The Female Warrior And The Alpha Episode 56 by Yasminne

The Female Warrior And The Alpha Episode 1 by Yasminne

The Female Warrior And The Alpha Episode 56 by Yasminne

Theme : A New Found Love

Theo’s POV
I made sure everything was prepared for this day, my mate will officially become my co leader. It was almost time, most of the pack were seated in the fighting stadium.
I looked out into the crowd in wonder, there were so many people, more than I was used to. I had also invited The MoonKnight Pack, they were looking forward to this day more than anyone.
Today was also the day we officially merge.
I stood on the stage, waiting for my mate to arrive. The Alpha and Luna of The Imperial Pride Pack, Magnus and Kaitlyn, were seated right in front of the stage. By their side was Aiden, who had his jaw hanging in awe from how big the pack was.
Julian had just arrived, sitting by Aiden, explaining the ritual that will take place. It was just the same traditional ritual that packs do for anyone joining their pack. But of course, Aiden was unfamiliar with it. He had been a rogue his entire life.
Of course, they aren’t as extravagant or as big scale as this. But this was a special occasion. My pack weren’t only just welcoming a new pack member, but also a leader.
Leona had walked onto the stage, approaching me with a smile. She had helped Elisia get ready for the occasion.
She bowed and said, “She’s ready Alpha.”
She hurried down the steps to Julian, and sat on his lap. The sweet scent of my mate had caught my attention, immediately turning towards the source. The stadium quietened as they felt a ripple of pure dominant energy, some people couldn’t help but gasp audibly.
I smirked, that’s the power of your future leader.
My mate finally came into view, making me gasp from how beautiful she looked. Everyone watched her strut across the stage in awed silence. My heart rate increased considerably, I was whipped for this woman and I loved it. She looked radiant and stunning in her off the shoulder golden, ethereal dress.
It fit her perfectly, hugging her curves and showcasing that killer figure. Her neck was covered by her brown hair, tumbling down to her waist in their natural waves.
Her piercing gray eyes held mine, this woman knew what she was doing to me. The passion and fierceness swirling in those eyes had turned them into orbs of the brightest fire. She was ready to be a leader.
Her gaze moved onto the crowd before her, giving me a clear view of her side profile. She broke into a happy smile, her eyes lighting up and her features softening. I wanted to kneel before her, an action I never had the urge to do. But Elisia was something else, I just wanted to submit to her.
She held her right hand up, gave a little wave. “Hello everyone.” She greeted them, her authoritative voice easily heard.
The response was a roar of applause and cheers from the packs. Of course, they already loved her; who wouldn’t? I cleared my throat to speak.
“As you all know, today we will be welcoming Elisia into my Pack. We will also officially merge The MoonKnight Pack and The BlackShadowed Pack togther, we will become one!” I declared, reaching to hold her hand. She held it, bringing it higher to showcase our unity.
“You look beautiful.” I told her in the mind link.
She smiled wider outwardly before replying. “Thank you, love.”
I cursed myself for the mistake I said.
“Actually, rather than saying you look beautiful, I meant to say you are beautiful.”
She blushed at my compliment, squeezing my hand in response. “You look handsome, my heart is out of control.”My finger softly trailed along her small wrist, feeling her heartbeat. “I know.”
I glanced down at my black three piece suit, and smart shoes. There wasn’t much choice of wear when it comes to men and special occasions, but I made an effort to find a gold tie to match with her. I styled my dark hair, slicking it back for a more professional look.
I faced forward to continue my speech. “Without further ado, let’s start the ritual.”
There was a table placed in the middle of the stage, with a long, sharp steel knife on top of it. Beside it was two bottles of saline, and four clean rolled up bandages. We walked towards it, and stood behind it. She held out her arm, ready for the ritual to start. I glanced at the audience, making eye contact with Magnus and Kaitlyn.
They were probably mind-linking her right now, since it’ll be last time they can ever do that.
I grabbed the knife off the table and held it high. “With this weapon, I will cut into her right palm, creating a small gash.”
I reached over, breathed in and quickly made a cut. “I’m sorry!” I mind linked her, apologising when her blood gushed out. “It’s fine.” She reassured me.
“With the same weapon, I will cut into my left palm and create a cut.” I explained, cutting into my hand. We held our hands up, as the blood flowed from our wounds.
“Once my blood enters her system, her connection with The Imperial Pride Pack will be severed and will be replaced with The BlackShadowed Pack.” I declared.
I turned to my mate and asked her, “Are you ready?”
“Definitely.” She responded with a smile. She reached to hold my hand, and entwined our fingers; pressing our wounds together.
It wasn’t long before her eyes widened in shock, I could only imagine what she was feeling. The presence of her adoptive parents leaving, and being replaced by an overwhelming amount of people. This will be very different for her as she will be able to speak to thousands at the same time, unlike before.
“I, Theo Hunter, The Alpha of The BlackShadowed Pack, welcome you into my pack.”
“I, Elisia Knight, am honoured.”
Suddenly, I felt a new telepathic channel form.
Excited murmurs increased in the stadium as my pack members felt it too. I, now, had two telepathic channels with Elisia; the mate bond, and now, the pack member bond.
There was shift in the atmosphere, now that everyone officially saw Elisia as their leader. I peeled my hand from hers, now that the transfer was complete. She’s now apart of The BlackShadowed Pack.
But as a Luna.
She was still an Alpha to The MoonKnight Pack, so we have to merge the packs. Once that happens, she will, by default, become the Alpha; like me. When her pack was informed about Elisia’s true identity, they were overjoyed that they had a leader.
News of what really happened with Alexander and Lily Grayson, nineteen years ago, had reached them. They all expressed their relief, to Alex’s innocence, and grief of what their previous leaders had gone through.
All the Alphas in the country were already discussing the case, now that we’ve handed the hostage letter in as evidence. Things were already looking good for us, and it seemed like her parent’s name will be cleared.
The MoonKnight Pack had unanimously agreed that permanently conjoining with my pack was the best option, and will put great trust in both me and Elisia. To say I was glad for their support was an understatement.”Welcome to The BlackShadowed Pack, Elisia Knight.” I finally said, making everyone burst into cheers.
She smiled up at me, happiness radiating from her. I leaned down, and kissed her smiling lips. It was time to make her an official Alpha.
“That’s not all, everyone.” My voice boomed, easily reaching the ears of the people at the back. “It’s time to merge the packs, and have Elisia serve you as your Alpha.”
“Alpha Knight! Alpha Knight!” The crowd chanted, as I reached for the knife once more.
I made a cut on my thumb, and handed her the weapon to do the same. Once she did, we held each other’s hand; not yet letting the freshly cut wounds to touch.
“I, Theo Hunter, Alpha of The Blackshadowed Pack, agree to merge with The MoonKnight Pack.”
She breathed in slowly, her eyes twinkling in excitement.
“I, Elisia Knight, Alpha of The MoonKnight Pack, agree to merge with The Blackshadowed Pack.”
And with that, our thumbs collided and our blood mixed. Her blood had entered my system and mine entered hers. I felt an overwhelming amount of new telepathic channels open, and become accessible to me.
“It has been done!” Elisia announced with a grin.
Everyone cheered once again, excited by this new chapter in our lives. We removed our thumbs from each other, reached for a saline bottle each and washed our wounds. They were already closing up and healing, but we wrapped it up with the bandages anyway.
“Let me introduce you to my beautiful mate, Alpha Elisia Knight.”
Loud cheers came rolling in for her, she stood tall, waving at her pack. The thousands of werewolves here were overjoyed to have someone as legendary as Elisia as their leader. She had everything a leader needed; she was powerful, strong, wise, compassionate, ruthless, and assertive.
Above all, she was dependable.
She had thousands of people looking up to her now, and I was so fucking proud of her. The famous female warrior had become the Alpha, what a story!
Now the question was, what shall we call this newly made pack? Because of Maxwell, my father, my pack has not been involved with other packs. He didn’t believe in allies and resented other Alphas. So The BlackShadowed Pack could rename itself, and it wouldn’t be a problem or a hassle to us or anyone.
The MoonKnight Pack’s name was completely stripped from the public, as a result of what had happened. So renaming wouldn’t be an issue in their case too.
“What shall we name our pack?” Elisia asked thoughtfully.
The MoonShadowed Pack?
The BlackKnight Pack? Isn’t that Batman’s name?
Or should we come up with a completely new name?
“We’ll think about it later.” I told her. “But for now, lets move onto ‘The surprise’.”
She smirked up at me, her eyes glinting with anticipation and mischief. We had been planning this for a while, and hope it was a great present for him.
I thought back to two weeks ago, when I asked him if he wished to become a pack member of any pack. He frowned thoughtfully, and sighed. “Of course, but who would take a-.”
I cut him off back then, having all that I needed to hear from him. If I continued that conversation, he would have caught onto my plan.
Elisia cleared her throat and started to speak. “We have one last thing to do everyone.”Everyone started to quieten, brining their undivided attention onto her. I looked into the crowd to see Aiden, who was watching us with curious eyes.
“We want to bring a special person into our pack, this is someone who proved their loyalty and trust to us.” Elisia announced, with a proud smile. “We have only met him two weeks ago, but that period of time was enough for us to decide that he deserves this.”
I caught Aiden’s gaze, and smirked at his wide eyes.
“He has sacrificed everything to help us defeat the rogue’s attack, following his own values rather than blindly following The Rogue Force.” I started to say. “Even more interestingly, he was originally apart of The MoonKnight Pack. He was a rogue because he had no choice but to be one.”
“So, today, we have decided to claim him as one of ours!” Elisia declared. “Aiden, if you could come up to the stage?”
Aiden’s brown eyes widened even more, as he left his seat and made his way over to us. He stood by my side, accepting my handshake with a big smile. “Is this really happening?” He asked in an awed tone.
“Hell yeah.” I responded with a grin. I’ve been smiling a lot more nowadays.
Elisia held out a hand, to which he gratefully accepted.
“This is Aiden.” She introduced him to the pack. “From today onwards, he will be one of us!”
Deafening cheers erupted from the crowd, chanting his name. He stood there, speechless at the immense love and support he was getting. He deserves it.
I reached for the knife, and cut into my right palm. I handed it to him, encouraging him to do the same on his left palm.
I smiled once he did. “Today will be your last day as a rogue, my friend.”
Aiden eyes wavered as immense emotions came over him. Not being able to stop himself, he hugged me with so much gratitude. “Thank you.”
I hugged him back, earning a happy smile from my mate. We stepped back and brought our hands together, our blood mixing.
“I, Theo Hunter, The Alpha, welcome you into my pack.”
His grin widened, as he stared up into the sky. “I, Aiden, am honoured.”
He let out an involuntary gasp, his brow furrowing in surprise. “What is that…?”
I smirked, realising he was talking about the mind link channel. Rogues weren’t connected to each other, they were all outcasts and lone wolves. The Rogue Force was just a bunch of lone wolves coming together, they don’t have the same connection actual packs have.
That includes mind linking.
It just dawned on me that Aiden has never experienced telepathy since he had been a rogue his entire life. It seemed like Elisia had caught on too, by the looks of it; her eyebrows were raised in surprise.
We let go of each other’s hands, cleaned the wound and wrapped it up. I prodded his mind, not needing to ask for permission because of my rank.
“Don’t freak out, but hi.” I mind linked him.
He freaked out.
“What the fuck?” He exclaimed out loud, staggering backwards. “That was you! In my head?”
I spoke out loud this time. “I’ll explain more about that later.”
He wore a dazed expression, not sure if he had imagined my voice in his head. Maybe that wasn’t the best timing…
“That wasn’t the best timing, babe.” Elisia mind linked me with a snigger.
“Yeah, I realise that now.”
“You’re officially apart of our pack, welcome!” Elisia exclaimed with excitement. “And that’s not all!”
“We have a special present for you.” I said, watching his astonishment.
“Adopting me into your pack was special enough.” He whispered, looking down. “You guys are too kind to me…”
“As far as we are aware, you had trained to be a leader for all your life.” I began to explain, remembering that he was the Vice Leader of The Rogue Force. “You had led wolves before, and we believe you have the necessary qualifications and skills to name you Gamma.”
Aiden staggered back, stunned by the sudden big news.
Elisia and I shared a knowing look, this is what we wanted. The pack now had two Alphas, Elisia and I will be co-leading, and Julian as their Beta and Leona as their Beta Female. Now that Kobi was gone, the spot for the third in command was open.
He was our best candidate.
“We will name you our Third in Command.” Elisia told him. “That is, if you are willing to take up the role.”
“If you aren’t ready now, then we will gladly wait until you are.” I told him, not wanting to pressurise him. We were asking him in front of thousands, and that is enough to influence someone’s decision.
Apparently that didn’t faze him as he responded with, “I am honoured to accept and take up such an esteemed role, Alphas.”
“Good, as you know, the main difference between a regular wolf and a Gamma, Beta, or Alpha is the strength and speed, naming you Gamma is not enough, The Gamma blood has to run in you so there will be significant differences between you and a regular wolf.” Aiden nodded at this, so how do I get the Gamma blood? I thought you said Kobi and Irene has it?”
“yes but since they are both dead, the Gamma spirit is definitely wandering around now, so as the Alpha of the previous Gamma, I’ll Summon it into you.” “How will you do that? You didn’t tell me you practiced witchcraft too” Aiden asked, clearly bewildered. “I’ll bite you, and it’s gonna sting like hell”
And with that, I howled out loud, summoning the Gamma or Beta spirit is a process that takes lots of energy, the Alpha will have to be in half human and half wolf form to bite the precessor, I howled for the second time, already feeling the fangs growing from my teeth, my nails were replaced by my wolf’s sharp claws, but I was still human, Aiden gasp in disbelief, stepping a few feet away, by now am sure I must look very horrifying, except for the shivers and whimps of fear, there was silence in the crowd, it’s not everyday you see an alpha in half wolf and half human form. I moved closer to him and sank my fangs into his neck, then plunged my claws into his waist, he cried out in pain. When I was done with the necessities I pulled out my fangs and claws, Immediately the marks on Aiden started to heal then I retreated back to my human form. “His that all?” He asked breathing heavily, “No chants no nothing?”
“No” I replied, all I have to do was think about the Gamma spirit while my claws and fangs are in you. “so am now a Gamma?”
“yes, you’ll start to feel the change in power soon”
“Alright, will that be painful too?”
“No” I replied, “You’ll only feel it”
And with that, the celebrations began. Everyone dispersed, hurrying to the parties held at everyone’s houses and businesses. Shops had everything on sale, restaurants were heavily discounted, and there was a huge barbeque happening in our biggest park.
Unfortunately, Magnus and Kaitlyn couldn’t stay with us for too long. They had to leave to attend to their pack, since they hadn’t been able to properly do that since the attack. Jayden has been taking leadership the past couple weeks, and he was doing very well.
Emily’s transfer is also happening pretty soon, an event I’ll have to be present for. I’m glad she was paired with Jayden, he was already melting that icy attitude of hers. I’ve never seen her so carefree and lively as she had been recently. Her stern attitude had rubbed onto her mate, he had become so much more assertive.
They were good for each other.
Everyone, including me, Elisia, Julian, Leona and Aiden had made our way to the Alpha Manor. I looked around me, realising I was surrounded by amazing company.
“This is your home, Aiden!” Leona squealed, twirling into the mansion. “We’ll all be living together!”
“You know this guy has a tub in his jet?” Aiden told Julian in disbelief, pointing at me. “An actual tub!”
I rolled my eyes at him, holding back a laugh. “Get over it man.”
Julian’s eyes widened at me in disbelief. “You have a fucking tub in your jet?” He exclaimed, looking shocked.
I raised an eyebrow at him. “You didn’t know?”
“I’ve used the restroom, but I’ve never seen a tub!” He explained, frowning at me. “There’s a bathroom?”
“Yes.” I sighed, watching Aiden and Julian talk about tubs and jacuzzies.
I felt someone reach for my hand, and hold it. I smiled to myself, bringing their hand up to kiss the back of it. My stomach felt fluttery when I found myself lost in Elisia’s stormy gray eyes, this woman was everything to me.
Leona and Julian were giving Aiden a tour of the manor, leaving us alone.
We stood in the large lobby, not saying anything but just enjoying each other’s presence. I brought my hands up to gently cup her pretty face, taking in her beautiful features. I leaned down to kiss her forehead, a kiss worthy of a Queen.
She was my Queen.
I moved onto her cheeks, kissing her naturally rosy cheeks. Skipping her lips, I showered her neck with fluttery kisses, making her gasp and tighten her grip on my suit. I snaked my arms around her waist, bringing her closer to me.
My gaze moved up from her neck to her cherry lips, that were carefully tinged with red. She tiptoed, lessening the distance between us, until her forehead rested against mine. I closed my eyes, relishing in this feeling; the feeling of happiness.
She made me so content, full of passion and excitement. If I was a puzzle, I was definitely incomplete before she had come into my life. The wounds and scars I had, had slowly healed since I opened myself up to her.
I spent most of my life resenting and hating love, but I clearly didn’t know what it was. Love was overwhelming, magical, healing and beautiful – I have been blessed to be paired with Elisia. What have I done to deserve her?
I couldn’t imagine a future without her, I wanted to promise myself to her for the rest of my life. I was going to love her, nurture her and respect her until the day I die. I wanted to wake up with her everyday, and be the best mate I can be.
I opened my eyes, to find her watching me with a small smile. Her eyes right through me, past the hard exterior of Alpha Hunter and his past mistakes, and to the real me.
The one who loves her.
My eyes started to feel prickly, understanding what the deep rooted part of my soul was telling me. Not knowing what was going through my mind, her sweet gray eyes held my eyes with curiosity and concern. A lump raised in my throat, suddenly feeling tears well up in my eyes.
God, I love her.
Her eyes slightly widened at my unshed tears.
“I love you, Elisia.” I whispered to her, holding her gaze.
Her lips parted in surprise, looking dazed by my sudden confession.
And with that, I passionately captured her lips – just as she had captured my heart.
Once our lips connected, I felt a burst of euphoria course through me, making me shudder in ecstasy. A couple tears had escaped, making its way down my cheek. It had transferred onto her cheek, letting her know I shed tears.
I felt more tears, but quickly realised they weren’t mine. Teardrops were rolling down her face, pouring from her glossy eyes. Her lips were warm and delicious, making mine tingle with pleasure.
I moved a hand away from her face to softly caress her warm body. Her small hands explored the crevasses of my body, making me groan in pleasure. I slanted my head further, deepening the kiss as the quickening of her breath matched my own.
Her knees almost gave out beneath her, but I tightened my grip on her. Our lips moved perfectly in sync, I was completely intoxicated by her.
She pulled back suddenly, catching her breath. Her alluring eyes held mine, drawing me even further into her beautiful soul.
“I love you too.” She told me in a hushed tone.
Those words had elicited a burst of elation and bliss, I was on cloud nine. I suddenly twirled her around the lobby, making her laugh out loud.
Today was, by far, the best day of my life.


The Female Warrior And The Alpha Episode 56

Love is in the air, la laaa laaaa~

So every body guessed wrong,

The ‘new found love’ in the theme is not as literal as you think, kind of a little bit figurative,
Aiden being accepted into the new pack, Theo and Elisia love blooming, and the collision of the two packs all denotes ‘A new found love’
With that explained,

What do you think Theo and Elisia should name the pack?

Any suggestions?

If any, is there a reason behind the name? I may end up using it if I like it!

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3 months ago

The new name is “Theo Knight Pack”
I hope am right

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Ohh finally they will bond as mates. Am so happy!!🙌🙌🙌

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thump up to the writer ,

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O my lovely story
Thumbs up Yasmine

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So she won’t be able to telepathically speak to her family again. Eh yah, still lovely

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Theo Elisia pack

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Eltheo pack will do..

Well done

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The name should be ‘The moon shadowed pack’

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