The Female Warrior And The Alpha Episode 18 by Yasminne

The Female Warrior And The Alpha Episode 1 by Yasminne

The Female Warrior And The Alpha Episode 18 by Yasminne

Theme : Theo Hunter vs Jayden Steel

I let out a sharp breath as I opened my bedroom door.
It was the day of the match.
I woke up early, at around six A.M, to ensure I had a relaxed morning routine. It’s almost tradition to have a lazy, calm morning routine on the day of the match.
I packed very lightly, only bringing some towels, spare shoes and clothes. Just in case.
I even had time to tidy the room, making sure I hid the book and the photo well. Now I had absolutely nothing to worry about, even the littlest things.
I wore a very simple outfit consisting of a black, off the shoulder crop top and high waisted denim shorts. Thank goodness, the weather looked pretty good; I was worried that it might’ve been cold. I really dislike fighting in cold conditions.
The sun was shining brightly against the blue skies that had only a few clouds decorating it.
I looked down at my outfit in worry. It was quite revealing for someone who lives in hoodies and joggers, but I was running out of things to wear.
Usually I would wear pants with a crop top to compensate for the revealing top half and I would wear a hoodie with any shorts.
I shrugged it off and made my way downstairs, holding my backback in one hand. I left the bag near the front door and made my way into the kitchen where everyone seemed to be.
I licked my lips in nervousness, remembering yesterday’s events.
Would anyone ask what had happened between Theo and I? Had any told them we’re mates? Or had they figured it out themselves?
Upon entering the kitchen, the volume of the chatter decreased as they all looked my way.
Almost everyone was downstairs already.
It was pretty early in the morning, seven A.M, and yet, here was everyone, already dressed and eating breakfast.
None of them spoke, making me shift on the spot cautiously. What was going on?
Jay was sitting with the warriors from our pack, far from Julian who he’d been with this entire trip. Theo was sitting next to Julian, drinking a protein shake.
We held each others gaze for a few moments before he broke it, to look down at my outfit.
Or body…I wasn’t sure.
His icy blue eyes turned darker as the seconds went by. He couldn’t rip his gaze off my body, making me feel hot and flustered from his heated gaze.
A loud scraping sound of a chair moving against the floor caught my attention. I saw Jay stand up abruptly with an annoyed and determined look on his face.
He marched around the marble island in the middle of the kitchen and situated himself in the line of Theo’s sight of me.
I watched Jay in disbelief as he ‘innocently’ starts to pour himself a bowl a cereal.
It wasn’t hard to guess that he had seen Theo’s staring, and brought it upon himself to stop him.
And he did…in the most passive aggressive way possible. Stand in Theo’s line of sight.
Leona’s face emerged from the group, showcasing her usual warm smile as she gestured for me to sit next to her.
I walked towards her, grateful that she seemed to be herself, unlike everyone else.
“Why did everyone come down so early?” I asked, choosing a smoothie to drink.
“I don’t know. I think everyone couldn’t wait to get up later, so they got ready and came down.” Leona replied, sipping on her coffee.
I started to pour myself the berry filled smoothie when Leona started to check me out.
“Damn, you look good!” She exclaimed, her eyes widening as she stared at my legs. “Where have you been hiding those long tan legs?”
I blushed at her compliment and smiled at her. She’s really sweet, bless her.
“You have body goals, like drool worthy!” She continued to gush.
I laughed at her choice of words and playfully slapped her.
“Your body is drool worthy, babe.” Julian spoke up, kissing her neck.
And, that’s when they started to make out. Yup, right in front of me.
I quickly finished the smoothie and heading towards the fridge to get a bottle of water.
My stomach suddenly had butterflies when I realised Theo was sitting right by the fridge. When I reached the fridge, I opened it and looked for the water bottles.
“Could you get me one?” Julian’s voice rang out.
I nodded without turning around and grabbed two bottles. I closed the fridge and turned around quick enough to catch Theo staring at my ass.
His eyes immediately diverted when I caught him and started to busy himself by cleaning the table.
I shook my head at him slightly, ignoring the rush of blood entering my cheeks. I knew I was blushing and put the cold bottle on my cheek.
I gave the other to Julian and sat down on my seat. Jay stood up and gave me his hoodie.
I took it and stared at him confused.
“Wear it.”
“What? No, it’s way too hot.” I refused, trying to give it back. “I don’t even know why you were wearing it.”
“Just wear it, please. Or at least, tie it around your waist.”
I stared at him for a good few seconds before shaking my head.
“Okay, I’ll tie it around my waist.”
Just then, the front door opened and we all perked up.
Kobi entered the kitchen with a few papers in his hand.
“Alpha, everything is in place and ready.”
Theo held his hand out wordlessly so Kobi could hand over the papers.
He read it’s content quietly before handing them back to Kobi. He stood up and nodded at us.
“We can go to the BKSD warrior area, and get ready there.”
We all started to clean up the mess we made from breakfast and made our way to the front door.
After ensuring everyone had their belongings, we started to pile into the vehicles in the driveway.
The drive was pretty quick, only a fifteen minute drive to the warrior training area.
Jay refused to leave my side the entire time, even when we were entering the area. He hadn’t said it yet, but I knew he was angry at Theo for touching me. He knew he couldn’t pick a fight on this territory, but showed his annoyance through his actions.
His overpossessiveness was showing when he’d hold me close whenever he saw Theo even look my way.
I knew Theo had noticed this because his eyes kept narrowing at Jay’s arm tightly wrapped around my waist.
We slowly stopped in our tracks and looked up at Theo. He was wearing a humourless smirk, it was directed at Jay.
“Jayden Steel, listen up. Elisia and I have shared plenty of intimate moments, much more intimate than what you walked in on yesterday.”
I gasped.
Leona choked on God knows what.
Jay swore.
Kobi sighed.
Julian laughed.
Our pack warriors stared at me with raised eyebrows.
Theo looked satisfied and chuckled at our reactions.
Tell me why would he say that?
“W-what?” I stuttered, still shocked at what he said.
“Is that true?”
My mouth opened even further when I heard Jay’s question.
“What? No!” I exclaimed, glaring at Theo.
I wish it was…
Ughh, I shook my head hard to get rid of that thought.
“Aww, you don’t have to be shy about it.” Theo teased, winking at me.
Since when does this man wink?
Why hadn’t he done it before? Because damn, hottness overload.
Okay, now I sound like a high schooler with a huge crush.
I’ve got to stop and clear this misunderstanding up.
“Nothing has happened between us, nothing!” I clarified.
Except that we’re mates, but they don’t need to know that little fact just yet.
Theo watched me closely and then shrugged.
“Okay, leave it to their imagination. Good idea.” He said huskily, smirking at me.
I gaped at him disbelief, as his eyes roamed my body while biting his lips.
What has gotten into him?
“Let’s go.” He ordered, not waiting for anyone as he walked ahead.
Jay’s arm around my waist loosened as he shifted away from me. I glanced to my side where he was, to find him looking furious.
His usually green eyes were turning black.
They zeroed in on Theo’s unsuspecting figure and then positioned himself.
Oh shit.

“Jay, don’t!” I cried, as I tried to hold onto him.
It was too late.
Jay had sprung from his stationary position, and somehow had enough power to be able to cover the distance to attack Theo, who had his back turned.
Leona, who was the closest to Jay other than me, proceeded to trip him up before he could reach her Alpha. Her quick reflexes did make him stumble, but his quick reflexes allowed him to recover quickly.
Our pack warriors stepped away from the situation. They knew better than to stay in the way of their angry future Alpha. Instead, they looked at me expecting me to do something.
Jay aimed for Theo’s neck, but didn’t get a hit on it because he dodged his attack.
He dodged Jay’s attack with his back on him. How?
They were facing each other, Jay was snarling and Theo was smirking.
That’s when realisation hit me; Theo said those things to purposely annoy Jay. He dodged with his back turned because he was expecting it.
“Okay, stop.” Kobi said, not looking happy at all.
“Oh, come on. A little fight won’t hurt anyone.” Theo joked, his eyes not leaving Jay figure. “I’m sure Jayden has some grudges against me.”
“My bad feeling about you was right.” Jay snarled, showing his teeth “You haven’t taken your eyes off Elisia since we came. At first, I thought it was because you were entrigued by her; she has an impressive reputation after all.”
Theo’s gaze flickered to me for a split sceond before he said, “I agree that she’s quite impressive.”
My stomach was filled with butterflies once again. What has come over Theo?
Does he mean what he says or is he just saying to aggravate Jay?
Nonetheless, I won’t fall for his charms, not until I know what’s holding him back from accepting the mate bond. I knew it had to be serious.
Not to mention, l need to find out the details about when his father ordered the termination of my birth pack.
“How about you, Jayden?” Theo questioned, still wearing that smirk on his devilishly handsome face. “You’re not exactly an angel, are you?
Jay’s eyes narrowed at him. “What the fuck are you talking about?”
“I’m not the only person here interested in Elisia. Am I?”
I raised an eyebrow at him, what was he implying?
That Jay is interested in me…in that way?
I stared at Theo, wondering if he’d gone mad.
Instead, he stared my Jay with so much expectation that it made me turn to look at Jay with expectation too.
He scoffed at what Theo said, but remained quiet. His black coloured iris’ were slowly turning back to it’s normal emerald green colour.
“Let’s go.” Kobi sighed, already having enough.
Theo ignored him and carried on speaking. “Why don’t you stop behaving like a fucking hipocrite and say it.”
Say what?
“Tell her how you feel!”
Jay stayed silent, looking defeated. Oh God, this conversation is taking a weird turn.
“What the hell is going on?” I finally asked, looking around in confusion.
When Jay stayed quiet, Theo grinned knowing he’d won the argument. Whatever it was.
“See you can’t, can you?” He said gleefully. “That’s because you’re not her mate.”
He dropped the smile, stepped forward and roughly grabbed a fistful of Jay’s shirt.
“So don’t act like you are.” He snarled in his face.
And that’s when Jay lost it,
He ripped Theo’s hands off his shirt, and in a matter of seconds sends a punch directly to Theo’s face, Theo involuntarily stepped backwards, blood already gushing out from his nose, Julian and Leona quickly ran behind their Alpha, the four Warriors that accompanied us also braced themselves behind Jay,
OH, this is never gonna be good news, I exclaimed, almost crying, I couldn’t think of anything to stop them, just then Theo raised his hands up like a signal, my God! his he calling for back up? Oh no! Then I saw Leona and Julian step away,
oh! He’s actually telling them to back out. I heaved a sigh of relief, Jay in turn looked behind him making eye contact with the warriors, they too stepped back, then I heared Theo chuckling, “let’s do this” Honestly this would have been an interesting fight to watch but thinking about the repercussion after, makes me want to pass out, if Theo decides, he could start a war, if Jay reports the incident to his dad, it’ll still be war, the probability of war not happening after the fight is very slim, and just when I thought of probabilities, Jay only has the alpha blood running in his system, he’s yet to become an alpha, Theo is already a full blown alpha, the chances of Jay winning this fight is slim. Not a very fair fight afterall. And before I could think of something else, they lunged at each other.

Jay rushed at Theo with full speed, aiming a punch at his head, Theo swiftly rally around him, then using his elbow against Jay’s back, forcing to leap more forward, almost stumbling, Jay recovered quickly, they stared coldly at each other, eyes blackened in anger, to my surprise I couldn’t see any sign of hatred. Just anger and fury.
This time Theo charged at Jay, he aimed for his stomach, but Jay caught his hand before his blow landed, but he wasn’t expecting what happened next, Theo headbutt him, with his quick reflexes he sent punches right across Jay’s face, hitting him on only two spots, his right cheek, and the left cheek, when he was satisfied he turned around flying and sending a powerful kick to his head. Jay fell to the ground, blood splushing out of his mouth like juice, he made to stand up, but Theo sent another kick to his hips, forcing him to roll back down, Theo thinking he won the fight with Jay’s back to the ground made to smack him in the face with his boots, but Jay still got some fight left in him, he caught his legs just inches to his face, he used his other hand to pull him to the ground, in a matter of seconds, he was on top Theo sending punches to his face, just like he had done to him, hitting the right and left cheeks as Theo’s back was now to the ground, blood was gushing from Theo’s mouth as Jay dealth blows to his face, Theo probably having enough used his free leg to kick Jay off him, Jay fell but was quickly on his feet again, but that was enough time for Theo to pull himself back on his feet too, both the Alpha and the future Alpha stared coldly at each other, mouth, eyes, nose, ears of the two drained in blood. You could hardly recognize them, it was then it dawned on me I was the cause of the fight, they made to charge I each other for the second time.
“Stop!” I eventually found my voice, to my surprise they stopped in their tracks to look at me.

Then I knew what I had to do, I feined passing out, I let myself slip to the floor, thankfully Theo caught me, Jay quickly ran beside me, Elisa what’s wrong? “Jay questioned, sounding genuinely concerned, ” today is the day of the match you can’t be sick”
“Oh, you knew that and you two were fighting in front of me, get off me!” I pushed Theo’s hands away, am fine, you two go and clean ur face.
The both looked at themselves bewildered, now they know I played them. But at least it worked. They both went off to watch their blood soaked faced and came back later,
I couldn’t believe Jay got himself into a physical fight with the Alpha of this pack. He’s usually very good at prioritising things, like he doesn’t let his anger affect his ability of making good decisions.
He shouldn’t have never even thought of attacking Theo, the consequences are great. That was poor decision making on his part, I should really talk to him about it later.
That, as well as what I think Theo was implying…
Hopefully things doesn’t get out of hands.
We finally entered the main part of the warrior area.
Kobi turned to me, showing me a set of keys. “You’ll need to go to block A, which is the biggest building on your right, and enter the room number 7. That’s where you’ll be staying to get ready and where you’ll be chilling after the match.”
I nodded and took the keys off him with a smile.
“Actually, the match is in half an hour because I didn’t expect for our leaders to get in a lousy fight. Although, I’m sure you could get ready in that time.” He added, glancing at his wrist watch.
“It’s fine.”
“Well, this is the only time we’ll see you until you’re in the fighting ring.” Julian said, grinning at me.
“I can’t wait to finally see you in action! Good luck!” Leona gushed, clapping in excitement.
“Yeah, good luck!” Julian added, giving me a high-five.
My warrior pack member all gave me high fives, hugs as well as motivating and encouraging words.
“Okay, see you all later!” I waved, as I walked away.
Like I expected, Jay started to walk with me.
“Where do you think you’re going?”
Jay forcefully sighed, looking displeased with Theo and rolled his eyes. “With Elisia, where do you think?”
“He’s coming to help me prepare for the match.” I added quickly. I only had around thirty minutes to get ready because of their arguments, I could’t afford lose anymore time.
Theo stepped forward suddenly, towering over my small figure. I had to crane my neck to meet his gaze.
“Please tell me, do you need help changing clothes or stretching your limbs?” He questioned, scoffing at the absurdity of his question.
“Well, no.”
“So why does he need to be there?”
“For emotional support and to help me prepare mentally.”
“He can do both right here, right now.”
“What’s your fucking problem? I’m just accompanying her in a unfamillar place.” Jay spoke up, gritting his teeth.
Theo’s eyes flashed with annoyance when he heard him speak.
“My problem is your disobedience.”
I sighed loudly, letting them know how restless I was becoming.
“Look, it’s fine. All I need a ‘good luck’ and your belief in me, and I’ll be fine.” I said to Jay, smiling at him.

“Are you sure you’ll be fine on your own?”
“Yes, she’ll be just fine without you.” Theo answered for me.
I sent him a glare to which he responsed with a grin that sent my heart racing.
“You don’t have listen to him, just say what you want.” Jay told me.
“I want to remind you Steel, that you’re on my territory.”
Theo expression darkened when he met Jay’s angry gaze.
“My pack, my rules!” He growled, making Jay scowl.
A few seconds of silence went by.
“Listen, you can continue this row you’re having later. Elisia only has twenty minutes to get ready because of you two.” Kobi spoke up, sounding annoyed.
I sent him a grateful smile and started to walk away before anyone could protest.
Not before Jay gave me a hug and whispered, “Good Luck. I always believe in you, you know that.”
Kobi gave me thumbs up and a small smile, lifting my mood once more.
I walked towards the building that had a huge ‘A’ on it and entered it quickly.
Twenty to minutes to get ready?
Okay, I can do this.
I opened the door to my given room and looked around.
There was a full dark brown leather, warrior outfit hanging on a clothing rail, like I expected. I couldn’t bring my own because of this pack’s polices, but I had a fitting done so it should fit me well.
The room also had an ensuite bathroom to use after the fight since you can get pretty dirty and sweaty.
I took the fighting outfit and entered the bathroom, which luckily had a large mirror. I slipped into the outfit easily and zipped it up, glad that it fit like a glove.
I opted for the two-piece skirt and top kit when I went to my fittings. I was about to chose the full length pants version, but I tried it on and disliked the material they used. It was way too restrictive for me.
The skirt wasn’t too tight to cause restrictiveness nor was too loose to flap around and be annoying. A pair of safety shorts were sewn into the skirt so I’d feel secure and don’t flash anyone.
The top looked amazing, the design was so different to what I was used to. The stitching was silver and was cleverly used to decorate the leather. The top consisted of three layers with one of the layer being seperate to the rest. It was sleeveless, which I liked.
The boots they provided was of the same make of the ones I usually use. They’re perfect to fight in, light and airy yet hard enough to withstand a hundred matches.
Now all that was left was it’s matching belt that held weapons of various different knifes. Knowing it wasn’t required in this fight, I didn’t bother strapping it on.
I sighed at the state of my hair, looking at the pathetic bun I tried to do in the car. To be fair, I did it in a full moving vehicle without a mirror.
I took my hair out of it’s ‘bun’ and neatly tied it up in a real bun. This time really making sure it won’t come undone and taking every little bit of hair out my face. I took the spare hair ties that were on my wrist and used it to secure it even more.
I took a deep breath in and then let it out.
I was ready.
I walked out the bathroom and hurried to my backpack to take my phone out. Looking at the time, I had ten minutes to stretch and warm up.
I immediately went into my usual stretching routine to warm up my muscles. It took around five minutes to complete and starting to do little aerobic exercises to bring my heart rate up.

Warming up before any kind of physical activity decreases the chance any kind of injury. Although injuries heal pretty fast, they’re really annoying. Personally, I warm up because it ensures I perform at my optimum.
I was impressed with how mobile I was in this warrior outfit.

Just as I finished an aerobic exercise, there was a loud knock on the door.
I approached the door and opened it, revealing a man I didn’t recognize.
“You ready?” He asked, giving me a reassuring smile.
“As ready as I’ll ever be.”

The Female Warrior And The Alpha Episode 18

Theo and Jay just don’t get on well!!

I’m curious, who do you ship with Elisia? Theo or Jay?

What are your thoughts in this episode?

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So much drama and intensity. This Jay will be very heart broken once he finds out Elisia and Theo are mates and they didn’t reject each other.


I’ll prefer Elisia to go


I’ll prefer Elisia to go for Jay for the fact that They did not correct Irene when she called him her guy