The Female Warrior And The Alpha Episode 48 by Yasminne

The Female Warrior And The Alpha Episode 1 by Yasminne

The Female Warrior And The Alpha Episode 48 by Yasminne

Theme : The Rogues Attack

Erebus/Darkness POV
My smirk widened as I took in Elisia’s figure as she stood in front of those leaders. Her aura had become much more powerful since the last time I saw her, she had developed into a fine Alpha. I had given her time to prosper and become who she is today, I’ve waited long enough.
All I needed to do now is mate with her, so we can produce the strongest off springs in history.
“You are the only female Alpha in the country, making you the most powerful female wolf. Surely, he’s targeting you to mate with you and produce strong off springs. That is if he is as powerful as you say he is.”
My head snapped towards the Alpha who said that, impressed with how accurate his theory was. Ten points awarded to the man with the golden eyes, the Alpha who I believe is named ‘Aron’.
The corner of my mouth curled in amusement, none of them knew how different/special she really was. Elisia’s Alpha rank wasn’t the only thing that made her powerful.
Theo stood up, a loud warning growl ripping from his chest as he regarded Aron with an angry gaze. “Those rogues won’t lay another hand on her.”
I raised an eyebrow at Elisia’s hand caressing his arm, immediately calming him down. I leaned back onto a wall with a thoughtful expression, they were mates.
Elisia smiled brightly at the group of Alphas and Lunas. “The last, and best, announcement is that we’re mates. If Darkness has any of those ideas, he’ll have to deal with the both of us.”
I frowned, not at all happy about him being in the picture. He’s a problem I’ll have to get rid of. Thankfully, it didn’t seem like they’ve completed the mate bond. But it was definitely past the initial stage, it’ll be annoying to have her mope around so much when he dies.
A Luna shifted in her seat, looking bored with the whole exchange. “So what does you being targeting have to do with us and our packs? Other than the fact that they can pose as humans?”
I couldn’t help but chuckle, deeply amused by her words. I had revealed my presence a little earlier than I had planned, oh well.
“That’s a good question, lady.” I vocalised, not yet revealing myself. I found it hilarious that these so called ‘powerful’ werewolves weren’t able to sense me at all, I had been in the same room for a while.
Elisia visibly stiffened, her eyes widening and also darkening with anger. Theo was already scanning the room, trying to find my location. The leaders looked uncertain about what was happening, probably in disbelief that there was a rogue amongst them.
I scoffed at their stupidity.
My gaze returned to Theo, watching his chest heave in rage. It was only when he yelled my name, that the rest had finally gotten into position to fight their unknown enemy. I watched them in annoyance, they think they’re so important and yet, their power came nowhere near mine.
My gaze focused back onto my future mate, except hers.
“Where is he?” One Alpha roared. I smirked, anyone could see he was angry and frustrated. However, I could also sense fear and uncertainty emitting from him and several other leaders.
So weak.
It was then, when I decided that it was time I revealed myself. Concealing myself within the shadows, I slipped past them all and stopped by Elisia.
Morphing into my physical self, I smiled at my audience who were gaping at me in disbelief. Not giving them the chance to speak, I faced the beautiful Alpha standing beside me and said, “Hello there.”Her head whipped to face me, her stunning gray eyes meeting my dark ones. She looked shocked to see me standing beside her, making me smile even wider.
“It’s been a while, hasn’t it?”
She got over her shock pretty quickly as she regarded me with a annoyed expression. “Oh it has, Mr Nightmare. What’s up with your face?”
I grinned, knowing she was startled by my features. I looked different compared to the last time they saw me, they probably have had that face engrained in their minds for a while. Being able to slightly morph my face is handy when it comes to facing your enemies.
“Mr Nightmare?” I repeated, amused by her cute attempt to annoy me. “I’m totally fine with you calling me that if you prefer it.”
Theo stepped forward, blocking my view of her. Annoyed, I raised an eyebrow at him; letting him know I found him to be more of a pest than anything.
“What do you want?” He asked, getting straight to the point. “And why do you look different?”
“How you been, bro?” I responded with a smile, taking the piss. “Wow, have you grown taller or something? You look great! Although, I’d drop the venomous glare because it ain’t a good look.”
“Um.” I heard someone say from the back of the room. “Is this guy really serious?”
“I crashed your all important meeting, I might as well be nice to make up for it.” I explained myself with a thumbs up. “And by the way, if anyone has any ideas to outsmart me, I’ll order my rogues to kill the innocent civilians in this pack.”
I flashed them a bright smile, along with my threat.
They all stared at me for a second longer, before mind-linking their warriors about what I had just told them. No doubt they were giving orders to protect the vulnerable civilians, and kill my rogues – exactly what I had expected.
My rogues were prepared for the battle awaiting them, I wasn’t worried.
“To answer your question, I am simply here to get Elisia off your hands and I look different because I just do.” I said, putting a hand on his shoulder. He was quick to shrug it off, looking weirded out by my behaviour.
The truth was I looked different because, I was wearing my real face today. I looked a lot younger and, I have to admit, more handsome looking than the last time they saw me.
My, shoulder length, black hair was tied up into a man-bun, and my pearly white teeth gleamed as I smiled. I wore my black tuxedo for the special occasion, it was tailored to fit my lean and muscular body. I have to say, I can clean up pretty well.
“You are not getting your hands on her.” The Alpha of the Imperial Pride Pack barked angrily. “Leave my territory now, or you’ll face the consequences.”
I regarded him with a curious expression, he seemed to be least nervous about me in the room. “Magnus Steel, it’s a pleasure to meet you too.” I started to say, even though he hadn’t greeted me. “Unfortunately, I have no intention of leaving this pack without Elisia. Now, if you don’t want your people murdered, than I suggest that she calmly comes with me.”
His striking green eyes narrowed at me, burning with hatred.
“Or we can do this the hard way.” I grinned, whipping out my remote. “The human might wanna move since she’s so close to a wall.”
Everyone stiffened as their gaze fell on the small gadget in my hand.
“Have you ever been in an explosion?” I questioned with a dark chuckle, before pressing the red button.

Elisia POV
As soon as I heard the word, ‘explosion’, I yelled, “Take cover!”
The walls of the hall had burst into pieces from the bombs detonating, bringing the building down. The eruption was so loud, my hearing was impaired to the point where everyone sounded distant.
There was just muffled screams and ringing…just ringing.
Theo had already began to push me under him, covering me from the debris. In the chaos, I happened to have noticed a large screen falling right above us. I escaped from under him and pushed us out the way before it could harm us.
The strong scent of blood had wafted up my nose, making me wonder who got hurt this bad. The explosion had created smoke clouds that made it hard to see, but squinting helped.
Dread pounded into my heart, as my gaze fell on a howling Aron. Tears and blood streamed down his face as he roared to the heavens to bring his mate back.
Even with my altered hearing, his pained howls cut through and pierced my heart. No…please no…
I started to shake as my gaze moved onto the human Luna, she looked lifeless in his arms. Blood had soaked into her silver hair, into Aron clothing and was dripping onto the chair she once sat on. An uncontrollable sob escaped me once I felt the absence of a human in the room, she was gone.
She had been the closest to one of the walls, absorbing most of the impact of the explosion. There’s no way she could’ve survived such a damaging blow, if only Aron had been the one to sit there instead…
Life was cruel, so cruel.
Another Alpha and Luna had emerged from the debris, pulling out the sharp objects that had managed to pierce their bodies. They were frantically waving their arms, doing elaborate gestures with wild expressions at me.
Everything seemed so hazy, my senses were completely distorted. Someone pulled me away from the scene, making me stiffen to fight before I sensed it was just Theo. The smoke was getting too much to bear, we had to evacuate as soon as possible.
I was dragged out the demolished building to find a sight I had never wanted to see. Fires and rogues attacking my people and the land that is my home.
The Imperial Pride Pack was under a full blown attack.
I yelled, in anger and in horror of what was happening. Even with my distorted hearing, I could hear the faint screams of horror and pain from the civilians. I blinked hard to get rid of the tears that were begging for release.
Fight now, cry later.
I felt angry for what the rogues have done, frustrated that I couldn’t move faster, and I feared for what the civilians had already experienced. I was already heading to the closest ‘Weapons Station’, they were scattered all around the pack for emergencies like this. We prayed we wouldn’t have to resort to using them.
Theo followed me, his eyes flickering around for potential surprise attacks from a rogue or from Darkness himself.
Darkness, I will fucking kill him.
I opened the door with the unique code and headed in. We armed ourselves with silver bulleted guns, silver machetes, and silver daggers. Most importantly, we wore the bulletproof vests for protection. I noticed there were only two left, telling me that a pack member had already come in here to get supplies.
We got out, not forgetting to close the door to ensure no rogue can get in and use our weapons for themselves. As long as they don’t know the code, it’s pretty much impossible to get in.”You know, maybe it’s wise that you don’t go straight into the battle field. Considering that the entire rogue force is after you and all.” Theo suggested with a conflicted expression.
“I know what you mean.” I began to say, still marching ahead.
“You do?”
“Yeah, but fuck that.” I scoffed, stepping over a rogue’s body. “I’m the Chief Warrior of this pack, I have sworn to protect it with my life and that is exactly what I’m going to do.”
I felt a ripple of slight movement to my right, it didn’t feel right so without hesitating I flung a silver dagger at that direction. I turned to find a female rogue spluttering blood from the dagger in her throat.
I approached her, and cleanly slit her neck for a quicker death.
“Let’s move on.” I said emotionlessly, not waiting for the body to hit the ground. We encountered numerous rogues of different ages and genders, all with the same goal in mind – to seize me.
I thought about how unfair this all was, that the lives of the pack was at stake because I didn’t turn myself in to the rogues. However, I knew for sure that no one from my family nor Theo would ever let that happen.
If that is how it’s going to be, then best believe I’m going to fight. I’ll be in the front lines, defending the pack.
I learnt that Theo had incredible aim, he can shoot accurately with both his left and right arm. He held two loaded guns, while I held one gun in one hand and a machete in the other. We made it to the centre of the pack, where buildings and houses were on fire.
“Elisia!” Someone cried out.
I whipped my head towards the source, to find a middle aged man stuck under a truck. He looked rough and bloody, like he’d been fighting for a while – he had no strength left.
Without thinking, I started to heave the heavy vehicle off him. “No, no!” He yelled, getting my attention. “Forget about me, just please go save my family! My wife and two kids, they’re up that alley over there! They’re being held hostage by three rogues, please get them to safety.”
I nodded, understanding his desperation. “Theo, get the truck off him. I’ll go.”
“No, I’ll-“
“Just do it quick, and join me after!” I cut him off, already on the move. I couldn’t afford to waste time, I knew I could handle three rogues on my own. Although, it’ll be especially easy once I have Theo as my partner.
I started to go down the route the man told me to go, before I stopped in my tracks.
Think Elisia.
Feel for the children and mother’s presence before rushing into the unknown. To my annoyance, I could only feel a group of rogues waiting for me on the other side of this wall.
I let out an inaudible sigh of relief, glad that I had stopped to think in such a hectic and fucked up situation. I decided to wait for Theo before doing anything, working together meant there was a higher chance of triumphing.
“It’s a trap!” Theo mind-linked me frantically.
“I’m coming!”
“I know. Thankfully, they don’t know I’m here .” I responded with a sigh. “Let’s take these rogues down together.”
Just as I said that, I saw him jogging towards me, looking relived. He approached me quietly. I was curious to know how he knew it was a trap, despite being a little further from here.
Sensing my curiosity, he mind linked me.
“When I lifted the truck off him, he thanked me and calmly walked away. He walked away from where his supposed family was taken hostage, what kind of father and husband would do that? None, so that’s when I knew something was wrong. I’m glad you hadn’t barged in there, we would’ve walked straight into their dumb plan.”I nodded, wiping my blood covered hands on the grass. I was completely drenched in my opponents blood, all of them were fighters but none had come close to beating me. I took a deep breath in, something told me that these rogues we were about to face were a lot more experienced.
We quickly drew up a plan, communicating through the mind-link channel. Once we were satisfied with it, we got into positions and initiated the first move. We agreed to never split up from now on, it was better like that.
Theo revealed his position to shoot silver bullets at the group of rogues, around five had already fallen from being shot. Several cries of agony and pain was my signal to move stealthily and attack from the back. There were about six furious rogues standing, revealing their weapons to attack Theo.
Using my favourite weapon, I skilfully swung my silver machete and decapitated two before they had the chance to turn around. The four rogues that were left growled and snarled at the sight of their fallen comrades.
One female charged at me holding six daggers, three in each hand, and tried to inflict some injury. I dodged all her advances the best I could, I could tell she was incredibly skilled. I noticed she was purposefully avoiding to kill me, not that I’d ever give her the chance to.
A small part of me was pleased to have my first challenge be a female, however, this wasn’t the time to think like that.
This wolf is a rogue, that’s all that matters.
From the corner of my eye, I noticed a rogue pull out a gun to shoot at me. Within a split second, I reached to twist my opponent’s arm and hid behind her for protection; using her like a shield against the bullets.
I doubted that the rogues were equipped with silver bulleted guns. They’re extremely hard to obtain, even for fully fledged packs, let alone rogues.
Before the rogue within my grip could escape, loud shots filled the air. Bullets penetrated the female’s body, painfully convulsing from it’s harmful impact. Still using her for protection, I shuffled backwards until I found a hiding space to recollect my thoughts.
Meanwhile, Theo was out there fighting in close combat with three rogues – including the one who shot at me. I looked down at the injured female rogue who was bleeding out, and brought out my machete to give her a quick death. If I left her like this, the bleeding would eventually stop and her body would heal, since the bullets weren’t silver.
The sharp point of my weapon rested right above her heart, inches away from piercing into her heart and ending her life.
“Make it worth it.” I snarled, referring to her last words.
“You wont be able to defeat Erebus, he’s not like us!” She croaked, her chest heaving unevenly. “He’s something else…”
“Tell me something I don’t know.” I demanded, my eyes narrowing at her.
It was no surprise that Darkness was more than just a wolf. From being able to change his features, being able to conceal into the shadows, having acquired impossible speed as well as being able to morph into a non-physical state.
It was clear he was something else completely.
My best bet is that he had meddled with dark old magic. The same kind that had cursed a continent full of humans to shift into wolves every full moon.
Our forefathers have had to deal with the troublesome curse, before training themselves to shift into wolves on their own will. Evolution had enabled werewolves after them to shift like it’s second nature. This made it easier to consider the curse as more of a gift than anything else.
“Why is he like that?” I questioned angrily. “What kind of fucking demon is he?”
The rogue’s smile widened as blood slid down the features. “If you thought us werewolves were supernatural, that’s nowhere near as unnatural as a half demon, half werewolf.”
Half demon? When I called him a demon , I used it figuratively.
“What kind of bullshit-” I started to say.
“But you know it ain’t bullshit, you’ve seen him with unbelievable abilities. He’s powerful enough to declare war against the Alphas and Lunas of this country.” She snarled at me with glaring eyes. “Just give up already, before any more people die because of your stubbornness.”
“Don’t listen to her, she’s trying to mess with your head!” Theo growled in the distance.
“A demon cursed a large population of humans centuries ago, a punishment for using excess dark magic.” She continued, holding my gaze. “That demon is the glorious father of Erebus.”
“Darkness is his son?” Theo mind-linked me in disbelief. “No way…”
I gulped, having no doubt that this female was telling the truth. There was cell in my body that disbelieves her, and that scared me.
“Do you know where that demon is today?” She asked with wide eyes. “He lives within a boy named Kobi, someone who was born with darkness and was destined to live with darkness.”
That demon was currently in Kobi?
My head couldn’t get around this, it was like everything had just taken a weird and unexpected turn. Just when I thought I couldn’t be more surprised, fate throws something even more crazy for me to deal with.
Theo had finished off his last opponent before coming over to us. He wore an unreadable expression, and crouched down beside me.
“I heard everything, do you believe her?” He asked me seriously, frowning at the injured rogue.
“Yes.” I mind-linked him.
“Then I believe it too.”
“I didn’t even tell you the most exciting part, you were born with a complete opposite trait – light.” The female giggled with a crazed expression. “So you have the ability and power to-“
Suddenly, a black boot stepped on her face, immediately crushing her skull and turning it into mush. I gagged and dry heaved at the sight of her brains being squeezed out her ears, like toothpaste. Theo took a sharp intake of breath, it was too much to bare.
I covered my mouth in shock and squeezed my eyes shut, trying to erase the gory scene I had just witnessed. Theo held me in his arms when I started to shake from the shock, I wasn’t mentally prepared to see that.
“Fuck.” Theo swore in anger.
I opened my eyes to look at the owner of the boot.
It belonged to Kobi.
His dark eyes narrowed at the, now dead, female rogue and tutted. “That’s enough of you for now.”
So the drama continues from the next episode.

The Female Warrior And The Alpha Episode 48

So there we have it,
The first significant death in the story, awwwn poor Luna, she only lived through one episode….. 😢
So what do you think will be Aron’s take upon his mate’s demise?

He could either blame Darkness or Elisia for his mate’s death.. It’s gonna be interesting to watch how he reacts.

An angry Alpha can be dangerous you know?
Speak less of one that’s lost its mate.

Watch out for the next episode.

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3 months ago

Kobi a big traitor. Intriguing

3 months ago

They should sha defeat the Erebus. Is Kobi and Erebus the same person

3 months ago

The Angry Alpha should blame Darkness Biko

3 months ago

One last thing Theo and Elisa should have a baby before you finish the story. Thank you

3 months ago
Reply to  Dammy

Once they complete their mating period Theo and Elisia will defeat Darkness

3 months ago

Awesome story of the year

3 months ago

The Angry Alpha should join others to fight Darkness/Kobi. Speaking of Kobi, he is something else, a traitor including her sister.

3 months ago

This is the best story ever…. thanks a lot for this

3 months ago

That demon is d glorious father of Erebus
Darkness is his son meaning
Darkness is d grandson of d demon living inside Kobi but I believe Elisia will conquer him

3 months ago

Kobi is a traitor, as for Darkness Elisia and theo will defeat him

17 days ago

Its a pity the human Luna had to go like that…but her mouth ain’t good.
And the Kobi revelation..hmm