BLOODLINE 2 Episode 15 (Blood And Diamond) by Ironkurtain

BLOODLINE 2 Episode 13 (Blood And Diamond) by Ironkurtain

BLOODLINE 2 Episode 15 (Blood And Diamond) by Ironkurtain

“Bones, have any of the under bosses called Vincent’s cellphone”, Gus’ voice came out from the earpiece of the cellphone.

“Yes sir”, the hefty man sitting at the back of the sedan replied.

His name is Bones. He is Gus toughest enforcer and the man that tortured Vincent earlier in Gus’ mansion.

“How many of them?”, Gus demanded.

“All of them sir”, Bones answered in his scary hoarse voice. “And from the text messages they sent, it seems they all took part in Vincent’s plan”.

“Good…..keep an eye out for anything funny and wait for my next order”, Gus said and the line click.

Bones big hands slided his cellphone back into his pocket and he stared at the scenery that flashed by as their car followed the convoy. Then a smirk formed on his face as he moved his big body on his seat. He was thinking of how close he was to having a good time with the beautiful wife of the man tied up in their car trunk. Just one push and he would have been inside the woman. And he would have [email protected] her into the ground because she got a nice body and behind.

Bones sighed and reached for his cellphone that interrupted his thoughts with a vibration. He saw it was a text message with Gus’ cellphone number. He read the message and looked at the driver who was having a quiet conversation with the man in the front passenger seat.

“The boss wants us to take the man somewhere else”, Bones said to the driver and put his cellphone back to its former position.

“Where?”, the driver asked and glanced at Bones through the rearview mirror.

“To the field……The boss want him buried alive”, Bones replied. “Do we have any shovel in the trunk?”, he asked.

“Nope…..we have to make a stop at the shop or gas station to get one”, the man in the passenger seat said.

Then the driver redirected vehicle away from the convoy to another road. He hit the gas pedal and powered the vehicle ahead. But they didnt notice the bike that followed suit.


Eric maintained the distance between him and car till it stop in the parking lot of a medium sized mart standing beside the road. Eric stopped. And waited until the huge man who got out of the car, entered the building. Then he parked the bike a few metres away and headed towards the car. He could see the two sturdy men, glancing around and discussing.

Vincent opened his eyes and noticed that the car wasn’t moving after what seemed like hours of being driven in a car trunk. Perhaps this is it, he thought as his eyes tried to adjust to the darkness in the trunk. This is the end of the road for him because he knew very well that Gus will still kill him, deal or no deal.

Then Vincent heard the door of the car open and slam close almost immediately. Suddenly the car jolted with a enough force to move his body. It continued jolting for a few seconds and then stopped. Vincent remained still and listened. His heart was racing and beads of sweats formed on his forehead.

After few more seconds of silence, the lid of the car trunk opened. Vincent squinted his eyes to the sunlight that hit his face and turned his head away. Then a strong hand grabbed him and pulled him out of the trunk of the car.

“I guess we are even now”.

Vincent recognized the voice and smiled as he opened his eyes. “Yeah we are even”, he said and looked at Eric as he cut the ropes used to tie his arm and legs.

“Your wife and daugher are also safe”, Eric added.

Then Vincent immediately checked the car after he was cut loose and saw two mutilated dead men in it. “Where is he?, where is Bones?”, he asked Eric eagerly.

“The big dude?, he went inside the mart”, Eric replied. “I have to go…..”.

“No!……”, Vincent interrupted Eric and held him back as he made a move towards the mart building. “That [email protected] is mine….gimme your gun”, he demanded.

Eric pulled out his handgun from his waist-belt and handed it to Vincent. “Are you sure you can handle him?”, he asked.

Vincent grabbed the weapon without saying a word or responding to that question and headed towards the building in quick strides. Eric stared at the man as he entered the place and sighed.

Vincent pushed the door open and wildly glanced around the mart as he stepped inside place. He remembered he was carrying a gun openly and immediately concealed it under his shirt as he moved around the mart, checking the sections. Then he came to the building materials section and saw the Bones.

Vincent immediately docked behind the counter and watched Bones as he inspected a shovel. Staring at the big man and remembering what he did to him and his wife made Vincent to slowly pull out the handgun and rooster back the hammer.

Bones paused and suspiciously looked behind and around him. Seeing nothing but a few customers checking the goods displayed on the counter, he turned and started heading towards the male restroom. Vincent came out from where he was hiding and quietly followed Bones with the pistol hidden under his shirt.

When Bones entered the restroom, Vincent glanced around to make sure no one was watching and then headed towards the restroom in quick strides with a determined look on his face and tightened his grip on the handgun. He opened the door angrily and something hit him. It was that same calcified knuckles that tortured him in Gus place and it hit him squarely in the face and dazed him.

Bones knocked the handgun out of Vincents grip and threw another punched that sent Vincent flying some feet away from where the blow impacted him. Bones kicked the gun away and took off his jacket.

“I would rather enjoy beating you to death than waste my time asking you how you escaped”, Bones said and menacingly approached Vincent who was on the floor.

“Hey!……King Kong!”.

Bones turned around and saw another man standing near the door. Vincent saw who it was and heaved a deep sigh of relief as he felt his jaw.

“Thank God you came here man”, he muttered to Eric as he continued feeling the hurting jaw.

“Why dont you pick on someone your size”, Eric said and took off his own jacket.

“Who the [email protected] are you?”, Bones asked and pointed at Eric.

“You know those scary monsters that gives us sleepless nights because we think they are under our bed?”, Vincent began with a chuckle. “Well……say hello to the man that gives those monsters sleepless nights”.

“Oh really?”, Bones glanced at Eric from head to toe and balled his big fists. “Well i use to [email protected] men like you in prison….and i’m in the mood for that”.

“Well you better hurry up before you miss the opportunity”, Eric balled his own fist.

Both men rushed at each other and Bones swung first.

Eric ducked the punch and hit the big man with a hard punch to the guts. Bones groaned and Eric redirected the fist and rattled Bones teeth with an uppercut. And threw several punches that rocked the man hard. Bones grabbed Eric and hit him squarely on the face with a head-butt. Then he put Eric in a bear hug, lifted him off the ground and violently propelled him to the bathroom stall.

Eric’s body almost knocked the stall door out of its hinges as he crashed into the place. Before he could recover from the landing that stunned him, Bones was already on top of Eric with his big hands wrapped around his neck. A brief struggle between the men ensued with Bones pushing Eric against the ceramic toilet seat and throwing some punches, while Eric blocked most of it and replied with harder punches. Then Eric reached for the toilet ceramic cover. Bones made a move to defend himself but the ceramic cover broke into two when it impacted his head and busted it open. Eric hit him on the face with what was left of the ceramic cover and sent the big man tumbling out of the stall with a hard kick to the guts.

Then Eric stepped out of the stall and glared at Bones with a murderous stare as the big man got up. Bones wiped off the blood that was flowing down from his head and covering his face. He rushed at Eric and threw a wild punch. Eric ducked, planted a foot to the ground and swung powerful right fist.

Vincent stared with his mouth open after seeing Eric’s punch knock Bones off his feet and to the ground, like someone who got hit by a massive sledgehammer. He saw Bones facial expression as he tried to get up and knew that the big man was wondering what hit him.

Then Vincent watched as Eric approached Bones menacingly, like someone who just got possessed by something very evil. Bones managed to shake off the thunderclap he took and got up. He balled his fists and went on the attack……..and Vincent watched as Bones’ bones got snapped and cracked by every blow delivered by Eric’s fist. And soon Bones was lying on the floor and having his teeth bashed into his mouth after his right chin bone had been caved in.

Then Eric went over to his jacket and pulled out a matchete from it. He came back and stood over Bones who was groaning with his face totally destroyed.

“Wait!”, Vincent barked out as Eric raised the weapon to finish the job”. “He is mine”, he continued and got up.

Then Vincent came over and Eric handed the matchete to him. Then he proceeded to drag Bones body into one of the toilet stall while Vincent felt the sharp edge of the matchete with a murderous look on his face, thinking about what Bones did to Abigail. And he entered the toilet stall after Eric stepped out of it to finish off the man that nearly raped his wife.


The thugs in the living room continued playing their card game and oblivious of what happened in the bedroom. One of the men muttered a curse and dropped his cards beside the guns they left on the table while the others laughed out loud. He sighed looked up. And saw one of the men who was suppose to be guarding the hostages in the bedroom, descending the stairs slowly with his hands raised up.

“What the hell…..”, the thug muttered when he saw the blood on the man’s face and the rest turned their attention to the stairs.

Suddenly, a loud gunshot rented the air and the chest of the man descending down the stairs got ripped open. The gunfire startled the thugs and they watched as the man’s body rolled down the stairs to the living room. Then they made a quick move to grab their weapons.

“Nobody move!”.

The thugs paused with their hands over their weapons and saw a woman holding a pair of desert eagles on both hands. They glanced at each other with a surprised look on their faces and then stared at the woman keenly with their hands a few inches away from their guns.

Nina stared at the men with the hand canons pointing in their direction. She remained like that for a short while and then slowly lowered the weapons to her side.

“I’m gonna play it fair with you boys”, she then said to them. “So go ahead……go for your guns”, she dared them.

Immediately, the men reached for their guns, diving at it and almost falling over each other in the process. Nina raised the desert eagles and stroked the triggers with their muzzles pointed at the men.

The first guy that got hold of his weapon had half of his brains blown across the room before he could even swing the automatic sub-machine gun at Nina. The second guy only succeeded in swinging his weapon in her direction before the slugs ripped holes in his chest and tore out a chunk of flesh from his neck.

Nina docked down and moved her body, almost in an acrobatic way to dodge the slugs that were sent flying in her direction by the chatterings of the SMGs and pistols when the thugs replied. The huricane of bullets drilled holes into the wall behind her and tore out chunks of dirts from it. Nina smiled at the way the men shot at her as she docked and dodged. One was shooting as if his was having a fit.

Then Nina made one of her moves again, swung the clappers at the men as they took cover. She unleashed a hail of gunfire and put bullets in flight. And none of them went stray. They all hit their intended targets; the thugs. Killing them instantly……or taking out limbs before the next incoming slug finished the job.

The last shot rang out and Titus smiled after a somewhat long silence. He knew that it was done, that Nina had killed them all. He smiled again and took another drag from the cigarette he held loosely inbetween his fingers. He exhaled the smoke out of his lungs after holding it for a few seconds and looked at the two dead men lying beside his white van; the men he killed after the first shot rang out.

The big men who were watching and somehow, sizing him up as he ‘waited for his co worker’, got startled by the wild gunfight that started inside the mansion. They reached for their weapons as they made their move towards the building. And Titus also made his own move that left them lying on the ground, very dead. One with a snapped neck bone and the other with a hole in his skull, caused by the bullet Titus fired from his colleague’s handgun.

Titus stubbed the cigarette and exhaled the last smoke out of his lungs as he strode towards the gate to open it for Chris.


Gus smirked as he listened to Lucas rants and reached for his cellphone that vibrated. He glanced at the number and recognized it. And pressed the Answer button.

“Just have my printing plates ready, we are on our way”, Gus said to the phone mouthpiece.

“I called to tell you that there is a change of plan”, Nina’s voice said.

“What?”, Gus furrowed his eyebrows.

“There is a change of plan”, Nina repeated.

“Well….i’m the one incharge here, so you are in no position to make any [email protected] changes in the plan”, Gus chuckled and glanced at Lucas. Then he moved his weight abit and asked, “By the way, what sort of change do you intend to make?”.

“I think i gonna pass on this meeting between you and i”, Nina replied.

“Why if i may ask?”, Gus demanded.

“Well….lets just say it seems kind of strange….kind of too peaceful”, Nina replied. “Especially for a man like you who uses violence…….excessive violence to settle disputes. That’s why i’m calling it off”,

“Hm….i see”, Gus muttered and glanced at Lucas again. “You made a good observation. But you failed to mention that i use greater violence on anyone who decides to go back on any deal with me”, he said with a chuckle. “So this is what am gonna do, i will make your friend, Vincent, hear the sound his wife makes when she is being [email protected] by another man…..or even group of men. Then i will tell them to chop off the first two cute little fingers of his beloved daughter. And the rest will follow, one for every twenty minutes you keep me waiting….i hope you got that?”, Gus concluded with anger in his tone of voice and ended the phone conversation.

Lucas sneered and shook his head. “You are one sick [email protected]”, he muttered and looked at Gus.

Gus ignored him with a scowl on his face and started dialling a number. “Call Bones….tell him there is a change of plans”, he ordered the man sitting in the front passenger seat and the man immediately took out his cellphone. “And he should bring that bastard to the warehouse because that’s where we are going now”.

Nina smiled after the line clicked and tucked her cellphone inside her pocket. She glanced around the spacious living room and looked at the bodies of the five thugs she had gunned down. They were lying all over the place in the pool of their own blood. Four were dead with ugly holes in their head, and body riddled with bullet holes. One was still moving weakly. And bleeding heavily from the holes in his chest with his knees and thighs nothing but a bloody and shredded mess.

Nina stood over the gravely wounded man and stared at him as he made a futile attempt to crawl away from the carnage in the living room. Then a cellphone started vibrating. Nina cocked her ears as she followed the sound of the vibration. And noticed that it was coming out from one of the wounded man’s pockets. Bending over the man, she searched his pocket and took out his cellphone that was still vibrating an incoming call. She checked the number and smirked.

And pressed the answer button.

“Hello?, i want you to take the boys to the bedroom……”, Gus began immediately when the call he made was answered.

“That was very rude of you to abruptly end our conversation”.

Gus heard Nina’s voice and froze with his mouth wide open. Lucas saw the expression on his face and knew that something was wrong. Something terrible was definitely wrong.

“Quite a nice house you got here”, Nina’s voice continued. “I hope you will forgive me for the bloody mess my unannounced visit had caused in your place. Anyway, back to the conversation we were having before you rudely cut it short. I didnt say i wanted to back out of the deal, what i was saying is i didnt like your new way of conducting it. So let’s just do it your regular way,……the greater violent way”.

“You [email protected] b!tch!”, Gus fumed. “I’m gonna find you and [email protected] rip your head off with my barehards!”, he barked. The other men in the SUV glanced at Gus surprisingly.

“Well we have already found you”, Nina could be heard laughing. “I think one of my boys is already there……”.

Then a motorbike grinded to a halt beside the SUV. The the rider who wore a helmet, waved at the occupants of the vehicle and got their attentions, including that of Gus. Then he dipped his hand inside the black polyethylene bag he was carrying and brought out something; a severed human head. The head of Bones, Gus’ enforcer. The bike rider waved the head at them as Gus, Lucas and the other men stared with horror. Then he tossed the severed head at them and it landed on the hood of their SUV, staining it with blood, before rolling to the ground.

“……..and his new order is to rip your own head off with his barehands”, Nina continued and laughed.

“Get him!!”, Gus bawled and pointed at the biker who screeched the tire of his bike and took off. The driver immediately hit the gas pedal to give the bike a hot pursuit while the man beside him pulled out a sub machine gun tucked under his black jacket and cocked the weapon. “Alert all the men!”, Gus barked another order at the man in the front seat and the man speedily took out his cellphone to do so.


BLOODLINE 2 Episode 15

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11 months ago

Gus is in for a hot

11 months ago

I love this
Well done Ironkurtain

11 months ago

Can’t wait for the next episode

Aderemi Davis
Aderemi Davis
11 months ago

End of the road for Gus and Lucas,I hope nothing happens to Lisa in Sosai office

11 months ago

Will Eric survive this?
The battle is getting fierce
Can’t wait for the next episode

Alaka Moses
Alaka Moses
11 months ago

Maybe Dante will not complete his mission if Eric can finish Gus and Gus crew. Gangster family war…

11 months ago

Eric is one hell of a warrior 🔥🔥
Gus is finally going down as expected 😀

The Sosai is next on the list 👉
Nina’s handwriting everywhere 🤔🤔

Opradre. My padi✊
Ironkurtain. Man wey Sabi,🤟

11 months ago

Thanks for finding time to drop one episode early today…. hw seeing a new episode makes me blush….will we be expecting another tonight? 😋

Qudusyny Coutinho
11 months ago

Think Bernard is responsible for all these shit befalling The Sosai, Nina and her sons.

lydiah kefah
lydiah kefah
11 months ago

Still holding my breath, waiting to exhale …..