The Female Warrior And The Alpha Episode 32 by Yasminne

The Female Warrior And The Alpha Episode 1 by Yasminne

The Female Warrior And The Alpha Episode 32 by Yasminne

Theme : Unexplained Explanations

“Why do you smell like an Alpha?” She breathed, wide-eyed.
I froze, feeling my heart almost stop from her words. I’d been so engrossed in my feelings, that I hadn’t realised the power I felt was probably due to my Alpha blood. My eyes widened a little before I relaxed my face and gave her a weird look.
“I don’t smell like an Alpha, what’s wrong with you?” I replied, denying her assumption. Theo’s hand was still holding mine, he looked like he wanted to be anywhere but here. Honestly, same…
Out of all the people I knew here, I wouldn’t have ever imagined Irene being the first to detect the difference in my scent.
“We’re leaving.” He announced, pulling me towards the door.
Irene scrambled back up, still staring at me with a ray of emotions. “Your aura has changed…” She started to say, her brow furrowing. “Your rank is higher than mine…?”
Damn right it is.
“If you’re playing some kind of weird joke on me, stop it.” I shot back, trying to calm my beating heart.
“You’re being ridiculous, Irene.” Theo finally spoke, looking serious. “Don’t you think I would’ve said something if that wasn’t true?”
To say I was surprised was an understatement. I knew Theo could definitely smell the Alpha scent, but he was lying to cover it up.
She looked at Theo, looking conflicted on whether to believe her instincts or the words of her crush. She still looked unconvinced, but then rubbed her temple and closed her eyes. All I could hope is that she has more faith in Theo’s words, than in her own sense of smell. I shook my head at her one last time before Theo managed to drag me out the house.
We walked briskly and but not too fast, knowing Irene’s eyes were on us. After getting out of her line of sight, we started to run with Theo leading the way; taking us someplace far from here.
We were running through a carpark when I suddenly saw a shadow sprinting behind a car. I slowed down and stared at it, wondering if I’d just imagined it or if there was someone following us.
Glancing at Theo, he didn’t seem to have noticed or seen anything weird. I shook my head, forgetting about it and caught up to Theo’s speed. It’d been around ten minutes of running on the outskirts of the town and into the woods before we came to a stop.
We rested underneath a large nearby tree and catching our breath, before talking about what had happened.
I finally brought myself to look up at him and say, “You knew the entire time.”
Thinking back to when my Alpha scent became apparent, he looked surprised but definitely not surprised enough, like he already knew of my true rank. Then he tried to make me leave before things got worse, and the fact that he lied to Irene about it to cover it up, all the signs were there.
He sighed and grimaced before admitting it. “Yeah, I knew about it.”
I shook my head in disbelief. “Since when?”
“I realised it when you told me about the trigger word that made yourchest hurt.” He replied, playing with the grass. “I already knew, since the Lake House, that you were from The MoonKnight Pack. Having Ms Williams come from the same pack and you reacting to that word, it didn’t seem like a coincidence.”
He looked up at me and held my gaze tenderly. “And then all of a sudden, your special strength and speed didn’t look like a coincidence.”
I held his gaze and asked, “Then why didn’t you tell me?”He hesitated and broke eye contact. “Theo.” I said in a warning tone. “Please, just tell me. I’ve already forgiven you for what had happened with Irene, don’t give me another reason to be annoyed at you.”
His striking blue eyes met mine again, this time withholding relief and happiness. “Really?” He asked in a hushed tone.
I smiled and nodded, knowing that I have truly forgiven him. It seemed like there was nothing to forgive since I believe he hadn’t done anything wrong.
“So tell me.” I prompted, shuffling closer to him. I cupped my hands, placed them on his cheeks and nodded, encouraging him to tell me. His eyes softened at me as he placed his hands over my smaller ones and closed his eyes in content. He opened them again and held my gaze before saying, “I was worried that you’ll ask me how they died.”
My eyes widened at him as he watched my expression carefully. My heart sank as I realise he was referring to my parents. A lump in my throat formed and my eyes started to feel prickly as I tried hard to fight back the tears.
They must’ve died a horrible death…
Theo saw me struggling to hold back tears and suddenly wrapped his arms around me. I accepted his warm embrace and dug my face into his chest for comfort. All that I’d been hoping is that they weren’t killed horribly, that mercy was provided for them.
That hope has diminished away now, making my heart ache for my parents. An uncontrollable sob escaped from me, making Theo tighten his embrace and stroke the top of my head, trying to sooth me.
His caring behaviour made my sobs turn into full on crying, I had finally let myself cry. Properly.
Suddenly, an unknown force forcefully separated me from Theo, causing us to lose our balance and slide across the grass. I was picked up from the ground by someone with firm arms and thrown over their shoulder. I was still in my emotional state, baffled at what was happening. When I’d finally registered that we were being attacked, I struggled to get out of the person’s arms and managed to hit their face.
I stopped struggling immediately and slumped in the person’s arms.
“Jay?” I said in surprise, his scent was barely noticeable. I looked down at his figure and saw that he was covered in dirt and grass; he used earth and soil to cover up his scent. That’s pretty clever, maybe I should’ve done that. But it looks way too messy to do…
Why had he attacked us?
“Jay, put me down!” I yelled, angry that he’d scared the shit out of me. He hadn’t made a move to put me down at all, and instead, tightened his hold on me.
“I don’t want to hurt you, so put me down before I’m forced to.” I warned him, hitting his shoulder. I hated being man-handled and he knew that.
“If I put you down, I want you to stay by my side.” He said coldly, not sounding like his usual self at all.
“Alright.” I agreed, unsurely. What has gotten into him? He carefully placed me down upright, and immediately grabbed my hand as though he thought I was going to run. I gave him a weird glance before raising my eyebrows at him, expecting answers.
Theo had suffered more of the blow, as his body had roughly been pushed against the trunk of the large tree. He was standing up, his chest heaving and his expression angry.
“What the fuck, Steel?” He snarled, referring Jay with his surname. “What is your problem?”
He was about to charge at him, but Jay pulled me closer to his body before Theo could get any closer. Theo stopped in his tracks, knowing he couldn’t attack him without getting me hurt in the process. I looked at Jay in disbelief and shock, appalled that he would use me to control Theo.Jay noticed Theo faltering and smirked. “You care for her.” He observed, looking between us. He pulled a face when he looked down at me and sighed. “Ugh, you smell like him now.”
“How long have you been listening?” Theo spoke up, his expression hardening. He looked so pissed off, even I was feeling a little nervous. Jay, however, seemed unaffected by his anger and smirked instead.
“Long enough.” He replied.
My heart lurched at the thought that Jay listened to everything from the beginning. I thought hard, trying to remember exactly what Theo and I had discussed. I was sure that we didn’t mention us being mates; I breathed out in relief. Although, if Jay had been listening since the beginning, that means he heard us talk about The MoonKnight Pack.
I suddenly remembered the weird shadow I saw in the carpark earlier, and widened my eyes. It must’ve been him.
“As you may have guessed, I followed the both of you.” He said. “Mostly because I didn’t trust him to be with you. Initially, I followed your scent and found myself outside a house. You guys happened to leave as soon as I arrived, and was even more surprised to see Irene trudge out the house and watch you leave.”
I closed my eyes in relief, glad that he hadn’t come early enough to hear the ruckus in that house.

“Then I saw you heading towards the outskirts of the town, and that’s when I decided to mask my scent and follow you. Elisia almost saw me, but I still managed to not get caught.” He carried on, his green eyes glinting at me.
One of his specialities is being able to tail someone without being detected; he is absolutely incredible at it. I’m not surprised that Theo and I didn’t detect him at all.
“You guys run all the way here to talk about…The MoonKnight Pack?” He said, shaking his head in confusion. “Elisia, didn’t you ask me if I’ve heard of that pack when we were at the Lake House?”
Ah, I remember. I asked him that the same day I read The Rogue Forces’ letter to Maxwell confirming the attack of The MoonKnight Pack. I hadn’t ever heard of that pack, and asked Jay if he had, out of curiosity. Little did I know about the history of that pack.
“Yes, I did.” I breathed, watching Theo let out a sharp breath.
“And… that is the pack you are originally from?” He asked, his grip on me loosening. “Were you planning on going back?”
I shook my head at him. “No, they aren’t an independent pack.”
“They’re not? That’s probably why I’ve never heard of them.”
“That pack has been temporarily bound to this one ever since their leaders died.” Theo said, stepping forward. I could tell he was being careful to not reveal too much information. “Elisia has somehow found out and has been curious about that pack before she finally realised that that was the pack she’s originally from. She would ask me questions whenever she could.”
Theo had explained everything, without giving away what really happened. He just gave unexplained explanations…
Jay raised his eyebrows in surprise and looked down at me. “So that’s why you’ve been spending lots of time with him…”
I smiled up at him instead of nodding in confirmation as that would mean lying. Thankfully, he didn’t notice this and moved on.
“You guys were talking about someone’s death which made Elisia cry. Who were you guys talking about?”
“My parents.” I replied, feeling the sad emotions returning.
His jaw dropped in shock and immediately pulled me into a hug. “Fuck! I’m so sorry, Elisia.”I hugged him back with a sad smile. When we separated, he ran his hand through his messy hair, clearly deep in thought. “Why didn’t you tell me all about this?” He asked sadly. “We tell each other everything.”
Guilt hit me so hard when he said that. Clearly I was holding more secrets from him, then he is from me. I was holding two very big secrets from him. One, I found my mate and it’s Theo. Two, I am an Alpha-Blooded wolf and can possibly be the leader of my own pack.
“I had to be completely sure before telling anyone.” I managed to say, forcing a small smile. He’ll hate me so much when he finds out how much I’ve actually been hiding from him.
He nodded in understanding, hugging me once more. He pulled another face, this time looking more annoyed. “You reek of him .” He snarled, glowering at Theo.
Pushing me behind him, he faces Theo and growled at him viciously. “When a female is vulnerable, you don’t take advantage of it and hug her like that!”
“Did you see her flinch or pull away?” Theo shot back, his eyes turning dangerously dark. “You worry too much, pup.”
Before Jay could react, I fell to ground crying out in pain.
Of course, I was pretending but at least it stopped them getting into a physical fight. Two hot tempered Alphas who hate each other alone in the middle of the woods, with no one to stop them other than me, didn’t sound very good.
I heard both of them rush to my side, calling out my name and asking me to respond in worried tones. Just as the tension and anger disappeared, I sat up, smiled at their startled faces and stood up.
Now that’s the second time am using that trick, yet it worked again.
I smiled up at myself.
“Let’s go back, it’s quite cold.” I said with a cheeky smile, before walking away from them. I’d gotten away with a lot back there. There is no doubt that Jay had more questions, but the topic about my parents death had stopped him.
We made our way back to the Alpha Manor without the boys ripping each other’s heads off. The delicious scent of fast food wafted up my nose, making me sprint to the dining room. Julian was setting up the table with pizza, fries, chicken and soda. Leona was placing the plates and glasses down the table and smiled at me.
“We ordered fast food!” She exclaimed, doing a little dance. Theo walked in and she stiffened a little before smiling at him. “Elisia wanted to order it so we did.”
That…was so not true.
I wanted to laugh out loud at her attempt to dodge Theo’s wrath; I remember being told that he didn’t like fast food. I’m not entirely surprised because his body of art must be the product of eating very healthy. Not that junk food and processed foods make a huge impact on a werewolf’s body, but eating healthy can still make a huge difference.
“Your dinner is already prepared and has been taken up to your room.” Leona added.
Theo’s eyes flickered towards me and asked, “You wanted to order fast food?”
“Yes, I asked earlier.” I replied, lying through my teeth but not missing a beat. I’ve lied way too many times today, and I hated it. I had convinced myself that it had been necessary up until this point.
His eyes flickered between the food and me before shrugging and saying, “Well in that case, dig in.”
He sent me one last breathtaking smile before leaving the room and heading upstairs. Jay strolled in just then and looked at me curiously.
I chuckled and asked, “What?” to which he replied with, “You’re such a good liar.”
I didn’t laugh at that knowing how true that was, and also how sad that was. We all sat down and dug in, relishing in the beautiful food that is…fast food. Why are bad things for your health so addictive?
I looked around the room, noticing that Kobi was nowhere to be seen. “Where’s Kobi?”
“Irene came by earlier, looking for him, and he left with her.” Julian replied, munching on his slice of pizza.
“Yeah, she looked so out of it.” Leona added, chuckling.
My blood ran cold at that, worried that she told Kobi about my scent. This was bad, really bad. I needed to tell Theo about the likelihood that Kobi already knows, and also needed to inform Leona that Irene detected my Alpha scent.
If my true rank is revealed to the public, then it’ll be everyone’s business. People may have prejudice against me because of the horrific acts that my father has, supposedly, done. There could be people who are against me, and may try to stop me from clearing my father’s name.
I wanted everything to be under the wraps for as long as possible, but now that Irene knows and possibly her brother, it didn’t seem likely.
I was snapped out of my daze when I heard the front door open. My heart started to beat faster, as I recognised the scent. I made no action to give away how anxious I felt; looking down at my plate, I carried on eating. His footsteps were getting closer…
“Finally, you’re here!” Julian exclaimed, gesturing him to sit down. His figure moved from the doorway and made his way towards the empty seat that was opposite me. I didn’t look up from my plate as he pulled the chair and sat on it. He grabbed a slice of pizza straight away and poured himself a glass of Coke.
I looked up to take a glance at him, and found myself freeze all over.
Kobi was staring straight at me.


The Female Warrior And The Alpha Episode 32


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Victoria B
Victoria B
4 months ago

Oh Kobi…..please don’t do this.

4 months ago

Great job author.

4 months ago

Tatafo twins. I hope they don’t spoil her plans to clear her father’s name.

4 months ago

Kobi and his sister are about to allow their emotions do something foolish.

4 months ago

Oh ooo!!! Elisia, if God be for you no one can be against you. Relax your soulmate got your back

4 months ago

Am so loving this story… The suspense is thrilling. Can’t wait for the next episode

4 months ago

The love I have this story just keep increasing

Victoria B
Victoria B
4 months ago

Please o, I have been refreshing this page since I woke up. Author you’ve got us hooked so bad, please post new episodes fast.
Thank you