The Female Warrior And The Alpha Episode 17 by Yasminne

The Female Warrior And The Alpha Episode 1 by Yasminne

The Female Warrior And The Alpha Episode 17 by Yasminne

Theme : Dramatic Interruption

“I mean, you could’ve mindlinked me where you’d be having lunch.”
I stuck my tongue out at Jay in response.
Julian, Leona and I had just entered the Alpha Manor, back from eating out, to find Jay and everyone else eating lunch in the dining room.
Without meaning to, my eyes involuntarily looked for Theo, but couldn’t find him.
“I forgot, okay?” I grumbled, avoiding eye contact. “I’ll remember the next time, I swear!”
Jay chuckled at me, ruffling my hair a little before letting me go.
Remembering about the book, I started to rush up the stairs, not paying attention to my surroundings.
I was only halfway up the stairs when I hit something hard. Very hard.
With arms…
I lost balance from the impact, flailing my arms in desperate attempt to grab anything.
Anything to stop me from falling to my doom…which was the bottom of the stairs.
I grabbed onto the thing in front of me that had arms, and held on for dear life.
As soon as I regained my balance, I let out a sigh of relief. Imagine getting injured the day before the match? I would be so annoyed at myself.
Thinking about it now, I really haven’t been preparing myself as much as I usually do. Maybe I should do some last minute training with Jay and strengthen any weaknesses I might’ve aquired from the lack of practice.
“Erm?” A voice near my ear made me jump in alarm.
That’s when it dawned on me, that I’m holding onto a person.
My nerves were suddenly on edge and my breathing quickened as I took in the person’s delicious scent. I just wanted to tighten my grip on him and snuggle into his chest.
Instead I stood there, frozen, not knowing what to do. I could let go and keep walking up the stairs, so why wasn’t I doing that?
It was because, as much as it scared me, it felt so right to be this close to Theo, that I didn’t want to leave. Could you believe that? I actually wanted to stay.
We were a couple centemetres from each other. My forehead resting on his hard chest and his head above mine.
He titled his head so that his mouth was so close to my ear, and his cheek resting on my head.
“Where are you off to in a hurry?” He asked sounding amused. His airy breath tickled my ear as he spoke.
The words to reply got stuck in my throat as I became acutely aware of the heat radiating off him. That’s how close I was to him.
I took a breath in and stepped away.
Well, I tried to.
As soon as I showed any signs of moving, he brought his arms from his side and around me in a second, caging me inbetween his arms.
I raised my eyebrows in surprise but still avoided looking at his face. He didn’t need to see my increasing flushed cheeks. I could feel them heating up with shyness and embarrassment.
He removed one arm from its position and up to my face as the other held me close firmly. He put his fingers under my chin and gently titled my head up to look at him.
I let him and we finally met each other’s gaze.
He was looking down at me through his long dark eyelashes, capturing me in the deep depth of his stormy blue eyes. Those eyes were taking in my face as though he’d seen it for the first time. His usual stoney expressionless face softened as every second went.I held his gaze with wonder and shyness, hyper aware of this very handsome man holding me so close to his body. I slowly raised my hand and touched my cheek in effort of cooling it down.
Theo’s eyes zeroed in on that action. He then, slowly, gave me a lazy smile followed by moving his hand away from my chin to rest on the hand covering my cheek.
Sparks and electric like shocks of pleasure and happiness erupted from his simple touch. I gasped a little loving how his touch made me feel like this.
And that smile…
It was a real smile, because the dimple made an appearance. I watched him do this wide eyes and my lips seperated from the sheer surprise I felt. He’s literally holding the hand on my cheek.
His gaze moved away from my cheek and onto my lips.
My breathing quickened just from the change of feeling in the air. The tension between was undeniable as we both obviously crave each other’s touch.
I bit my lips from how giddy and nervous I felt. Theo sees this and tightens his hold on me. He licks his lips, still focused on mine.
I bring my free arm up and rest it on his chest. I could feel his heart beating, a lot faster than usual.
My heart, if it was possible, started to faster than it already was, obviously glad that this proximity and tension was having the same effect on him.
Theo slowly started to bring his head forward, a lot closer to mine.
His eyes met mine, a final chance for me to back out.
The hell I am, I scoffed in my head.
I lessened the distance between our lips until there was a few inches between them.
“What the fuck is going on here?”
The loud female voice snapped us out of our zone and into the harsh reality. We jumped out of each other’s warm embrace as quick as you could ‘hi’.
I looked down from the staircase to see an angry Irene and a confused Jay.
Oh no, Jay wasn’t supposed to find out.
Not before the match.
If he found out I was mated with the Alpha of the BlackShadowed Pack, he would whisk me back to our pack as soon as possible.
He may be the closest person to me, but he’s pretty scary when he’s angry. He would, without doubt, make me leave without particpating in the match. He would also probably get himself in a fight with Theo, who he really dislikes.
I would say hate, but that’s an ugly word…to use against Theo.
Theo isn’t anything like the rumors and Jay should know that by now, but he still dislikes him for some reason.
I mean, I guess Theo isn’t most welcoming or the nicest of people. But still…
Wow, am I really defending him in my mind?
I gulped in nervousness as I took in Jay expression. He was still confused, but I could see anger was making its way into his expression.
I had almost forgot about Irene standing right beside him, absolutely fuming. Where had she come from?
She raced up the stairs and reached me in matter of a few seconds. She snarled in my face with so much ferocity and before I could do or say anything, she slapped me.
Hard, may I add.
My hand immediately went to cover my right cheek to calm it’s irritation. I stood there, in shock, glaring at her.
She glared back, withholding so much hostility and hate in those green eyes of hers.
“You bitch.” She snarled. “What the hell kind of person are you? A slut?”
I narrowed my eyes at her, but said nothing. I’ve worked so hard on my anger management, that I’ve never had the urge to shut someone down ever since.
Until now… and I wanted to shut her down
“You thought you could fool everyone with that innocent look.” She scoffed dryly. “With those big gray eyes and pink cheeks. No, you are cunning aren’t you?”
I raised my eyebrows at her retorical question. What the hell was she banging on about?
“You think I didn’t realise?” She sneered, looking at me with distaste. “That you’ve been pining for Theo all along?”
I was what?
“The whole ‘I’m sick!’ and ‘I collapsed so I can’t fight!’ act was just a cry for attention. You did it on purpose so that Theo could carry you and help that day.” She continued, her voice dripping with venom. “Yesterday, I saw you follow Theo into the forest. You both came out together so I guess your plan to be alone with him worked. You-“
“What the actual fuck…?” I interrupted, staring at her in disbelief. “Are you okay?”
I couldn’t believe her outrageous claims. But aside from that, does she like stalk me or something? Or maybe she stalks Theo? How does know that he carried me to the clinic and that we were in the pack’s forest yesterday?
Theo happened to be there on both occasions; when I first visited Ms Williams cottage and when I went out to the forest, yesterday, to clear my mind.
As soon as the question left my mouth, her expression turned venomous. She brought her hand up to slap or hit me, but I easily blocked her to prevent taking any more hits to my face.
I should’ve paid more attention, because what I didn’t expect, was her kicking me in the stomach.
I held my stomach in pain, internally cursing at the combat boots she wore, and crumpled on the stairs.
“Stop Irene!”
Both Theo and Jay rushed to help me at the same time, but then stopped to glare at each other.
I took a deep breath in and stood up, already recovered from that unexpected blow to my stomach.
“What’s going on here?” Kobi’s voice caught our attention.
Kobi, Julian and Leona walked out of the study room that leads to the outside patio area Leona loves. That’s where they must’ve been to not have heard Irene’s scream from the beginning.
Judging from the looks on their faces, they had no clue why everyone was shouting.
“Nothing.” I said lowly, shifting to move up the steps.
“Oh, hell no!” Irene screeched beside me.
She suddenly grabbed a large chunk of my long hair and pulled.
“You fucking slut! How dare you even think of touching my man?”
I grabbed her arm, before anyone could think of helping me and twisted it. She let go of my hair and then proceeded to trip me up.
I avoided her advances and focused on temporaily imobilzing her. Unfortunately, I underestimated how strong she was.
My wolf fought hard at the back of my mind, wanting to let her come out and shift, so she can make Irene pay…in blood.How dare she call my mate, her man?
Although, she may not know that Theo is my man, but she sure knows that he isn’t her mate.
Suddenly, we were ripped off each other.
I was being held back by Theo, while Irene was being held back by Jay. I stopped fighting in Theo’s arms while Irene continued to thrash in Jay’s.
His golden curly locks, that usually stay back, were now covering his eyes because of her of movement.
“Don’t you see?” She screeched, working hard to get out of Jay’s grip. “She’s in his arms now! She made sure that he grabbed her, instead of
me. She’s a fucking cunning witch, I swear when I get my hands on you.”
That was when Jay had enough.
I could tell with just a glance at his face.
“Warriors, come here now!” He bellowed, veins visibly on show on his neck and arms.
The four warriors from my pack arrived immediately. What the hell took them so long? Why hadn’t they come earlier?
“Restrain her.” Jay barked, roughly throwing Irene in their direction.
They immediately caught hold of her and restrained her to the ground. The easiest way to hold someone down.
Kobi, however, was not impressed by the rough handling his sister was receiving.
“What has she done to be treated like this?” He asked calmly, crouching by Irene. He looked at Theo, waiting for an explanation. “Alpha?”
Theo let go of me and sighed heavily before running his hand through his hair in frustration.
As soon as I was released from his grip, Jay strode forward, took my hand and led me away from Theo.
My gaze stayed on Theo, wondering what he was going to say.
“Irene misunderstood what she saw and unfortunately decided to take her anger out on Elisia.” He sighed, walking down the few steps.
Kobi, understandably, still looked confused, but didn’t ask any further questions. He trusted his Alpha’s reasons.
Theo crossed his arms together and looked down at Irene disapprovingly.
“You knew the rules to not attack anyone from that pack, and yet you still did.”
Irene had stopped struggling against the warriors as she focused on his words.
“Theo, that was nothing!” She cried, looking shocked. “She can clearly defend herself and I attacked her good reason!”
Jay grip on me tightened as he growled at her careless words.
Theo ignored Jay and carried on speaking.
“I told you the consequences of harming someone from a pack we have no alliance with.” He explained, anger radiating off him. “You harmed one of them on this territory. They now have a reason to declare war on us!”
Theo’s demeanor changed just then.
His dominant Alpha power radiated off him so intensely that everyone took a step back. This was the same power that came off him in his wolf form.
I knew he was holding it back.
It seemed to do the trick in shutting Irene up.
She stared up at her Alpha in terror as she realised who she was talking back to.
“I’m sorry Alpha, I wasn’t thinking about the consequences.”
Theo stared back, unbothered by her her sudden apology.
“You should apologise to her, not me.” He replied, gesturing to me.
He glanced my way, before taking a double take to see Jay’s arm tightly holding my waist.
“There’s no threat, you don’t need to hold her anymore.” Theo snarled, glaring at Jay.
Jay, as a response, put two arms around me to spite him.
“Fuck off.” He simply replied.
Before Theo could respond, Kobi stepped forward.
“I’ll be taking Irene out with me. I don’t like how she’s the only one being restrained.” He said coldly, sending me an annoyed look.
My heart sank from his expression. I wasn’t the one begging to get her restrained, it just happened…
He helped get her back on her feet, and dust off her clothes. Before heading out the door, Irene wanted to have the last say.
“May the best women win tomorrow.” She said, giving me a sickly sweet smile before leaving with her brother.
I let out a sigh of exhausation and looked at the marble titled floor. Well, she got away without apologising.
This day is definately not going to plan.
Not that I had a plan, but if I did…this would
not be it.
“Will you be taking this incident to your leaders?”
Hearing Theo’s question, I looked up at Jay to hear his answer.
Instead, I find him looking down at me.
“Definitely.” He started to say.
Leona and Julian immediately stood behind their Alpha. They’ve been good friends to us, but it is only now that I really see their roles as Beta and Beta Female.
They will, forever, stay by their Alpha’s side. Not that I expected anything else, it’s just cool to see them like that.
“However, I think it’s fair to ask Elisia before I do anything about it. Since it was you who got harmed on this territory.”
I widened my eyes at this.
My eyes scanned around the room to see our warriors sitting on the floor where they had restrained Irene. Looking at Jay, he clearly wanted me to report this incident. My gaze moved onto Julian and Leona who looked like they wished this never happened.
My eye finally land on Theo, who stood tall in front of them. His authoritative presence gives people a reason to believe he could deal with anything.
Even war.
But I couldn’t imagine being the reason to cause him so much trouble.
I didn’t want to cause Leona and Julian trouble and I didn’t want to let them down.
“I won’t take it up to my leaders.” I announced quietly. I felt Jay shift to look at me in shock, and the warriors even stood up.
“I just want to forget about it and move on. It really wasn’t a big deal.” I continued, shrugging.
Leona and Julian’s shoulders visibly sagged in relief.
I couldn’t do that to them. Even if one of their pack member went out of line.
They aren’t to blame. No one is, except her.
“If it makes you happy, you can give her an appropriate punishment for breaking the important rule.” I said, moving my way to the stairs.
I just wanted to be alone at this point.
“Elisia? Are you serious?” Jay exclaimed, holding me back.
“Yes.” I replied, sounding tired.
“Well then, how about how this guy who clearly couldn’t keep his hands off you?”
I froze at his words, briefly making eye contact with Theo. He looked, as usual, cool and unbothered.
I, however, was freaking out inside.
How the hell do I explain the little scene Jay and Irene walked in on?
Thankfully, Theo spoke up before me.
“If I may say something?” He asked, although I knew he would continue to speak regardless if he got confirmation or not.
Jay stood there expectantly, waiting for an explanation.
“What you walked in on…is none of your business.”
I mentally face palmed myself; I should’ve seen it coming. Knowing Theo, he doesn’t like to explain himself so what was I expecting?
Jay grew enraged by his response and turned to me for answers.
No, don’t look at me, I mentally prayed.
I’m not here.
I wish I wasn’t here.
I looked at Julian and Leona for help, but they stayed rooted in their spot. They were looking at Jay with a wary expression.
Like I said, Jay is a little scary when he’s angry.
“I don’t know what happened.”
Jay titled his head at me in confusion. Oh, come on! What the hell was I supposed to say?
Oh, You know Alpha Theo, the guy you really despise for some reason, is my mate and I knew since we came here weeks ago. We haven’t completed the mate bond because of, God knows what, and we were about to kiss before you walked in on us.
That wouldn’t go down well.
Jay looked at Theo and I, with an expression I couldn’t recognise.
“Elisia, why don’t you go up and rest.” Leona offered quietly, making me smile at her gratefully.
Thankfully, no one objected and I made my way upstairs.
I glanced back down to see Theo and Jay squarely facing each other, staring each other down with an immense amount of hostility.
The warriors from my pack moved to stand behind an angry looking Jay which made Leona and Julian tense behind Theo.
“No fighting.”
They both seemed to hear me, but didn’t reply. Instead, they walked away from each other.
I was only just having a nice lunch a couple hours ago, how did this all happen in such a short period of time?

The Female Warrior And The Alpha Episode 17

LOL, lots of drama in this one

What are your thoughts on this episode?


  1. Irene is a Drama queen.Elisia and Irene’s fight will be so bloody, and Irene would have a bit of an upper hand cause she knows Elisia’s fight pattern from at least watching all her matches. But hey Elisia has Alpha blood so let the best win.

  2. Yesterday was valentine and I was hoping you’ll give us an extra episode to munch on. Lol
    I enjoy every episode, kudos to the writer.

  3. OK I thought Kobi would be reasonable enuf to at least listen to what happened,now that witch would feed him with falacies,and he would hate Elisia for stupid reasonπŸ™„..the suspense is killing,i can’t even predict..good work dear poster. 😘

  4. Theo can’t keep up with the pretence for so long. Nice write up, I tot there will be val special yesterday. Kudos to you, Keep it up.

  5. Theo can’t keep up with the pretence for so long. Nice write up, I tot there will be val special yesterday. Kudos to you, Keep it up.


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