BLOODLINE 2 Episode 15c (Blood And Diamond) by Ironkurtain

BLOODLINE 2 Episode 13 (Blood And Diamond) by Ironkurtain

BLOODLINE 2 Episode 15c (Blood And Diamond) by Ironkurtain

Suzanne quickly entered the car and tossed the ammos at Alex. She slammed the door shut and hurriedly loaded the automatic assault rifle.

“Here they come”, Alex said when he saw the two Chevy SUV that were menacingly approaching them and tightened his grip on his weapon. “Try not to get hit little sister”, he said to Suzanne. “I dont want you dying on me”.

“Same goes to you”, Suzanne replied and immediately pressed a button on the steering wheel. The screen on the dashboard switched on. She pressed another button and a clear camera view of the road behind the car appeared on the screen. Then she pressed another button beside her seat and reclined it completely.

As the Chevys menacingly approached them, the side windows of the two vehicles winded down and men popped out with sub machine guns in their hands and aiming at the Range Rover. Susanne cocked the rifle and pulled out one of her handguns.

“Remember to keep your head down…..and when the bullets come flying at us, you better return them”, Suzanne said to Alex and aimed the weapon at the car front windscreen.

She shot several rounds through the glass and Alex raised a foot to kick out what was left of the shattered front windscreen. As he did so, Suzanne shifted the gear to reverse, lowered her body. She rested her rifle on the dashboard after the windscreen came off. Alex also did the same. Suzanne then focused on the screen on the dashboard and hit the gas pedal. They can now hear the sound of Chevys’ roaring engine, and it was getting closer and closer as the tyres of the Range Rover screeched out loud and the vehicle started racing backwards.

Then a loud and unending chatterings of numerous machine guns rented the air, signifying the intentions of the armed occupants of both Chevy SUVs. The Range Rover’s side and rearview mirrors got destroyed when the bullets started rattling the vehicle. In their crouched position, Suzanne and Alex shot back at them as Suzanne controlled the Range Rover she was racing backwards with her sights on the screen on the dashboard.

But like a hurricane packed with alot of ferocity, the endless barrage of bullets prevented them from getting a good aim at the men. The slugs whizzed above their head as they flew into the car. The seats got severely shredded and the backscreen shattered as the leads destroyed the interior of the vehicle. Many more hit the front of the car, destroying its fender and leaving the headlamps in pieces.

“Goddamnit!”, Suzanne fumed and dislodged the empty magazine. “It’s like those [email protected] got enough bullets to wage a [email protected] world war!!”, she bawled.

Alex rammed in a fresh magazine in her rifle and reloaded he’s. “I knew the sh!t gonna get real….but not this real!!”, he said breathlessly as he raised his weapon and shot back at the cars chasing them.

“Sh!t!”, Suzanne groaned after a bullet ricocheted off the steering wheel and left her with a flesh wound on her arm.

“Are you shot?”, Alex asked when he saw the blood dripping from her wound.

“Just a graze”, Suzanne replied.

Alex cursed and shot at the men wildly. “Where the [email protected] is he?”, he muttered as he emptied his clip.

“Who the [email protected] is that guy?”, the man in the front seat muttered as they all stared at the biker.

Then the driver took the binoculars from the man beside him. “I dont know what he is up to”, he muttered as he took a closer look through the binoculars. “But it seems like he wants to ride back at us”.

“Then kill that motherfucker!!”, Gus bawled.

“Get him”, Lucas ordered.

“With pleasure”, the man in the front seat muttered and quickly unbuckled his seat belt. He cocked the UMP-45 submachine gun he was carrying and slided his big body out of the car with alot of eagerness. He strode to the front of the SUV and stood there legs apart. And then he slipped his finger that was itching for some action on the trigger of the weapon and stared at the biker who was several metres away with a hard keen look on his face.

“Hey Eric!…..”, Alex’s desperate voice rang out of Eric’s Bluetooth. “Where the [email protected] are you?, we need your Bro-force assistance…..we are being overwhelmed here!”.

Eric stared at the SUV standing at a distance with the figure of a man infront of it. “I will be there in a minute”, he said to Alex. “Let me get past this roadblock”, he continued and calmly unbuttoned his trench coat.

“What [email protected] roadblock?!”.

Eric ignored the question and pulled out one of the matchetes from inside his coat. He slided the big knife behind him and gripped the motorbike brake lever with one hand. Then he turned the throttle with the other hand and the back wheel burned rubber as he revved the engine of the bike.

The gunman saw the cloud of smoke raised by the screeching tyre and tightened his grip on the weapon. “Come on you motherfucker”, he murmured and aimed his weapon at the biker

Then Eric released the brake lever and the powerbike sprinted forward with alot of speed. He kept a steady gaze and maintained a firm grip on the handles as the bike raced towards gunman at a neck-break speed.

“Kill that fool!”, Gus barked at the man as the bike approached their position. “Kill him!!”.

This prompted the man to stroke the trigger of the automatic firearm. His big arms buckled as the weapon stammered out loud and sent volleys of bullets at the incoming bikeman.

Eric saw the flash of flame and then the echo of the gunfire. He swerved the bike from side to side as the bullets whizzed past him and ricocheted on the surface of the road. Then he took a hunched position and gave the engine a harder throttle. The powerbike roared out loud and its massive horsepowers delivered a monstrous torque to the back wheel that made the bike to lift it’s front wheel. Eric maintained the balance of the motorbike as it sprinted towards the gunman on one wheel.

The gunman glanced at the incoming metal-monster racing towards him on one wheel and quickly reached for the ammos in the inner pocket of his black jacket. Eric tightened his grips on the bike handle as he speedily approached the man, making his timings and slowly moving his foot over the back brake lever while the gunman dislodged the empty magazine and hurriedly loaded a fresh one. As he cocked and raised the weapon to an aim,

Eric quickly reached for the matchete tucked behind him and at the same time, hit the back brake lever. The sudden deceleration jerked the bike and made its front wheel to swing back to its former position. And also gave more power to the matchete that Eric had pulled out and sent flying towards the gunman as the bike front wheel landed on the asphalt. The matchete flew with lightening speed towards its target.

The man let out a blood curdling groan when the matchete hit him. Its entire blade found its way into his guts and almost knocked him off his feet. With his hand still holding up the SMG and a big patch of blood forming on his inner wear, the man dropped to his knees with alot of blood spurting out of his mouth and the other hand gripping the handle of the big knife in his guts. Perhaps making a futile attempt to pull it out.

Then Eric throttled the motorbike as he raced towards the man. And snatched the UMP45 from the man’s weak grip as the bike zoomed past the dying man.

The driver immediately cocked his handgun and jumped out of the car. He swung the weapon in the direction of the biker and took an aim. But it was too late for any action as he stood with his weapon pointed and stare at the bike disappear down the road. Then he turned his eyes to his colleague, the gunman. He was dead and laid face down on the ground with the blade of the matchete protruding from his back.

“This sh!t was a [email protected] bad idea!!”. That’s what the driver heard as he entered the SUV. And it was Lucas barking at Gus on top of his voice.

“First, they set that guy and his family free and killed our men”, Lucas continued angrily. “Then they hit us from behind and killed a car-load of our men. Now one of my best men just took a big [email protected] knife to the chest right infront of me!!”, Lucas glared at Gus. “These are goddamn professional!, especially that ‘Johnny Blaze’ that just killed my man with a butcher knife!!”, he said furiously. “And you are telling me that this woman aint getting any help from your man’s organization?”, he asked.

“The biker…..”, the driver began as he slammed the door shut. “I think he is going after the rest of the guys”, he continued.

Lucas and Gus glanced at each other.

“Give me your phone”, Gus demanded.

“For what?”, Lucas asked.

“Give me your damn phone!, i need to make a phone call”.

Lucas sighed and tossed his cellphone to Gus after taking it out of his pocket. Gus quickly dialled a number and waited impatiently as the line ringed.

Eric throttled the motorbike and raced towards the other two SUVs. He could now see them. And as he got closer, he saw the vivid flashes caused by the fierce exchange of gunfires between the men in the Chevy SUVs and the occupants in the Range Rover, with echoes of gunshots rumbling out like thunder. The few cars that approached the wild gunfight on the highway, screeched to a stop at the side of the road or made a wild U-turn to flee from the deadly scrimmage.

“We are running out of ammo!”, Suzanne gasped as she turned the steering in her proned position, raising the SKS rifle above her head to let off shots at the cars chasing them. “Where the hell is he?”, she asked Alex.

“Eric goddamnit!, where the [email protected] are you!!”, Alex’s blurted out and reached for his handgun after the assault rifle ran out of ammo.

“On my way”, said Eric, slinging the SMG he had acquired from Lucas’ man on his shoulder as he speedily approached the two Chevy SUVs from behind. “You guys have to stop shooting. You are only putting strays bullets in flight and i dont wanna get hit”, he added and pulled out the second matchete from inside his coat, with his eyes focused on the gunman leaning out of the left backdoor window of the chevy on left.

“You better be close enough to do whatever it is you wanna do to these wild cowboys!”, Suzanne said breathlessly after she and Alex stopped shooting at the men. “Cos it’s our bullets that is preventing them from finishing the job”.

“Yeah……and talking about what i intend to do….”, Eric tightened his grip on the matchete handle as he zoomed closer to the cars. “…..if you hear me say ‘stop!’, you hit the brakes like you have never done before”.

“Why?”, Suzanne asked with a puzzled tone in her voice.

“I intend to throw some cars around”, Eric replied.

“Wait…what??”, Alex looked at Suzanne when he heard Eric’s answer.

Suzanne smiled and glanced at Alex as she struggled with the steering wheel. “Stunt one o one huh?,… got it”, she muttered while Alex asked her what Eric meant by throwing a car around

The gunman dislodged the empty magazine from the Ak-47, rammed in a fresh one and took an aim at the Range Rover they were chasing. He noticed that the occupants in the car werent shooting back at them, he lowered his weapon and bawled at the driver to move faster. Then as he raised his weapon again to shoot, he noticed a different noise among the loud gunfires and screeching of tyres going on around him. It sounded like a bike and it seemed to be coming from behind. He immediately turned to take a look…….and a big knife got embedded in his skull.

Eric released his grip on the matchete and immediately grabbed the loaded Automat Kalashnikov that was falling out of the hand of dead man dangling out of the Chevy backdoor window. He swung the weapon at the other occupants who were not aware of what was going, aiming at the man leaning out of the right backdoor window and stroked the trigger.

Expended bullet casing started littering the highway as the ‘Chopper’ stuttered out loud and sent slugs that shredded the man’s back. Eric redirected the assault rifle to the driver’s position as the weapon continued spitting bullets into the SUV and the slugs left craters on the driver’s head and torso. And then sent leads that left the man sitting beside the driver, slumped with his heavily bleeding perforated head on the dashboard.

Eric quickly throttled the bike and dropped the assault rifle that had expended all the bullets in its magazine. He unslung the submachine gun and he moved the bike closer to driver’s position of the vehicle that was still speeding along the highway with its dead occupants. Then he put his arm across the dead driver and pointed the weapon at second Chevy, aiming at the position of its driver.

The weapon buckled and sent volleys of bullets at the other SUV when Eric stroked its trigger. The slugs shattered the door windscreen and killed the driver before he could react. More leads rattled the vehicle and made the other occupants to duck for cover. Then Eric aimed and took out one of its front tyres, causing the vehicle to start swerving side to side and throwing its armed occupants off balance and making them unable to send their reply.

Then Eric dropped the weapon and reached for the steering wheel of the first Chevy SUV. “Stop!”, he bawled at his Bluetooth device and then grabbed it

Suzanne heard the order and immediately slammed her foot on the brake. The Range Rover grinded to a screeching halt. Then she and Alex braced themselves up as both Chevys hurtled towards their car at blinding speed.

With just a few seconds to an impending fatal collison, Eric gave the steering wheel of the first Chevy a sharp turn to the right before he quickly moved the bike away from the vehicle and to safety. This made the vehicle to make a sharp swerve to the right and it ended up impacting the front side of the Range Rover with its front wing.

The collision flipped the Chevy to its side and almost threw it in the air. And got thrown in the path of the other Chevy that was still swerving out of control.

Eric screeched his bike to a halt and watched as the violent collision between the two SUVs left one Chevy leaving bits and pieces of its part on the freeway as it somersaulting endlessly, while the other one ended standing on its side in a ditch beside the highway.

Seeing that the engine of the car was still running and no one hurt by the massive jolt that shook the Range Rover, Suzanne immediately hit the gear and the gas pedal. She made a quick a 180 degree turn and drove what was left of the badly damaged car to where the Chevys had stopped rolling. She grinded to a halt beside Eric’s bike and forcefully opened the door that was stuck with curses and immediately headed to the back of the car.

Alex quietly got down from the car and stared as Suzanne pulled out another automatic weapon and headed towards the second Chevy. Then he sighed and turned his gaze to Eric who glanced at him with a weak smile on his face.

“Dude you are a [email protected] lunatic… you know that?”, Alex began at his brother. “Why the [email protected] you wanna do that to us?”, he asked.

“You are welcomed”, Eric replied indifferently and dipped his hand in the inner pocket of his trench coat.

Then a loud automatic gunfires rented the air as Suzanne finished off the occupants in the second Chevy SUV that survived the mangling crash. She cursed out loud as she did so. Alex and Eric stared at her until she was done shooting the men to pieces.

“And i think she is in that time of the month”, Alex pointed at Suzanne as she approached them with alot of anger written on her face.

“Yeah you gotta be careful”, Eric said and took out a pouch from the inner pocket of his coat. He tossed it to Alex. “That’s the diamonds. Give it to mother”, he said to Alex and wrapped his hands around the handle of the bike.

“But the job is not yet complete”, Alex protested after glancing at the pouch given to him. “We still have to get Gus and Lucas”.

“Well that’s your job”, Eric said and revved the engine of the bike. “I have to go accomplish mine…..Besides, all the obstacles have being well taken care of”, he jerked his head at the Chevys. “So i dont think you will be needing my help”.

Then Eric throttled the motorbike and zoomed away before his twin brother could say anything. Suzanne grabbed more ammos from the trunk and slammed it shut.

“We better get going”, she said to Alex and handed him some gun magazines. “Gus is far far ahead of us. So we have some catching up to do before he escapes”, she continued.

“He won’t”, Alex muttered as both of the entered the battered Range Rover. “Chris are you still with us”, Alex muttered to his bluetooth.

“Yeah…..”, Chris voice replied.

“What the hell have you been doing all the time we were taking fire?”.

“I have been listening to all the calamity going on like its some music being played on the radio”.

“Alright then, we want you to give us the coordinates of Gus position”.

“You got it chief”.

Suzanne smiled and hit the gas pedal. She made a U-turn and started heading towards the direction being given to them by Chris.

The loud crashing sound and blood curdling screams of several men rasping out of the speakers of the two way radio filled the SUV. Then silence followed.

The driver glanced at Lucas and Gus.

“Ben what’s going on?”, the driver spoke on the radio mouthpiece and waited for a reply.

There was none.

“Ben?!”, he barked out and still got no answer. Just silence.

The driver sighed with a downcast gaze as the silence got longer. Then he looked at Lucas and shook his head.

Lucas knew what that gesture meant. That all the men in both vehicles are dead or dying. He too sighed and glared at Gus who was still waiting for the call he was making to be answered.

“Gimme the [email protected] phone!”, Lucas blurted out and angrily snatched the cellphone from Gus’ hand. “Cant you see whoever the [email protected] you are calling ain’t answering the damn call you fool!”, he waved the cellphone at Gus face and angrily threw the device on the floor. Gus glanced at his hand that held the cellphone and looked at Lucas with the face of a highly insulted man.

Lucas heaved a deep sigh and weakly rested his back on the car seat back cushion, muttering some inaudible words…..curses. He stared ahead with a clenched jaw and alot of anger written on his face as he wondered how everything went bad so quickly. When it dawned to him that he had lost almost all his men, the look on his face turned into a desperate one.

It’s just a matter of time before the news gets out. The news about what happened to his men. And when it does, rivals gangs will begin to move into his territory. And also take over his operations because he no longer has any ‘muscle’. Alot of these rivals, he rubbed the wrong way, wont go easy on him when they come for him.

These thoughts made Lucas to keep rubbing his forehead to wipe away the beads of sweats. Then he paused for a moment and turned his focus at Gus. Lucas stared at him with a suspicious look on his face and turned away still bearing the suspicious look.

“What should we do boss?”, the driver asked as Lucas continued. “We have to move fast because those guys are probably on their way…..coming to get us”, he continued.

“I think he is right”, Gus agreed with the driver. “We better get moving…….so as to go make new plans with new strategies on how to get those motherfucker!”,

“No”, Lucas muttered.


Lucas looked at Gus. “Let’s just give them what they want”, then he reached inside his suit jacket and pulled out a pistol. “Sorry man”, Lucas apologized and pointed the handgun at Gus. “I think this business of ours is over”, he said coldly.

Gus glanced at the handgun and stared at Lucas with a smirk. Then he looked at the driver who stared back at him with a sinister look through the rearview mirror.

“So, this is how it is huh?”, Gus said coolly and looked at Lucas.

“Yeah, this is how it is”, Lucas replied with a keen eyes on Gus as he reached for the cellphone on the floor. “You of all people know what happens after a failed business venture”.

“Yeah….you cut your losses”

“That’s right my friend. But in this case, not only am i taking losses, but it seems like i’m also being set up”.

“I’m also taking alot of losses here man!…… my own men are also there dead or dying!. Do you think i would let all these sh!ts to happen just to set you up?”, man that’s total bullsh!t”.

“Whatever man”, Lucas muttered and cocked the handgun. “To me this is a [email protected] set-up…..Dont you think so?”, he asked the driver.

“Yeah”, the driver nodded. “To me all these bullsh!ts that just happened seems like a ploy to have someone get [email protected] in the ass”, he said.

“Right. And this is what happens if anyone tries to [email protected] Lucas in the ass”, Lucas muttered.

“So…..what are you gonna do?,… shoot me in your car?”, Gus asked.

“No….i intend to make another deal”, Lucas replied. “But this time, with that woman….like asking her what’s in it for me if i hand you over to her”.

Gus chuckled and pursed his lips.

“So this is what’s gonna happen”, Lucas began and waved the cellphone at Gus. “I want you to call that woman and give me the phone when she answers the call”, he continued and dropped the device on Gus’ laps.

Gus chuckled again. “So do you wanna do this after what we had between us?”, he asked Lucas.

“Like i said, i’m only a business man”, Lucas replied. “The only thing we had between us is business”.

Gus sighed and stared at Lucas as the man pointed the gun at his chest and gestured at the cellphone. Then he slowly picked up the phone and glanced at Lucas several times as he dialled a number. Lucas stared at Gus keenly as the line rang. Gus stared back at him as he held the phone close to his ear.

The line rang for about ten seconds before a female’s voice came out of phone speaker, making Lucas to immediately reached for it. Then with a sudden move, Gus threw the cellphone at him and device stunned Lucas when it met his face . With the same quick move, Gus immediately went for the gun in his hand. He got hold of pistol and redirected its muzzle at the driver.

Several shots rang out before the driver could react. The bullets went through the back of the seat and splattered blood on the steering wheel and dashboard when they exited from driver’s chest. The driver slumped dead over the steering wheel as Gus and Lucas struggled with the weapon. Gus was stronger and he stunned Lucas again with several blows and disarmed him. Then Gus strucked him again, held the man down and jammed the gun barrel against his temple. And pulled the trigger.

Brain matter splattered all over the back seat and on Gus suit jacket when the handgun barked out. Gus shot Lucas two more times on the chest and casually took out a handkerchief from his pocket.

“Now you should worry about the devil [email protected] you in the ass in hell my friend”, he muttered as he wiped the blood and brain matter stain on his cloth.

Then Gus immediately got out of the car and dragged Lucas dead body out of the back seat. He laid the body on the ground and also did the same to the slained driver, not minding the motorists that stopped to watch his activity. When he was done, he grabbed Lucas cellphone and slided in the driver seat of the SUV. He brought life to the engine and hit the gas pedal.

As the car screeched and hit the highway, Gus reached into one of the pockets of his suit jacket. He rummaged in the pocket quite hastily and took out a card. Then he ran his eyes on the fine prints on the card and reached for Lucas’ cellphone.


Zack slammed the phone on its hook and immediately grabbed the woollen grey jacket hanging on the chair of his desk.

“We gotta go partner….some serious sh!t is going down”, he said to Allen with some eagerness in his voice as he slipped into his jacket. “We are getting alot of phonecalls and reports about a deadly car chase that resulted into a wild gunfights at the highway in Route 82”, he continued.

Allen, who seemed unconcerned by Zack’s sudden action, heard the news and immediately got up from his seat. He hurriedly put on his gun holster and grabbed his coat. “Any victims?”, he asked as he did so.

“Alot….according to the callers”, Zack replied. “One said there is a van full of roasted men, another called to report a bloody civil war going on in the highway. Squad cars and a SWAT team are now heading to the location”.

Then both men hurriedly left their office.

“Do you think it’s them?”, Zack asked as both of them walked with quick strides through the well lit and busy corridor in the third floor of the police department.

“Of course it’s them”, Allen replied.

“These guys are taking this gang or turf war….or whatever reason for killing each other to a whole new level”, Zack sighed. “Throughout my career as a cop, i have never seen this scale of violence. What have gotten into them?”, he asked.

Allen smirked as they reached the elevator. “I don’t know”, he replied to Zack’s question and pressed the elevator button. “But my guess is they have decided to step it up a motherfucking notch”, he continued and walked into the elevator after the door slided open. Zack followed suit.

Allen slided into the driver seat of the car and proceeded to fasten his seatbelt. Zack dropped his weight in the front passenger seat and did the same. Allen pressed the car start button and looked at the right pocket of his jacket as the car came to life. He slided his hand inside the pocket and took out his cellphone that was vibrating an incoming call. After curiously staring at the caller number for some moments, he glanced at Zack and pressed the answer button.

“Hello?”, Allen began quietly in his deep voice.

“Hello!….is this detective Gus?!”, a desperate voice rasped out of the cellphone earpiece.


“I want us to meet immediately!”.

Allen glanced at Zack again. “And who is this that wants to meet me so urgently”, he asked.

“This is Gus!”.

Allen smiled and shifted the gear. “Oh…Mr Gus”, he began with an elated voice. “I wasnt expecting your call….anyway, why the urgent meeting?”, Allen asked, glancing at Zack who stared at him keenly and then put a foot on the gas pedal.

“I’m calling about what you told me….the last time we met”, Gus said.

“Oh i see,….and i guess you are probably somewhere in Route 82, right?”.

“Goddammit this is an urgent situation!, just tell me where you want us to meet!”.

“Okay calm down sir…..are you being followed?”.


“Okay then”, Allen thought for a while and then said, “I want you to take the next road leading back to the city and drive to The third Eastern river bridge. I will send some squad cars to check every vehicle coming and going there so as to keep you safe. And i want you to stay calm.”, Allen concluded and ended the phone call.

“What was that about?”, Zack asked with a confused look as Allen drove the car out of the police department building parking lot.

“It’s Gus”, Allen replied.

“I damn well know that it was Gus that just called you”, Zack retorted. “But what i dont know is when and how did you get in contact with him without me knowing about it”, he asked intently. “And why the urgent meeting?”, he asked again

“I think he wants to give us some informations…..”, Allen answered the last question. “….and also in need of our protection”, he continued and looked at Zack with a faint smile on his face.

“Protection?”, Zack got more confused and abit irritated by the expression on Allen’s face. “Protection from what?… there anything going on between you and Gus that i’m not aware of?”, he asked again.

Allen ignored the question and kept a steady gaze on the road as he accelerated the car. Seeing his partner’s unwillingness to answer the question, Zack heaved a sigh and remained silent with a thoughtful look on his face. The silence between the men dragged on for about a minute before Zack sighed again.

“If there is anything….or infos concerning this case that you are hiding from me, i think now is the time to spill it out man”, Zack said quietly and coldly without look at Allen. “Because i wouldnt want to see a partner get slammed for a violation of ‘Code of conduct’….”.

“You will get everything you want to know when we get hold of Gus”, Allen said indifferently as he worked the steering wheel.

“But i still wanna know what You know”, Zack said. “And……and why the hell is Gus in Route 82?”, he muttered thoughtfully.

Allen heard it and smiled. “That’s a very good question….why the hell is Gus in Route 82”, Allen repeated the question and looked at Zack. “Gus, the man who is suspected to be the leader of one of Easthill crime families, calling the cops for protection…..and in the place that just got turned into a gang war battlefield.

Both men stared at themselves for a few seconds before Allen turned his eyes back to the road.

“Do you still have doubts that Gus has something to do with all the gruesome killings going on in the city through out this week, if not the person ordering it?”, Allen then asked Zack. “Do you still think he is not the leader of one of Easthill mafias”.

Zack nodded his head slowly several times. “So how long have you known this?”, he asked quietly.

“Long enough”, Allen replied.

“And you didnt even care tell your partner all these findings?”, Zack sounded abit upset.

“You always doubted Gus’ involvement in all these killings everytime i brought it up”, Allen muttered. “And being the new guy in this city, i decided to thread lightly because i didnt know how things operated here….just as you said the first time we met. Besides, i have my own way of solving cases. And it usually dont involve doing things by the book”, he continued.

Then Zack thought for a while and said, “Alright then…..”, deciding that solving the case at hand was more important. “But what makes you think that he gonna give us the informations that we need?”, he asked. “Why would he want our protection if he is the leader of a mafia?,…..isnt that against one of their so called rules?”.

“The man is in a big dilemma”, Allen replied. “He is on the losing side of this gang conflict and seem to have realized that he is up against something very scary. You have seen how all those gangsters were killed and you will also agree with me that we are seeing an unusually high casualty rate for men like that”.

“But those guys are Hector’s men”, Zack noted.

“Yeah……”, Allen nodded. “But remember that Hector is Gus friend and his affiliate. “Which means that Gus could have Hector carry out some of his dirty jobs and hits because that’s what Hector is very good at”.

“So what happened?, do you have any clue of what’s going on or the reason for this gang war?”, Zack asked.

“Well, first of all, this is not a gang war”, Allen replied. “This is a gang annihilation going on”.

“Gang annihilation?”, Zack said the words like it was his first time of hearing them.

“Of course”, Allen nodded his head. “And the person or group meting it out on these guys are extremely vicious, scarier and very smooth; unlike any other gang in this country. Think about all those horrible killings and how it was done”, Allen continued. “The hospital, the strip club,….you and i saw that horror show in the massage parlour, and other bodies being found in certain places. And these are [email protected] hardened criminals…..animals, some with body frames that puts fear in the heart of an average man. All of them killed like they were nothing”.

“And despite the carnage, not a single trace was left for us to follow”, Zack added.


“But this……’Butcher-factory’ individuals that you are talking about”, Zack began and uncomfortably moved his seatbelt. “What’s their reason for opening up shop on Hector’s men?, and why also go after Gus?”, he asked.

“I can’t really say the reasons for it. But what i know is it all started after a woman by the name, ‘Betty Smith’ was gunned down”, Allen replied.

“I heard about that. They said it was an armed robbery attack”, Zack said.

“That’s what her so called ‘business manager’ made the detectives on the case to believe”, Allen said. “That incident was a planned assassination carried out by Hector’s men. And i believe the hit was ordered by Gus. Which explained why another attempt was made on that woman’s life again in the hospital where she was admitted”.

Zack nodded thoughfully.

“But unfortunately for the gunmen, those guys had gotten the wind of their plan and the gunmen ended up being killed in that second attempt”, Allen continued.

“Then the retaliations…and the rest of this [email protected] up situation began. They started killing Hector’s men, including his partner Santos”, Zack muttered. “And now going at Gus after they are done liquidating Hector’s men.

“So that’s why one of the powerful figures in the world of Easthill criminal organizations is calling the cops for help”, Allen smiled and looked at Zack. “He [email protected] with the wrong people. I bet that ‘van full of roasted men’ and the civil war going on in Route 82 are Gus’ men being brutally and mercilessly taken out. So we have to make sure that he is safe cos a dead Gus wont give us what we need”, Allen concluded.

Zack immediately grabbed the mouthpiece of the police radio from it’s hook. He cleared his throat and relayed a message to the squad cars around the vicinity of the Third Eastern river bridge.

“We should also put out an APB on Hector”, Zack suggested. “We have to get hold of him and make him talk. With the way things have turned out for his gang, i’m sure he will be willing to give us all the informations we need to bring down the other belligerent and stop the horror show”.

“You are right”, Allen agreed with a nod. “But it’s probably too late for that”, he muttered.


“Because, Hector is probably lying dead in a ditch or starting to rot in a trunk of an abandoned car”.

Zack stared at Allen in silence.

“These guys wont be on Gus’ ass if Hector is still alive. They started from the bottom and worked their way up to the top”.

Zack sighed and started relaying more messages through the police radio with some urgency. Allen revved the engine of the car and quickly made a turn to the road leading to the bridge.

BLOODLINE 2 Episode 15c

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11 months ago

This Zack is dumb

11 months ago

Allen is wise but I wonder where Zack came from, anyways my concern is Alex should get hold of Gus before the police do so

11 months ago

So much tension in here! Gus is a goner

Marian iremide
Marian iremide
11 months ago

Am praying for Lisa here, hope Eric can rescue her🙏

lydiah kefah
lydiah kefah
11 months ago

Ironkurtain, your mind is on another level.

11 months ago

i hope they kill Gus before the police rescue him, i knw Eric would save Lisa

Bae nifty
11 months ago

Chai , nex please

11 months ago

Ironkurtain u no need comments ur gud….jst give it to us papi…

11 months ago

End of the way for Gus & co.😀
Detective Allen be warned 👉

Eric to the rescue 💪 for Lisa & Diana from the Sosai & Dante.

Olamitoke Hannah
11 months ago

Am not even concerned about Gus situation it’s Dante and Eric’s show that’ll be more interesting, keep it up
Next please

11 months ago

Next please….. Don’t want anything happening to Lisa and Diana

11 months ago

The suspense is killing thumb up to the writer

11 months ago

Aaaah!!! It looks like am watching a James Bond movie, very interesting and filled with suspense.

Emem Adam
Emem Adam
11 months ago

Eric I like your ways

11 months ago

This is one hell of an interesting story I have ever read in my life, too trilling mehn.
Ironkurtain you too much.

Mabel Osuji
11 months ago

Nina should assist Eric, with the mission to rescue Lisa, biko!!!

Mabel Osuji
11 months ago

Nd I don’t trust zack at all

11 months ago

What a story!!
Gus must receive his share before the police comes o

10 months ago

I’m wondering the kind of mind this author has that brought forth this story which has made me to forget I need to eat for these past two days. It’s even been very difficult to sleep when the thoughts of Nina, Eric and Alex has filled my mind.
Opradre, I wish I listened to your warning. This story is indeed very very very addictive.