BLOODLINE 2 Episode 15b (Blood And Diamond) by Ironkurtain

BLOODLINE 2 Episode 13 (Blood And Diamond) by Ironkurtain

BLOODLINE 2 Episode 15b (Blood And Diamond) by Ironkurtain

Dante checked the ropes to make sure that the old man and the two women were properly tied to the chairs he had moved to the centre of the office. Then he took out a cellphone from one of his overall pockets. He put it on speaker mode and dropped it on Lisa’s lap.

“I want you to call your boyfriend”, Dante said to Lisa as he took out another cellphone from his pocket and sat on another chair infront of them.

Lisa glanced at the cellphone on her laps and looked at Dante. “I don’t have a boyfriend…..i thought you already know that”, she said to him.

“Well then, call the guy that [email protected] you last night”, Dante said and adjusted the collar of his overalls.

“Excuse me?”, Lisa glared at Dante with anger in her eyes. But she was surprised and wondered how he knew about last night. Perhaps he made a lucky guess.

“You have to know that i dont have any problem hurting that beautiful face of yours”, Dante said coolly without looking at Lisa and worked his fingers on the phone he was holding. “So dont make me tell you again to call him”.

“Young woman, you better do what he just said and call whoever you were with last night”, Diana muttered to Lisa. “Maybe the guy is a person of interest to him…..or maybe you sleeping with that guy really hurt his feelings.

Lisa sighed and moved her hands that were tied together to the phone and pressed Eric’s cellphone number. Then she glanced at Dante and tapped the call button. After about a minute of the line ringing, the automated voice informed them that the receiver wasn’t answering.

Then Lisa looked at Dante. “Well, i think the guy that [email protected] me last night is very busy”, she said sarcastically to him.

“Keep trying”, Dante muttered. Lisa sighed uncomfortably pressed the call button again.

“You had me fooled with all those things you said to me at the office”, Lisa said and looked at Dante as the line rang. “All those gentleman attitude you displayed that made me to almost give it a try when told me of your intentions of starting a relationship with me”.

Dante’s lips curved into a mischievous smile as he listened with his eyes staring at the screen of the phone in his hands.

Lisa shook her head. “I didnt know it was just a plot to carry out your evil mission”, she sighed.

“Of course it was part of the plot”, Dante said, still bearing the mischievous smile on his face. Then he looked at Lisa with the smile fading away and being replaced with a cold look. “But i really meant everything i said….and i really wanted to start a relationship with you”, he said to her. “And if you had agreed, the both of us would have been spending a nice vacation in some cool resort with a beach after i have killed him…..”, Dante jerked his head at the old man. “……than end up like this”, he muttered and glanced around the office. “But you took me for granted, even rubbed it on my face”. Then he slipped the cellphone back into his pocket and took out a pack of cigarette and lit one for himself. “Just as he took me and my family for granted”, he continued after exhaling the smoke from his lungs and turned his eyes at the old man.

Diana glanced at the Dante and stared at the old man. Lisa did the same.

The old man scoffed. He looked at his cuffed hands and at the ropes that had his legs and chest tied to the chair he was sitting on. Then he heaved a sigh and looked at Dante.

“I dont know what you heard….”, the old man began. “And neither do i know what you were being told. But one thing i know is, i didnt kill your father”, he said.

“You knew he had alot of enemies”, Dante retorted. “And you knew that without your organization, the wolves would be coming for him. Yet you kicked him out”.

“He blatantly disobeyed the orders i gave him. So what do you expect me to do?”, the old man asked. “Your father was a very reckless man and i tolerated that behaviour for too long. And it almost brought down the organization”, the old man glared at Dante. “It was that same reckless behaviour that made the wolves to start coming for him!”,

“But he was your best man!”, Dante fumed and angrily got up from his chair. “And served the organization very well!!”.

“Yes”, the old man muttered coolly as he and Dante stared at each other. “But he was also a mad man”, he continued. “A mad man who was getting out of control……even your own mother knew that”.

Dante ignored the old man and slowly dropped his weight in his seat.

“Besides, you already know the real reason why i had to kick him out”, the old man added. “Infact, from what i heard, you were there when it happened”.

Dante scoffed. “It was just a collateral damage”, he muttered and lit another stick of cigarette.

“Collateral damage?”, the old man asked with some anger in his voice. “All those innocent people……and babies that he wilfully killed, a collateral damage?”, he blurted.

Dante smirked and looked away as he exhaled the smoke from his lungs with a look of indifference on his face. Diana cringed when she heard babies being wilfully killed and stared at Dante. She was disgusted by the look on his face but she didnt express it.

“I thought you were different from your dad”, the old man sighed as he stared at Dante. “I should have killed you when i had the chance”, he muttered with a downcast gaze.

“What happened?”, Diana asked quietly and looked at the old man. He raised his head and looked at Diana. “What happened to those innocent people…….and babies?”, she asked again.

The old man sighed again and remained silent while Diana stared at him keenly. Then he looked at her with a expression of regret written on his face.

“Many years ago, i gave Nina an assignment, a hit”, the old man began quietly. “A hit i thought she would accomplish so easily. But she failed. Not only did she fail, but she also protected the subject and killed all the men that i sent to complete the task. So i had to put a hit on her”.

“You what?!”, Diana exclaimed.

“Yes….”, the old man replied. “His father was the one i gave the job. After several attempts that ended in failures and more men getting killed, he located Nina in a hospital”, he continued. “He told me that she was in a coma. So i ordered him to bring her to me…..because i dont order hits on a half dead person and neither do i allow hits to be carried out in a public place, especially in a place like a hospital. But that fool disobeyed me and did something terrible”. Then he looked at Dante. “Your father set off a bomb in a hospital!”, the old man said to Dante angrily.

“Oh my God!”, Lisa gasped quietly and looked at Dante.

“So, do you think it’s unfair to have him kicked out after what he had done?”, the old man asked Dante.

Dante remained silent with a thoughtful look on his face as he smoked the cigarette. Diana heaved a deep sigh and shook her head slowly with a pursed lip. Then she looked at the old man.

“So what is this deal that you had with him?”, Diana asked him.

“Some years ago he tried to kill me….and got caught of course”, the old man replied. “I knew very well that he was a professional assassin. But i thought it was about his father. So instead of having him thrown in a box, filling it up with concrete and having it thrown into the ocean, i made a deal with him because of the type of relationship i had with his father. And the deal was that he will be allowed to go on with his business, as long as he doesnt come after me or any member of the family, even if someone else pays him to do so. He agreed and we signed an agreement before i let him go”.

Diana nodded several times as she listened and looked at Dante who was staring at them keenly.

“Well, young man….”, she began and tried to move her body that was bounded to the chair. “Your situation with this man is just some kind of a misunderstanding”, she said quietly. “Even as a professional killer, you will agree with him that what your father did was very bad and inexcusable”. Then Diana paused with a sigh. “And i know that deep inside your heart, you know what father did was plain wrong”, she continued. “He kicking your father out of his organization was probably one of the toughest decision he had to make because as you said, your father was one of his best men. I’m very sure of that because i know this man very well”.

Dante glanced at the old man and stared at Diana.

“So i’m begging you to let him go……please let us all go”, Diana begged. “No one has die for decisions and mistakes made a long time ago”. Then she looked at the old man. “He had been honouring the agreement he made with you and he will continue to do so if you let us go. Wont you?”, Diana asked the old man.

“He knows very well that i’m a man of my own words”, the old man replied. “That’s the reason why he is still alive”, he added.

Dante slowly got up and quietly paced around the room with a thoughtful look on his face. He glanced at the handgun he was holding with a somewhat unhappy look on his face as he thought to himself. Then he looked at Diana and nodded his head.

“I guess you are right”, Dante muttered to her. “Perhaps…i was so much blinded by my hatred for this man that’s why i failed to see all these things that you just said”, he continued with a tone of regret in his voice and shook his head.

Then Dante dropped the handgun on his chair and looked at the old man. “You are very lucky to have her here with you”, he said to him and quietly walked over to Diana. He stood infront of the old woman and stared at her for a while. “And i think you are a very good woman and there is no reason to keep you here”, he smiled weakly and placed a hand on Diana’s shoulder.

Lisa stared at Dante as he quietly walked behind Diana. And she got quite nervous when he placed the other hand on the old woman’s shoulder and rubbed it gently.

“So i will have to set you free first before i do the same to them”, Dante muttered and then wrapped his hands around Diana’s neck. And started strangling her.

“What are you doing?!”, Lisa screamed at Dante as he tightened his grip around Diana’s neck while the woman choked and struggled to breath.

Dante continued tightening his vice like grip around Diana’s neck and stared at the old man with an evil smirk while Diana’s body shook violently as she struggled for air. Lisa tearfully screamed at Dante to stop. The old man’s breath quickened as he tried hard to free himself from the ropes tied around his body. Dante laughed at the man’s futile attempts to set himself free and kept strangling Diana.

Soon Diana’s struggling start getting weak and the look in her eyes start to turn into a distant gaze. The old man saw it and knew that it was just a matter of seconds before he loses her for the second time. And this time it was going to be forever.

“Dante……please”, the old man gasped. “Please…..i’m begging you”, he muttered but found it quite difficult to say those words because it was his first time of doing so. He had never said it before, no matter the circumstance. “Just let her go and i will do whatever you say”, he continued.

Dante stared at him for a while as Diana’s head started dropping slowly and then released his grip on her neck. He smile and gently pat Diana on her back as she coughed hard with a laboured breath. Then Dante bent over Diana, grabbed her by her jaw and forcefully faced her to the old man.

“Can you believe this?”, Dante muttered into Diana’s ear as he held her jaw with one hand and caressed her neck with the other. “One of the most powerful men in this country is begging me to spared your life. I guess we are both lucky too”, then released his hold on Diana’s jaw and looked at her. “By the way, you cannot know what is deep inside my heart old lady”, he continued with a cold look on his face and straightened up. “Because….i have no heart”, he smirked.

Then Dante went over to his chair and picked up his weapon. “Anyway, you were right about me being there when the hospital got blown up”, he said to the old man as he sat on the chair. “But one thing you all dont know, especially you Mr Cantona is that i also played a part in that event”, Dante grunted as he made himself comfortable on his chair.

Lisa glanced at the old man who stared at Dante keenly and did the same.

“A grown man carrying a suspicious looking package into a hospital will attract the attention of the securities”, Dante said and looked at his handgun. “But not for an eight years old boy moving around with a school bag packed with a candy cloud maker”. Dante smiled and looked at his hostages. “Candy cloud maker…..That’s what my father called the C4 explosives he stuffed in my bag”, he sneered. “I have seen him use it a few times and the places that he had used it being shown on tv”, he continued. “That day he told me what to do, a specific instruction on where to keep the bag. Of course i already knew what’s gonna happen if i leave it there. So Instead of leaving it near the door of a room in the private ward as he instructed me, i kept it in the lobby. I left it there because i wanted the candy cloud maker to go off where there are alot of people. The next day i was having my morning cereal with a smile on my face as i watched the news on tv. The news of what i had done”.

Then Dante got up and glanced at the door of the office inner room. He went over to Lisa and took the cellphone away from her.

“You better pray that your boyfriend pick up the phone on the next call you gonna make”, Dante waved the cellphone at her. “Because if he don’t, i have no choice but to move on to the next item on the list”, he concluded and headed towards the door of the inner room.

The old man stared at Dante as he went into the room with alot of anger in his eyes. “All i need is just one phone call”, he muttered. “Just one damn phone call and he will wish that he was never born.

Diana, who had recovered from the strangulation, sighed and looked at the old man. “So will it be before or after he had killed us”, she asked with a scoff. Then she looked at Lisa. “I hope you are right about your boyfriend coming here”, she said to Lisa. “He better do because we are dealing with a deranged human being who is also killer”.

The old man scoffed. “And what is he gonna do?”, he asked.

“Eric eats guys like him for breakfast”, Lisa replied with alot of confidence in her voice and with alot of anger in her eyes as she stared at the door of the room Dante just entered. “And i’m gonna enjoy watching him rip that creep apart”, she murmured.

The old man sneered and shook his head. “Then be prepared to be disappointed my dear”, he muttered. “That man you see there is very very good at what he does. You can see how he took out some of my best men like it was nothing”, then he looked Lisa. “Your boyfriend’s mother, got all her training and skills from that man’s father”, he said to her. “People that know how Dante operates said that his is much more better than his father. And far much more effective”.

“So what make you think that he is better than your grandson?”, Diana asked the old man irritatedly. “You hardly even know your own daughter, let alone her own son”,

“Well, i already know that he is a disrespectful imbec!le”, the old man replied.

“And who in their damn right mind respects a man who put out a hit on his own daughter?”, Diana retorted. “Infact, the imbec!le here is you”.

“Diana she disobeyed me”, the old man protested. “Why would she wanna do that for…..for that man?”, he asked.

“Probably the same reason why i disobeyed my own family and switched sides in the civil war”, Diana replied.

“But that’s a……”, the old man began.

“Will you shut your imbec!le mouth because there are no buts and ifs in this situation!”, Diana coldly interrupted him.

Lisa watched with a somewhat confused look on her face as the man, well known to be one of the most powerful figure in the country, remained silent. Just as the Nun ordered him. It made her to wonder who was really indeed the most powerful person between the two of them.

“If you have handled things very well, we wont be in this kind of situation”, Diana continued irritatedly.

“Everything was well taken care of”, the old man muttered thoughfully. “I wonder what went wrong……something is not right”.

Then the three of them remained quiet, each staring in a different direction with a thoughtful look on their faces. The faint sounds of Dante moving around in the inner room could be heard. This went on for about two minutes. And as the time went by, the nervousness grew as they stole glances at the door, waiting for it to open.

Then Diana sighed and shook her head. “I still remember the day i conceived the idea of this…..organization or whatever you now call it. And the reason why i wanted us to start it”, she began with a distant stare in her eyes. “There was poverty and alot of sufferings in our neighbourhood due to the economic impact of the war, and we always slept with guns under our matress because of the armed robbers that attacked the homes almost every night to take what was left”, she continued. “So being what we are, i thought we could use it to restore order and sanity in the community”.

“Yeah….and we were doing a very good job together”, the old man muttered. He too was staring ahead with a thoughtful look on his face. “Until your jealous brother started messing things up for us”, he sighed and looked at Diana.

“No he didnt”, Diana differed and looked at the old man. “Things started getting messed up when dubious characters with alot of bad motives started joining us. It got worse when some corrupt figures in the government wanted to have control of our operations. And they were the ones pulling Andrew’s strings. Andrew was just the yes-man doing their biddings”.

The old man remained silent and thought about what Diana said.

Diana sighed again and glanced around the office. “I thought by leaving you, you would put an end to what you and i started”, she then muttered quietly. “I thought that with me being out of the picture, you would disolve the gang and….perhaps settle down with someone else and live a quiet and hassle free life because i had always known you to be that kind of person”, then she smirked. “Only to come back and see that the flame that i wanted to be quenched had turned into a damn firestorm. And the warm hearted and forgiving man that i know, had become a cold heartless and ruthless monster”.

The old man looked at Diana.

“Cantona, why are things like this?”, Diana asked him. “What the hell happened to you”, she asked again and looked at the old man.

The old man remained mute for a while and then looked at Diana. “You left me……that’s why things are like this”, he replied.

The nun stared at the old man in silence for a while. “What do you mean?”, she then asked him.

“When you left……”, the old man began quietly with a downcast gaze. “……. it seemed as if a part of me also left with you”, the old man continued, trying to hide the expression that showed the pain in his heart. “And it created an empty space. An empty i spent most of the my life trying to fill…..until i started realizing that no matter what i do, no matter what i achieve or earned, be it money, power…..or even respect, it cannot be filled”. Then old man sighed and looked up. “And throughout those years, i felt that i lost you because i was helpless. I blamed myself for being in that situation….and swore to never ever be in a helpless situation. And it made me do things that i didnt know i was capable of doing”, he added and looked at Diana.

Diana stared at the old man and fought back the tears welling up in her eyes, which she felt was quite unusual because she can’t remember the last time she shed a tear. But what her absence had done to the old man and its toll all written on his face, made her realize that she still have emotions. And that everything is the way it is because something is missing. Something very very important to the old man.

“Anyway….”, Diana then sighed and looked around the office. “You have really done well for yourself”, she said to the old man. “Dont you think so?”, she asked and looked at Lisa who agreed with a nod. “Somehow…..i kind of wish that i was there with you when you built this….empire. Atleast somethings wouldn’t be the way it is now”, she smiled at the old man.

“If we were together, we would have built something twice bigger than this”, the old man said confidently. “You are the one with the brains. I put some of those ideas you mentioned years ago to work…..and built all these”.

“Maybe……”, Diana muttered thoughtfully. “But for you to have men who couldnt even protect us from ending up in this present situation means that you are now losing your edge and hold on things”, she said and glanced at the old man. “So i suggest you step down from you throne and retire”, Diana advised.

Then the door to the inner room opened and Dante stepped out with a cup of coffee in his hand. The three hostages turned their head and stared at him intently as he took some sips from the cup and came towards them.

“Well… can see that i’m about to be retired today”, the old man muttered to Diana. “To be retired forever”.

“We are not sure about that yet”, Diana muttered back to the old man and stared at Dante when he stood infront of them. “We might make it through….like we did before”, she murmured almost inaudibly.

Lisa heard what the nun said. And hoped for it as Dante took out the cellphone dropped it on her laps again.

At the building underground parking lot.

The man wearing a black combat fatigue glanced around the parking lot as he pressed himself against the concrete pillar with gloved hands hugging an sub machine gun close to his chest. Seeing no movement or anyone insight, the man glanced at the black van parked a some metres away from where he was standing and started heading towards the vehicle in quick strides. The door of the van slided open when he go close to it and slided shut after he entered.

“The area is clear…..”, the man began and glanced at the other occupants in the van.

There are seven of them, including the driver. And like the man that just got into the van, they were all dressed in black combat fatigues and carrying automatic weapons.

“What about the bodyguards”, the man sitting in the front passenger seat asked. He seems to be the leader of the group.

“All dead sir”, the man replied. “Three dead bodies in the lobby and three near the yellow van that we passed”, he continued.

“The guy is really good….as they said”, the leader muttered thoughtfully.

“So what’s our next move?”, another man in the van asked .

The leader ignored the question and lit the stick of cigarette he took out from the pack in his pocket. He took a long drag and exhaled the smoke gently, staring at the door to the elevator lobby.

“We wait….”, the leader then answered the question with a cold tone. “We wait until we get the order to move in”, he took a glanced at his wristwatch. “And it wont be long”, he added with a smirk.


“Show time!”, Eric said and stole a quick glance at the SUVs and van giving him a hot pursuit. He revved the engine of the bike and diverted into a somewhat empty highway and the vehicles behind him wildly followed suit.

“We are in the kill zone now”, Eric was referring to the empty highway he had intended to bring Gus and his men so as to avoid stray bullets hitting innocent motorists. “Time to take care of these sh!t stains”, he said to Suzanne who was following the convoy as they chased him.

“Got it”, Suzanne said and looked at Alex. “Hope you can handle that chopper?”, she asked him and glanced at the Ak47 he was wielding with an eager look on his face.

“Just pull up beside the black van”, Alex said to her and hit the window’s wind-down button. “Lemme say hello to them….with the sound of retaliation”, he muttered.

Suzanne slammed her foot on the gas pedal and the Range Rover that had being following the van, screamed ahead. She worked the steering wheel as the Rover started closing the gap between them and the convoy. She maintained her grip on the wood grained steering wheel and followed the Van closely, trying not to arouse any suspicion.

Lucas SUV swerved from side to side as they and the rest of the cars in the convoy, gave the bike a hot chase.

“Cant you get this car any closer to shoot his ass?!”, Gus blurted at the driver. “He is fucking getting away!!”.

“I cant!”, the driver retorted as he worked the steering wheel. This car cant go faster than it is going now……besides, it is a fucking motorbike we are chasing sir”.

“The bastard doesnt seem to wanna get away”, the man in the front seat noted. “It’s like he is just maintaining the distance between him and us”.

“That woman seems to have outsmarted you”, Lucas muttered and glanced at Gus who was staring ahead with alot of anger in his eyes. “I hope your man is right….cos to me, it seems as if she is getting some help from his organization”, he continued. “You gotta know that i’m in this because you said he is the one backing this operation…….and what i stand to gain”.

Then Lucas looked at the man in the front seat. “Tell the men to keep you updated on what’s going on”, he ordered. “We have to be sure of what we are dealing with…..and who we are dealing with”, he murmured as he stared at the bikeman they were chasing.

Gus thought for a few seconds and frantically reached for his cellphone in his inner pocket. He speedily unlocked it and clicked on an icon among the several ones on the phone screen.

“What are you doing?”, Lucas asked curiously after glancing at what Gus was doing.

“The [email protected] b!tch is in my house. So i wanna know where she is at”, Gus fumed. “The cameras in my place will show me her every movement……and any [email protected] giving her a helping hand”, he murmured.

The login bar for the security cameras in his house appeared and Gus quickly typed the password.

A wrong password notification appeared on the cellphone screen.

Gus stared at the notification with a confused look on his face. He proceeded to type the password again. And got the same notification. Gus cursed under his breath and typed the password again and again……and again. He almost pounded his fist on the phone screen after being notified for the fifth time that it was the wrong password.

Lucas stared at Gus as the man gazed at his cellphone with alot of confusion written on his face.

“What the hell are you doing?”, Lucas then asked.

“I can’t access the security cameras in my place”, Gus replied breathlessly with desperation in his voice. “What the [email protected] is going on!”, he barked at his cellphone and proceeded to type the password yet again.

Suddenly, everything on the cellphone screen vanished. Gus stared at the device in his hand with a bewildered look on his face. A few seconds later, something else appeared on the screen; a pornography clip. And it played with its volume on high level.

The sound of the clip filled the SUV and it made the men infront to glance at each other and stared at Gus through the rearview mirror.

Lucas glanced at the hardcore sex @rgy being shown on the cellphone and looked at Gus. “I guess the people that are helping her decided to do some kind of a video shoot in your house”, he muttered. “Or…..”, Lucas glanced at the cellphone again. “…… Or it could be the person who hacked into your cellphone is telling you that you are being [email protected]”.

“I’ll be damned”, someone in the car murmured.

Seeing that the occupants of the vehicle infront are not aware of the impending loud and deadly situation that was about to be unleashed, Suzanne immediately hit the gas pedal and the SUV shot forward. Then she worked the steering wheel to position the car beside the van.

As Suzanne controlled the Range Rover to take a perfect position beside the van, Alex put his finger on the trigger of the automatic assault rifle and set a keen sight on the driver of the van and the passenger sitting beside him. The driver was staring ahead with a cold look on his face as he worked the steering wheel, while the passenger in the front seat had a sub machine gun concealed inbetween his laps with an eager look on his face.

Then Suzanne swerved the Range Rover closer to the van. “Now!”, she said to Alex.

Alex immediately put his head out of the window. “What’s up bro!”, he said out loud, attracting the attention of the driver. Then he pointed Ak47 at the man.

The weapon barked and buckled in Alex’s hands as he opened fire and sent a barrage of 7.62mm lead death straight into the driver’s position. The slugs ripped into man, knocking him to his right side after blowing his brains out and shredding his neck and shoulders. Some of the brain matter hit the man sitting beside the driver, and so did the bullets as Alex emptied the magazine on them. And he too was killed in the hail of gunfire.

Then Suzanne hit the brakes and pulled back the car as Alex quickly dislodged the empty magazine and slapped in a fresh one. He took an aim at the back of the van that was now swerving out of its course and opened fire. The bullets rattled the vehicle and shattered the tinted backscreen. It drilled holes into the back of the van and some found its way in, killing or wounding the men in the back seat. Then Alex aimed the weapon at the van’s back wheel and took out the tyre. This made the van to start swerving out of control.

“Go go go!”, Alex bawled at Suzanne and reloaded again.

Suzanne immediately hit the throttle and moved the Range Rover away from the van that was swerving uncontrollably at a high speed. Then the van crashed into the concrete barrier on the center of the high way and flipped over.

Suzanne hit the brakes and brought the vehicle to a screeching halt while Alex quickly reloaded the assault rifle. Both of them stared as the van somersaulted for what seemed like forever, smashing and bending out of shape as it did so. And finally came to a halt several metres away from their position. Then it caught fire and started burning.

“Nice shot”, Suzanne smiled at Alex and glanced at the van that was now engulfed in flames.

“Yeah….but i think we have gotten their attention… a major way”, Alex muttered and stared at the rest of the cars in the convoy screech to a halt.

Suzanne pursed her lips and glanced at the rearview mirror. A few vehicles had pulled over behind them. Some of the motorist cautiously got out of their cars to see what was going on.

“We have to warn them to steer clear “, Suzanne said as the engine of the Range Rover hummed. “And i have to get a bigger gun”, she continued and hurriedly got out of the car.

Suzanne rushed to the back of the vehicle and opened the trunk. She knew that it was just in a matter of seconds before the other men start coming at them with big guns blazing. She glanced at the SKS automatic assault rifle and the countless magazines in the trunk. Then she sighed and looked at the few motorists who had gotten down from their vehicle, asking what happened to the van as they approached.

“You guys need to get out of here!”, Suzanne said on top of her voice to them. “We have a dangerous situation now. So it’s not advisable to be standing around!”.

The motorists glanced at each other with a puzzled look on their faces. Then Suzanne pulled out her Llama pistols and let off several shots in the air.

“What i’m saying is you guys should get the hell out of here!”, she barked out loud as her handguns barked louder. And it made the motorists to scamper towards their vehicles.

Suzanne tucked the handguns in her belt as all the cars behind her hit a quick reverse and hurriedly picked up the Chinese made SKS 7.62 assault rifle. Then she grabbed alot of magazines and ammos. And rushed to the driver side of the car after slamming the trunk shut.

“Son of a b!tch!!”, Gus blurted out when he was told what just happened to the van. “Stop the goddamn car!!”, he barked at the driver. “Stop the [email protected] car!!”, he almost scream and stomped his foot on the car floor.

The driver brought the black bullet proof Chevrolet SUV to a screeching halt. And so did the others cars behind them.

“The boys said they are riding in a black Range Rover”, the man in the front seat informed them as he listened to a two-way radio. “And they stopped where the van had crashed”, he continued.

“Tell all the boys…i mean all the boys to go after that fucking car!!”, Gus ordered.

“Why the [email protected] should all the boys go after one vehicle?….what about the guy on the bike?!”, Lucas asked. “Are we gonna just let him leave?”,

“Cant you see this is a [email protected] set up!”, Gus almost yelled at Lucas. That damn biker is just a [email protected] distraction!”, he angrily pointed ahead and paused when he saw the bike man in a distance, standing in the middle of the highway and facing them.

The four occupants in the Lucas’ SUV stared at the bikeman with a bewildered look on their faces. The man in the front passenger seat immediately took out a binocular to take a closer look at the ‘outrageous biker’.

“Who the [email protected] is that guy?”, the driver muttered the question.

“Yeah….who the [email protected] is he?”, Lucas directed the question to Gus.

“Someone i intend to kill!”, Gus replied indifferently.

“But he seems to be the one doing all the killings”, Lucas muttered and looked ahead.

“Well if you want to [email protected] put an end to it then you have to order your goddamn men to go get those sons of b!tches in that car behind us while we deal with him”, Gus retorted.

“Do as he said”, Lucas ordered the man infront and the man immediately gave the new orders through a two-way radio.

The other two vehicles behind them made a wild U-turn and started heading towards the Range Rover at a neck-break speed, racing side by side along the wrong lane.

BLOODLINE 2 Episode 15b

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11 months ago

Chris u too much, Gus u are doomed nxt pls

Alaka Moses
Alaka Moses
11 months ago

This Dante is a devil incarnate and it will be difficult for Eric to leave Alex and Suzanne to face those monsters.
I know that Dante will regret his brutality on Sosai, Diana and Lisa.

11 months ago

I knew Kelvin was Dante nice one though just scared about Liza and co

Emem Adam
Emem Adam
11 months ago

It’s getting bloody bloddier

Olamitoke Hannah
11 months ago

This is getting more interesting

11 months ago

Gus is finally going down in Grand style 🤣🤣

Up next is the Sosai himself together with Dante 👉

11 months ago

Loving this story more

Marian iremide
Marian iremide
11 months ago

Dante will soon regret his action. Keep it up author 👍