The Female Warrior And The Alpha Episode 31 by Yasminne

The Female Warrior And The Alpha Episode 1 by Yasminne

The Female Warrior And The Alpha Episode 31 by Yasminne

Theme : For the Sake of our Relationship

“When you say ‘now’, do you mean like at this very moment or in a few hours?” She asked, standing up. “I honestly don’t mind going right now, I just need to check if it’s fine to visit.”
I stood up with her and looked at her in confusion. “When is it not fine to visit?”
“For security reasons, visitation hours is kind of restricted in that town.”
“But you’re the Beta Female, you can go in whenever you want. Right?” I asked, shaking my head.
“Yes, I can. But I can’t bring in a non-pack member outside visitation hours.” She explained with a sigh. “Give me a second, I’ll contact one of the guards right now.”
Her gaze became unfocused as she mind-linked a fellow pack member of hers. She sighed and her expression became frustrated as each second passed.
“Oh, come on!” She exclaimed out loud, throwing her hands in the air. Her eyes came into focus as her gaze landed on me.
“Visitation hours already ended, and they aren’t willing to bend the rules.”
My shoulders slumped in disappointed as I let out a sigh. I really wanted to get everything done today, but it seemed like fate wanted to take things slow. This is reality.
“Looks like we’ll have to go tomorrow. Do you have anything on schedule?” I asked anxiously. I knew I couldn’t expect someone of her rank to be free all the time.
“Luckily for you, tomorrow is my day off.” She responded to my delight. “I’m so down to help you, but…don’t you know what day it is tomorrow?”
I frowned at her and thought hard. “Tomorrow?”
“Jay’s graduation!”
“Oh, shit.” I blurted, feeling bewildered that I’d forgotten about it. “I totally forgot. How do you know about it?”
“Jay told Julian and I at the party. We’ve arranged a set of security to escort the both of you to the graduation.”
I blinked at her and smiled. “That’s fine, all we needed was permission not security.”
She shrugged, giving me a sheepish smile. “Sorry, it’s the policy. You’re under our protection until Theo officially lets you go. If something was to happen to any of you, then it’d be our fault.”
I nodded at that, understanding their actions. Better safe then sorry. It looked like I had to put my plan on pause, just for now.
She gave me a once over, really taking me in. “I can’t believe I didn’t get it before, you are so Alpha material.”
I laughed and shook my head. “Don’t worry, I didn’t realise it myself.”
“Once you clear you father’s name, are you planning on leading your pack?” She asked, her demeanour becoming serious.
“Um, I feel like it’s the right thing to do.” I replied, choosing my words carefully.
“I wouldn’t want to leave them leaderless, when I can be their leader. Once I clear Alex’s name, the other leaders will have to give me the territory, power and money the pack used to have. Then I’ll be able to lead them, and make them proud to be apart of The MoonKnight Pack like they used to be.”
Leona watched me for a few good seconds before hugging me. “I think you’ll be a great leader.”
I hugged her back, just as tightly, and said, “Thank you.”
We separated and left the room to leave the house. “Are we going back to the Alpha Manor?” She asked, locking the front door and walking towards her car. “Is that fine?”I laughed at that and said, “Of course it’s fine. Where else would we go?”
“I don’t know, I felt like I needed to ask before driving there.” She shrugged, laughing at herself. “Actually, I only asked because your Alpha blood scent is really getting strong, it’s really messing with me.”
My laughter died out as I took in her words. “Is it really that strong?” I asked, worriedly.
“Your Alpha scent smells so good, but it’s getting really obvious.” She answered, realising the problem. “Honestly Elisia, It’s concentration is increasing by the minute.”
I groaned as I opened the door and slid into the passenger seat. I already smelt different, everyone would be able to detect the scent difference, especially Jay and Theo. I know they’ll ask questions but how will I answer them? Do I just avoid them until the middle of the night and then sneak inside to sleep?
“We should get back, it’s getting really cold. You can’t avoid them, that’ll only make them ask more questions.”
I bit my bottom lip, contemplating returning to the Alpha Manor. “Do you have any perfume or spray?”
Her eyes widened in joy as she opened the glove box and fumbled to find something. “I actually have perfume in here!”
Thank goodness.
She brought out a barely used perfume bottle and handed it to me to use. “You know that’ll not get rid of the scent, right?”
“I know. I was hoping it’ll just distract the Alpha scent – make it less potent and less obvious.” I replied, spraying the perfume on me. It smelt really nice, I just hoped it would do enough to avoid people detecting the Alpha scent.
It’s only been several hours since I found out my true rank, I still couldn’t believe it. I don’t think it has hit me completely, maybe it will when I meet The MoonKnight Pack members.
We arrived at the Alpha Manor and made our way inside. When Leona said she could feel Julian in the living room part of the mansion, we walked to that room and found Jay and Julian arm-wrestling. We plopped onto the sofas and watched them play with amusement.
Jay caught my gaze and grinned at me as he pushed Julian’s arm down onto the table. Julian let out a frustrated sigh and massaged his right hand.
“I can see Jay is stronger than you, love.” Leona commented, teasing her mate. Julian rolled his eyes, walked over to her side and sat down. They kissed to greet each other and snuggled.

“Actually, arm-wresting is just showing the strength of one arm.” He said, defending himself. “Not to mention, he’s an Alpha blood…so it wasn’t a fair match.”
Jay chuckled at that as he walked to my side and sat next to me. “Hey.” He greeted me with a side hug.
“Hi.” I smiled at him, feeling bad that I haven’t been talking to him as much these days. I knew everything would go back to normal once we returned to his pack, and I think he knew that too.
I backtracked on my thoughts, startled at the fact that I said his pack rather than our pack. Saying our pack didn’t feel as right as it used to, it probably has to do with the fact that I know what pack I should be in…
“What have you been up to?” He asked, taking my hand and massaging it.
I smiled up at him and shrugged. “Nothing much. How do feel about tomorrow?”
He grinned and said, “Tomorrow is the day I’ll finally be free from school work, how do you think I feel?”
He slid deeper into the sofa, put his legs up and rested his head on my lap. I played with his golden hair while we all chatted about nonsense for hours. We were in a middle of a card game when Theo walked in.Julian and Leona perked up at the sight of their Alpha while Jay and I paid no attention. When he hadn’t moved from the doorway I looked up wondering what he was doing; he was staring straight at me wearing a stoic, unreadable expression. I looked around the room in puzzlement, wondering if anyone knew why he was looking at me like that.
“Elisia, would you mind coming out to talk?” He questioned, holding my gaze with his intense one. I felt Jay’s hold on me tighten as he said that. I watched Theo’s gaze move from mine to Jay’s arm wrapped around mine, his eyes darkened considerably.
“It’ll be quick.” He gritted, his jaw visibly hardening.
“Can’t you say it here?” Jay called out, looking down at his cards.
The atmosphere turned cold when Theo’s eyes narrowed at him and said nothing. I read the room and knew I had to do something to avoid conflict. They were like cats and dogs…or cats and mice, whichever don’t get along well.
I made the move to get up, but Jay firm grip held me down.
“Elisia, you don’t have to go.” He huffed, looking at me with his big emerald coloured eyes. “Let’s finish the game.”
“Fuck sake, we’ll only be talking.” Theo groaned, looking at his Rolex. “You won’t catch us doing anything else, don’t worry.” He added, winking.
A deep growl erupted from Jay, as annoyance filled his expression. Here we go again…
“I’ll come with you.” He said to my surprise. He stood up and then helped me up before walking towards Theo. Julian and Leona stood up immediately and stood next to Theo, they looked tense as they tried to read Jay’s intentions.
“Don’t worry, I won’t lay a hand on your Alpha. That’s only if he doesn’t touch me or disrespect me.”
Theo smirked as he gave Jay a once over. “Trust me, you’d know when I disrespect you.”
“Shall we go somewhere else?” I asked, not sure if it was fine for everyone to hear what Theo had to say.
Theo paused thoughtfully, before flashing me a mischievous grin. “Or I can tell you here, in front of everyone, just like Jay asked.” He remarked, his eyes glinting with amusement.
I frowned at the sudden change in attitude, but replied with, “Okay then.”
“So I was going to talk to you about what happened on the night of the party, I-“
“Okay! Let’s talk somewhere else, alone!” I exclaimed, cutting him off once I realised what he was going to say. His clever ass knew if he said that, I would’ve stop him and urged the others to leave us alone. He knew I wasn’t ready to tell Jay that we’re mates; he knew how to get his way.

Jay looked confused and frustrated with this. “What happened on that night? You both left early didn’t you?”
Julian and Leona were watching us with wide, curious eyes.
I shook my head at him and said in a warning tone, “Don’t jump to conclusions.”
“How am I not supposed to do that? Your reaction to him talking about that night has me feeling confused.” He shot back, his eyes narrowing between us. “Did he do something to you?”
Yeah, almost break my heart but it’s fine.
“No, it’s fine.” I insisted, trying to reassure him. I wasn’t looking forward to the day Jay finds out Theo and I are mates. We haven’t really talked about it but we both, along with everyone else, knows he hates his guts. If he was to find out anytime now, he’ll undoubtedly make everyone pack up and leave the state within minutes. I couldn’t let that happen, I had to clear my father’s name before I leave.”Let’s go.” Theo was already walking away, but I didn’t miss when he grinned at Jay triumphantly. I rolled my eyes and prompted Jay to stay in the room while I go out to talk to Theo. He didn’t look happy and was sending death glares towards Theo’s retreating figure before sitting back down on his seat.
I walked out the room to find Theo heading towards the front door.
“We’re going outside?” I asked, watching him open the door.
“Yeah, we have a lot to talk about.”
I followed him out and arrived onto the driveway; he walked past his car and ordered the gates to be open. I glanced at him in surprise but didn’t say anything; I hadn’t seen him walk anywhere since I arrived here.
We’d been walking for five minutes in silence before I felt Jay’s presence in my mind, bugging me to accept his mind-link attempt. I accepted his telepathic advances immediately.
“Mind-link me if he tries anything, I’ll beat his ass.”
I mentally sighed and chuckled. “You bet.”
The mind-link was cut off just as Theo started to speak. “We’re nearly there.”
I was about to ask ‘where?’ but wasn’t sure if I’d get an answer. He would’ve told me by now if he wanted me to know, so I stayed quiet until he stopped in front of a house. The house was large, very modern looking with lots of glass and wood used for decoration.
He turned to face me squarely, gently put his hands on my shoulders and looking into my eyes withholding an emotion I couldn’t quite guess.
“Everything I’ll be doing from this moment onwards, It’ll be for the sake of saving our relationship.” He said solemnly, rubbing my shoulder.
He took a deep breath in before striding towards the front door and knocking on it. I followed very closely behind, unsure who’s property we were on and who’s door he was knocking on.
Theo suddenly murmured something along the lines of ‘Kobi’s gonna be so pissed off.”
Before I could comment on that, the door swung open revealing a very confused looking Irene.
She stared at me, and I stared at her with an equal amount of shock. Out of all the places he could’ve taken me, he took me to Irene’s place? I was just about to say something but Irene beat me to it.
“What’s going on here?” She questioned, slowly closing her front door. She looked uneasy and wary, probably wondering why the Alpha she likes and the warrior she hates are doing on her doorstep.
Girl, I’m wondering the same thing.
I proceeded to look at Theo for some answers, but found him stopping Irene from shutting the door. Instead, he forcefully opened the door and let himself in without giving any of us a second glance.
Irene expression turned sour as she realised what was about to go down, I ran inside before she could react and slam the door in my face. I followed him and found myself in the living area where Theo stood in the middle.
He held his hand out towards me which I slowly accepted, and found myself being pulled beside him. We watched the entrance of the room, expecting Irene to appear.
She strolled in, crossing her arms over each other and sent us a deathly glare. “This isn’t funny.”

“Wasn’t supposed to be.” Theo shot back, looking very stern and serious.
“What are you doing here?”
“I’m here to prove something.” He replied, picking up a vase and observing it. “I just need your cooperation.”Irene’s intense, green eyes flicked between us with suspicion. “What does she have to do with it?” She asked, glowering at me.
“You’ll find out soon enough.” He said calmly, slowly putting the vase back down. He stood tall, suddenly looking intimidating, wearing no expression. I tensed up, all of a sudden feeling as though something crazy will happen.
Suddenly, Theo lunged forward and grabbed Irene by the neck, pulling her up against the wall. I gasped in shock as I shouted his name. Irene was panicking, her eyes wide, struggling against the iron grip of the Alpha. She was clawing at the hand that was tightly wrapped around her throat and her feet were struggling to reach the floor.
“Theo, put her down!” I cried, watching as she struggled in horror. “She’ll die if you don’t!”
Just like that, he let go and took a step back.
I stared at him in shock, wondering what on earth got into him. I looked away from him and watched Irene splutter and cough as she rubbed her bruised neck.
“It’ll be worse the next time, but only if your answers are a lie.” He warned her, not at all affected by what had just happened.
She looked up at him and nodded without saying anything..
“First question, tell us about the kiss on the night of the party.” He asked, his eyes narrowing at her.
So that is what this is all about…
I thought back to what he said earlier, before we knocked on her door. “Everything I’ll be doing from this moment onwards, It’ll be for the sake of saving our relationship.”
I watched him, feeling all sorts of emotions. I couldn’t believe he felt he needed to attack his own pack member to prove a point to me – just for the sake of saving our relationship. I’ll give him props for effort. Now that I knew Theo’s intentions, I waited to hear Irene’s answer.
“So that is what all of this is about?” She screeched, wheezing from the damage to her throat. “It was just a fucking kiss!”
I had remind myself that she didn’t know that we were mates, so there is no point in getting angry at her. Although by now, I thought she would’ve guessed by now; by the way we’re behaving about the kiss.
“Just answer the damn question.” He snarled, stepping forward menacingly.
She looked at me, with a sour scowl and then laughed. “Alright then, I’ll tell you the truth.”
I raised an eyebrow at her and said, “Let’s hear it then.”
She took a step forward, smoothed her dark, red hair back and flicked it behind her shoulder. “I went to Theo’s room to talk. We were talking-“
“No, we were arguing.” He cut her off coldly. “I wanted you out of my room, and you got emotional.”
I noticed that Irene didn’t deny it, but shrugged instead. So that’s what had happened…
“After a few minutes, I heard your footsteps outside the door and caught a whiff of your scent and I thought why not make it interesting?” She continued, her grin widening at me. “Theo was so out of it that he didn’t even hear you or smell your scent, so I kissed him.”
“You little fucker-“I growled, taking a step towards her.
“I knew you had feelings for Theo and what better way to get under your skin than to kiss the man of your dreams!” She laughed hysterically, backing away from me. “Your pathetic ass looked so offended that I kissed him! You whore!”
“Whore?” I repeated calmly, my anger levels reaching the roof.
“You’re already fucking that Jayden guy, leave
my man alone!” She shrieked, coming up to my face and tried to shove me hard. Ugh, she was behaving too immature for my taste.
I grabbed a hold of her arm and held it tightly, making her flinch and try to pull it back. But I held on, pulled her towards me and put my mouth near her ear. “I dare you, to say that again.”

She looked at me, her face flushed with anger and hatred, and tilted her head in confusion. I tightened my grip on her and snarled in her face.
“SAY IT AGAIN!” I ordered, dominance and authority filling my nerves. “I dare you.”
“Err, Elisia.” Theo called me, panic arising in his tone.
I paid little attention to it and was focused on the wolf who disrespected me.
“How dare you disrespect me?” I questioned, a new feeling arising within me. Power.
“Elisia…” Theo’s warning and panicked tone caught my attention once again. What was he trying to say? Reluctantly, I let go of her arm, surprised to see my handprint clearly imprinted on her skin. I didn’t even hold her that hard…
She stared at me in shock and horror as she stumbled back, breathing heavy. She looked unsettled and glanced at Theo in bewilderment before resting her eyes on me. The feeling of dominance and superiority was welling up inside me, the power I felt seemed unlimited. I looked up at Theo, who was watching me with a startled expression.
Irene was on the floor, staring up at me looking unsettled and discomposed about something.

“What?” I asked, sighing and shrugging my shoulders.
“Y-your scent!” She stuttered, slowly standing up and backing up. “What the actual fuck!”
Theo snapped out of his startled state and held my hand. “Let’s get out of here.”
Irene was still shaking her head, watching me in disbelief.
“Why do you smell like an Alpha?” She breathed, wide-eyed.

The Female Warrior And The Alpha Episode 31

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It just keep getting interesting can’t wait for the next episode

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The Alpha scent coming on strongly. Elisia in good trouble.

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Wow, really enjoying this story

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i am really enjoying the story..

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The story is too much, always anticipating the next episode

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Good story. Why can’t they declare their relationship. Next please

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You can never imagine how good it feels to read this story. The suspense, the emotions n the twist is something else…! Great story