The Female Warrior And The Alpha Episode 57 by Yasminne

The Female Warrior And The Alpha Episode 1 by Yasminne

The Female Warrior And The Alpha Episode 57 by Yasminne

Theme : Answers Revealed

Elisia’s POV
I slowly opened my eyes, waking up from my deep slumber, and stared at the ceiling. A smile found its way creeping into my expression, I felt so content. A warm strong arm rested on my waist, causing pleasurable sparks to fly.
I looked to my right to find Theo peacefully sleeping by my side. His long, dark eyelashes lay against his skin as he stirred in his sleep, messing up his hair. This was the sweet, boyish side of him that only I got see, before he interacts with others.
It had been a month since my transfer, and it has been an incredible journey. It took a couple weeks, but my parent’s name was finally cleared. The real story was released to the public, and it was safe to say that everyone was shocked.
I’ve had people from my old pack reach out and message me on social media. The same people who made fun of me, for being me, before I became the pack’s Chief Warrior. Now that I’m an Alpha, they wanna be acting all sweet. I didn’t give them a time of day to reply back.
I reached over to trail my finger across his neck, exactly where I had marked him that day. I flushed, feeling hot from remembering that amazing day. We had shifted into our wolves to hunt and have fun at our secret hideout by the waterfall. One thing led to another, and our wolves had happily marked each other.
Once that happened, we headed to the hideout behind the waterfall. We worked hard to make it look cosy since we spent so much time there. Earlier that week, we somehow managed to get a king sized bed in there; since we’d always be so exhausted and knock out after training so hard.
I let him know that I was going to take a dip in the aqua-coloured lake down below, to relax my muscles and chill. Admitting he needed to relax too, he accompanied me to go down and swim with me. We shamelessly stripped down to our underwear, and jumped in. We spent hours talking, playing, laughing before watching the sunset together.
Once it set, I got out the lake, expecting him to follow suit since it was going get colder from then on. I heard him heave himself out, before he suddenly embraced me from the back. He leaned down and gently kissed my neck, despite me being wet from swimming. He snaked his strong arms around my hips, bringing my back closer to his front.
His touch awoke a heated feeling in my lower abdomen area, making me crave his touch more. I gasped when his hands moved to my ass and squeezed a cheek. He brought it even closer to his front, and grinded on it; making me gasp even louder. The only fabric separating our naked bodies was our underwear…
“You like that?” He asked huskily, his breath tickling my neck.
He started to gently shower kisses all over my neck, before they became hungrier and rougher than usual. My hands shot up, grabbing his head and bringing it closer; not wanting him to stop.
A moan escaped my mouth once he found a euphoric spot on my neck to bite and suck on, this man was giving me a hickey. The corner of my mouth curled up once a thought flashed through my mind. I suddenly turned around and captured his lips with mine, deepening the kiss right away.My hands was entangled within his messy hair, and his strong grip was gripping my thighs. He tightened his grip, and effortlessly picked me up. I immediately wrapped my legs around his waist, giving him access to explore my inner thighs.
What I was feeling, was undeniably the need to mate with him. I was hot and bothered, and by the looks of his tight boxers, I wasn’t the only one.
I felt him walk towards our hideout, not stopping his magic fingers from making me moan in pleasure. His hands had found its way past my underwear, mercilessly touching and crevassing every fold. I couldn’t hold back from panting and shuddering with ecstasy, digging my fingernails into his back.
I brought my hands down, slowly feeling his rock hard body. We had finally entered the hideout, where there was dim lighting. I abruptly stopped once I reached his boxers, and played with the elastic. He grunted in frustration, before laying on the bed, and climbing on top of me.
“Naughty.” He lowly growled with a smirk. “You’re teasing me.”
His dark blue eyes were swirling with lust and passion, as his hungry eyes ate up every inch of me. I lay beneath him, my chest heaving in excitement, liking his muscular body on me. He cupped my face with his hands, and said, “I love you.”
“I love y-” I began to say, before getting interrupted by his thumb. He was rubbing circles on my inner thigh, dangerously close to where I needed him most.
“Hmm?” He smirked with mischief etching his handsome face.
“You’re teasing me.” I echoed his words from earlier. I reached for his boxers with a sexy smirk, and rubbed. His eyes darkened considerably, making my heart lurch in anticipation.
“I’m going to have you screaming my name all night.” He breathed huskily, his eyes flashing dangerously. His fingers playing with the elastic of my underwear, painfully teasing me.
“Really?” I asked, panting from his touch. “I dare you.”
With a growl, he roughly grabbed my lacy underwear and ripped it off.
That night, I completely surrendered myself to him. It was an amazing and intense night, despite not getting any sleep. I couldn’t have imagined mating in any other place, with me screaming his name. In the midst of the action, we had finally marked each other.
My finger trailed the bite mark on his neck, that mark alone resurrected great memories. I retracted my hand, reaching to touch the mark on my neck, and sighed happily.
I was his, and he was mine.
I felt a warm hand rub my thigh, making me look over to him. My gaze met his striking blue eyes, that was filled with contentment and love. Whenever he looked at me, I felt his love through his gentle gaze. He looked at me like no one else mattered to him, but me.
He made me feel so special.
The corner of his mouth slightly lifted at the sight of me. “Good morning, love.” He greeted me, pulling me closer to him.
He snuggled himself in my neck, and breathed in deeply. I glanced at the time on the wall, before playing with his hair. We had time to chill before making our way downstairs. We quietly snuggled, enjoying the calm morning before it got chaotic.
I tuned my hearing, making it sensitive enough to hear Aiden singing off-key downstairs, making me chuckle in amusement. I knew Theo could also hear him, as he also silently chuckled.
“He’s a funny guy.” He murmured into my neck. “Also hardworking…”
Aiden had already proved himself worthy of the Gamma title, successfully accomplishing the tasks allocated to him. Before we knew it, it was time to get up and get ready for the day. I had permanently moved to North Wing, Theo’s side in the manor. I liked my room, but I liked his better so it worked out.It was only about a month ago when I found out I had family. Isaac and Nina were my cousins, and I was still overwhelmed by it. I had gotten a lot closer to them when I celebrated his seventeenth birthday, they had moved from the third town to this one.
The third town was now open for everyone to live and visit, it was no longer off bounds like before. Everyone was getting along and living well together, like we had hoped. Many people had found their mate when the packs merged, as it was the first time they had been in the same space.
Isaac helped himself to the granola bars, and sat on a stool.
“I’ve never seen you without that basketball, it’s like it’s attached to you.” Aiden commented with his mouth full.
Isaac raised an eyebrow at him. “I can’t believe you’re older than me.”
Aiden was about to protest before he remembered something. “Ah right, I got a called from Jay this morning.”
Jayden had been lenient nowadays with people calling him ‘Jay’, he didn’t mind it so much anymore. He was stepping up to be the Alpha, since Magnus and Kaitlyn was retiring anytime soon. Emily had only just transferred recently, but was already learning to fit the Luna role.
“What did he say?” Theo asked, biting into his toast.
“Remember when I told you the unknown substance that the rogues used was Aconitum, aka Wolfsbane.” Aiden reminded us with a frown. Now that we had an ex-rogue, more specifically the ex-vice leader of The Rogue Force, on our side, a lot of things had been made clear for us.
I kissed my teeth in annoyance, Wolfsbane had been extinct from North America for more than a century. All the Alphas had unanimously agreed to make it illegal to obtain and use the poison. There had been no signs of its usage for decades, until recently when the rogues had managed to get a hold of some. Even Aiden wasn’t sure how Killian got some.
Packages ordered by The Rogue Force was being highly controlled now, not that they know that. Yet.
“An antidote has been concocted already.” Aiden announced with a grin. “This was possible due to Emily’s generous donation of blood for research.”
We all cheered at the great news. “That’s amazing!” Leona said with wide eyes.
“The ingredients will be shared to the biochemists of each pack, in person.” Aiden continued before scoffing his food down. “So that’s one less thing to worry about. Oh, and Emily is settling well in that pack!”
We chatted happily, talking about whatever came to mind. Noah prodded my mind, asking for permission to mind link me. I let him in, curious to know what he wanted to talk about.
“Are you taking it fine?” He asked warily. “About what we talked about yesterday, I mean.”
I gulped, remembering what he had told me. “It was hard to take in at first, but I had already assumed the worst. So it wasn’t that much of a surprise.” I responded thoughtfully.
Yesterday, Theo and I were busy filling out some paperwork. After the attack, many of the Alphas and Lunas had reached out to us and wanted to be allies. We were grateful and accepted them all, which meant there was a shit ton of paperwork to do.
Theo asked me if it was fine to invite Noah over to talk about my parents, to which I agreed to. I quickly realised they both had something important to tell me. They sat me down, and told me it was time I knew how my parents died. Theo knew how Lily died and Noah knew how Alex died…
It was then when I realised I didn’t know anything about their death, I simply didn’t have the same level of curiosity I had months ago. I told them I was more than ready to know, I had unconsciously prepared myself for the worst.So when they told me, I didn’t break down like they thought I would.
I simply nodded and let out a shaky sigh. “So they died alone, huh?”
Noah nodded with sorrow and grief etched on his face. I felt so bad for him, he actually knew and loved them. He had to go through missing them, and had to deal with his brother passing away.
“So my mother was murdered by one of The Mad Alpha’s guard because she wouldn’t comply with his order?” I repeated, snarling at the audacity. “And my father killed himself when he felt her die…?”
They lived a tragedy.
“But wasn’t my father locked up?” I whispered with a frown. “How did he get a hold of anything silver?”
That’s when Noah broke down crying, making me scared to hear his answer. Theo held me to comfort me, but I still felt so cold.
“He…” He tried to speak, wiping the tears away.
Theo put a hand on his shoulder, encouraging him to continue. “He gauged his heart out, with his bare hands.” He whispered, making my blood run cold. “The guards outside his cell heard his last words, which were ‘My heart hurts! Lily!’.”
I nodded calmly, turning into my mate’s chest before I let out a sob. I couldn’t help but cry, promising myself that it’d be the last time I cry for them. Once I was done, I couldn’t help but voice my thoughts. Not only for myself, but for the sake of Noah.
“From tomorrow onwards, I will regard my parents in a positive light.” I started to say, letting the tears fall. “They had found each other, fell in love and had me. From what I’ve heard, they were the sweetest and kindest leaders anyone could wish for. I was told they lived a happy life prior to the attack.”
Noah watched me with wide eyes, reminding me that he was close to my age when he lost his older brother.
“I’m going to celebrate the fact that they were once happy and in love.” I told him, hugging Theo. “I was brought into this world because of them, so I’m going to live my life to the fullest. I will live a fulfilling life for them, something that they were robbed of. Uncle, please remember your brother and sister in law in a happier light.”
I sighed audibly, making everyone in the kitchen look at me. I shook my head to say it’s nothing, but Theo kept his eye on me. “I’m fine. I just remembered yesterday, that’s all.” I told him in the mind link.
“Thank you, for what you said yesterday.” Noah mind-linked me. “I will think about them in a happier light. I have plenty a nice memories of them.”
I smiled at him in response.
I heard the front door opened again, making us all freeze. Who was it this time?
“I’ve done some grocery shopping!” I heard a female voice call out. Ah, it was Ms Williams.
She walked into the kitchen with a smile, before her gaze rested upon Noah. Her smile slowly dropped, replaced with an uncomfortable grimace. It was extremely awkward between Noah and her, since he had resented her for being the cause of the downfall of his pack.
She was definitely at fault.

She told The Mad Alpha that Lily had a baby, despite being her best friend, which made him attack on that very day. It was only when I found out the reason she betrayed her pack, that I showed her some pity.
Maxwell Hunter, The Mad Alpha, had been keeping her mate hostage at the time. When he found out that Lily’s best friend’s mate was a member of his pack, he immediately kept him in his dungeon. He threatened to torture and kill him if Ms Williams didn’t act as a spy, giving her no choice but to betray her pack for the sake of her mate’s life.
All in all, what I learnt from that was that Maxwell Hunter was the fucking devil.
He used Ms Williams’ love for her mate to gain information about how the borders work. She purposely didn’t inform him when Lily got pregnant, but told him after she gave safely birth to a baby girl. Maxwell had lost it, angry that she didn’t inform him of her pregnancy and threw her into his dungeon.
Her mate was in the next cell, forcefully made to watch her mate get brutally tortured and eventually killed. She had spent the day, throwing up in her cell, as they cleaned up what was left of her mate. She was horrified to see Lily be thrown into the same cell. That’s when she begged my mother for forgiveness and apologised, to which she accepted.
When I asked her how she dealt with her mate’s death, she responded with, “We hadn’t even completed the initial stage of the mate bond, and it was still excruciatingly painful to lose him. I honestly don’t know how I got through it.”
She agreed to let everyone know of her story, giving everyone the chance to make the decision to resent her or not. Noah was still wary of her, but manages to tolerate her presence.
“You bought milk?” Aiden piped up, watching her re stock the refrigerator. “You’re a life saver woman!”
Once she finished, she sat on the empty seat beside me. “How are you two love birds doing?” She asked Theo and I with a smile. I chuckled, knowing she was our biggest fan.
“You know…” I started to say with a frown. “I just realised that I never once told you Theo was my mate. Months ago, when I was in your cottage, you referred to Theo as my ‘mate’.”
“I didn’t know then, I just guessed.” She chuckled, pouring herself a glass of water. “When you didn’t object to it, that’s when I knew.”
I stood up, and stretched my limbs. “Okay, time to tackle the day.”
“Whoo!” Julian sarcastically cheered with no enthusiasm. “Paperwork! Yay!”
“Come on, guys.” Theo said with his usual Alpha authoritative tone. “The White Cresent Pack isn’t going to run by itself.”
I smiled at our new pack’s name, loving how it sounded. We discussed the options, and created a poll within the pack. ‘The White Cresent Pack’ won by a mile as it signified a new beginning/a pure start for the newly merged pack, as well as erasing the bad blood our packs previously had with others.
It was perfect.

“Let’s be productive, everyone.” I said seriously, watching everyone finally leave their seats.
“Yes, Alpha.” They all responded in unison.
I smiled in contentment, making my way to my office. Theo snaked his arm around my waist and kissed my forehead.
Now we were both Alphas, co-leading the biggest pack in the country.
What a journey it had been.


The Female Warrior And The Alpha Episode 57

So the last episode will be very short and precise too.
The first and only episode that’ll be written in Third person, I. E (Author’s POV)
And trust me when I say you don’t wanna miss it…… 👌💯

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