The Female Warrior And The Alpha Episode 49 by Yasminne

The Female Warrior And The Alpha Episode 1 by Yasminne

The Female Warrior And The Alpha Episode 49 by Yasminne

Theme : Enter Nevos

Elisia POV
I stared at Kobi in horror, to think an old demon lived within him. It seemed ridiculous, to the point where I found it funny.
I started to chuckle, gaining startled looks from my mate and Kobi. I was laughing in disbelief, shaking my head at the man who I had lived under the same roof with. The same guy who enjoyed ketchup, and was the first to welcome my members and I into his pack.
His dark eyes glimmered as he regarded with me intense curiosity.
“I’ve woken up.”
I held back a gasp, feeling Theo’s grip on me tighten in shock. Kobi’s voice was different, deeper and raspier than usual.
It belonged to someone else.
We got into defensive positions, anticipating an attack. A humorous chuckle arose from his chest and shook his head at us.
“I’m not here to kill you, that would go against Erebus’ wishes.”
My eyes narrowed at him, he physically looked like Kobi, but it sure wasn’t him anymore. I began to wonder if he was still in there.
“Is Darkness your son?” Theo questioned the demon.
Demon? It sounded so…cartoony. I couldn’t take the situation seriously.
“And do you have a name?” I questioned, wanting to refer to him differently. “Who are you?”
Kobi’s face split into an unnatural smile, before he answered my question.
“I go by the name of Satanevos, but you may call me Nevos.” He replied after a brief pause, his eyes lingering on me. “And yes, Erebus is my son.”
I blinked at him, my discomfort increasing by the second.
“Oh hell no.” I blurted, rushing to get away from him.
Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough space to move out quick enough. I slumped in my spot, leaning away from the being that had took over Kobi’s body.
“I didn’t sign up for some Satan, demon shit.” I mumbled, side eyeing him. “Werewolves are supposed to be the only supernaturals on earth…”
“I created your species, little girl.” Nevos chuckled darkly, not appreciating my disgust.
Theo was side eyeing him too, wrapping his arms around me as a protective shield.
“Did Kobi have any say when you took over his body?” He asked, wondering about Kobi’s involvement.
“After promising him invincible power, he didn’t even hesitate to offer his body.” Nevos said, glancing down at his newly acquired body. “He was a dark soul indeed, the perfect vessel.”
I scowled, so Kobi was always like that then.

Recalling what the female Rogue had blurted out earlier.
That I, apparently, had the opposite trait, light, and that I had some kind of ability or power. Unfortunately, she was interrupted by Nevos’ boot crushing her skull.
However, that action alone increased the validity of her words. Darkness seemed to be so hell bent on having me, I did wonder what made me so desirable – other than the fact I was a female Alpha.
I had a feeling there was more to it.

And now I was certain we can beat them.
“Let’s go.” I mind linked Theo. “Let’s go to where the action is, to where everyone is fighting. Besides, we’re unsure of his abilities.”Without questioning it, he nodded and escaped from the small space, with me following right behind him.
“Leaving already?” An amused voice called out. I rolled my eyes, he really was Darkness’ father.
To my surprise, Nevos didn’t bother to follow us and let us make our way to the ruckus where everyone was.
“I heard what she said about you having the opposite trait… Light?” Theo spoke up, his brow furrowed in thought. “We should bring this piece of information to your parents for their input.”
“Good idea. Hopefully then, we can draw up a plan.”
We slowed down once we reached the area, speechless at how quickly everything was ruined. Houses, shops, hospitals were completely wrecked and on fire.
I noticed our dear innocent civilians hiding as they watched their warriors, with hope and worry etching their faces.
Rogues and warriors were fighting, swinging their silver weapons and shooting their enemies with rage and hatred. Roars of anger and pain filled the, once calm, air.
Dead bodies and blood decorated the concrete floor, as the fighters tried their best to avoid stepping on their fallen comrades.
I shook my head at the scene in front of me, tears of frustration welling up in my eyes.
This is war.
Helicopters circled the area in the sky, I squinted, not sure if it belonged to us or the humans.
And then I spotted someone with a clipboard.
I groaned internally, knowing we were going get in so much trouble with the US Government. More specifically, The Federation of Supernaturals (TFOSN).
I snarled at the helicopters, we’re going get so much shit from these humans when this is over. They know not to intervene right now, but they’ll definitely stick their noses into our business later on.

A long while back, we agreed to coexist, and wrote up a contract outlining our conditions. One of our main conditions was for them to stay the hell out of our business, along with agreeing to keep our existence a secret from the public.
One of theirs was to ensure not intentional harm is to come to their kind, and the land. I took in the devastating scene in front of me, and sighed.
Of course, they don’t really trust us and we’ve never really trusted them. We don’t have a friendly relationship with TFOSN, just a civil one.
They know about Rogues, but don’t understand that they’re different to us, regular werewolves. They just group us all together.
It’s always’ them vs us’ when it came to humans.
They’re wary of anything even remotely different to them, and since we’re physically stronger – they see us as a threat.
But they are bigger in numbers, so I don’t know what they’re so concerned about…
“The only humans I dislike.” Theo murmured as he watched the helicopters.
“Can you shut it for one second, I’m trying to have a conversation!”
I held back a laugh, recognising Jay’s agitated voice. I found it funny that he was trying to a conversation in the chaos.
I found him by a foundation display, that was now barely working, speaking to Emily. She wore a white tank top, soaked in blood, with high waisted black jeans.
My heart lurched a little before I realised it wasn’t her blood. Her arms were covered in blood as she concentrated in performing first aid on a fellow warrior.

She must’ve hurried out the hospital and decided to help, despite still being a patient.
She wore a determined expression as she wrapped bandages around the warrior’s wound.
We approached them, having to kill a rogue along the way. Several rogues had spotted me and was eyeing me, clearly wanting to approach me with malice.
However, the warriors kept them at bay by fighting them. Thankfully, it also served as a distraction to most.
Once we reached them, I noticed a male rogue standing by Jay – watching Emily take care of the injured.
I reached for a silver dagger and swiftly aimed at his head, why didn’t Jay do anything? He can clearly see the rogue chilling by his side.
Jay caught it before it could harm the guy, not bothering to spare a glance my way.
“I’m glad your safe, not that I ever doubted you.” He retorted, not keeping his eyes off Emily.
“You just saved a Rogue.” I told him in confusion. “You better have a good reason.”
I glanced at the rogue, surprised to see him grin at me. He seemed harmless so far, but I couldn’t afford to make bad judgements.
I hadn’t ever come across a nice rogue, so you can imagine my apprehension.
Jay didn’t seem to hear me, as he crouched down by Emily. “Okay, you’ve helped enough people; can I take your to a safer place?”
Emily stood up, her gorgeous brown eyes scanning, what was now the battlefield. She shook her head, and smiled at him.

“I can help more.”
“It’s too dangerous here, I don’t want you to get hurt.” Jay explained, his eyes softening as he also stood up.
Theo and I exchanged surprised looks, thinking of the same thing.
“You’re mates?” Theo exclaimed, his eyes widening at them.
They glanced at each other, making eye contact before looking away from the shyness.
“Yes, we are.” Jay confirmed with a giddy smile. “I guess that means double dates?”
Emily eyes shone as she regarded us in a different light. “I knew you guys were mates! Well, I had a feeling.”
“I’m happy for you.” Theo grinned, reaching to touch her shoulder. His hand was immediately smacked away by Jay, not realising what he had done.
He smiled sheepishly, muttering an apology. “I acted out of instinct, since you’re a guy and all.”
Theo glared at him. “Now imagine how I felt, dumbass.”
Jay blush deepened from embarrassment, as he shook his head and put his hands up in surrender. “Shit, let’s forget about all that. Okay?”
“So when are you going to compliment me?”
Everyone’s gaze moved to the rogue who awkwardly stood there with a small smile. The question seemed to be directed at Jay, making us look at him in confusion.
I realised it was him that Jay told to shut up earlier.
He sighed heavily, running his temples in annoyance. “I told you Aiden, I will compliment you when I think of one!”
I blinked at Jay and the rogue, baffled by their strange conversation. Theo rose an eyebrow at me, a gesture to ask if I knew what was going on. I shrugged back in response, feeling equally as confused as him.
Emily sighed and turned to us. “He’s been bugging us since he was released, by other rogues, from the jail here.”
I stared at her, still wanting her to elaborate.
“Basically, Jay and Aiden had a conversation on the phone; that’s when we realised Darkness was the mastermind behind everything.” She continued, rolling her eyes.
“We have another mastermind apparently.” Theo added, looking grim. I nodded in agreement, knowing he was referring to Nevos.

“Wait what?”
I got out the way in time, as a flying silver dagger whizzed passed my head.
“We’ll explain later.” I said hurriedly, changing my position.
“Long story short, Jay complimented my smile while he was still on the line. Aiden thought he was complimenting him, and thanked him before Jay shot that thought down. The rogue is still salty about it to this day…” She explained, rolling her eyes.
“It only happened yesterday!” The rogue huffed, crossing his arms.
“So you’re telling me he managed to escape our jail, but decided to come to the future Alpha of this pack for a compliment .” I said in disbelief, trying to wrap my head around it.
“I just want one compliment, is that so hard?” The Rogue complained, pouting his lips and batting his lashes.
Jay hit his head, holding back a smirk. “Stop that! You’re freaking me out!”
“It’s your fault I’m here, you hurt my feelings !”
I would’ve laughed if I hadn’t felt so weirded out that Jay was getting along with a rogue .
I watched Aiden carefully, taking in his careless posture. To my surprise, it seemed that he didn’t have any intention in harming us. He’s genuinely expecting a compliment from Jay.
“Why did you hurt the poor guy’s feelings?” I asked, yet again catching another silver dagger between my fingers.
Jay blinked at me before smacking his head in disbelief. He turned to face Emily with a concerned expression. “So you’re refusing to seek refuge?”
She looked into his eyes. “Yes, and you knew that all along.” She said, referring to the two large bags of medical supplies that hung from his broad shoulders.
He scowled and pouted, as he readjusted the straps. “I had a feeling that things would go your way.”
“Thanks for the help.” She grinned back, leaning to kiss his cheek.
His eyes widened as though he’d been electrocuted. “I’m always here to help.” His attitude immediately doing a 360 turn.
“Just one baby compliment?”
I snorted as my gaze fell on Aiden once again, who was giving us a thumbs up.
My eyes lingered on him, taking in his physical appearance. He stood tall, almost Theo’s height, and had a lean, but muscular build.
He had wavy chestnut coloured hair, and mischievous brown eyes. There was a childlike, playful aura surrounding him.
“You have nice hair.” I complimented him with a smile. I wondered if he could prove himself useful to us…
Aiden’s face brightened at my comment, his cheeks flushing a little. With an excited expression, he ran his hand through his wavy hair. I couldn’t hold back a smile, he was so cute.
Theo’s head snapped in my direction as soon as he felt that thought. “You think I’m cute too, right?” He mindlinked me with a frown.
I stared at him, not sure how to react. “Hell yeah, you’re cute!” I replied in a ‘duh’ tone.

Theo curtly nodded in approvement, before awkwardly clearing his voice.
“And hot, sweet, strong, gorgeous, unreal, dependable, handsome, funny, loveable…” I added shyly, meaning everything.
He smirked at that before he snaked his strong arm around my waist, causing little sparks to fly between us. My heart started to race in excitement and shyness when he drew me closer to his body.
I relished in his warmth radiating from his body and seeping into mine. I felt his muscles involuntarily flex and mould itself into my body.
He brought his head down to kiss my neck, earning a gasp from me. I felt him smile into my hair, and kissed it too. Feeling cheeky, I reached to touch his abs; dangerously moving my hands lower and lower.
He took a sharp intake of breath, gripped my waist tighter and murmured, “Fuck.” under his breath.
He looked down at me, his blue eyes darkening with lust. “That was naughty.”
I bit my lip in excitement, really liking this side of him. His gaze zeroed in on that action, licking his lips in response.
“Only you two could have a horny moment during a fucking battle !” Jay screeched, watching us in horror.
Theo gave me a look to say ‘we’ll continue this later’. I smirked at him in response before we got out each other’s embrace.
“I spot two more casualties.” Emily announced, already approaching them. “Come on, Jay!”
Jay was about to follow, but stopped in his tracks to talk to Aiden. “I like you, but you’re a rogue.”
Same, I thought.
“Same.” Theo added in the link.
“You spent the last ten minutes with Elisia, your people’s only target, and Theo, the BlackShadowed Alpha. You hadn’t made any attempt to harm them, so who are you loyal to?” Jay questioned, his eyes narrowing at him.
Aiden shrugged carelessly. “I only follow Darkness and Nevos because I’m scared of them. I preferred Killian over them, but then again, I only followed him because I didn’t have a choice.”
“Who’s Nevos?” Jay asked frowning.
“I know it sounds crazy but Nevos is inside Kobi, and yes, he is here. Nevos is a demon who chose Kobi as his vessel to occupy during his stay here. He is also Darkness’ dad, so it like a fucking family reunion up in here.” I explained quickly.
“So Darkness is half demon, half werewolf? Who’s the mum? What kind of werewolf would have a child with a demon?” Jay said with a disgusted expression. “But like, demons are a fantasy…”
“Says the werewolf.” Theo muttered, rolling his eyes. “And that’s not even the craziest part. I’m sure your familiar with the creation of our species.”
“The evolution theory, or the curse one?” Jay questioned with a thoughtful expression. His eyes widened in disbelief and horror. “No fucking way!”

“The demon who cursed a fraction of mankind is that Nevos guy?” He screeched in shock.
His mind was probably blown right now. The origin of werewolves had always been unclear, there were two popular theories. As time progressed, more and more of us believed the evolution theory over the curse one.
Demons and curses was unofficially consdered a myth.
“So if you see Kobi, retreat and don’t fight. We’re currently unaware of his abilities, it’s best to step back and analyse the situation.” Theo explained. “Make sure to warn Emily.”
Jay nodded. “Do you guys have a plan?”
I spoke up this time. “Kind of, but not really.”
Aiden shifted awkwardly before speaking up. “I could tell you about him. I mean, I know quite a bit about him.”
We looked at him in surprise, not expecting him to try and help. “I don’t know, I said I liked you but I didn’t say I trusted you. No personal feelings, it’s just logical.”
“We’ll listen to what you have to say, but understand that it’ll be up us if we decide to utilise your information.” I warned him.
“We’ll be the judges.” My mate added darkly, looking intimidating. Aiden gulped nervously before nodding.
Jay got distracted by Emily, she needed aid. “I’ve got to go, I wish you guys luck.”
And with that, he rushed to his mate’s side; providing her with the necessary medical supplies.

I felt the presence of a familiar Alpha, turned around to face him and gasped.
“Magnus? You shifted?”
A large, brown furred wolf with dark eyes stood before me. His wise eyes flicked between the three of us, as his enemies’ blood dripped from his mouth. His fur was soaked in rogue blood and his snout glistened from the red stuff.
I shivered, not being able to imagine how much he had probably killed. I was curious to know why he had shifted, it wasn’t too often that we shifted during battle. Contrary to popular belief, fighting in our flesh form was little more advantageous.
A low rumble of a dark growl ripped from his chest, directed at Aiden. Magnus hadn’t attacked him yet, because he knew there was a reason we hadn’t.
“He might be able to help us, we’re judging his true intentions at the moment.” I explained with a shrug.
He let out a short, curt snort to show he understood. I began to explain the Nevos situation, as well as the ‘light’ trait advantage the female rogue slipped out.
“We both think its a real thing, but the question is, how do I use it?”
Was there like a magic word or something?
“Magic.” Theo scoffed in my mind, amused at my train of thought.
“Hey, demons exist so anything is possible!” I shot back with a huff.
Magnus head snapped towards his right, his eyes focusing on his mate’s figure. She was chasing a male rogue, holding two silver machetes in each hand.
Her blond hair was now soaked red, sticking to her forehead and neck. Blood dripped down her furious face as she roared during her efforts to tackle the man down.
She swung her silver weapon and killed the rogue instantly with a dangerous look on her face.
Kaitlyn looked furious, always dangerous during battle. She pulled her weapon from the body and threw it behind her, cleanly hitting the attacker’s heart.
She didn’t even look.
“She’s like a completely different person.” Theo admitted in awe, watching her dance around her opponents and finish them within seconds.
“She’s so badass.” I agreed, feeling proud. “So amazing.”
After finishing her attackers, she stopped to take a breather and spotted us. She held up a thumbs up and tired smile.
Magnus’ wolf snorted in happiness, happy to see his mate.
“Oh shit!” Aiden cried in horror, pointing to a dark figure behind Kaitlyn.

She stopped paying attention to her surroundings for just a split second to greet us.
That split second could very well be the difference between life or death.
Magnus left us immediately, trying to reach her in a full sprint. I left Theo’s side, my gaze only focused on the rogue behind her, and ran towards her.
I didn’t even realise I was screaming, “MOVE! MOVE!”
“KAITLYN!” Theo yelled in alarm, running beside me.
Her eyes widened at us in realisation, and tried to move out the way, but it was too late.
The Rogue had mercilessly plunged a silver machete into her chest.
My heart cracked and wepted at the sight of her crying out in pain. No, this can’t be happening.

Tears pooled my eyes, and ran down my face. The blurry imagine of Kaitlyn losing strength haunted my mind.
Still running at full speed, I watched him slowly pull it out and plunge it in her again.
“Agh!” I cried out, almost buckling from pain and horror. “Kaitlyn!”
All my senses dampened, I couldn’t hear or see anything but her. In the first time in a very long time, I felt so scared.
I can’t lose her, no.
Magnus reached her first, and tackled the rogue down. Without hesitation, he ripped through his body, shredding his body to pieces.
Kaitlyn wide scared eyes started to close, as her body crumbled to the ground.
“MUM!” Jay terrified voice pierced the air in the distance.
The rogue had died already, but Magnus didn’t stop ripping him into small parts until he was satisfied.
He trotted to his mate’s side, whimpering as he dug his snout into her limp arms. We finally reached her, speechless at the amount of blood she was losing.
“Let her bleed out, its the best thing we can do.” Theo whispered, his blue eyes filled with worry. He meant the silver was already in her blood, the best we could do was drain her.
I dropped to my knees and reached to touch her, my hands were shaking uncontrollably.
Drops of my tears fell onto her face as I whispered for her name, begging her to hang on.
A pained howl caught my attention, so I looked up to find Jay sprinting towards us in wolf form.

His wolf’s brown eyes were welling up with tears, focused on the limp figure that was his mother. Emily wasn’t too far behind, sprinting at full speed with a medical supplies.
Suddenly, I felt her life force get considerably weaker, making me cry harder in helplessness and fear.
An uncountable amount of mourning howls filled the air, the pack members were feeling her slip away.
Magnus’ wolf howled painfully loud for the entire pack to hear. Jay arrived, and started to pace around his mum, whimpering and crying.
I started to shake uncontrollably, anger coursing through my body. Wiping my tears, I got up and stood tall, scanning the battlefield.
The warriors were distracted, barely fighting and constantly glancing in our direction, worried for their precious Luna.
“Kill them all!” I roared in rage. “Every last one of them!”
Theo swiftly brought out his weapons, and roared with me. “Have! No! Mercy!”
We got howls and roars of agreement in response. My sharp eyes noticed a shadow shift near the entrance to our library.

My chest started to heave fury, resentment and hatred. I was so angry, I started to see red – no doubt my gray eyes turned a murderous coal black.
And then…
I saw a white light, blurring my vision for a second. Indescribable power electricfied my nerves, I grinned in realisation – I was unstoppable.

The shadow turned, made eye contact with me and grinned.
I will show him what true Darkness is.

The Female Warrior And The Alpha Episode 49

That was a long ride,

Did you see any of this coming?

So Kaitlyn is down, will she survive?

What do you think about Aiden? Is he to be trusted?

Your Comment Is Needed To Unlock The Next Episode!!!

By the way, anticipate the next episode.
I promise it’s gonna be exciting.
Theme : Erebus (Darkness) vs Elisia (Light)

Brace yourselves!!!!!

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