The Female Warrior And The Alpha Episode 51 by Yasminne

The Female Warrior And The Alpha Episode 1 by Yasminne

The Female Warrior And The Alpha Episode 51 by Yasminne

Theme : The End Of Irene Wolf

Elisia’s POV
I stood in a threatening position with my silver weapons ready in my hands. Power coursed through every inch of me, awakening my natural authority and dominance as an Alpha.
“I, Elisa Knight, Alpha of The MoonKnight Pack, and future female Alpha of The BlackShadowed Pack, now sentence you to death for High Treason – for showcasing extreme disrespect to an Alpha.” I declared, relishing in this empowering feeling.
I watched a flicker of fear flash across Irene’s face, making me smile in satisfaction. She stepped back with a defeated expression. “So you really are an Alpha…”
You bet.
I narrowed my eyes at her, looking forward to her end. “Choice of execution? Death by machete. Executioner? Me.”
I noticed Nevos and Darkness move out my way, but stayed to watch. Good, I thought. I wasn’t finished with either of them, they’re next once I’m done with her. They glanced at each other with a knowing expression, like they knew something I didn’t.
“Our last fight will be nothing compared to this one, and no dumb rules.” I said, watching Irene get into position. My eyes lingered on her gray hair, making me scoff in amusement. To think that she had seeked out help from demons, just so she could beat me in the fight. And yet, she still lost.
“Let’s fight to the death!” She growled, drawing her long sharp knife. And with that, she charged towards me at an incredible speed.
But she wasn’t fast enough.
I stood still, not bothering to move, watching her approach me wearing a bored expression. Confusion and wariness filled her expression once she took in my relaxed demeanour. Just as she reached a couple meters away from me, she stopped and retreated with a horrified look on her face.
Nevos chuckled at this, finding our face off very entertaining. Irene was wearing a bewildered expression as she took me in. “No way, why is everything about you so different?”
The corner of my mouth raised at her question. “It’s because I am.”
I’m not the same person I was two months ago, and I loved it.
“Looks like I’m starting this fight.” I commented, tired of talking. To their surprise, I fixed my hair before charging towards her. I’m planned on looking good for her death, to be respectful and all.
I reached her in no time, skilfully swinging my machetes at her. Her eyes widened each time she tried blocking my attacks, alarmed at my strength and speed. Her gaze flickered towards the demons watching, giving me a momentary chance to get a good hit.
I mercilessly brought my silver weapon down to her left hand, cleanly cutting it off. She staggered backwards, her shocked eyes trained on where her hand used to be. It had rolled onto the grass, stopping beside my feet.
A loud piercing scream filled the air as she realised what I had just done. Even I was in shock, some regret seeping into my emotions. The demons regarded me with an impressed expression, making me snarl at them to drop it.
“Y-you bitch!” She screeched, her gaze trained on the blood gushing out her wrist. “My hand, oh my God! My fucking hand is gone!”
Tears of pain and anger ran down her face as she looked up at me. “I wish you a life full of pain and misery! I curse you! I hate you!”
All scraps of regret or sympathy I had for her, had dissipated at that very moment. I took a step forward, swung my leg back and kicked her dead hand as far as I could. She watched her hand fly past her and land into some bushes far away.She let out an angry snarl, suddenly taking her shirt off to my surprise. With a desperate huff, she managed to fold it, and tightly wrap it around her left wrist to lessen the amount of blood gushing out. I was nice enough to give her time to do that, before I approached her again.
This time I wasted no time in trying to end her life, aiming for her vital areas to which she dodged and jumped away from. Weirdly enough, it seemed like she was able to keep up with my pace – unlike earlier.
“Bad idea, Irene!” Darkness called out in a warning tone. “I told you what would happen if you used the remaining amount of my powers that I gifted you.”
She’ll age from outside to within.
I landed on a flowerbed, momentarily catching my breath. So she was using that demonic power huh? I smirked, it felt good knowing that she had to rely on it to somewhat be on my level.
I charged at her once again, cornering her to a tree. Realising what I was doing, she did a flip, retreating from me, and cleanly lands on a thick branch. I rolled my eyes at her, she was doing well considering she didn’t have a left hand anymore.
I did an even more elaborate flip to show off and landed on a branch beside her. I jumped at her and knocked her off the branch, making us tumble towards the ground. Once we hit the grass, I immediately twisted my body and sliced my weapon to where she lay.
She missed my blade by just an inch by rolling away in time.
Not hesitating, I got up from my position and reached for my gun. I groaned out loud when I realised I must’ve dropped it somewhere. My eyes immediately landed on Irene, looking for any signs that she may have it.
There was a possibility.
“I have your gun.” Nevos said, holding up my weapon. I glared at him, wondering how he got a hold of it. “It’s more fun seeing you guys fight in close combat, shooting silver is like cheating.”
I began to approach him, anger radiating off me. “I don’t give a fuck, I just want to kill her. Give it to me!” I barked, wanting him to cooperate. To my disappointment, he emptied the gun and destroyed its contents by simply squeezing it.
I stopped in my tracks, dumbfounded by this man’s strength. I backtracked on my thoughts, reminding myself that he wasn’t a man, but a male of a dangerous species. That’s when I realised that I shouldn’t take him lightly, at all.
I heard a quiet shuffle behind me, making me roundhouse kick the person. I sent Irene flying until she hit a large tree, violently coughing out blood from it’s impact. I sprinted towards her, my legs moving at an unimaginable speed, and readily held my weapons.
This is it.
Her head snapped up at me, and managed to leap away from her position just in time. That annoying demon energy was really helping her, big time. My machetes easily sliced into the trunk of the tree, exactly where she had been.
With an angry yell, I began to pull them out with a lot of effort. They were really stuck in there, I had put a lot of my strength into it.
Suddenly, a branch swung right in front of my face and hit me in the eyes. I stumbled back, involuntarily closing my eyes and covering them. Thankfully, it seemed like the branch had scratched my eyes superficially.
The bitch took advantage of my temporary weakness, and struck a series of attacks before using her silver knife.
To everyone’s surprise, including mine, I managed to block almost all of them with my eyes closed and by just listening. I heard her quickly draw her knife, making me tense up. I peeled my eyes open, ignoring the annoying scratchy feeling, just in time to see her knife swing at my neck.I got out the way, bending my back as her blade narrowly misses my face. My hands reached the ground so I brought my legs up to knock the blade from her hand. I flipped over from my handstand and landed on all fours like a feline.
“Damn, she almost flashed us just then.” I heard Darkness mutter. I pinched the bridge of my nose, forcing myself to ignore him. I will deal with him later.
She began to hurry towards her knife, just as I began to charge at her. My eyes were running with tears from the irritation it’d received, but I wasn’t going to let it stop me. Her fingers were almost touching the handle of the knife once I reached her, so I did the first thing that came to mind.
I pushed her into the dandelions beside her, making her fall in head first. The white floating seeds erupted from her impact, creating a huge, white cloud of pollen and plant seeds.
“Ah choo!” An uncontrollable series of sneezes erupted from her. I watched her with a curious expression, did she have hay fever?
Shrugging it off, I grabbed her by the neck and held her against a tree. I applied pressure to make sure she doesn’t have any funny ideas, and make me angrier than I already am. “You and Theo will never be happy together.” She croaked, the remaining red parts of her hair turning gray by the second.
I watched her with pity, but not loosening my grip on her. “Why are you so obsessed with him?”
“He was my first love!” She responded, wrinkles becoming prominent on her face. “He was alone, and I was the only person there for him! I deserve to be with him, not you! You’ve only known him for two months…”
“Once you turned seventeen and realised he wasn’t your mate, you should’ve given up.” I snarled in her face, tightening my grip. “You knew he had a mate, another female destined to be with him, and yet you still went after my man? You had three years to get over him, before I came. You played yourself, Irene.”
She met my gaze with her hostile ones. “I will love him until the day I die.”
I snorted in amusement. “That’s so funny, don’t say that. Don’t you remember? You’re going to die today.”
By now her entire head of hair had turned gray, not even a red strand to be seen. Her face looked older, wrinkles etching her once youthful face. She had sacrificed so much, and for what? For a guy who doesn’t love her, and in the name of beating his mate in a fight?
I felt sorry for her, I pitied her so much.
The more I looked at her obsession, the more I’m reminded of the Mad Alpha. It’s so eerie, just how similar her predicament is to Maxwell Hunter.
“Death isn’t too far from you Irene.” Nevos spoke up gravely, catching my attention. “You already have the shadow.”
I frowned at him curiously, he can tell when someone is about to die? He looked at me wearing a smirk and said, “Can’t you see it?”
My frown deepened at that, turning back to Irene fatigued figure in my grip. She was getting weaker by the second, the consequences of using demonic power was too great. I looked around her and found no sign of anything abnormal.
Not facing back to his direction, I said, “I see nothing.”
I heard him chuckle. “Look up, love.”
I stiffened when I felt something shift above me. My breathing quickened as I dared to look up, my eyes widening at what was hovering a couple meters away from us. It was an angry, deformed looking shadow that seemed to be slowly moving its way down to Irene.
“Oh shit!” I cried, having the urge to move away from it.
Irene looked up as well, with absolute fear etching her face. “Can you see it too?” I asked in a hushed tone.”No, I fucking can’t!” She shot back in vexation. “What can you see?”
“May I remind you that you are only in this predicament, because you refused to respect me?”
“Fuck your respect!” Just as she said that, a litre of blood gushed from her nose. I almost let go of her in surprise.
“The demonic energy is eating her from the inside.” Darkness explained, tutting in fake disappointment. “Killing her would be more merciful, she’s about to experience unimaginable pain.”
“Really?” I questioned, feeling Irene sag against my grip. I glanced up at that deformed, moving shadow and stepped away from her. She immediately brought her hands up to her neck, where I held her, and rubbed it.
“I sentenced you to death, Irene.” I started to say, dusting myself off. “I can’t break my promise, but I can make a negotiation. However, every pathway will inevitably lead to your death.”
“And if I run?”
I pointed at the shadow and smiled. “You won’t be able to escape a painful death.”
Disbelief clouded her features, when she looked up again. “I don’t see anything! I would’ve believed the demons, but you? Why can you see it, and I can’t?”
I shrugged in response. “Maybe I’m special.”
She coughed up even more blood, violently shaking from doing so, and slid down the trunk to sit on the floor. She had become so pale, looking almost blue, in the past few minutes.
“Either I kill you in one go, or you die from the demon energy.” I said, laying out her options. “Your choice.”
She glared at me. “Not much of a choice.”
She suddenly shrieks in agony, clutching her abdomen. Tears and sweat streamed down her face, she couldn’t bring herself to look at me. “If I’m going to die, it won’t be from your dirty hands.” She spat out in hatred.
I raised my hands up in surrender. “Okay, whatever.”
I sat down beside her as she uncontrollably trembled from the pain. “Imagine how different things would’ve been, if you had gotten over Theo. You would’ve been living your best life, unbothered about me and looking forward to meeting the love of your life.”
“Shut up.”
I ignored her, and carried on. “You wouldn’t have seeked for unnatural power, and thus wouldn’t be experiencing this excruciating pain right now. You probably would’ve lived a long fulfilling life.”
“It’s dark of you to be saying all this to her while she’s dying.” Nevos commented in amusement, leaning against a tree. I rolled my eyes and shrugged, “Maybe being on the brink of death can open people’s eyes to the mistakes they’ve made in their life.”
Darkness snorted at that. “And what good would that do, if she did recognise her faults? It’d be too late anyway.”
“I know.” I said darkly. I shook my head and sighed, “Alright, I’ll stop then.”
I analysed Irene’s condition, she looked like she was being tortured from the inside. She’s being tormented enough, I didn’t have to add onto her suffering.
The next couple of minutes involved Irene spazzing out and yelling in agony. I didn’t like her at all, but it was still hard to watch. She had vomited multiple times, her puke looking abnormal – a sign of internal bleeding.
“How is Kaitlyn?” I mind linked Jay. I had avoided asking for updates, I was too scared too.
“She, um. She’s not dead.” He responded unsurely, making me frown. I knew she was very much alive, thankfully, I could still feel her.”Okay, and…?”
“But she’s in a coma.” He admitted, his voice breaking in sorrow. “Dad, Emily, Mum and I are currently in one of our hospitals. Emily did what she could to stabilize mum’s condition, but she isn’t sure if she can wake up.”
My heart sank at the news, making me swallow the lump forming in my throat. “Damn, I hope your mate was a little more positive than that.”
“She is positive, but she’s also real.” He responded defensively. “She may be my mate, but she’s still a doctor. There’s no point in feeding people false things…”
“That’s true, I’m sorry.”
“Where are you?” He asked curiously. “You were here one second, and gone the next.”
I glanced at Irene shaking figure, and then at the two chilling demons. “Long story.”
“Okay, please be safe. Theo’s on his way.”
“Take care, we’ll reunite when this is over. It’ll be over soon, I promise.” And with that, I cut off the line.
A loud groan came from Irene, as she dry heaved and wiped off the sweat beads forming on her forehead. “Just let me kill you already.” I suggested, once again.
I glanced up again, noticing the shadow had moved considerably closer. “Fine. You don’t have that long anyway, endure the pain then.” I told her, rolling my eyes. “Theo is on his way, just so you know.”
Her head snapped towards me, the horror clear in her eyes. “He is? Why? Did you tell him to come, so he’ll see me like this?”
I sighed. “No, I didn’t tell him. He’s just following my scent, probably thinks I need backup.”
Which I do, I thought. I quickly realised that taking on Nevos and Darkness at the same time is more than I can handle. I would definitely need an extra pair of hands. And who better to fight with, than Theo Hunter himself?
Just as though he knew I was thinking about him, he mind linked me. “I’m on my way, hang on baby.”
“You’ll be so shocked once you get here…” I told him with a chuckle, referring to the lack of fighting.
“Really? Why?”
“Come see for yourself.” I responded once I felt his presence get stronger.
I had to only wait half a minute, before I saw his tall figure emerge from the trees. I stood up, and walked away from Irene, to greet my mate. He was shirtless, showcasing his perfectly sculpted, built body and the scratches he had obtained from fighting. His dark blue eyes met mine, glinting from the shadows.
His gaze never left mine as he approached me, I couldn’t rip my gaze from him – I didn’t realise how much I missed him until now. He finally reached me, grabbed me and pulled me into his embrace, not wasting a second.
“I’m sorry I couldn’t come any sooner.” He whispered into my hair. “Are you okay?”
“I’m fine.” I responded, holding him just as tightly. “Are you okay?”
He loosened his hold on me, just enough to see my face. “No major injuries.” He brought his hand up to my face and affectionately stroked my cheek. “I can’t wait for all this to be over.” He retorted with a mischievous glint in his eye.
I was about to reply, but his expression suddenly darkened with anger. His powerful gaze moved onto Nevos and Darkness who were quietly watching our exchange. “Those motherfuckers.” He snarled, moving towards them. I stopped him with just a simple touch, making him look down at me in confusion.
“I’m planning to deal with them later, but first, she’s a problem.” I explained, pointing at Irene’s crumpled figure near the tree. He looked to where I was pointing, and did a double take.
“Is that…Irene?” He asked unsurely, taking in her unfamiliar appearance. “That’s definitely her scent.”
“Yup, that’s her alright.” I responded. “Long story short, she seeked demonic power so that she could beat me in our previous fight. She got what she wanted, knowing that there were consequences.”
Theo watched Irene with an unreadable expression. “Consequences?”
“She’ll age from outside to within.” I explained, gesturing to her hair and wrinkles. “Despite the warnings, she used too much and pushed herself into this state. She’s currently suffering unimaginable pain, and death is looming upon her. I also sentenced her to death for high treason…”
He nodded understandably, as though he knew it was inevitable. “For extreme disrespect to an Alpha?”
He crouched down beside her, and cleared his throat. “Irene, can you hear me?”
She couldn’t bring herself to look at him, as she sniffed and nodded.
He took a deep breath in and said, “I wish it didn’t have to end this way, things could’ve been different if you had realised sooner that I’m not the man for you.”
I held back a chuckle, that’s exactly what I had said to her.
“However, you hadn’t. You have done too many inexcusable things, stuff I cannot look past. If Elisia hadn’t sentenced you to death, I would’ve done it myself. That includes your brother as well, I cannot forgive him for what he has done.”
Irene let out a sad sob at that. “Just kill me.”
We raised our eyebrows at her in surprise. “What?”
“Kill me, this is too painful.”
We didn’t need to ask what she meant by that, Theo’s words had hurt her more than what was physically hurting her. “Are you sure?” I asked, reaching for my machete.
“No stop, I want you to kill me.” She said quickly, looking at Theo. “Please?”
I was speechless, but I loosened my hold on my weapon. The crazy rage I felt earlier was completely gone, now replaced with pity. I wouldn’t have ever thought she’d choose Theo, her ‘love’, to kill her himself. Isn’t that more painful?
I couldn’t wrap my head around it.
I looked at Theo to see if he was fine with it. He ran his hand through his hair and said, “Fine.”
“Choice of execution? Machete.” I said, handing him my weapon. “Executioner? Theo Hunter, Alpha of the BlackShadowed Pack.”
He held my silver weapon in his hand, wearing no expression, and asked, “Any last words?”
Her green eyes rested on me. “I take that curse back.”
My eyes widened when she said that, and without hesitation, Theo had decapitated her. I turned away immediately, also forcing him to do so as well, not wanting that scene to haunt us in the future.
We said nothing, looking down at our feet where her blood had soaked the green grass.


The Female Warrior And The Alpha Episode 51

Irene is dead, shock and horror!

What did you think of her death?

I bet many of you were hoping for Elisia to kill her herself, but I went with something a little different. It may not have been as satisfying to many of you, but I think there is a lot of significance behind Theo doing the deed instead.

What did you think? 

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Victoria B
Victoria B
3 months ago

Ahwwwww…..I forgive you Irene….

3 months ago

Bad choice cos of wanting another man’s mate. Or should I say greed.

I really love the way Elisia fought against all odds.


3 months ago

Irene look at what obsession did to you.

3 months ago

It’s a pity, see what she did to herself, if only she let go.
Next is Darkness and Nevis.

17 days ago

Irene death by Theo isn’t a bad idea