the hard faced big man.

And just like his boss, the bodyguard remained silent.

“I see”, Eric nodded. “So you are here to tell to me to come….work for you?”,  he asked and looked at the old man.

“I’m here to tell you to come join your real family”, the old man said and held the black briefcase infront of Eric. “Come to the place where you belong son,…..and be part of the team that runs this country. You dont belong here, you never belonged here”, he added, still holding the briefcase infront of Eric.

“Eric thought for a while as he gazed at the old man, as if trying to decode what he just said. Then he sighed and looked at the building that housed Esther’s apartment. The new apartment that Eric bought for her and her husband.

“But i like it here”, Eric began quietly as he stared at the building. “And the people that are living in the tenth floor of that building are my family….the only family that i know”, he continued as he raised his eyes to the balcony on the tenth floor of the building. “So you coming here is just a waste of time”, he said and looked at the old man. “Cos i’m not interested”, Eric concluded with an expressionless look on his face.

The old man lowered the briefcase he was holding up and nodded with a smile. He turned around and stood beside Eric with his eyes on the balcony of Esther’s apartment.

“She is such a kind woman”, he muttered to Eric as he stared at the balcony. “I was quite surprised to see how you obeyed her, no questions asked after she reprimanded you”, the old man smiled. “I guess she must be very dear to you son”.

Eric stared at the old man in silence.

“I also heard that you are alive today because a man she once loved and intended to get married to, gave his life to save yours”, the old man continued. “And despite you being the one that made her lose that soul mate… a terrible way, she still gave everything to raise you right, despite your condition”, he nodded. “I can see that what you have with that woman is very deep…..and i dont blame you for choosing her over Nina, your biological mother”, the old man looked at Eric. “I respect that alot”.

“You are right”, Eric agreed. “But if this heartfelt talks of your is just a lead up to you threatening her so as to make me fill some ‘[email protected]’ in your organization, then it gonna be the last threat you will ever make old man cos i’m gonna burn your entire organization…..and even this country that you run”, Eric warned.

“I’m not threatening anyone, dont be too quick to pass your judgement on my words son”, the old man sighed. “All i’m saying is, if that woman and the rest that live in that house are your family and the only family that you know, then why did you involve yourself in those past events that happened?”, he asked. “Why drop all those bodies after an attempt was made on Nina’s life….and save me from Dante?” .

“I did what i had to do”, Eric replied. “Besides, you dont expect me to just standby and watch the men who murdered my best friend do the same thing to other people that i know”.

“Perhaps…..that’s what you should have done”, the old man shrugged.

Eric furrowed his eyebrows and gazed at the old man “What do you mean?”, he asked.

“If you really cared for that woman and her family, then you should have just stayed back here in Metro-city and let Alex, your brother, handle the situation”, the old man replied.

Eric stared at the old man with a confused look on his face. “Why would i do that?”, he asked.

“Well, you just made it clear that you dont want to be associated with us. But from the spectacular way you butchered those men that tried to kill Nina, it says otherwise. The oppositions would even see you as the Family war-hammer, especially if they get to hear how you killed Dante”.

Eric smirked. “Like i said, i did what i had to do”, he said to the old man. “We had a situation and we handled it the proper way. It had been over for months now and everyone have moved on with their lives”, he stated.

Then old man nodded several times and turned to face Eric. “Son, let me give you a little hint of how things are in my world”, the old man began quietly. “As long as there are more than one group of individuals who are bound by similar interests, someone from one group will always have a problem with someone in another group”, he sighed. “It could be greed, money issues, turf control….or even a girlfriend being insulted”, he smiled weakly. “In some occasions, it happens within members of the same group.

And when these problems arises, so does conflicts that involves the use of deadly force”, the old man looked over his shoulder. “You and i know very well that there is a greater tendency of…..collateral damages when it comes to the use of deadly force”, he muttered as he stared at Esther’s apartment.

Eric pursed his lips and looked away as he listened to the old man.

“But guess what”, the old man continued and looked at Eric “After the killings and the maiming and over-the-top destructions, the victorious person or group dont go on to live a ‘happy-ever-after’ life cos such thing only exists in fairy tales. They get prepared for the next person or group that intends to bring the next blitz….because there will always be. It is an endless cycle son. But the painful part of all these, are the loved ones that get caught up in the conflicts, especially those that have nothing to do with it or even have no idea of what’s going on”.

“So you are saying that my actions in Easthill and me saving your life has likely put me and my mother in danger?”, Eric asked.

“If i can predict future events, then i can give you the answer to that question”, the old man replied.

Then the old man remained silent for a while. And slowly looked around the area and at the kids enjoying their saturday morning on the sandy playground. Eric did the same and stared at the little kids running around and shrilling with alot excitement.

“Bernard was a major player in our world”, the old man then broke the silence. “And he was well connected. I wasn’t surprised when Dante came for me”, he looked at Eric. “But he being sent by Bernard still gives me alot of concerns till today. I made Bernard who he was and gave him everything. Infact, he was the one i intended to hand over the mantle of leadership because i saw him as the only person capable of handling that responsibility”.

Then the old man sighed. “Bernard knows alot about the organization, if not everything”, he continued. “After he got kick out for his actions, we made alot of investigations and found out that he had been in contact with some other group and organizations; rival organizations. And these people are as resourceful and as efficient as we are. So the big question is, are they gonna decide to complete what Bernard started?”.

“Will they?”, Eric asked.

“I don’t know”, the old man replied. “That’s why i’m restructuring the organization….preparing for all eventualities. And i think Nina is also doing the same…..cos Alex seems to be building some kind of relationships with alot of Easthill thugs….even the female ones”.

Then the old man glanced at the briefcase he was carrying and held it up infront of Eric again. Eric stared at the black case for a short while and turned his expressionless gaze to the old man.

“Atleast help your old man carry his briefcase?”, he said Eric with a smile. “My muscles are aching and my grip is no longer as strong as its used to be son”.

Eric shifted his eyes to the briefcase and slowly moved his hand to reach for it.

“There”, the old man smiled and handed the black case to Eric. Then he heaved a sigh and stared at Eric for a while. “It contains two files”, the old man said and pointed at the briefcase he gave Eric. “One got the informations on all the individuals that Bernard had been in contact with. Everything you need to know about them, when they move and how they move……incase you start noticing strange things going on around you….or her”, the old man glanced at Esther’s apartment. “Everything in that file will serve as a heads-up incase you suspect any intricate plot being made”.

Then the old man motioned at the bodyguard standing beside them and the man respectfully handed him his walking stick.

“My mission here is done”, the old man said as he readjusted his clean white suit jacket. “Take care of yourself son and always keep your eyes wide open”, he concluded.

“Wait!, what about the second file”, Eric asked as the old man turned to leave.

The old man paused as he was being led by his bodyguards. He slowly turned around and looked at Eric.

“The second file contains everything about the position i told you that i wanted to fill in”, the old man replied to the question. “If you happen to have a change of mind, there is a card in the file. Show it to any security operatives at the airport and they will take you to the hangar where my private jet is waiting. And i will be flying out of this city in two hours”.

“One more thing,……..why me?”, Eric asked again.

“Because we are family, whether you like it or not. You have my blood running in your vein”, the old man replied. “A lion will alway be a lion even if it was raised among sheeps…..and the earlier the lion realizes that, the better, before the sheeps it grew up with starts suffering”.

Then the old man took a few steps as he left…..and paused again. “Son, i’m getting old”, he said without looking at Eric. “And it’s time for me to start grooming the next Sosai”, he muttered and then headed towards the black Rolls Royce phantom.

Then old man dropped his weight in the back seat of his car with a grunt and sighed. After the bodyguard closed the door, he peered through the tinted glass and stared at Eric.

“I like that boy”, he muttered as he stared at his grandson. Then he looked at the old woman who was sitting beside him. “But it gonna be difficult to make him join us”, he said to her.

The old woman who was dressed in an all black suit with darkshades that made her expressionless face look more sinister, remained silent with her face staring ahead.

“Diana, do you think he will join us”, he asked.

“Of course he will”, Diana muttered quietly without looking at the old man. “If he don’t, i will give him a reason to join”.

“And if he joins, what do you intend to do?”, the old man asked and looked at Eric as he walked away.

“I will break and remake him”, Diana replied coldly. “Whatever our weak daughter taught him will be taken out. And i will teach him our own ways……the ultimate way.

“I hope so”, the old man muttered and gestured at the chauffeur. “Cos i hate to be disappointed”.

“You wont my dear… wont”, Diana’s voice said as the Rolls Royce and the convoy of cars rolled out of the apartment complex and into the traffic.

Eric worked the wood-grain steering wheel smoothly as he drove the Genesis sedan along the highway, heading to his place. He seemed quite lost in thoughts with the look on his face. Probably thinking about what the old man had said to him. Then he put a foot on the brake as he approached a redlight and gently brought the car to a halt.

As Eric waited for the greenlight, he turned his gaze at the briefcase lying on the front seat. After staring at it for a short while, he reached for it with a sigh and opened it. He stared at the two files in it and took one out…..the second file. His eyes caught a few words as he glanced through the documents in the file carefully and dropped it on the seat. Then he looked inside the briefcase and noticed something else in it. He reached inside the case and saw a gold ring in his hand when he took it out.

Eric studied the ring carefully. It was made of gold….twenty four carats…and its head has the shape of a lion with a diamond in the eye.

Eric stared at the ring and then shifted his eyes to the highway sign infront of him. It has two arrows pointing at two directions and also showed how far he was from each place. One arrow was pointing to his destination and the other was pointing to the airport. Eric stared at the signboard for a while with a thoughtful gaze.

Then the motorist behind Eric blared the car horn to let him know that the traffic light ahead says go. Eric hit the gear and the gas pedal….and sent the car racing to one of the directions on the highway signboard.



Somewhere in Congo…..

     “Why are you being so mad at me!”, Lisa said irritatedly amidst the loud roaring engine of the Mercedes benz as Eric worked the steering wheel hard.

     Eric ignored her and brought the bullet-ridden car to a screeching halt a few metres away from a walled three storey duplex building, sending clouds of dusts and sand at its gate. He grabbed the Ak-47 assault rifle standing inbetween his legs and frantically got out of the car. With the weapon pointing at the gate that was slightly ajar, he went around the car and forcefully opened the front passenger to let Lisa out of the vehicle.

Two other passengers that were sitting at the back seat also got out of the car. They did so and cautiously as Eric slowly pushed the gate open with his assault rifle in position and peered into the compound of the seemingly empty house.

One of the passenger was a middle aged man dressed in a formal senior military uniform that recognized him as a General in the army. The second was a regal looking woman in her late thirties. They were couples.

“And why are you being so dramatic?!”, Lisa continued after seeing that Eric didnt sense any danger and followed him as he quickly entered the compound of the building.

“Me being dramatic?”, Eric scoffed and stopped in his tracks to look at Lisa. “I had to dodge bullets from an anti-aircraft shooter and also took a bullet grazing wound to the arm just to save you from those men!”,  he said irritatedly. “Now we have a feared cannibal warlord and his band of rebel savages on our heel cos i’m trying to save this corrupt military dictator with no explanation as to why i’m even doing it”,  he continued and pointed at the General. “And you think i’m being so dramatic?”,  he asked.

     “Well i dont like the tone of your voice”,  Lisa replied; she quickening her steps and got hold of Eric’s arm as he looked around the compound and at the building infront of them. “How will i know that the entire country would descend into total chaos?”, she asked.

“Yeah….how will you know”, Eric scoffed. “I warned you about the political instability. But you wouldn’t listen cos you wanted to have some talk-show with their head of state”, he fumed. “And of all days, why have it on the day his oppositions planned to launch a coup?”,

“Well, i guess the oppositions forgot to put up a big sign that says, ‘Coup will be launched on a bright Tuesday morning’…”, Lisa said sarcastically as she too looked around the place. “It is an interview….not a talk show”, she added.

Eric sneered at what Lisa said despite being quite angry at what he had to go through to save her. He had to killed six rebel soldiers that took her hostage. Only for her to make him kill eight more rebels that were holding the country’s head of state and his wife captive and taking them to where they will be executed.

“Hey mister!”, Eric said out loud to the General as he and his wife entered the compound of the duplex. “Are you sure this is your place?….cos i dont see any welcome parade going on here. So where the hell is everybody?”, he asked.

“Do you really expect to see anyone here after hearing the announcement of a military coup?”, Lisa scoffed.

“He said there is fuel…and better cars in one of his houses”, Eric said. “I dont see any cars here”, he glanced at the empty space meant for parking cars. “He can still show us the fuel so that we can fill up the available one and get the hell out of here”, Eric said and looked at the General.

Then the woman who happens to be the General’s wife, said something in french with a worried look on her face.

Eric understood what she said. “Missing?…what is she talking about?….what the hell is missing?”, he asked.

“The fuel supply truck”, the General sighed. “It is missing. They also took it”, he shook his head.

“Aww for the love of…..”, Eric said under his breath with a downcast gaze.

Lisa got closer to him. “Eric i’m very thirsty”, she muttered weakly.

Eric glanced around the area wildly and dragged Lisa towards the entrance of duplex. He sent what was left of the broken door flying out of its hinges with a kick and led her into the building with the General and his wife following behind them.

“Damn!”, Eric cursed when they entered the living room of the third floor of the building….or what was left of it. And just like the other floors in the whole build, it has been cleared of the properties. Looted.

Eric glanced around the place and looked at Lisa who has a dejected look on her face as she too looked around the place.

“Damn man”, Eric began and looked at the General as he stepped into spacious room. “It’s like the workers are really mad at you. Just a few hours after the announcement of you being deposed, they have already stripped your place down to its foundation. You must be one hell of a shitty boss….as well as a shitty ruler”.

The General glared at Eric with anger. Seeing how weak Lisa looked, his wife rushed into one of the rooms that has no door, just like the some of the other rooms. After a few seconds, she came running back with a plastic container of water.

Lisa immediately grabbed it when the woman handed it to her and gulped down its content without even checking if it was drinkable. She heaved a deep sigh of relieve and drank some more. And she handed the container to Eric. The General came over and gestured at Eric to hand over the water; he did so with an air of authority. Eric slung his rifle as he stared at the General and raised the top of the container to his lips with both hands. He made sure that the man saw the middle finger he was showing as he drank some water.

“Oh that feels good”, Eric sighed and handed the water container to the General’s wife as her husband stepped forward to take the it.

The General started saying something in french to his wife with an angry voice as she drank from the container.

“You better shut your mouth old man”, Eric interrupted the General. “Cos i’m not the type that sits and watch a man threaten a woman”.

“And who gave you the right to dictate what goes on in my own house and country”, the General asked Eric irritatedly.

“Well i’m the one with the firearm and doing the killings”, Eric replied and slapped the butt of of the assault weapon he shouldered. “And you are just a man running for his dear life…like a scared bunny”.

“Now look here young man!!”,  the general began irritatedly. “I am General Thomas Kidiaba!. This country’s head of states and the king of Djomo land!”.

Eric smirked at the man’s words as he peered through one of the broken windows of the livingroom with the binoculars hanging around his neck.

     “So you have to treat me with the utmost respect you fool!”,  the General continued and angrily came over to where Eric was standing

    Eric lowered the binoculars with the smirk fading away. Then he looked at the fuming military dictator from head to toe and handed him the binoculars.

     “Go ahead, take a look”,  Eric said and the man reluctantly accepted the binoculars.

     Then the General peered through the binoculars and his eyes saw alot of movements at a distance; a convoy of military vehicles raising dust clouds as they moved. And the convoy seems to be coming towards them.

     “Do you see that sh!t-storm over there?”,  Eric asked the man who watched the vehicles. “That’s one of the opposition’s cheer-leading group coming at us. They are armed with heavy automatic weapons…..Bofor guns and probably a couple of anti-aircraft hammers”,  Eric continued as the General lowered the binoculars and looked at his wife. There was fear and alot of concern written on their faces.

     Eric got closer to the General. “I dont think those guys give a rat’s ass if you are General ‘loud mouth’ or king idiot”,  he continued as he gave the man a hard gaze. “They are coming here for one purpose; to kill you and your beautiful wife. And i’m sure they werent given any specific instructions on how the deed should be carried out”.

     The General heaved a deep sigh and looked at Eric.

     “So there are only two options for you in this [email protected] up situation”,  Eric said and unslinged his rifle. “It’s either you keep dancing to my [email protected] tune, no matter how boring it may sound while i look for a way to make today not to be our last day on earth”. Then he pointed the rifle at the General and his wife. “Or…..i let those ‘no-bullshit’ war weapon packing berserkers get their hands on you and your ‘Djimo land’ queen. Either way, me and my friend here intend to leave your hell hole of a country in one piece. And dont make me choose the ‘not-so-hard’ option”,  he warned.

     The General glanced at the automatic rifle and stared at Eric in silence while his wife said something to the General in french, probably begging him to comply with the man holding the rifle that was pointed at them.

     “Boys……”,  Lisa began and held the barrel of the assault rifle. “…..This is not the time to contend on who should run the playground”,  she said and lowered the weapon. “There are dangerous men out there coming to kill you guys and probably do terrible things to we the women before killing us……”.

     “You should have thought about that before coming to this country”,  Eric muttered quietly and slung the rifle on his shoulder.

     “…..So lets work together and see if we can make it out of here alive”,  Lisa continued.

     Then the General’s wife said something to in french and looked at the General. Eric who understood what she said, looked at the General too.

     “What big gun is she talking about?”,  Eric asked the man.

     “Big gun?”,  Lisa glanced at them with a confused look on her face.

     “There is an armoured tank in this building”,  the General sighed.

     “With shells?”,  Eric asked.

     The General nodded.

     “Then show me where it is”,  Eric said eagerly.

     The General immediately headed towards the doorless exit of the livingroom and the rest followed him. They all descended the stairs to the ground floor and the General led them to a another door that was made of heavy steel. Then he ran his finger around the wall beside the door and hit a spot with his fist. The spot broke open easily and the General reached inside the hole on the wall. He took out a key and unlocked the door. He and Eric moved the heavy steel door and they saw themselves staring inside a somewhat big garage……and at the tank.

“You gotta be [email protected] kidding me”,  Eric muttered as he stared at the tank that looked quite new. Then he glanced at the four shells standing a few feet away from the tank and unprotected “Excuse me sir”,  he began and looked at the General. “What the [email protected] is this?”, he scoffed.

     “The Tank”,  the General replied.

     “I know it’s a tank, i’m not [email protected] blind!”,  Eric retorted. “This is a self-propelled howitzer artillery tank, not a battle tank!”.

     “What’s the difference?”,  Lisa asked as she stared at the huge and fear instilling war machine. “It can still be used to do a hell lot of damage to the enemy”,  she continued and looked at Eric.

     “Yeah…..but not when the enemy is in your backyard”,  Eric said as he examined the four 155mm howitzer artillery shells. “This tank is for hitting enemies that are twenty to thirty kilometres away”, he continued and examined the tank.

“Well you have to stop complaining and think of a way of using it to hit an enemy that is closer”, Lisa said. “You have to save the five of us from those rebel soldiers”.

“Four of us”, Eric corrected and opened the tank back door.

“Five of us”, Lisa insisted. “One is yet to come”, she added.

Eric stopped what he was doing and looked at Lisa with furrowed eyebrows. Lisa was staring at him with a faint smile. And also placed one hand on her tummy.

“Why the hell you didnt tell me?”, Eric said and immediately went over to where Lisa was standing. “And why would you put yourself in danger when you know that you are pregnant?”, he asked quietly.

“I didnt know i was”, Lisa replied. “I just found out yesterday. So are you gonna save us or what?”, she asked.

Eric glanced at the General and his wife. Both of them were smiling on hearing the news. Then he immediately rushed to where the artillery shells are and started loading them into the tank through the back door. The General joined Eric while his wife took hold of Lisa’s hand and said something in french as she walked the young woman away from the tank.

“Do you know how to operate this beast?”, the General asked as Eric dropped his weight on the driver’s chair and ran his eyes on the buttons and control switches.

“Sure…..”, Eric replied. “And we are lucky to have a full fuel tank”, he said after checking the fuel tank gauge. Battery seems to have enough power… we will be able to bring life to the engine”, then Eric hit a button and a loud roaring sound filled the place.

The General smiled and looked at Eric. “That’s a good start”, he said. “So what’s next?”, he asked and wiped the beads of sweat on his forehead.

“Let’s go get some fresh air first”.

Eric hit the throttle and sent the huge tank roaring forward. He knocked down the garage door, almost taking some part of the walls as he did so and rode the tank through the compoud. He brought it to a halt after knocking down the gate of the duplex.

“We have to get a good shot at those men cos we only have four shells”, the General noted.

Eric got out of the tank and climbed to its top.

“How are we going to do it?”, the General asked as Eric viewed the rebel convoy that was getting closer with his binoculars.

“We switch to analog mode”, Eric replied and grabbed one end of his shirt. “Since we dont have a satellite to give us GPS co-ordinates”,

Then Eric ripped out a piece of cloth from his shirt. He glanced at Lisa as she came running towards the tank and held the piece of cloth up. He monitored the wind current for a few seconds and immediately got down from the tank.

“Here”, Eric handed the binocular to the General. “I hope you have good eyesights cos we gonna need them”, he said and then hurriedly dragged the man a few metres away from the tank. “Peer through that binoculars and look over there”, Eric told the man.

The General did so.

“Do you see a tree that is larger than every other tree you can see”, Eric asked.

“Yeah i see the tree”, the General replied as he viewed with the binoculars.

“Good. Now this is what i want you to do, if you see the last vehicle in the convoy pass that tree, you let me know….scream if you have to”.

“It is an affirmative!”.

Eric rushed back into the tank. He hit a few more buttons and moved the barrel of the tank to a particular position. Then he lifted one of the heavy shells and hauled it into the firing mechanism and automatically loaded it with a press of a button.

“You shouldn’t be here”, Eric said without looking at Lisa as she entered the tank. “It really gets ungodly loud in here if this bad boy goes into business”.

“So?”, Lisa shrugged.

Eric sighed. “Are they there yet?!”, he barked out at the General.

“Almost”, the General barked back.

Eric took position and put his hand on the firing button.

“Hit it!!”, the General then barked.

Eric pressed the button. The shell left the howitzer barrel with an earth shaking thunder and roared straight to the loaded military truck in the convoy. It made an accurate impact and turned the vehicle into a flaming tornado of scrap metals.

The smoking spent shell casing fell on tank floor with a loud clatter after Eric discharged it. And he hurriedly hauled in another one. Then he moved the tank barrel a bit, moved a finger to the firing button and a deafening sound coupled by a massive jolt, shook the tank as the 30kg high explosive death-package left the tank barrel.

The General watched as the second shell made another direct impact on the rebel convoy and dismembered everything within its blast range, both men and vehicles.

     The general could be heard screaming, “They have been neutralized!”. But Eric was already mounting the third shell, cursing and sweating hard as he did so. Lisa stared at him with alot of admiration as he took position to rain another steel and smiled at him. Then she placed a hand on her tummy and rubbed it gently.

     “I know you cant wait to meet your father”,  she murmured as she rubbed her tummy.

     Eric paused and looked at her. He must have heard what she said and it turned the grimey look on his face into a faint smile. He winked at Lisa and put another artillery shell in flight to properly take care of the business.


BLOODLINE 2 Final Episode

All rights reserved.
© Ironkurtain

A sincere thanks to all those who kept up with the story right from the beginning till the very end.
Gratitude to those who joined on the road….. 🙏

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lydiah kefah
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Adulphus chizzy
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