BLOODLINE 2 Episode 14b (Blood And Diamond) by Ironkurtain

BLOODLINE 2 Episode 13 (Blood And Diamond) by Ironkurtain

BLOODLINE 2 Episode 14b (Blood And Diamond) by Ironkurtain

“Have you forgotten the reason why i wanted to meet you on the day i got arrested by Andrew?”, Diana asked.

“But…..i thought Nina was Marianne’s daughter”, the old man muttered.

“What makes you think so?”, Diana asked with her head slightly tilted to the side and steepling her fingers. “Is that what Marianne told you?, or did she get pregnant for you?”, she asked.

“After that crazy night we had together, i thought she got pregnant for me”, the old man began thoughtfully. “And when i first met my daughter, i conducted some investigations and found out that Marianne took care of her before she was taken to a children’s home after Marianne passed away”.

Diana listened attentively and nodded. “Young woman, please turn off that recorder”, she said to Lisa without looking at her. “And bring it to me”, she said, gesturing her hand at Lisa.

The old man turned to Lisa. He stared at her as if it was his first time of seeing her. “She shouldn’t be here”, he said to Diana and pointed his index finger at Lisa as she came over and slowly placed the recorder on the table. “She’s not suppose to hear about it”, he continued.

“Oh that?, dont worry my dear”, Diana smiled and looked at Lisa. “It is now one of the crazy things that is freely done among the youths of nowadays. Infact they boast about it in their networking sites”.

“Maybe i have gotten too old”, the old man murmured. “Anyway, is Nina our daughter?”, he asked. “Are you….Nina’s real mother?”.

“Well,…..after that ‘crazy night’, i got pregnant”, Diana sighed. “I didnt even know how it happened. I mean…….i did my calculations very well before we….you know…..did it”, she muttered thoughfully. “Anyway i started having morning sickness. I did a test and it came out positive. By the way, Marianne cannot conceive a child. That’s why i chose her”.

“Chose her for what?”, Lisa involuntarily asked the question. Then she immediately covered her mouth and looked away after muttering an apology to the old man and Diana who stared at her with an expressionless look on their faces.

“So how did Nina end up being raised by Marianne”, The old man asked.

“After i gave birth, i gave the baby to Marianne”, Diana replied. “I told her everything. And she suggested that i should leave the country. So i took her advice and left the country after giving her our daughter”.

“But why leave me?”, the old man asked. “Why make that decision when you knew you were carrying my child?. You could have waited till i finished my time in prison then we leave the country together”.

Silence took over the office again.

“Cantona”, Diana began, breaking the silence after seemingly thinking of what to say. “I have always wanted to spend my days and life with you, believe me, i do. And i was always willing to give up anything so as to do so. But all i ever wanted was a quiet and stable life with you……and some kids we would nurture together and watch as they grow”, then she sighed. “Being what we are, we unknowingly started this flame. A flame that had the potentials of becoming an inferno”, she gestured her hands around the office. “An inferno that would consume you and i. Worst of all, you started losing focus. Maybe it was because of your love for me that made you take every other thing for granted. That’s why you didnt notice what was going on between Brandon and Robert. And for a man like you who seems to have the uncanny ability to predict every move anyone intends to make, not being able to see what was going on under his nose, meant that there was a problem and i was the problem”.

“But how?”, the old man asked. “We had a good plan for the future and everything seemed fine”.

“Yes. But the thing we had together, the strong love for each other, made you to lose focus and you losing focus made you vulnerable”, Diana said. “Alot of people wanted to take you out and i didnt want it to happen”.

“So that’s why you left me?”, the old man muttered.

“You remember that day i called, telling you that i thought i was pregnant and wanted to see you?”, Diana asked.

“Yes i remembered that day”, the old man replied thoughtfully. “That day i woke up feeling unusually excited because i was hoping that the news was true. Since then i haven’t felt like that until…….”, the old man looked at Diana with a bright smile. “Perhaps meeting you today after a longtime was the reason why i woke up this morning feeling the same way”.

Diana stared at the old man with a funny look on her face. “Anyway, that same day i also called Andrew and met him”, she continued. “I wanted to talk to him. To see if we could end the crisis going on between us once and for all. But he said that as long as i am with you, it will never end, not for him. Then he told me about Brandon’s plan and warned me that as long as the commissioner was involved, worse things are bound to happen to us. And as long as i chose you over him, he dont mind helping Brandon to achieve it”, the nun smiled weakly. “So i had to formulate a plan and was able to convince him to help. And the rest was history”.

“How did you convince him to help you”, the old man asked.

Diana smiled again. “I told him that the only way he can beat you was to take me away from you”, she said. “And since he cant have me or even kill me, he willingly agreed to help fake my death”.

The old man sighed. He rubbed the back of his neck and reclined in his chair. He clasped his hands and looked at Lisa.

“So i guess she was the one that told you everything”, he said to Diana and stared at Lisa. “Everything going on between me and that fool Nina wants to be with. So young girl, how long have you been doing your investigations on me?, or are you one of those minions Nina is keeping around her?”, he asked Lisa.

“Aww dont try to spit that venom of yours on her”, Diana cut in irritatedly and got up. “How could you just sit and watch someone else try to kill our daughter and do nothing about it”, she asked.

“Is that what she told you?”, the old man asked. “If so, then that’s half the truth and……”.

“She didn’t tell me anything”, Diana interrupted.

“Please, can i say something?”, Lisa began. She wanted to inform them about their grandson’s intention. His intention to eliminate the old man.

“She only told me what was going on between you and our daughter”, Diana continued, ignoring Lisa’s request. “I did my own investigations and also found out that you left our grandsons to go against a dangerous murder gang on their own. Cantona, how could be so mean?”, she asked irritatedly.

Well, if Nina had listened to me and obeyed my orders, then all these wouldn’t have happened to her”, the old man replied, trying to keep his cool.

“Please can i say something?”, Lisa asked again.

“What?!”, Diana and the old man bawled at her at the same time.

“I think we have to call one of your grandsons”, Lisa said. “He said he will be coming”, she looked at the old man. “Coming to get you sir”.

The old man smirked. “Why?”, he asked.

“Because you are holding Barry his father, hostage”, Diana asked.

“Eric right?”, he asked and looked at Lisa.

Lisa nodded.

The old man smiled and relaxed in his seat. “And i guess he is…..your friend,…..boyfriend to be exact”, he said and stared at Lisa.

Lisa said nothing.

“That disrespectful brat”, the old man then muttered and nodded his head. “Well, let him come, and for your sake, i will tell my men to go easy on him”, he said and pursed his lips.

“You better do as she said”, Diana said and adjusted her habit. “And also order the immediate release of their father, if you dont want trouble”, she continued and went over to the water dispenser machine standing in one corner of the office.

“Trouble?”, the old man snorted and stared at Diana as she took a few gulps of water with a paper cup. “What kind of trouble will he be to me?”, he asked.

“Maybe it’s those oversized disrespectful idiots that you are keeping around you as bodyguards that is making you take things for granted”, Diana began and paced towards the old man. “Or maybe it is the huge wealth that you have acquired that is corrupting your damn mind. Whatever it is, i dont give a damn. But we are talking about your own flesh and blood. I know you as a very tough man, but from what i have read so far, this…..Eric is something else. And you better take him serious”.

The old man stared at Diana for a short while and nodded. “Okay then”, he sighed and slowly got up. “I will tell the boys to…….”.

A loud gunshot interrupted the old man. Then followed by several rapid gunfire that erupted outside the office. The old man immediately gestured at Diana and Lisa, and they all took cover behind his desk. What seemed like a loud ferocious gunfight continued for about a minute before silence settled.

“What’s going on?”, Diana whispered the old man who was covering her.

“I have no idea”, he whispered back. Then he looked at Lisa. “Is it your boyfriend?”, he asked her.

“I dont know”, Lisa replied with a shaky voice.

Suddenly the office door got kicked open and it startled the three of them. They remained quiet and listened to the muffled foot steps of the person that walked into the office.

“Could you all please come out”, a voice then said, followed by the sound of a gun being reloaded and the office door being locked. “The thoughts of you all hiding behind that desk like mice, is kind of embarrassing”, the voice continued. “So please do come out with your hands on your head and also bear in mind that i’m the only one with a loaded weapon in this room. Any fun move will be countered with deadly force”.

The old man sighed and slowly got up with his hands raised, followed by Diana and then Lisa. They all got up and saw themselves staring at the man wearing a janitor overall uniform.

“Kevin?”, Lisa began surprisingly when she recognized the face. “What’s going on…..what are you doing?”, she asked and glanced at the handgun the man was pointing at them.

“Hello my dear”, the man began with a smile and looked at the old man. “Good day sir, my apologies for the unruly way i made my presence to be known”, he said to the old man.

The old man smirked and put his hands down. “Dante”, he began and sighed. “So what brings you to my office?”, he asked coolly and glanced at the handgun pointed at him.

“My presence here is strictly business sir”, Dante said and dropped the bag he was carrying.

“Business?, hm…..i thought you and i made a deal”, the old man said. “And part of the deal was to never see your face again”, he added.

“Correct sir….”, Dante said and unzipped the bag with his eyes watching them keenly. “But there has being a renegotiation about that deal”, he smiled and took out three handcuffs. “My apologies for you not being aware of it”.

“I see”, the old man muttered and looked at Lisa. “Is she aware of this renegotiation”, he asked.

Lisa shook her head. She didn’t even know what he was talking about and neither did she know why her co-worker was there with a gun in his hand.

“Nope……she is just a means to achieve another end”, Dante then said. “Another end that will be sweeter than taking your life and cashing the checks”, he smiled.

“Who is this young man?”, Diana asked.

“Hello madam”, Dante greeted Diana with a smile.

“His name is Dante”, the old man replied. “He is an assassin and a hit man. And very good at it”.

“The best in this country”, Dante corrected and tossed the handcuffs at them. “I thought you are already convinced by now”.

“Is he one of yours?”, Diana asked the old man.

“No. But his father worked for me”, was his reply.

“Then why is he pointing a gun at us?”.

“Diana i don’t know. I have lots of enemies who wants to get rid of me. You even said it yourself some minutes ago”.

“And should it be today of all days?”

“Well you dont expect them to give me the time and date they intend to kill me”.

“Enough!”, Dante said out loud. Then he looked at Lisa. “Pick up those handcuff will you”, he ordered her. “I want you to make yourself useful”.

Lisa hesitated.

Dante aimed the weapon at her. “You have seen the sweet side of me which you decided to piss on. So dont let me show you my ugly side”, he said with a murderous look on his face.

Lisa immediately picked up the handcuffs and waited for the next order

“Good”, Dante’s face brightened up with a smile. “Now i want you to cuff them”, he ordered again and watched Lisa carry out the order. “Alot of money was paid for this day”, he said and looked at the old man as Lisa cuffed him. “And i intend to take my time”.


The mechanic came over, carrying a handful of bolts with the face of a confused man. He spread the bolts beside the numerous nails lying on his workshop table and looked at Eric.

“Here you go”, the mechanic sighed. “Twelve by thirty size bolts… you requested”,

Eric glanced at bolts and nodded as he poured the cleaning liquid into a small paint can that was half filled with a white powdery substance.

The mechanic rubbed his greasy hands on his dirty grease-stained overalls and watched as Eric mixed the substance together in the paint can.

“Doing some kind of a project for an assignment huh?”, he asked as Eric gathered the bolts and put them all in the mixture.

“You bet your ass i’m”, Eric muttered and also gathered the nails to put them in the paint can. “Did you bring the other….thing?”, he asked without looking at the mechanic.

“I thought i told you that we dont have it here”, the mechanic replied.

Eric smirked. Then he stopped what he was doing and stared at the man.

The mechanic stared back at Eric for a while and looked away with a sigh. “Alphonso!”, he then called out loud.

“Yes sir!”.

A young skinny looking boy who was quite tall for his age, came running into the workshop. He also wore an overall that was heavily stained with grease and much more dirtier than the mechanic’s wear. He was probably an apprentice and in his late teens.

The boy came over and the mechanic whispered something into his ear. The boy nodded and left. And came running back a minute later, holding a small plastic container with no label on it. Eric took the container from boy before he could hand it over to his boss. The mechanic opened his mouth to protest but Eric was already pouring its content into the mixture in the paint can.

“Sir i could get arrested if the authorities know that i’m in possession of that”, the mechanic complained.

“Are you worried about what the authorities will do or what could happen if this sh!t comes in contact with the wrong chemical?”, Eric muttered and gently poured the content of the plastic container into the can. He paused and stared at the amount he had poured into the can for a short while, as if gauging it. “[email protected] it”, he then muttered and emptied the container.

The young apprentice glanced at his boss and stared at Eric with his mouth open. Eric dropped the container and stirred the mixture with a stick. Then he tightly closed the paint can with its lid and wrapped it with a duct tape.

“Is my bike ready?”, Eric asked.

“Fueled up and ready sir”, the apprentice replied.

“Good”, Eric pulled out the credit card Alex gave him and handed it to the mechanic. “Hand me the receipt will you”, he said and left the workshop, carrying the paint can with him.

“Dude!……seriously, did you just buy a bike?!”, Alex asked with a baffled look on his face when he saw the apprentice rolling out the powerbike out of the auto repair shop with Eric following him.

Eric gave the boy a tip and dismissed him. Then he opened the bike compartment box that was under its front seat. Suzanne ran her eyes around the bike with furrowed eyebrows and stared at Eric keenly.

“And what the hell is that?”, Alex asked again as Eric put the paint can inside the compartment box and closed it.

“A yet to be discovered highly explosive mixture”, Eric replied and handed Alex back the credit card.

“Explosive mixture?, do you intend to blow Gus and his men to kingdom come?”,

Then Alex glanced at the bike and looked at his credit card. “With all the cars in our possession, why would you wanna buy a bike?”, Alex asked and slipped the card into his wallet. “So when will i get my reimbursement?”.

Eric ignored him and glanced around carefully to make sure no one was watching before opening the trunk of the Range Rover.

“Atleast the bike looks cool”, Suzanne said as she admired it and joined Eric at the back of the Range Rover. “Why do you need a powerbike?”, she asked.

“It’s a good transportation for a sneak attack”, Eric replied as he took out his Remington 870 shotgun and matchetes from the Range Rover trunk.

“But there are alot of men riding in that convoy”, Suzanne said and picked up her Llama pistols. “They could use you as a target practice if you go at them, riding that bike”, she continued and tucked the two pistols in her waist belt.

“And you have to be very very good with that shooter”, Alex added. “Because from what i heard, those guys are very good with guns…..i mean….SWAT team kind of good”, he continued and grabbed an Ak47 from the car trunk. “And dont make the stupid mistake of trying to take a machete to a gunfight”, he concluded and dislodged the gun magazine to inspect it.

Eric smirked. He put on a fingerless leather gloves and black trench coat. “You seem to forget where i grew up”, he muttered and tucked the guns and matchete inside the coat. “South Delta,….home of the country’s killers and original gun clappers”, he looked at Alex and put a Bluetooth earpiece in his right ear. “Dont worry about me. Just be careful and listen very attentively”, he concluded and put on a helmet and then straddled the power bike.

Alex smirked and slapped the magazine back in, while Suzanne grabbed two bulletproof vests and glanced at the case containing the Barret M107 sniper rifle parts before slamming the trunk of the SUV shut.


A white van passed the Genesis and halted a few metres away from the sedan. Nina unbuckled her seatbelt and flashed the headlamps three times. Chris, who had been silent throughout their journey to the high class residential estate, was tempted to ask Nina what was going on. But he decided against it and remained mute.

“So…aren’t you gonna say something?”, Nina asked Chris as they both of them watched the van make a slow reverse.

“You gave a strict ‘no talking’ order and i dont want to suffer the consequences of disobeying it”, Chris replied.

Nina smirked. “My sons disobey my orders alot of times and nothing happened to them”, she said and looked at Chris.

“Well i’m not your son….and i still have no intention of disobeying the order”, Chris muttered. “Especially if it is being given by the mother of the guys that spent the entire week killing a gang of murderers at a record pace”, he sighed.

Nina smirked again and set her eyes on the man who got out of the van. He carefully glanced around the area and started walking towards their car. He was of average height with a sturdy built frame. He wore a blue uniform with the logo of the country’s national gas company that was also painted on the van.

“Who is he?”, Chris asked.

“A friend…..and also my enforcer”, Nina replied. “And he is very very talented in the art of breaking bones”, she looked at Chris and winded the window down as the man approached the car.

“Thanks for the warning”, Chris said.

The man came over and stood beside the driver’s door. “Hello big mama”, he began and peered into the car.

“Hi Titus, how are you doing?”, Nina said to the man with a smile and took off the dark shades.

“Enjoying my day off till you called me”. The man looked at Nina’s bandaged arm. “They did that to you?”, he asked.

Nina nodded and said, “battlefield scars”.

The man nodded several times with some anger in his eyes. “So is it true?…….that you are no longer in The Family?”, he asked

“You heard it right”.

The man pursed his lips and lowered his eyes with a thoughful look on his face. Then he turned his eyes to Chris who was staring at him intently.

“Who is this?”, he asked.

“An employee”, Chris replied, trying to sound bold.

“An employee?”, the man sneered and ran his eyes from Chris’ frame to the laptop on his laps. But Chris maintained the bold look on his face even though he was somewhat scared. “Your boss must have lowered the requirements needed to work for her”.

Anyway, did you bring it?”, Nina asked.

“Yeah it is in the back of the van”, the man pointed at his vehicle.

“And the other thing?”,

The man dipped his hand inside one of the pockets of his overall. Chris, who was watching him keenly, furrowed his eyebrows when the man took out something that looks like a cigarette with both ends twisted.

“Only one?”, Nina asked and took the blunt from the man. “Is this the best product out there?”, she sniffed it and her thin lips formed a smile.

“Yeah….this is some hardcore plant sh!t…..And very rare”, the man smiled. “You better go easy on it big mama”.

“Hm”, Nina nodded her head.

“What’s going on?”, Chris asked intently.

“What?”, Nina glanced at him and put the blunt inbetween her lips.

“What are you doing?”.

“Getting high on this hardcore sh!t is what i’m doing”.

“Is this even necessary?, especially with the situation we are faced with?”.

“Son, i gotta hit the ‘Gung-ho’ mode before making my move”.

Chris stared at Nina as she took out a lighter and fired up the twisted end of the blunt. He sighed and shook his head.

“What?……”, Nina took a drag and looked at Chris. “Do you think am gonna go against those heavily armed savages with a twenty percent health level and a busted arm?”, she asked and exhaled the marijuana smoke from her lungs.

Chris stared at her and said nothing.

“I need to get an extra boost in my system”, Nina muttered and took another drag. “And you need to get out of the car because i like being alone whenever i’m doing this”.

“Huh?”, Chris swallowed hard.

Seeing that Chris havent done as he was told, the man hissed and walked around the car to the front passenger door. He opened the door and unbuckled Chris seatbelt while Chris stared at the man.

“You heard what she said…..”, the man said and grabbed Chris by his jacket. “Why dont we go and get to know each other”, the man continued and pulled Chris out of the car.

Chris felt the “over the top” strength of the man’s arm when the man grabbed his jacket and knew that it would be useless to put up any form of resistance. Even if he did and held onto something, his arms would probably be ripped from his shoulders because the man seems to have the power of a Mack truck in his arms.

As both of them walked away with the man’s arm around Chris shoulder, Nina reclined the car seat and closed her eyes. What she was smoking was now working its magical effects on her. And she could hear herself laughing out loud for no reason.

“This is the front side of the mansion”, Chris said and clicked the Enter button. “And these are the men guarding it”, he continued as he tapped another button.

“Hm……good….very good”, Titus muttered with a smile. “I underestimated you kid……and i’m sorry for that”, he apologized. “You know….i’m so used to working and dealing with big ass fellows and dangerous individuals”.

“It’s okay man”, Chris smiled. “I’m so used to being looked down upon”, he murmured.

“Why dont you ask big mama to toughen you up?”, Titus suggested. “Especially now that you are working with her”.

“Not with this kind of body”, Chris gestured at his ‘less than average’ frame.

Titus laughed. “Hey, a body like that with the right training, you could be one of the greatest killers”, he said. “You will be hard to detect, no one will take you serious and you can easily blend into the crowd when making an escape”, he smiled. “Think about it. If you kill fifty people in a particular place, the authorities would probably be looking for a big scary ass king kong instead of checking the little guy walking past them”.

Chris stared at the man with a thoughtful gaze. He was really fascinated by the thoughts of being a little man who happens to be some kind of a super killer. But the thoughts of dying a violent death, either by a hail of bullets or the way Hector got butchered, made him shake it off his mind with a sigh.

Then both men looked up and saw Nina walking towards them. She came over and stood infront of them with a faint smile on her face. Titus smiled and walked towards the van while Chris stared at her with unblinking eyes.

“What?”, Nina demanded and got closer to Chris.

“Nothing…..”, Chris replied and turned his face away, pretending to be looking at his laptop screen after getting a whiff of the marijuana smell in Nina’s breath. “It’s time to move in because Gus and the gang are getting closer to where Eric and Alex will make their move”, he said.

“Good, i hope you can drive?”, Nina asked.

Chris nodded and Nina handed over the car key to him.

“I will be in the van with Titus”, Nina said and put on a Bluetooth earpiece. “Keep the communication line open and make sure no one can trace or tap into it. Follow us behind and park the car a metre away from Gus’ mansion. Titus will drive me in and you already know what your job is?”, she asked.

Chris nodded as he put on his earpiece. Then he looked at Nina. “Please do be careful”, he said to her.

Nina smiled. “Don’t worry, i will be back soon”, she said and headed towards the van.

Chris slipped into the driver’s seat of the Genesis and watch Nina enter the van. He sighed deeply and whispered, “Alright, lets go do this…..lets go take them down”, he muttered and brought life to the car engine.

Re: Bloodline…….part Two[Blood And Diamonds] by ironkurtain(m): 1:32pm On Jul 102016
The big gate slided open and two grim-faced men came out. One stood infront of the van with one hand tucked inside the black jacket he wore while the other went over to the driver’s door. He took a careful glance around the interior of the vehicle and stared at the two occupants, a man and a woman. And both of them wore a blue overall uniform with a face cap

“Good day sir”, the man who was driver of the van began. “We are here for the monthly gas check up”.

“Today?”, the man asked.

“Yes sir”, the woman sitting beside the driver replied politely and brought out a clipboard. “We are here to do the monthly check ups….”, she said and looked at the paper in clipboard. “And also change the gas valve, incase of any gas leak”.

“Well, there is no smell of gas here”, the man said.

“Sir you wont notice it and it could become a highly explosive situation with time”, the woman smiled. “Do you really want that to happen?”, she asked.

The man stared at the woman for a while with an expressionless look on his face. Then he turned to the other man and nodded at him. The other man quietly stepped aside and the driver said a “thank you” and drove the van into the compound of Gus’ mansion.

“There seems to be many of them”, Titus said as he brought the van to a halt and killed the engine.

“Ten of them”, Nina said.

“Ten?…’s like you will be needing more than being driven into this place”, he muttered. He surveyed the place and looked at Nina. “Why dont you let me give you a hand”.

“Dont worry, i can handle all of them”, Nina replied and reached for the duffle bag in the back of the van.

“Three of them are outside. So the rest are inside the house, probably in different rooms”, Titus said and made another quick survey. “I dont really know what’s the plan is, but i think i have to watch the ones outside so as to take them out in case they get suspicious”, he suggested.

“Okay then, only act if they get suspicious”, Nina muttered and felt the desert eagle pistols concealed in her overall. “This business is [email protected] personal, so i want to be the one to send each and every one of these [email protected] to hell”, she continued and opened the door of the van.

As the both of them got down from the van with Nina carrying the bag. Two men walked up to them.

“We will have to accompany the both of you”, one of the men said.

Nina and Titus glanced at each other and shrugged. Then one man motioned at Titus and followed him to gas pipes outside the back of the building while the other man followed Nina to the kitchen.

Chris parked the car gently and glanced around the high class neighborhood, marvelling at the opulent looking mansions that were surrounded with a high walled fence. After briefly enjoying the views, he opened the lid of his laptop after winding up the car tinted glasses and put on his Bluetooth device. He rubbed his palms together and switched on the car air conditioner. Then he pressed a button in his laptop.

“Guys, you are now on a live broadcast”, he began with a smile as he stared at the windows on the screen of his laptop. “And the day seems very bright with conditions good enough for the insanity that is about to go down… i want you guys to say ‘copy’ if you can hear me”.

“Copy”, Suzanne and Alex said as Suzanne worked the woodgrained steering wheel of the Range Rover, while Alex stared outside through the glass of the door with his finger on the trigger of the automatic assault rifle.

“Copy”, Eric said and revved the engine of the bike as he followed the Range Rover.

“Copy”, Nina muttered inaudibly as she followed the man to the into the mansion.

“Alright…..the sound is clear as water”, Chris continued and worked his fingers on laptop keyboard. “And i have clear visuals of the activities going on in the mansion and the movements of the convoy… Eric, what’s the plan?”, he asked.

“First, we have to rescue Vincent and his family”, Eric replied as he raced the powerbike to keep up with the Range Rover. “It has to be done simultaneously and carried out without the knowledge of Gus and the men riding in the van and SUVs”, he continued. “Mother, what’s your situation in the house?”, he asked Nina.

“Getting some help…..and being followed to the kitchen”, Nina muttered quietly as they crossed the spacious living room, heading to the corridor that led to the kitchen. The man following her cocked his ears and then stared at her suspiciously. Nina looked at him with a smile. She said, “My boyfriend is calling”, and pointed at the Bluetooth device.

“What does she mean by getting some help”, Eric asked.

“A bone breaking man who probably works part-time in the gas company, helped her to gain entrance into the mansion”, Chris replied.

“Titus i guess”, Alex smirked.

“Anyway how far are we from the convoy?”, Eric asked and hit the brakes as he approached the redlight on the less busy street.

“They just made a turn and heading your way”, Chris replied. “You will be seeing them in……three…..two…….”.

Suzanne looked ahead and saw the five car convoy coming out from the adjacent road and making a left turn.

“There they are”, she said to Alex.

Alex sighted the convoy and saw the SUVs rolling in the front with the sedan in middle and the van at the back. “The sedan is riding inbetween the SUVs and the van that is probably filled with armed men”, he noted. “So how are we gonna rescue the man from the trunk?”, he asked.

“We have to find a way to divert the car away”, Eric replied. He too saw the convoy carrying Gus and Lucas. And was waiting eagerly for the traffic light to flash the go-ahead.

“Why dont we just roll up beside Gus’ ride and shoot that nigga dead in his sh!t, him and his friend Lucas”, Suzanne suggested and hit the gas pedal after the greenlight flashed. “Then in the ensuing confusion, we rescue Vincent”.

“I dont think so”, Alex differed. “Gus is riding in Lucas car and Lucas car is bulletproof and amoured plated. Besides, Gus and Lucas men will be sending hundreds of slugs flying at us in the ensuing gunfight. So how are we gonna rescue Vincent?”.

“Eric, any idea?”, Nina asked with a whisper as the man followed her into the kitchen that was sparkling clean with all the utensils well arranged. “You better hurry because i wont be fixing the gas pipe all day. “And neither do i know how to fix a gas pipe nor am i carrying the equipments. “So you better do something and do it fast”.

Then the big man following Nina grabbed her by her shoulder and halted her in the process. He stood infront of her and stared at her for a short while. And then looked at the bag she was carrying with alot of interest.

“Wait…..”, Chris looked at the window that just appeared on his laptop screen. “Gus is now making a phone call……”, then he worked his fingers on the keyboard. “…..the cellphone he is calling now is in one of the convoys, the sedan car”.

Eric thought for a while as he revved the engine of the bike to close the gap between him and van. “Chris, can you get me connected so i can hear their conversations?”, he asked.

“Of course….infact i’m on it now”, Chris replied.

“Guys….i think we have a slight problem”, Eric heard Nina say.

“What?”, Eric demanded.

Nina cleaned the bloodstained serrated blade on the dead big man’s shirt and tucked it back into its sheath. She looked at the man who laid motionless on the floor. Blood was still gushing out from the nasty knife cut that opened up the arteries in his neck. And his eyes still has the look of desperation he had while trying to survive what hit him before giving up the ghost.

“What is it?”.

Nina heard Eric’s question again and straightened up. “One of the guys got too nosy”, she began and picked up the bag. “So i had to take him out”, then she quietly paced to the door leading to the corridor and opened it. “You guys better act fast before they notice what happened to their colleague. I think Vincent’s wife and kid are being held in one of the room here”.

“Okay mother. Now i want you to go find where they are being held, and try not to engage the men until i tell you to do so”, Eric said.

“But what if they start looking for their man….or even find his dead body”, Nina asked and glanced at the dead man.

“Just dont let it happen”, Eric replied with a firm voice.

“Okay….i will try”, Nina sighed. But she knew that it wasn’t possible as long as she was concerned. “Chris, i think will be needing your good eyes”, she then said to Chris.

“What do you want?”, Chris asked as he enabled Eric to listen to the phone conversation between Gus and one of his men.

“I wanna know the men’s positions”, Nina said as she quietly opened the door leading to the corridor to check for any activity.

Chris tapped a button on the keyboard and glanced at the screen several times as he did so. “Two men are outside the house with Titus, five men are in the living room playing a card game and one man is dead for sure”, he stated. “So that leaves two men unaccounted for”, he added.

“They are probably in one of the rooms, guarding Vincent’s wife and kid”, Nina said as she tip-toed through the brightly lit corridor. “I have to get past those men in the living room so as to go to the bedrooms upstairs. And i have to do it without them seeing me. So do you have any trick up your digital sleeves?”, she asked Chris.

Chris paused for a while with his fingers over the keyboard. Then he smiled and started working his fingers on the buttons.

“I think i know how”, he muttered as he typed. “Where are you now?”, he asked.

“At the door, watching them”, Nina replied in a low tone as she peered into the living room through the slightly opened door.

“Okay…i’m gonna hack into the house alarm system and set it off to divert their attention”, Chris worked his fingers on the keyboard and several windows popped up in his laptop screen. “It gonna be brief…….so get ready to make your move……!”, he clicked the enter button.

The alarm system at the door leading to the balcony started blaring. It made the thugs who were sitting around the living room center table and playing a card game to turn their attention to it. As they stared at it and wondering what was the problem, Nina immediately sneaked into the living room, ascended the stairs and made it to the corridor upstairs before the alarm stopped, prompting the men to shrug and continue their card game.

Nina glanced around the corridor and at the doors to the bedrooms. She tip-toed to the first door and turned its handle. Seeing that it was locked, she pressed her ears against the door to listen for any sound and decided that it was empty after hearing none. Then she paced to the second door and cautiously reached for the handle.

The door suddenly opened and the man walking out of the room bumped into Nina. Both of them stared at each other for a moment before the man hands reached for Nina’s neck. Nina blocked the attempt with one hand and the other hand stunned the man with a straight punch to the face. From the corner of her eyes, Nina could see another man in the bedroom, standing near a woman holding a little girl.

Nina dazed the man and sent him tumbling backwards into the room with a hard kick to the guts. She reached for her sheathed serrated blades as the second man went for the weapon tucked in his waist belt. Nina pulled the first one and sent it flying towards the second guy. The blade found its intended target and nailed the man’s adventurous hand to his belly. The man groaned and tried to make use of the other hand. But it was only a futile attempt because Nina had propelled herself towards him with the second knife in her hand.

Abigail held her daughter tight and covered the little girl’s eyes when Nina opened up the second man’s guts with multiple quick stabs. She watched as the woman yanked out the man’s handgun from his waist belt and threw it at the first man who was getting up. With pinpoint accuracy, the handgun found the man’s face and knocked him out. Then Nina redirected the serrated blades of the knife to the second man’s throat and opened up his arteries.

Abigail covered her mouth and looked away as Nina got up and left the second man with a fountain of blood coming out of his slitted throat.

“Are you okay?”, Nina asked Abigail.

Abigail nodded fearfully and wrapped her arms around her daughter who was trying to see the new face in the room.

“Good”, Nina smiled and hid the knife from the little girl’s sight. “Now i want you to remain quiet. No matter what happens downstairs, i want you to remain still with your little girl”, she said to Abigail and she nodded again.

Then Nina went over to first man who was moving on the floor and muttered, “I have found them”, to her bluetooth device.

“Good”, Eric’s voice said.


BLOODLINE 2 Episode 14b

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Nina is so smart and thanks to chris

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Nina and her crew are just the best

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Suspense everywhere…am so anxious

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What if Mr Andrew Philips is still alive or maybe it’s Bernard acting as the invincible, can’t wait for the next episode

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