The Female Warrior And The Alpha Episode 52 by Yasminne

The Female Warrior And The Alpha Episode 1 by Yasminne

The Female Warrior And The Alpha Episode 52 by Yasminne

Theme : Darkness finds Darkness

Elisia’s POV
I watched her blood seep into the ground, turning the green grass into a maroon colour. Her death was inevitable, regardless if she had been sentenced to death for treason or from the consequences of the usage of demonic power. Theo reached for my limp hand and held it in his warm one, calming my raging emotions.
Her last words kept echoing in my mind.
Had she really meant what she said, or had she said those words to haunt me?
“Now that, was a splendid show!” Nevos exclaimed, clapping in amusement. We glared at him, remembering that the war was far from over.
The demon smirked. “Although, Kobi feels differently.”
Theo raised his eyebrow at that. “What do you mean?”
“The boy is raging within me, desperate to take control of his body, after what he had just seen.” He explained, rubbing his temples. “The emotions he’s feeling is overwhelming; anger, hurt, bloodthirst and pain.”
I sighed heavily, so Kobi had just watched his sister be killed…
“You let him watch everything?” Theo asked, narrowing his eyes at Nevos.
The demon’s grin widened. “Every second.”
Darkness spoke this time, his confusion aimed at his father. “Why did you make him watch all that? Now you’ll have to deal with his emotions.”
His father turned to him, and reached to pat his head condescendingly. “He’s gone mad from watching his sister die, he’s thrashing about in here.” He said, pointing to his head. “And I’m going to let him take control.”
Take control of his body?
“And allow him to get his revenge.” He finished with a chuckle, his eyes glinting with mischief.
I rolled my eyes at that. “I’ll crush him, he’s only a gamma.”
He lifted a finger to silence me, and shook his head. “A gamma with demonic powers, I have no intention of leaving this body.” He growled, correcting me. “Kobi’s body is a great vessel.”
Theo shifted beside me, his dark eyes focused on who was once his trusted friend. “I’ll kill him.”
I glanced at him. “Are you sure?”
He nodded in reply. “You can go after Darkness, I’m sure you have countless of grudges against him.”
I smirked in amusement, my mate knew me so well.
We squeezed each other’s hands before letting go, and distancing ourselves. “Good luck. Try not to get hurt, babe.” He called out, approaching Nevos with a dangerous smile.
“Don’t you worry, love.” I responded, watching Darkness approach me. “I got this under control.”
Theo straightened up, and grinned at me. “You called me ‘love’.”
I flushed from the shyness I felt, making Darkness sigh heavily. “You guys are so fucking cheesy, I literally can smell the cheese.”
“Yeah, that’s just your breath.” I spat back, swinging my weapons back and forth. “Lets get this show started.”
Theo had noticed the silver dagger in his neck and laughed hard, he knew I did that.
Nevos grunted suddenly, catching all of our attention. His thumb was massaging his temples, as he closed his eyes. We watched him warily, curious about what was about to happen. His eyes opened once again, this time showcasing extreme hatred, and pain.His eyes flickered between Theo and I, darkening by the second. His gaze finally landed on Irene’s corpse by the tree, his expression hardening.
Kobi was back.
It was hard to feel pity for this man, he had brought this upon himself. Things weren’t ever going to go his way once he betrayed his Alpha.
Theo held his silver machete by his face, his dark eyes narrowing at his sorry of an excuse Gamma. “I, Theo Hunter, Alpha of The BlackShadowed Pack, now sentence you, Kobi Wolf, to death for high treason – extreme betrayal of the pack.” He barked coldly, regarding Kobi with distaste.
I smirked, feeling impressed by my mate.
“We were paired with a strong one.” My wolf chimed in happily.
Kobi let out a low, dark growl, rolling up his sleeves, showcasing his impressive sleeve tattoo. His expression darkened and hardened at the sight of us, refusing to say anything. The only movement was his fiery red hair ruffling in the slight breeze. He brought his hand up and created a fist, having a feel of his newly acquired power.
I allowed the power of the Light gene course through me, electrifying my nerves. I was ready to fight, as ready as I’ll ever be.
With a flash, Kobi already appeared by my side, his fist flying towards my face. I dodged his attempt to punch me, and snarled at him. Theo stalked him from behind and managed to grab the back of his neck. He brought his face close to his ear, and snarled. “Your fight is with me, pup.”
And with that, they plunged into a fight.
I heard Darkness leave his position, making me snap my head in his direction. I held back a smirk, he isn’t as slick as he thinks. He charged towards me, silver weapons appearing in his hands. He reached me in no time, bringing his weapon down towards my limbs. I quickly moved out the way, gasping at how he had just narrowly missed my arm.
I narrowed my eyes at him, we were going to finish the fight we started.
He straightened up, and grinned at me, his dark eyes twinkling with amusement. His appearance was so confusing, and what I meant by that was, he looked way better than the first time I met him. He looked like a monster back then, his appearance matched his description.
Now he, and I hate to admit it, looked like a damn model. His tall, muscular frame was the perfect canvas for his black tuxedo. His dark, black hair was long enough to be slicked back into a man-bun. The rotten teeth he had before was replaced with a perfect set of white teeth, not to mention that charming smile he liked to show off.
Theo’s head turned towards my direction, his face showing disapproval and jealousy of my thoughts. Although, funnily enough, he agreed that Darkness wasn’t a bad looking guy…demon thing. Such a waste of good looks. Although, now he had a long gash near his eye, courtesy of moi.
“What’s wrong, babe ?” Darkness retorted, referring to my long pause. “Get it? Because Theo calls you ‘babe'”
I didn’t answer, but rather threw a dagger his way in response. He caught it effortlessly, and threw it away with a laugh. Little did he know, I had already thrown another just as he caught the first one, his eyes widened as he clocked the other dagger.
He managed to bring his hand up to block his face from the weapon, but the dagger cut straight through his hand. I smirked in satisfaction, he had two daggers stuck in his body now. I didn’t waste time, and I kicked him hard in the chest, hearing a sharp wheeze force its way out from the impact.
He couldn’t use one of his hands well, making him growl in frustration. His dark eyes lingered on me, wearing a thoughtful expression. He sighed heavily, and rubbed his temples.”Maybe you’re not worth it.” He muttered to himself.
I rolled my eyes, if only he’d thought that earlier, we wouldn’t be in this predicament.
“My pettiness has gone too far, He continued with a chuckle.
“I mean, you did start a war just because you wanted to mate with a strong female.” I deadpanned, finding it ridiculous. “Too bad this strong female is about to beat your ass.”
I ran towards him, thinking of my next move, just as he got into a defensive position. His eyes became iridescent, shining with power, watching my every move.
“I’m going to give up…” He started to say, his grin widening.
I narrowed my eyes at him in confusion, bringing my machete down to his head. He stopped it in between his hands, causing the dagger in his hand to slide out. Blood began to gush out the deep wound, splashing all over my legs.
I retreated in disgust, looking down at my bloody dress.
“You’re going to give up?” I repeated with a scoff.
He nodded and said, “I’m giving up on you, this is taking too long. I’m just going to kill you.”
I smirked, glad to know he has given up pursuing me. He finally got it through that thick skull of his, that I will not go down without a fight. I rolled my neck in preparation, I was finally going to fight him at his full potential.
“That’s more like it!” I responded, showing no fear.
The corner of his mouth slightly lifted at this, “I won’t hold back.”
I held my machetes in each hand, feeling their weight in my firm grip. “Bring it.”
With just those words, he sprung forward and raised his hands. I watched as his nails grew at an alarming rate, into what looked like claws. I slashed a machete at his hand, to get it away from me. It had worked, but he landed right beside me, and wasted no time in punching me.
I blocked each one, relying on this newly acquired power of incredible speed. His fists moved at such an unfathomable pace, humans wouldn’t be able to see it. I was almost sure that even regular werewolves would have a hard time keeping up with that speed.
My concentration was broken once I was hit by something hard on my left side, I stumbled back and quickly regained my balance. I almost swore when I saw Kobi stand up from where I had been, he was thrown my way by Theo.
“Sorry!” My mate called out sheepishly.
I was about to reply, but saw Darkness’ long claws flash before my sight. Without hesitation, I brought my arms up to protect my eyes, and felt a piercing, stinging feeling on my forearms. I retreated, leaving my position to assess the damage.
I jumped on the nearest branch of a tree, and analysed my wounds. There were four, long and deep gashes running down my forearm, I hissed from how much it stung. He was already charging towards me when I looked up, making me climb the tree to recollect my thoughts.
I was a fast climber, faster than he anticipated by the looks of his expression. I held back a smile, I’m usually faster than this, the machetes in my hands were slowing me down. I reached the top in no time, and looked down to find him not too far behind. At this height, I had an advantage and I wasn’t planning on wasting it.
I had a dagger strapped to my thigh, I had been there since the meeting this morning, it’s the only one I had left.
Pretending to readjust my position, I swiftly grabbed it and held it close to me. Darkness started to slow down in his pursuit, as he tried to figure out my next move. He had one foot hanging in the air, ready to retreat from my attack.I hated to admit that he was a sharp opponent, he’s hard to fool sometimes. I pretended to miss my footing, and slipped before I regained my balance. I had hoped by showing some weakness, he would be convinced that I hadn’t formulated a plan yet. From the corner of my eye, I noticed him increase his climbing speed.
It had worked.
But I couldn’t stop fooling him, I made sure to make my gaze flicker around me – looking for any escape route. He had finally reached a good distance before I could put my plan into action.
My breathing quickened, as I analysed my environment. I couldn’t afford to waste this one shot, but I wasn’t sure if it would take him down completely. I’ve never killed a half werewolf, half demon before – so I’m going to have to do my best.
This plan revolves around my timing.
“It’s a nice view down here.” He called out, shamelessly staring at my arse. I made no effort to move, if he was going to be distracted then so be it. I managed to fasten the dagger onto a thin branch, and tied it back to create a spring before swinging to another tree.
“What the-?” I heard him exclaim.
I narrowed my eyes at the distance between him and the dagger, he couldn’t see it yet. My heart rate increased, he had the choice to jump from that great height or carry on climbing to the branch I was on. If he keeps on climbing, he’ll have to use the branch to swing to me – thus triggering the dagger to slice his neck.
If this part goes well, then the rest of my plan should fall into place.
I made it seem like my attention was focused elsewhere, to avoid any suspicion. I was praying I got the angle right, maths isn’t my strongest suit – especially when I have to apply it to real life. Thankfully, he didn’t seem to notice anything and kept on climbing.
Come on…
After what seemed like eternity, I watched him finally grab the branch. My dagger sprung out of it’s hiding place, and had enough force, from the pressure from being tied back, to cleanly slice his throat.
Blood spurted out from his throat, hearing a gurgling sound echo from him. My heart leaped in excitement, all that did was serve as a distraction.
The plan had worked perfectly.
I had swung onto this tree, and landed on this particular branch for a reason. It was the perfect angle to finish him, I had a clear view of his chest – this was my chance.
I stood up on my branch, focused on my target, brought my machete up above my head – feeling the power of the Light gene course through me.
In the name of my power, I sentence you to death.
Then, I threw it.
With all the power I could muster.
Darkness looked up from hearing the metallic sound, his eyes widening at the silver weapon cutting through the air like a bullet. He took one final glance at me, and fucking winked before the machete cut straight through his chest.
Right into his heart.
He looked down at his chest, his hands reaching to hold the handle in shock. I heard him swear under his breath, struggling to breathe. He doubled over in pain, falling off the branch and tumbled towards the earth. I watched him hit the ground hard, with a loud thud.
I quickly climbed down, skipping some branches along the way. I hurried to where he fell, and watched as the blood seep out his fatal wound. He wore multiple emotions on his face; confusion, anger, and amusement.
He opened his mouth to say something, but only heard gurgling. The slit in his throat had caused the blood to drown his vocal chords, and had probably gone down the windpipe by now.
I pointed to his throat. “I wouldn’t try to speak if I were you, you’re drowning in your blood.”
He glared at me in response, weakening by the second. He should’ve died by now, I thought suddenly. I grabbed the handle of my weapon, and wriggled it around to see if it really hit his heart.
A pained yell ripped from his throat when I did that. I stopped as soon as I was reassured that his heart was pierced by my silver blade.
“You” He managed to croak out
“Hmm?” I said, cupping my ear. “I can’t hear you with all that gurgling.”
I knew I was taking the piss, but that didn’t stop him from trying to speak.
“You think you can kill me?
I have two lives, something my father doesn’t even have, I’ll show you what real darkness is” he said coughing out blood. How is he not dead yet, I exclaimed in my mind, really confused.
Just then he closed his eyes, stretched his two hands forwards, then slowly all his injured parts began to heal, a strong wave of shadow swam around him like a whirlwind, forcing me to step a few feets backwards, and for the first time in a while I was scared of darkness, then he started to chant some foreign language. “zoc foung ami cuy ishlakamel mosturoz zeh dawv jwok lif xeneros”
I tried to move closer to him, aiming to finish him off before he completes whatever transformation he’s into, but the shadow around him was preventing me from getting close, it was like a heat from a furnace against my body, I was unable to push past it, then I figured I’ll just have to fight him the second time once he’s done with whatever transition he’s going through. Suddenly he increased the volume of his chants, finally saying something I understand, at this time all the injuries I’d inflicted on him have healed, the sword plunged to his heart earlier had shifted out too. “I call on the second life of the dark god” he chanted more loudly this time, the shadow around him darkened the more, “this is not good” my wolf whimpered at the back of my mind.
And just then, like a flash, I saw a sword swing through the air, I blinked twice, an involuntary action of surprise, and behold darkness head fell to the floor, his headless body still kneeling at it’s position, and behind it was the last person I intend to see…






“That’s for my mate bastard!” he spat out with disgust, tears welling up in his eyes. He looked up at me making eye contact and started to walk away, “am done here” he said as he moved out of sight, not looking back. Then I tried to process the scene that just took place before me, sure I understand the reason he wanted to kill darkness to have traced him here, he sure blamed him for his mate’s demise. But what baffles me is how he was able to move close to him while I was unable to. Then it dawned on me, the shadow around darkness was designed to keep me (with the light gene) out, and I could only see it because of my light powers, Aron being just an Alpha was unable to see the shadows around darkness, and in turn was unable to hurt him, thereby allowing him to move in close range before cutting his head off, that’s another kill taken away from me, first it was Irene and now darkness. But the good news is, Darkness is dead, and looking on the bright side, it may not having been easy getting rid of him if he had succeeded in getting his supposedly second life.
Now it’s time to face Satanevos.

The Female Warrior And The Alpha Episode 52

So the loved and most hated villian in the story is dead!
Many wanted Elisia to do the deed, others believed it was Aron’s kill seeing he lost his mate to him.

It’s official, Darkness is dead!
Loved and hated ones can start preparing for burial……😀
Too bad he’ll have his body and head separate in the coffin……, 😂 (lol)

So watch out for the next episode.

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3 months ago

That serves him(darkness) right, next pls

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Wao! Interesting as always. Kudos to the author of this story u too much, well done opradre.

3 months ago

Interesting. I wonder what the end of Kobi will be. He and his sister put themselves in trouble because of covetousness

3 months ago
Reply to  Harbey

Opradre, where’s next episode now

3 months ago

Next is Satanevos, and killing him won’t be easy, but I know Elisia and Theo will surely overcome him.

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Good to hear the victory bell

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Kudos to yesmiine nd opradre

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Wow . A mind blowing one.d best story so far, Kudos to d author…. next episode please.

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Whao! This story is so captivating. Please post more than 2episodes na