BLOODLINE 2 Episode 17b (Blood And Diamond) by Ironkurtain

BLOODLINE 2 Episode 17 (Blood And Diamond) by Ironkurtain

BLOODLINE 2 Episode 17b (Blood And Diamond) by Ironkurtain

The man gently exhaled the cloud of smoke from his lungs after ending the phone call with a sinister smile on his face. He flicked the half smoked cigarette he held inbetween his index and middle fingers out of the van and checked his automatic weapon while the other men watched and waited patiently in silence. Then the man shifted his hard eyes at the men and glanced at each and every one of them.

“We have been given the go-ahead”, he began quietly. “So you all know what to do. The orders still remain the same…..take no prisoner. Kill the assassin…..and anyone else you see in the building”, he ordered.

The door of the black van immediately slided open and the armed occupants, all dressed in black combat fatigue with black hand gloves, quickly filed out of the vehicle with a tight grip on their automatic weapons. One of them went over to a switch box with a flashlight and opened it. The man quickly went through all the numerous buttons and flip switches. He pushed some and all the exit gates of the parking lot started sliding shut. He pushed other buttons that has “Elevator” and a number written above it and cut some wires with the pliers he took out from his breast pocket. Then he joined the rest as they moved quickly and steadily towards the elevator lobby in a battle formation with their SMGs in a ready-to-shoot position.

When the men gained entrance into the lobby that had it’s lights turned off, they took positions beside the door of the only elevator in the lobby that has its lights on. Just like the lights in the lobby, the other elevators had been rendered nonfunctional. Their leader calmly came over. He took out a key card from one of his breast pockets and handed it to one of the men.

“All access card into the building”, the leader muttered as the man accepted the card. “Including the office of the so called Sosai”, he continued. He hit the button and stared at the indicator as they all waited eagerly for the elevator to arrive.

“Did you hear that?”, Eric asked and looked Lisa.

Lisa listened carefully and shook her head. Eric dropped the cellphone on the table and immediately went over to the office entrance door. He unlocked it and cautiously opened it to peer into the corridor.

Eric glanced around the brightly lit place and at the dead bodyguards lying on the floor. Then his eyes caught the elevator indicator, indicating its movement to a new destination.

“Are we expecting somebody?”, Eric looked into the office and asked the old man.

“I never expected anyone else to come here today except her”, the old man replied and pointed at Lisa.

Eric made a quick glance around the office. “How do you monitor the activities going on in and around this building….or did you also leave the job to those dead men lying outside your office?”, he asked the old man again.

The old man gestured at Eric to follow him and started heading towards the door to the inner room. “There is a monitor in that room”, he said and opened the door. “It shows the recordings of the cctv cameras in this building”, .

Eric hurriedly followed the old man into the room and looked around the place. The room was quite cozy with a few furnitures; a clean white luxury designer sofa bed and a custom made cabinet with a polished ceramic table for the coffee cups and liquor bottles. The room was designed for a peaceful and quiet relaxation.

The old man grabbed a remote controller almost half the size of a desktop commputer keyboard and tapped a button. The big screen panel monitor on the wall facing the sofa bed switched on.

“The son of a b!tch didnt even set the coffee kettle the proper way after making one for himself”, the old man muttered as he glanced around the cabinet table.

“Hey old timer, hand over that thing, i’m in abit of a rush”, Eric said impatiently.

“I prefer to be called the Sosai……or grandfather”, the old man said with a stern look as he handed the remote controller over to Eric.

Eric chuckled. “It aint gonna happen….old man”, Eric said as he studied the controller buttons. “Not after what you did to my father”.

“His father was my number one enemy”.

“Yeah, i’ve already heard the tales about the two ass-helmets who couldn’t swallow their enormous pride”.

The old man ignored Eric and focused his attention on the big screen as several windows of the cctv cameras of the building appeared on the screen.

“What the hell?”, the old man began and glanced at Eric when he saw only one window showing the recordings. The rest were blank with a ‘No signal’ notification.

“Someone must have shutdown the cctv cameras in the building”, Eric muttered as he stared at the big screen. “Except the camera in elevator number three…..because the person intends use that elevator. That’s why it is moving”, he continued and pointed at the window showing the recordings in the empty elevator. “The other elevators are down too”. Eric looked at the old man. “Elevator number three is the only elevator that gives access to this floor”.

The old man sighed as he stared at the window. Then Eric used the arrow button in the remote control device to select the window and tapped the Enter button.

“And since the other cameras are down…….”, Eric said as the other blank windows in the screen vanished and got replaced by the enlarged active window. “We have to use the elevator camera to see who it is”, he muttered and stared at the window with keen eyes on the big screen. “Is there anyway we can shut down that elevator from here”, he asked the old man.

“Sure”, the old man replied and immediately went over to the sofa bed. He touched the wooden part of its arm and a switch box with several buttons pop up.

Eric saw the switches and nodded with a weak smile. “Good”, he muttered and turned his gaze back to the big screen. “That will help our situation abit if we are in danger”.

When elevator passed the third floor as it made its descent towards the ground floor, the gunmen took out the black mask tucked inside their combat uniform. They all put it on when the elevator arrived with a ‘Ding’ sound and cocked their weapon as the door slided open.

The six gunmen all stepped into the somewhat dim lighted elevator with their leader going in last. One of them pressed the access card against a red light near the elevator button. The light turned green and the lights in the elevator brightened, including the elevator buttons. Then the man pressed the button for the top floor and joined others in their ready position with their leader standing infront of them. The elevator started making the smooth ride towards the top floor carrying the six men. Sounds of eager breaths could be heard as it silently transported them to their destination.

Suddenly the elevator jolted and startled the men. And they glanced at each other with a confused look on their faces when the elevator then grinded to a halt. Their leader who seemed quite calm, smirked and looked at the camera above them.

“I think he knows we are coming”, the man said as he stared at the camera. “Override the elevator system”, he ordered and one of the men took out a plier and a screwdriver set.

Then the leader took out a small spray-paint can from his pocket. He shook it vigorously and covered the camera lens with a black paint while the man worked on the screws near the elevator buttons.

“Did you see who is in elevator?”, Lisa asked Eric as he and the old man dashed out of the inner room.

“Yeah…..six-men strike team coming to kill us with machine guns”, Eric replied. He was quite hectic, he and the old man as both of them glanced around the office.

“Oh jeez”, Lisa gasped and rubbed her forehead. “So what are we going to do?”, she asked.

“Still thinking”, was Eric’s answer. Then he looked at the powerbike and stared at it for a few seconds. “This building does have a helicopter pad, right?”, he then asked and looked at the old man.

The old man nodded.

“How fast can you get a helicopter ride?”, Eric asked again.

“Fast enough, i have helicopters on standby. All i have to do is make a phonecall”, the old man replied.

“No i’m talking about the one from a rental company not yours….we cant risk tipping Bernard off”.

The old man thought for a short while. “I will call in a favour from a friend. But it might take fifteen minutes before the helicopter arrive here”, he then said.

“Make it ten”, Eric said and handed the old man back his cellphone. Then he took out one of Dante’s cellphone. “By the way, where is my father being held?”, he asked the old man.

“A safe house…in Arlington Bay area. Your mother knows the place”, the old man replied as he dialled a number in his cellphone.

Eric immediately dialled Alex phone number in Dante’s phone and handed it to Lisa after pressing the Call button. “Tell Alex that the meeting with Bernard is cancelled… already know why. And also tell him that he and Suzanne should be on the move to Arlington Bay area”, he said to her.

Lisa nodded and took the phone and Eric quickly went over to the motorbike. Diana stared at him as he forcefully opened its compartment box that was dented due to the bike’s impact against the wall.

“So what’s the plan?”, Diana asked as Eric took out his cellphone and the small paint can containing the mixture. “Are you going to let them give you a beating while you disarm them without them knowing?”.

“Nope, i got something even more better”, Eric showed her the can.

“Oh i see”, Diana smirked. “So what is that going to do against the six-men strike team?”, she asked.

“You watch and see”, Eric murmured and dialled Nina number with his cellphone.

“….Nothing is wrong with my helicopters, i just want yours to come pick me up”, the old man spoke into his cellphone mouthpiece. “Oh…ok i want you to be here in five minutes cos this is very urgent”, the old man concluded after listening to the voice that rasped out of the phone earpiece. Then he ended the phonecall and nodded at Eric.

“Lisa?, what happened…..what about Eric?!”, Alex’s voice said out of the cellphone Lisa was holding.

“He is okay…..we are all okay”, Lisa replied.

“What about Dante?”,

“Lying dead… the parking lot”.

“Dead… the parking lot?. What did Eric do, violent-hump him with a chainsaw?”.

“Worse……anyway, Eric said i should tell you that the meeting with Bernard is cancelled”.


“Bernard is the one behind all that is going on. He is the one paying Gus and Dante to have your mother and grandfather killed because he wants to take over the organization”.

After a few seconds of silence, Alex’s voice said, “So what’s the plan?”.

“Eric said you and Suzanne should go to Arlington Bay area immediately. Your father is being held in a safe house there and your mother knows the location of the safe house”, Lisa replied.

“We will be on our way”, Alex said.


Nina heaved a sigh and shook her head slowly after Eric broke the news to her. She dropped her weight on the sofa and glanced at Abigail who was coming down the stairs with her daughter sleeping on her shoulder.

“Bernard…..”, Nina began and pursed her lips. “I knew he was a cunning bastard….but to plot against the Sosai?, i’m really surprised to hear that”, she sighed. “He always displayed the ‘willing to give his life’ attitude towards the Sosai. Even all the members of the organization saw him as the one next in line to be the head of the organization and i envied him because of that”.

“I guess he must have gotten impatient of waiting to be handed the crown”, Eric’s voice rasped out of Nina’s cellphone.

“But we are to meet Bernard in about an hour and half to secure your father’s release”, Nina noted.

“It’s not a meeting to secure any release. He just wants to finish up the job”, Eric said. “So that’s why i want you to go to Arlington Bay….That’s where the old man said my father is being held. He said you know the location of the house”.

Nina immediately got up and snapped her fingers at Chris. Then she gestured at him to pack up his stuff.

“Alex and Suzanne are on their way going to the area”, Eric continued. “I want you to call and give them the address so that they can keep the place under surveillance and watch out for Bernard till we arrive there”.

“Take her and the kid to the car and keep the engine running”, Nina eagerly said to Chris and he immediately headed towards the door with Abigail following him. “So what’s the situation in the Sosai’s office?”, she asked Eric as she gathered the files.

“One last problem to deal with”, Eric replied. “Six well armed men, probably mercenaries from the way they look. Bernard must have hired them to make sure that the job is done well…..and to also tie all the loose ends”.

“Yeah….to eliminate Dante”.

“One more thing. The old woman showed up”, Eric voice sounded quite concerned.

Nina furrowed her brows. “Which old woman?”, she asked.

“The real grandmother”, Eric replied. “The dead one wasnt your mother. And i think it’s true because the Sosai seems to have developed this never seen before look in his eyes since this old woman appeared from nowhere. The funny thing is she is now a Nun…..and quite talkative, probably where Alex got his loud mouth”.

Nina sighed with a downcast gaze and a somewhat worried look on her face. Then she said, “Okay then…..i will see you guys in Arlington”.

“If we make it alive”, Eric said.

“Make sure you make it out there alive… son”, Nina muttered and ended the phonecall. Then she stared ahead thoughtfully for a few seconds and hurriedly walked out of the house.


“What is he doing?”, Diana asked the old man and watched Eric as he hastily came out from the the office inner room carrying the electric coffee kettle, an extension power cord and a bottle of Vodka liquor.

“I dont know my dear”, the old man replied. “But he seems to be sure of what he is doing. And i hope it saves us today”, he muttered and placed a hand on Diana’s shoulder.

Diana nodded and rubbed the hand on her shoulder. “Today is not gonna be our last day”, she said and looked at the old man with a faint smile on her face. “We gonna make it… always”.

Then Diana looked at Eric with alot of interest and kept a keen eyes on him as he went to work. Keen eyes that reminded Eric of the first time he met Nina in Metro-city when he stole a glance at the Nun.

Eric grabbed the electric kettle and slammed it hard on the floor, breaking the appliance and startling Lisa who came over with a tape.

Lisa stood beside Eric and dropped the tape beside the extension power cord and the paint can on the office desk. She glanced at the bottle of Vodka and looked at Eric as he took the electric kettle apart.

“What is this?”, Lisa asked and held the paint can.

“Careful with that”, Eric warned when she slightly shook it to know its content.

“What is it?”, Lisa asked again as she gently kept the can in its former position.

“Something highly dangerous”, Eric replied as he hurriedly took out the coil from the kettle with the wires connected to it.

“How dangerous?”.

“Dangerous enough to incinerate everything close to it……Or leave you with shrapnel related mutilations if you dont get blown to bits”.

Lisa cautiously withdrew her hands from the paint can with a look of fear in her eyes. “What about this?”, she asked and jerked her head the Vodka bottle.

“This……”, Eric stopped what he was doing and grabbed the bottle. “….This is my painkiller”, then he opened it and took a swill from the bottle.

“Painkiller?”, Lisa snorted with a funny look on her face as Eric quickly set the bottle back on the table and continued with what he was doing.

“Well i’m not made of concrete. So i’m still feeling the pains of the beatings i took from your ex co-worker”, Eric muttered as he attached the heating coil to the paint can and held it in place with the tape. Then he stole a quick glance at the wall clock in the office. “Five minutes have passed and the helicopter is yet to arrive”, Eric said, looked at the old man. “Is your friend caught up in some….air traffic?”, he asked.

“No”, the old man replied. “And neither is the helicopter parked across the street. He is definitely on his way”, he added.

“Well he better hurry up. You saw those men working on the elevator system”, Eric grabbed the paint can with the extension cord and glanced around the office. “It gonna take them about six minutes to finish it…..if the guy working on it is very fast”, he said and went to power plug socket on the wall.

“What are you doing?”, Diana then asked as Eric connected the extension cord to the plug socket that was close to the door. “And what on earth is that”, she asked again and pointed at the paint can.

“Something that incinerates everything around it”, Lisa answered the question.

“A…..bomb?”, The old man asked with his eyes wide open. “You brought a damn bomb into this building?”.

“Yes sir”, Eric replied and gently plug the wire connected to the kettle heating coil to the extension cord. “Sorry in advance for the renovation works you gonna be doing here after today”.

The old man sighed and shook his head. “Isnt there any other way of dealing with these men apart from blowing my office to kingdom come?”, he asked.

“Well, do you have any other way in mind?”, Eric muttered, wiping away the sweat on his forehead as he gently backed away from the paint can.

“Wait……”. Lisa immediately went to the office window and looked outside. “A helicopter is coming this way!”, she said excitedly when her eyes caught the sight of a black helicopter hovering towards the building.

“Good you guys should get ready!”, Eric said and opened the door to check on the elevator.

The man connected the last wire and the elevator came back to life with a low whirring sound. He nodded at the leader with a smirk and hit the button. Then elevator started making the smooth ride to their desination.

The leader made a gesture with his gloved fingers as the elevator went up and the air in it got filled with ‘click-click’ sounds as the men cocked their automatic weapons.

“More money to the person that kills him”, the leader said with a hard voice and then put on his own mask.

The men tightened their grip on their weapon with their eyes on the elevator indicator. Their hard breaths told of their readiness.

Eric saw the elevator indicator showing its movement to the executive office. It was getting close. And there might not be enough time for them to board helicopter before the men come at them guns blazing.

Eric immediately pulled out the handgun tucked in his waistbelt and cocked it. “Take them to the helipad!”, he bawled at the old man. The helicopter was now hovering over the building……and the elevator almost reaching the floor. Then Eric pulled the old man closer. “And tell the pilot to get you guys the hell away from the building if you dont see me in five minutes”, he quietly told the man.

The old man nodded. He got hold of Diana’s hand and hurriedly led her to the stairs leading to the helipad platform. Lisa came out of the office. She paused and held Eric’s arm.

“Go on…..go to the helicopter!”, Eric said to her. “I will join you shortly!”.

“Dont keep me waiting”, Lisa said to Eric.

Eric nodded with a smile and watched as she sprinted towards the stairs as the elevator arrived with a ‘Ding’ sound. Eric immediately backed into the office and pointed the handgun at the elevator door. And let the weapon to bark and send slugs that went straight to its door as it slided open.

“Get down!”, the leader barked as the bullets whizzed into the elevator and struck one of his men. He grabbed the wounded man and used his body to shield the others as more slugs from Eric’s handgun flew at them. Eric let off more shots, ducked inside the office and slammed the door close.

Then gun men rushed out from the elevator and dived to the floor. And lit up the corridor with heavy gunfire as they returned fire. Countless bullets rattled the thick mahogany door. Some bullets lodged in the wood while some tore out splinters as they went through it and ricocheted around the office. Eric kept shooting back at them and dodging behind the wall as the men sent hails of countless bullets that kept chipping off pieces of wood from the door.

The gun battle that ensued continued for a while and had Eric trapped in the office because he couldn’t get out with all the bullets being thrown in his way. The five minutes was almost up and he was fast running out of ammo.

Eric slapped in the last magazine. “[email protected]!”, he cursed under his breath and pressed the barrel of the handgun against his forehead with his eyes closed. It seems like he is now facing a bad situation, an unlikely end.

Soon he will be out of ammo. The men will definitely come and give it to him in the worst way once they notice it. And he has to hit the switch and let the coil heat the mixture in the paint-can for about two minutes to be able to detonate his improvised explosive device.

But the gunmen were trained Mercs. Two minutes was more than enough time for them to notice and disconnect it if they overpower him. Trying to rush to the helicopter was now out of the equation. If the gunmen dont kill him in a hail of gunfire, they will definitely go after him and take out everyone in the helicopter before it takes off.

[email protected] it!”, Eric hit the extension cord switch and cocked his weapon. “You might as well go out in a big blaze of glory”, he muttered and started shooting at the gunmen at the far end of the corridor while the coil started heating the paint can
Diana glanced at her wristwatch. “Where is he?”, she said out loud amidst the sound of the helicopter rotor engine.

“We gotta go now!”, the old man said to the pilot after checking his own watch.

The pilot nodded and immediately went to work, putting his feet on the pedals and grabbing both the cyclic and throttle handles.

“What about Eric?!”, Lisa shouted as the helicopter started making its ascent. “We cant leave him there!…..he gonna get killed!”.

“Do you prefer we all get killed?”, the old man asked. “He knows that there is a possibility of him not making it. That’s why he said we should leave if he doesn’t come out”.

“No!!….let’s wait for him!”, Lisa bawled hysterically as the helicopter started leaving the building.

“If we do then we all gonna die!”, the old man barked. “If the bomb doesnt blow us up, those gunmen will kill us all.

Then Lisa suddenly lunged at the pilot’s position and got hold of the cyclic handle. The pilot protested and asked her what she was doing after her action gave the helicopter a slight jolt.

“If he dies then we all die”, Lisa threatened as she held on the handle with a tight grip and stared at the startled old man with a fiery look in her eyes.

Diana thought for a few seconds and said, “Lisa, let go of the handle”.

“Why?…so that we can leave the man that saved us all to die?”, Lisa asked and tightened her grip on the handle.

“No….just leave the handle. I have a plan… trust me on this”, Diana replied.

Lisa glanced at the old man and then looked at the frightened pilot before releasing her hold on the cyclic handle.

“The woman is damn crazy”, the pilot could be heard saying as he took full control of the helicopter.

“I want you to take the bird to that side of the building”, Diana then said to the pilot. “And move it as close as possible to the broken window you see there.

The pilot nodded and expertly did as he was told.

Eric fired of a few volleys through the big hole on the door and ducked behind the wall as countless bullets shredded what was left of the office door. Then he wiped the beads of sweat on his forehead and looked at the coil as it heated the paint can. It’s just a matter of time before the explosives he had mix goes off, taking out everything in the top floor.

Then he raised the gun to fire off the last bullets in the magazine. The sound of the helicopter descending and hovering a few feet away from the office window interrupted him. He shielded his eyes from the gusting wind caused by the rotor blades and saw Lisa sliding the door open. She started screaming something he could hardly make out and gestured at him. Eric heaved a deep sigh with a smile.

“About time”, he muttered and picked himself up.

Several shots from the office made the men to dive down again. Then the leader saw a hand come out from one of the several big holes on the door and flash the middle finger at them. The man immediately got up and rushed towards the door, sending volleys of slugs at it as he did so. The other men got up and followed suit.

Eric tossed his pistol away and stole a quick glance at the paint can before making a dash towards the office window with a broken glass. Putting more power to his speed, he threw himself in the air as he jumped towards the helicopter.

The helicopter shook abit when Eric’s hands got hold of its landing skid.

“Go go go!”, Diana bawled at the pilot who immediately moved the helicopter away from the building as Eric hauled himself into the passenger cabin with help from Lisa and the old man.

Then Eric quickly slided the door shut as the helicopter speedily flew away. He didnt even have enough time to take a breath before Lisa wrapped her arms around him and gave him a tight hug.

The leader kicked the door down and rushed into the office with the gunmen. He glanced around and rushed to the broken window with his gun pointed. With a somewhat frustrated look, he stood near the window and watched as the helicopter made its getaway.

Then a crackling sound made him and all the other men to look over their shoulders. Another crackling sound drew their attention to the paint can that was now glowing red hot.

“Mother…[email protected]”, the leader muttered those last words and turned his head to the helicopter that was now far away.

Eric and the rest in the helicopter watched as a huge ball of flame took over the entire top floor of the CANTONA TOWERS after a massive explosion ripped through it.

“Sorry again for the damages”, Eric muttered as the old man watched the smoke that rose from the building floor that housed his executive office as the helicopter sailed away. “Lets just say it’s a way of us getting even after what you did to my father”.

The old man stared at the building and did so for a while with an expressionless look on his face. Then his lips slowly curved into a smile. “Alright then”, he nodded, still smiling and looked at Eric. “Well i never liked the interior anyway……i guess we will have to refurbish it”, he continued and held Diana’s hand. “Refurbish it to our liking my dear”, he continued and held the Nun closer himself.

“Any words from the Sosai?”, Bernard asked his chauffeur as the car rolled into the compound after the gate slided open.

“No sir”, the man behind the wheels replied and brought the car to a halt in the parking space of the walled mansion.

Bernard check his cellphone. It was probably his hundredth time of doing so. Even the car driver seems to have noticed the incessant checks as he stared at the man at the backseat through the rearview mirror.

“Sir is there any problem?”, the chauffeur asked politely.

“Just expecting a call”, Bernard replied and unbuckled his seatbelt.

Two sturdy men in black suits came out of the building and went straight to the car. They politely greeted Bernard when he stepped out of the car and lead him towards the entrance of the building.

“So how is the prisoner?”, Bernard asked one of the men as they entered the lobby of the mansion.

“He refused to eat again”, the man replied. “He hasn’t eaten since yesterday”, he continued.

“Well a man who is about to die wont have the appetite for anything…..even women”, he chuckled as they ascended the stairs leading to the rooms.

Bernard checked his cellphone again as they headed towards the door that was manned by another bigger man in dark suit.

“Good day sir”, the big man politely greeted Bernard when he came over.

“Good day…..”, Bernard began and gave the man a curious glance from head to toe. “What happened to the other man guarding the door?”, he asked and looked at the other men standing behind him.

“He called in sick and took the day off sir”, one of them replied.

“Called in sick?”, Bernard scoffed. “Anyway the Sosai gave an order to move the prisoner to a different location”, he continued and reached for the door handle after gesturing at the big man to move aside. “And it’s even better that i do it myself….since you guys are now calling in sick”.

Then Bernard opened the door to enter the room.

“Good day Bernard”.

The voice that greeted Bernard prompted him to freeze in his tracks. He remained still with his eyes wide as he stared inside the room and at the old man who was sitting on a single sized bed, reading a book.

The old man closed the book he was reading and looked at Bernard. “I’m surprised to see you here Bernard….”, he continued. “….Because i remember very well that i gave all the members of the organization a clear and strict no-visitation order to my prisoner. So, why are you here?”, the old man asked with furrowed brows.

“I……i…heard…”, Bernard stammered and then got interrupted by a strong hand that grabbed his suit jacket from behind. He put up no resistance as the hand spun him around and he saw himself staring at the wicked glare of the big man.

Then the two sturdy men that escorted Bernard into the mansion stepped forward and gave him a rough pat down while the old man watched. They took his handgun, his cellphone and every other thing they could find on him, including the pen in breast pocket of his suit jacket.

“Anyway……”, the old man began after the men were done searching Bernard. “……no need to answer that question”, he sighed and got up from the single bed that was the only furniture in the room. “I have decided to listen to what that young man told me and let Mr Barry Philips to go. Nina is more than old enough to make any decision, no matter what anybody thinks, including me”, So i let her boyfriend go”, he smiled.

Bernard remained silent and stared with fear in his eyes as the old man paced around the room with his hands behind him.

“So”, the old man quietly paced around the room with one hand holding the book behind him. “Arent you gonna ask me how the interview went?”, the old man asked and stopped to inspect the iron bars used to seal the window of the room. “And why it seems that it kind of ended too early?”, he asked again.

Bernard gave no response to the questions.

“Well no need to answer that question too…cos i’m sure you expected everything to go well……as planned”, the old man muttered and continue pacing around the room. And me being here means that it indeed went well…..or maybe not”.

The old man paced around in silence for about half a minute and then gazed at Bernard. “Apart from that, other interesting events unfolded in my office today”, he said and quietly paced towards Bernard. “One was a miraculous one. The other, an eye opener and a grim reminder of how we should be watchful of the people around us”. The old man stood infront of Bernard and glanced at him from head to toe. “And to never take anyone for granted, no matter how they present themselves”.

Bernard sighed with a downcast gaze with beads of sweat on his forehead. And trying hard not to look the old man in the face.

Anyway…..”, the old man dipped his hand inside the inner pocket of his white suit jacket and took out a small pouch. “…..i want to give you this”, he showed it to Bernard. “The diamonds you were expecting to get today….and probably the reason why you are here”, the old man grunted as he slipped the pouch inside Bernard’s suit breast pocket and tapped the pocket with his fore and middle finger.

Bernard glanced at the pocket and swallowed hard as he stared at the old man.

“The young man who was suppose to give you this diamonds wanted to do it himself”, the old man continued with his eyes on the pocket. “But he had done enough stressful work for today. And his emotions was….kind of really running high. You know,…..maiming and killing Dante….and blowing up a building full of hired mercenaries can take its toll on the human mind and body”,

Bernard’s mouth ran dry as both men stared at each other. Then the old man got closer to Bernard.

“So that’s why i’m giving you one week to leave this country. And never ever think of coming back”, the old man muttered into Bernard’s ear. “It would be unwise to stick around and get a taste of what this individual can do, especially to someone who tried to harm his family”. the old man added with a smile and backed away.

Then the old man’s smile turned into a cold expression. “But it’s gonna be a heavenly treatment compared to what i will do to you if i as much as hear that someone happened to get a whiff of something that smelled like Bernard”, he concluded with the warning and gestured at the big man standing behind Bernard.

The big man immediately grabbed Bernard and roughly pulled him aside to make way for the old man. The old man nodded at the other two sturdy men who bowed respectfully and escorted him out of the room and away from the mansion.

BLOODLINE 2 Episode 17

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Alaka Moses
Alaka Moses
11 months ago

Bernard will still come back strong if care is not taken like Dante. Am seeing dangerous future maybe…
The next if Allen and his crew investigation report on the killing.
Family reunion of the beast/monsters Sosai and Philip’s people.
Philip is aware his wife’s secret, Nina seeing her mother for the first time and Philip being back to life again.
Eric will leave with Esther
IRONKURTAIN, well done!

11 months ago

Wow..nice one

11 months ago

Why is the old man letting Bernard off… Same mistake he made with Dante that almost backfired

11 months ago

Why can’t he just kill Bernard? Why letting him go? What if he come back to harm them?
Well I know he can’t do nothing bcs the group now is full of devil’s:Sosai, Nina, Diana, Eric, Alex and Suzanne with Lisa, Philip and Esther. I love you all jare

Marian iremide
Marian iremide
11 months ago

Thank you ironkurtain… more episodes pls

11 months ago

Waoh nice one more ink to your pen

Bae nifty
11 months ago

Letting Bernard go means the story will still continue
Well done Mr writer

Olamitoke Hannah
11 months ago

That’s a very bad idea letting Bernard go Scot free

11 months ago

Oh Lisa
Got saved at last

Emem Adam
Emem Adam
11 months ago

I just hope he doesn’t come back like Dante

11 months ago

He let Bernard leave alive, haaaa…Eric will find him and finish the job.
I am happy they all survived.

11 months ago

I hope living Bernard alive wont be a mistake???

11 months ago

I don’t like the idea of letting Bernard go Scot free….
I didn’t see it coming 😱

11 months ago

You have a brilliant mind author, but I believe this is not the last episode

11 months ago

More knowledge to you author.pls I can’t wait to read the next episode.