The Female Warrior And The Alpha Episode 47 by Yasminne

The Female Warrior And The Alpha Episode 1 by Yasminne

The Female Warrior And The Alpha Episode 47 by Yasminne

Theme : The Leaders Meeting

Elisia’s POV
Theo, Jay and I were in the large hall that’s usually used for lectures and lessons. We were helping to set up for the meeting with all the leaders in the community. Theo had opened up, during the car ride, about his childhood to Jay to explain his actions. Jay had nothing else to say except ‘Oh, that’s really depressing bro’.
While we were setting up, Jay was frowning at me with curiosity etching his features.
“What is it?” I asked, wondering what was on his mind.
“You smell different.” He confessed, his eyebrow raising at me. “You smell like an-.”
The word hung in the air without anyone saying it.
He shook his head in disbelief and laughed. “Don’t worry about it.”
Theo and I exchanged looks, I was planning on telling him, Magnus and Kaitlyn today – all at once.
We finished setting up and headed back to the Alpha House where Magnus and Kaitlyn were, we thought it was time to finally tell them about Theo and I. Before we did that, the three of us headed upstairs to change into more suitable and appropriate attire for the meeting.
We caught them quietly discussing about something, before they stopped to greet us with a smile.
“Is everything set up?” Kaitlyn asked.
I nodded and said, “Yes, Theo and I need to tell you something.”
Magnus and Kaitlyn exchanged knowing looks before they nodded. “Alright, we also need to discuss something with you.”
I took a deep breath in, I already knew they’ve warmed up to Theo so I wasn’t as nervous as the first time they met him. He stood beside me gently rubbing circles on my lower back in encouragement.
“Theo and I are mates.”
They blinked at him and I for a couple of seconds, before breaking into laughter. “We already knew, love.” Kaitlyn confessed, her green eyes twinkling with mischief.
I gaped at them in shock and disbelief, they
knew ?
Magnus sheepishly shrugged and smiled. “We figured it out as soon as he arrived onto our territory on the day the rogues crashed Jay’s graduation. We’re not blind, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out you’re mates.”
Jay popped out of nowhere with a frown. “Hey, steady on! I didn’t realise until last night.” He mumbled, glancing at us. “They resisted the mating for that long, so of course I didn’t jump to that conclusion.”
He paused and raised his eyebrows at his dad. “No wonder you were asking him weird ass questions during that lunch. ‘Where do you see yourself in five years?'” He said, imitating Magnus’ deep voice.
“So that was what that was all about…” Theo chuckled in the link. I thought back to that day, rogues were after me and yet, Magnus allowed me to roam the territory with Theo alone.
“And he was totally fine sending you back to my pack, the day right after the attack.” Theo added.
Kaitlyn chuckled and shook her head. “I didn’t believe it when Magnus told me, I couldn’t imagine anyone resisting to complete the mate bond. You must have your reasons, so we wont ask.”
“When did you believe it?” Jay asked curiously.
She wiggled her eyebrows at us mischievously. “Dinner time!”Theo and I froze, embarrassment and shyness overcoming us. To Magnus and Jay, she had just said a normal sentence. But I clearly remembered the first time we kissed in my room, we were interrupted by her knocking and saying it’s ‘Dinner time!’ She knew Theo was in my room that day, I didn’t think twice about it then because the kiss had clouded my mind.
Magnus regarded us with a fascinated and curious expression. “It’s no surprise that these two strong wolves can suppress even nature’s plans.”
“You wanna tell them now?” Theo asked, mind-linking me. “Now is the best time, with him calling you a strong wolf and all.”
I fidgeted with the hem of my top before I said anything. To say I was nervous was an understatement, I had kept a huge secret from my family. I had no idea how they will react, but it’s got to be done. I didn’t want them to find out during the meeting with everyone, where I’m planning to reveal my true rank and identity.
“I have something else I’ve got to tell you guys, and I suggest you sit down for this.” I said nervously, making everyone curious at my seriousness.
The five of us headed to dining room and sat down at the table. With one reassuring look from Theo, I gathered the courage to spill everything. From the time I discovered The MoonKnight Pack and it’s history, my weird reaction to a former MoonKnight Pack member saying ‘Alpha’, from when I read the book ‘ The disruption of Ranks’ to the former member, Ms Williams confirming my rank.
I told them everything, not leaving anything out. They sat there quietly, ingesting everything I was telling them. I went on to tell them about what had really happened to Alexander and Lily Gray and how I was set on clearing their name.
Once I finished, the room was quiet.
It was like no one could quite believe this had been happening behind the scenes. Magnus’ brow was furrowed in thought, Kaitlyn was staring at the table and Jay was running his hand through his hair continuously.
Magnus broke the silence first.
“Well, I guess that explains your abilities. The only reason why we hadn’t jumped to the conclusion that you’d come from a higher ranking family was because, there had been rare cases of werewolves being born with higher abilities than their rank. I had been researching about it, around the time we found you, and I was quick to put you in that category. So, I apologise.”
He caught my gaze, looking sorrowful. “I’m sorry, Elisia. If it hadn’t been for me, maybe you would’ve known about your true background much earlier.”
I shook my head and reached to hold his hand. “No, it’s really fine! I think I was meant to find out like this. Besides, I never wondered about what my true background was – I was too busy cherishing the life you had given me.”
I heard Kaitlyn sniff, grabbing my attention and widened my eyes at the tears overflowing her eyes. “I can’t believe you had been actively hunted by rogues since the graduation attack and we had no idea.”
I left my seat to go hug her, to which she responded by tightly hugging me back.
“Okay, so if I can reiterate what you had told us about the rogues.” Magnus started to say, going into his usual Alpha self. “Initially, you thought that The Rogue Force was after you to finish Maxwell’s wishes to kill you, since he died before he could find you. But then you realised Killian had his own reasons to kill you.”
I nodded, remembering what Leona told me.
“Alexander Gray had ordered the killing of his father when he trespassed The MoonKnight Pack’s territory, a lawsuit happened because rogue witnesses said that he was killed unlawfully. Killian believed this to be true, and wanted to avenge his father, but Alex died before he could.” Magnus carried on.”Once The Rogue Force was notified that his daughter, Elisia, was alive, he thought he could get his revenge by killing her instead. What a sick fuck.” Kaitlyn finished, her eyes flashing with anger.
“Mum, language!” Jay exclaimed, his jaw hanging in shock. Kaitlyn wasn’t the type to swear, so it was surprising.
“Oh, shush!” She shot back, still not letting go of me.
“Anyway, I killed Killian so he can’t do shit now.” Jay moved on with a smirk.
“Wipe that smug smirk from your face, boy.” Magnus said with a warning tone. “Killian may be gone, but this Darkness guy that was mentioned; he sounds like trouble. From what I’ve heard from these two, he isn’t ordinary.”
Kaitlyn’s hold on me loosened, she looked very concerned. Magnus admitting Darkness was a problem reminded me how dangerous he probably is.
Jay’s expression darkened. “I got to hear about Darkness through a rogue, the one we imprisoned yesterday. The leader the rogues really followed was always Darkness, not Killian.”
Theo nodded. “We assumed that much, Darkness is the one we’ve got to get rid of. However, we’ve faced him before and let me tell you, it will not be easy.”
“You’ve fought him?”
“No, but I could tell.” He replied grimly. I couldn’t help but nod in agreement, Darkness had managed to slip in and out of the territory like it was his playground. If he wanted to, he could even crash our discussion now.
Magnus nodded, completely understanding the seriousness of the situation. “Okay, everything you have told me will be revealed at the meeting. Do you want to explain everything?”
“I think it’ll be best if I explained it, the topic does revolve around me after all. I want to make a good impression and show the leaders who I am.” I responded thoughtfully. “I want to gain their respect, and show that I can be a fellow leader.”
Kaitlyn gave me one last squeeze before releasing me. I headed back to my seat where Theo was grinning at me for no reason.
“So about that, what’s the plan?” Jay asked, looking between Theo and I. “You have The MoonKnight Pack to lead, so you’re an Alpha. However, you’re also the mate of an Alpha, so you’re also a Luna.”
Theo and I smiled at that, it was something we discussed about last evening. “The solution is quite simple. We’re planning to merge the two packs, officially and permanently. We will lead both packs as the Alphas.”
Magnus’ eyes widened. “Two Alphas, that hasn’t been done in a very long while.”
I pointed at myself. “The wolf who breaks norms and all, it shouldn’t come off as too much off as a surprise.”
Theo leaned to kiss my forehead wearing his dimpled smile. “The female Warrior will officially become the Alpha. My partner, my mate, my love and my equal.”
Kaitlyn squealed from his public display of affection. “I told ya’ll he was a romantic!”
Theo hadn’t moved away yet when he said, “Your phone keeps buzzing, love.”
I blinked in surprise, I hadn’t noticed it was buzzing. I took it out and read the notifications, just to see Leona spam texting me.
“What happened to the phone I bought you, Elisia?” Magnus asked darkly, staring at my shattered phone.
My eyes widened in realisation as I, not so subtly, tried to hide the cracked screen. You’re probably wondering about Magnus’ priorities, who clearly seemed more concerned about my shattered screen than rogues chasing my ass.I chuckled nervously, my eyes desperately flickering to Kaitlyn for help. Before she could save me like usual, Theo stepped into the conversation.
“I dropped it by accident.” He said, looking apologetic. “I’ll make sure to treat her with an even better one.”
I supressed the urge to sigh in relief. He didn’t know it yet, but he just saved my life from one hell of a lecture…from Magnus!
He eyed Theo with a curious gaze before dropping it. “I don’t have doubts you’ll be a good mate to her, but if I get a whiff of sadness from her because of you…we’ll be
talking .”
Theo understood what he really meant and replied with, “It won’t ever get to that stage, I promise you.”
His gaze moved to me. “I promise.” He said in the mind-link.
I smiled up at him, at that moment I felt so incredibly lucky. I was paired with probably the best, loving man on the planet.
“What did you want to tell us?” I asked, glad I remembered.
Kaitlyn shrugged. “We were going to confront you about your Alpha scent. On the day of the graduation attack, you smelt and felt more powerful. We definitely noticed, but narrowed it down to natural changes in ability, that you’ve gotten more stronger, faster etcetera. When you arrived this morning, your scent and aura had changed completely, there was no mistaking it. You have the aura of an Alpha.”
“Sorry to cut this short, but it’s almost noon.” Magnus spoke up. “Most of the leaders have already gathered in the hall, let’s make our way down there.”
I was able to smile a lot more easily then a couple hours ago, it felt like a huge weight had been lifted off me. I could fly with how light I felt, I was so glad my family finally knew everything. I didn’t feel as nervous to stand in front of all the leaders, I had the people I love by my side.
We made our way to the hall, already feeling the immense aura of all the powerful leaders in the country. The hall was filled with murmurs before we stepped in, it had quietened. Everyone had their eyes on us, ready to get the meeting started. Alphas and Lunas, even Betas, completely filled the, once empty, hall.
I didn’t miss how a lot of their curious gazes stayed on me, they could sense the Alpha aura emitting from me. Jay, Theo and I sat near the front, where we were assigned to sit, and watched as Magnus and Kaitlyn stood at the front.
“I’m glad that everyone has made time to attend this gathering. As you know, I have emphasised the importance and urgency of this meeting. It will be concerning The Rogue Force and their, recently, reckless actions.” Magnus started to say. “The leader, Killian, had been after Elisia the past couple of weeks. Their dangerous methods and techniques had been revealed, and I believe it to be a huge threat to all of us.”
“Our email warning all of you to increase your border security wasn’t out of paranoia.” Kaitlyn said grimly, looking out into the audience. ” The Rogues have figured out a way to not only mask their scent, but also conceal their lifeforce – making it easy for them to pose as humans.”
The hall burst in murmurs when she said that.
“So you’re telling me all these people are werewolves?” A curious voice questioned. It belonged to a female, her voice was quiet but we all heard it perfectly.
We all turned to the source, just to find an Alpha in a navy suit sneer at us. His striking golden eyes stood out from the crowd as his gaze flickered to the silver-haired female beside him. My eyes widened in shock and surprise, realising that the girl was human.
“A human? What the hell?” Theo mind-linked me, curiosity filling the mate bond.
The Alpha paid no attention to the stares, he just tightened his hold on the girl. I recognised him to be the Alpha Aron Zelord of The SilverCrescent Pack.”Are they…?” Theo started to ask, disbelief overcoming him.
“Yes, they’re mates.”
It was incredibly rare, but there’s always that small chance. However, it’s mindboggling that a human was paired with the strongest of wolves – an Alpha.
“Have they’ve never see a human before?” The girl said sarcastically, rolling her eyes. Her hazel eyes fearlessly met eyes with the leaders in the room.
Just as Aron was about to reply, a Luna from another pack chuckled. “The human has guts, I must say. However, being fearless as a human is pretty much a death wish.”
Aron let out a low, warning growl, shutting the woman up.
The girl regarded the Luna with distaste and disgust. “The human has a name, and it’s Luna Aldwin. Remember it.”
Her name was Luna? I couldn’t help but smirk at the irony of it all, a human was named Luna with no knowledge of the werewolf world and yet, here she is as the Luna of The SilverCrescent Pack. Fate can be quite funny at times.
Luna sat back, crossed her legs over each other before getting a reassuring pat from her mate, Aron. She immediately relaxed and leaned into his touch, I couldn’t help but like her. Despite being different, she didn’t show any signs of being intimidated.
I was really glad, you need to be strong to live up to being a leader. I had no doubt she could take care of herself.
“If I could have your attention again, thanks.” Magnus said, bringing the focus back to him. “Now I’m sure you’re all aware of Elisia and who she is.”
Now the focus was on me, I could feel everyone’s stares drilling into my back.
A Beta spoke up. “Will you be explaining her scent? Everyone is wondering why she has the aura and scent of an Alpha.”
Kaitlyn responded this time, gesturing me to stand up. “She will explain it herself.”
I headed to the front where Magnus and Kaitlyn were standing, they sat down near where I was sitting, giving me the spotlight. I received reassuring smiles from Theo, Jay, Kaitlyn and Magnus before I started to speak.
I told everyone everything that had happened in the past month, being concise and precise with my explanation. I highlighted all the important events, eliciting shocked and thoughtful reactions from them. Jay came up for a moment to talk about yesterday’s events when Emily was almost kidnapped and how he killed Killian.
Once I was done speaking, the audience was now looking at me in a whole new light. I was no longer just a warrior, I was the Alpha of The MoonKnight Pack.
An older looking Alpha spoke up in the audience. “And, you say you have the hostage letter as evidence to clear Alexander’s name?”
“Yes, I do. The witness I mentioned earlier, Ms Williams, is my secondary evidence.” I responded.
The man nodded and said, “Okay, we’ll make sure to re-open the case and sort it out.”
Another Alpha said, “I think we all realise that this Darkness rogue is the problem. Does anyone oppose to that statement?”
Everyone was nodding in agreement, the atmosphere intensifying. We all knew he was an issue, and the way I had described him had them scratching their heads in confusion and thought.
Aron spoke up for the first time, his golden eyes fixated on me. “You are the only female Alpha in the country, making you the most powerful female wolf. Surely, he’s targeting you to mate with you and produce strong off springs. That is if he is as powerful as you say he is.
An angry growl ripped from Theo, who was standing up and snarling at Aron. The mate bond wavered in anger as he thought over Aron’s careless words.
“Those rogues won’t lay another hand on her.” He barked, his blue eyes darkening with rage. I approached him and touched his arm, seeing the immediate calming effect.
“The last, and best, announcement is that we’re mates.” I added with a smile. “If Darkness has any of those ideas, he’ll have to deal with the both of us.”
“And don’t forget us.” Jay added, referring him and his parents.
“So what does you being targeted have to do with us and our packs?” One Luna called out with a bored tone. “Other than the fact they can pose as humans.”
A dark chuckle echoed the hall, just as a gust of cold wind graced us.
“That’s a good question, lady.”
My blood ran cold, and my eyes widened in horror.
No. Fucking. Way.
Theo eyes darkened even more, his gaze flickering around the room to find the owner of the voice.
“DARKNESS!” He yelled in anger.
After a momentary pause, everyone left their seats, got into defence positions and whipped out weapons. I positioned myself into a defence position, annoyed that we couldn’t see where that motherfucker was.
I glanced at the leaders, not being able to stop myself from feeling smug. Just moments ago, they were doubting on how powerful Darkness could possibly be. All the Alphas and Lunas in the country were here, and yet, they couldn’t see the one rogue in the same room.
“Where is he?” One Alpha roared, looking frustrated. I could imagine what they were all thinking. All of the leaders in one place meant extremely intense, and high level security, and yet this rogue had easily slipped past them.
He’s no ordinary ‘rogue’.
“Hello there.”

I whipped my head to my right and was greeted by an eerie looking, smiling face. My gaze met with Darkness’ blacked out eyes, his grin widened when he saw my shocked expression.

“It’s been a while, hasn’t it?”


The Female Warrior And The Alpha Episode 47

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1 year ago

Elisia coming out with her true intent and her mate.
At last the great Alpha and Luna’s meeting.
Darkness will be defeated, cos is getting info from some pack leaders.

1 year ago

I pray Theo mate with Elisia already to keep this Darkness away from them.I’m afraid what Maxwell did will not effect them.May their love keep them safe.

1 year ago

This is serious

1 year ago

If only they can get this ‘darkness’, he is so weird. And Jay has not informed his family about his mate Emily. I’m enjoying it can’t wait for the next.