The Female Warrior And The Alpha Episode 15 by Yasminne

The Female Warrior And The Alpha Episode 1 by Yasminne

The Female Warrior And The Alpha Episode 15 by Yasminne

Theme : Wolf Bonding

My wolf trotted towards Theo’s wolf hesitantly, trying to figure out his intentions. She shook off the water on her fur, drying herself. I was wondering where Theo had rushed off to earlier; I didn’t think he’d be out here.
His wolf stayed on his back, his tail still wagging. Wow, so he really wanted to play?
When my wolf got close enough, she licked his hind leg, asking him to get up. His wolf got up immediately, and tilted his head at me.

She creeped up to him and quickly touched his back with her snout before running away.
Looking back, she saw his wolf turning around in surprise. My wolf wanted to play tag.
Theo’s wolf seemed to have understood as he started to sprint towards our direction. My wolf yelped in excitement and started to sprint and dodge the countless trees.
Hearing his wolf’s legs and paws pounding the ground behind me, I pushed my wolf to run faster. He was getting quite close, and I didn’t want the chase to be over.
I took pride in my ability to run fast, especially in my wolf form. I am much faster than almost all the wolves in my pack, including the males. It’s almost as strange as my abnormal strength as a female wolf.
My speed must’ve surprised Theo by now, knowing how impossible it is to outrun an Alpha.
But then again, I am a strange anomaly.
There I was sprinting, in my wolf form, through the dense forest of the BlackShadowed Pack, being playfully chased by the Alpha who happens to be my moody mate.
Just a month ago, I couldn’t imagine myself visiting the most ‘dangerous’ and powerful pack in the country. I couldn’t even imagine finding my mate, let alone imagine being paired with an Alpha, with Theo Hunter to be exact.
The time I have spent here has made me realise two things.
The first thing being, this pack isn’t half as bad as people describe it. In fact, the rumors couldn’t be further from the truth.
I heard that the members here are brainwashed, cold and lifeless, due to their crazy training and intense discipline. They don’t have dungeons where they keep enemies and torture them – trust me, I’ve asked.
Maybe that was the case when Maxwell Hunter, The Mad Alpha, was ruling the pack which brings me onto my second epiphany.
I may not know him that well, but Theo is
nothing like his father.
People have described Theo to be the exact copy of Maxwell, or an even worse copy.
According to rumors, Theo is a ruthless and cold-hearted leader. Someone who doesn’t care for his people, only for the gain of power and money. Just like his father.
Someone who kills and murders without hesitating. Not giving a damn about the death of his fellow pack members. Just like his father.
Someone who liked to seperate mates by killing one of them, just for pure entertainment. Just like his father.
I’m sure you could see why Maxwell was nicknamed ‘The Mad Alpha’. He’s done plenty of horrible acts, and I haven’t even gotten around to the worst ones.
Theo is nothing like how the rumors have painted him. I mean, the rumors were accurate with whole ‘tall and handsome’ part, but he isn’t uncaring, cold, heartless and a carbon copy of his father.
He takes care of his pack, I clearly saw that when I toured around the pack. People were content with their lives, living the best they can. His warriors were in good condition, not because they train hard everyday in extreme conditions like people say.
I felt a snout hit my left hind leg, making me trip a little. He had caught up, and tackled me onto the damp earthy ground.
His wolf flashed me a wolfy smile, before tapping my wolf’s hind leg again. His bright eyes held a teasing glint before he sprinted off with me catching up, hot on his tail.
We played tag like this for a while, chasing and nipping at each other, before I decided to have a drink.
We trotted over to the same creek we were at earlier, and drank from the moving stream. My wolf laid on her belly and put her head on top of her front two paws. Her tongue was out, panting to cool down and lower her body temperture.
“His wolf and I get along, why can’t you and Theo get along?” My wolf questioned in my mind.
“I don’t know, yet .” I replied with a sigh.
According to Leona, he’s afraid of something.
Theo’s wolf laid next to me for a while before suddenly putting his snout on my wolf’s neck. My wolf froze when his wolf started licking that specfic spot.
He wants to mark me, in my wolf form.
Feeling bewildered, I looked closely at his eyes. They were completely golden, not a hint of blue, telling me that his wolf was fully in control.
I panicked even more when I realised that my wolf wasn’t moving away or objecting.
“Move away from him! He cannot mark us !” I exclaimed to my wolf.
“His wolf is my mate, it’s up to me if I want his wolf to mark me. Theo will mark you whenever you’re ready, but as for me, I am ready.” She reasoned with me, ignoring the waves of panic she must be feeling from me.
“But doing this will deepen the mate bond…I’m not ready for that .” I shot back. Unfortunately, my wolf is just as stubborn as I am
“His wolf and I hit it off. We’re supposed to mark each other, because we’re mates !” She responded, sounding disappointed in me.
That’s it.
I mentally pushed forward, trying to gain full control of the body. She stubbornly stayed put as I tried hard to push her to the back of my mind.
Just then, I felt Theo’s wolf’s snout abruptly move away from that spot. My wolf turned towards him in surprise, wondering why he hasn’t gone through with it.
To my surprise, his wolf’s golden eyes were replaced with dark blue eyes.
Theo was in control.
My wolf huffed in disappointment as she voluntarily went to the back of my mind, giving me full control. I knew at that moment my wolf’s green eyes were replaced with my gray ones.
I guess I wasn’t the only one who didn’t want to go through with the marking process.
For some reason, at that point, I had noticed something I hadn’t seen the entire time of playing tag. A large scar took up a lot of the area of his back, making my wolf whimper in worry.
Having scars is normal for an Alpha, Beta, Gamma as well as warriors. However, that fact couldn’t calm my wolf’s worries…or dare I say my worries.
I stood up at the same time Theo did. He gestured with his head to follow him, it was a human-like gesture.
He sprinted ahead and I followed shortly after, already catching up. We arrived at a large tree with markings carved on them. He turned his head towards me and points to the ground with his snout
He’s asking me to sit down.
I laid down on my belly instead, and stayed there, wondering why we had stopped here.
He trotted behind the huge tree with the carvings and stayed there for a while.
Just when I had become curious as to what he was doing, he stepped into view.
In his human form.
I stared in shock, wondering how on earth he was able to shift while being stationary. I have to run or jog to be able to shift into my wolf or shift back.
He was casually trying the strings on his basketball shorts that hung dangerously low on his hips.

But I was more focused on his upper body since it was free of clothes. The first time I’d ever properly laid eyes on Theo…shirtless.
His body is a piece of art because of its perfectly chiseled appearance. His muscles were big and defined, shifting whenever he moved. My gaze started from his broad shoulders, to those biceps, to his defined abs and then settling on his very prominent V line.
I forced myself to snap out of it before I made my shock too obvious. Thank goodness I was in my wolf state or he would’ve caught me checking him out for sure.
“Where did you put your clothes?” He spoke up, crouching down to my size.
I stood up from my relaxed position and led him to the tree I placed my clothes.
“Okay, shift.” He demanded, after seeing my folded up clothes.
I didn’t move an inch, and just stared at him, hoping he would move away or something.
I can’t shift while staying still, like he can. So it’s not like I could hide behind a tree to hide my nakedness. However, there was no way to tell Theo this…I couldn’t communicate to him at all.
So I just stood there staring right at him, hoping that he feels uncomfortable enough to walk away.
I usually don’t care about who sees me naked when I’m shifting because I’m totally used to it. Anyway, my hair completely covers my torso and I’m pretty fast at changing, so that helps I guess.
My plan to make him leave failed as he just stared back with those stunning eyes of his and didn’t bother to move an inch.
“Why aren’t you shifting?” He frowned, tilting his head a little. “It is because I didn’t ask?”
He sighed heavily and ran his hand through his hair. “Fine, can you shift please?”
No…that’s not what I wanted, I thought with frustration.
I need you to walk 20 metres away from here so I can run and shift into my human self, without worrying about you seeing me naked.
“Hmm, if only you could mind-link him like mates usually do!” My wolf sneered at the back of my mind.
“Rude.” I muttered back, surprised at her sudden hostility.
“Yeah, sorry.” She apologised, already regretting her words. ” It’s just frustrating see you guys like this, mates are supposed to accept each other.”
When I showed no signs of movement, Theo’s confusion doubled.
He suddenly gasped quietly and looked at me with surprise.
“Don’t tell me you…” He started to say before opening his mouth in shock. “…you don’t know how to shift back?”
Oh God…

I gave him the most unimpressed expression I could muster in my wolf state and turned away. I guess I’ll take these matters into my own hands. I grabbed my clothes with my mouth and trotted away from him.
To my dismay, I heard him following, making me stop in my tracks. I growled at him lowly, warning him not to come closer.
I turned back around and travelled deeper into the forest. This time he had stopped following and I finally found a good place to shift. I placed my clothes on the ground, I did a quick scan around before I shifted.
I hid behind the closest tree, and crouched low. I struggled putting on my clothes as quick as I could, in fear of being spotted by Theo. When I was done, I smoothed down my hair, which was messed up from my frantic putting on clothes session.
I strolled towards where I had left Theo, and saw him hanging off a thick branch from a tree. He effortlessly pulled himself up and sat on it. He was very high up, it made me feel a little nervous.
When I had reached him, I had a sudden urge to pull his legs that were danging in the air.
So I did.
“Woah.” He exclaimed, looking down at me. A small smirk appeared on his face. “I don’t plan on dying this young, so if you don’t mind, don’t.”
I scoffed at his comment and crossed my arms over each other. “Alpha’s always land on their feet, haven’t you ever heard that before?”
“I think that saying is about cats…”
“Oh. How about the one where Alpha’s have ‘nine lives’?”
“Still cats.”
I thought back to all the times in my childhood when Jay told me about Alphas. Damn, I knew not to believe him. But I still did, damn…
“Climb up.”
I looked up at him in surprise. “Huh?”
“It’s nice up here.” He said, admiring the view. “Come on, I’ll help you.”
I couldn’t help but laugh at that. I mean, he didn’t know a lot about me so I can’t blame him.
I am proud to say I am pretty talented at climbing anything, like trees, buildings (depending on what kind), rope, rocky hills and small mountains.
I analyzed the tree to make a mental image of an easy pathway to the top. I started climbing, strategically putting my feet and hands on anything that’ll hoist me up.
I reached Theo in no time, already trying to sit on the branch he was sitting on. I caught his expression after I had comfortably sat down next to him.
To my surprise, he wore a proud and admiring expression. His eyebrows were raised slightly as his gaze on me swooped from head to toe.
I looked away, starting to feel shy under his intense gaze. I had only climbed a tree, why did he look so impressed? I looked away so abruptly that I almost lost my balance on the branch.

His warm hand steadied me on my lower back, helping me regain my balance. Once I did, I mumbled a thank you not looking at him.
I hadn’t expected his hand to stay on my back, even after I was clearly fine. Feeling flustered, I tried to focus my attention on the beautiful view in front of me.
It looked like a sea of green trees with the breeze moving the leaves gently. The forest seemed to stretch on forever, making it seem like we really were isolated. I couldn’t hear any chatter or any noise that did not belong in nature.
I wish I could relax and enjoy the nature around me, but his touch on my back was all I could focus on. I almost couldn’t breathe because of his proximity.
“Erm, y-you don’t have to steady me anymore.” I stuttered, mentally slapping myself for loosing my cool.
Theo avoided my gaze as he replied, “Doesn’t mean I don’t want to.”
He turned his head to face me, and said, “You never know, the future is unpredictable.”
Before I could figure out if there was a double meaning in that sentence, he did something that threw me off completely.
He smiled at me.
He smiled.
Not a smirk like he usually does or a half smirk or the small curling of his mouth when he’s amused.
A real smile.
“Holy Mcdonalds!” I exclaimed, staring at his face in shock. I would’ve fell backwards if it wasn’t for Theo’s hand on my back.
Theo’s smile completely vanished and a frown replaced it. “What? Mcdonalds is holy?”
I blinked once, twice and then five more times before zeroing in on Theo’s cheek.
“I can’t believe it.” I said, still trying to register what happened.
“Believe what?”
I shook my head at him slowly. “I can’t believe you have dimples !”
He has dimples, and I had never seen it before.
I mean, to be fair, I’ve never seen him genuinely smile until now…but still.
I thought back to all childhood photos I saw back at the lake house, I didn’t see any dimples.
Or maybe he wasn’t smiling in any of them…
“Oh, yeah I do.” He said, raising an eyebrow at me. “So what?”
Without thinking, I poked his cheek.
“Bring it back.” I said simply, still in a daze.
Theo stared me for a good second, probably questioning my sanity, but then suddenly started to laugh really hard.
Now I’m the one questioning his sanity.

He had one deep dimple on his cheek, softening his entire tough and dominant character. His laugh was so nice to listen to, it was deep and full of life. Listening to it made me smile, and knowing I caused it, warmed my heart.
“You are so strange.” He commented, his laughter quietening into small chuckles.
“Nice.” I retorted sarcastically, withdrawing my finger from his cheek. I knew I was, I just didn’t expect him to say it like that.
He stopped chuckling and watched me carefully, making me look away to hide my flushed cheeks.
Unexpectantly, he reached for a small portion of my hair covering my cheek and tucked it behind my ear, giving him a better view of my face.
“I think it’s cute.”
Before I could move or react, Theo suddenly jumped.
Gasping, I watched him fall from this great height and safely land on the ground with a tuck and roll.
He gestured me to follow, with his back facing me. I watched him in disbelief, not believing he just did that.
Or said that.
I climbed back down the same way I came up, definately not taking any risks. The match is in a few days, and I don’t want another excuse to delay the match any further.
We walked back to the Alpha Manor in silence, probably because of what he said back then.
It’s not like he called me cute, he called my strangeness cute…which is strange in itself.
So why does it make my heart pound like crazy, and make my cheeks hot?
“I forgot to apologise.”
I whipped my head in his direction when he said that. Apologise for what?
He sensed my confusion and elaborated further. “I almost marked you.”
Ah, I almost forgot about that.
“It’s fine, it didn’t happen so you’re good.” I said, brushing it off.
“Why didn’t you move or stop me?”
“My wolf refused to give me control because she wanted to be marked.” I explained, feeling my wolf’s guilty conscience.
“I also couldn’t gain full control as quick as I wanted to.” He admitted.
He stopped in his tracks and gave me once over.
Keep your eyes on his face, not his body, I mentally chanted.

“Your wolf must be pretty strong to be able to stay in control even when you tell her to back down.” He added, curiosity seeping into his voice. “You’re also very fast, too fast for someone your rank…”
I shrugged at this, very used to hearing it. I give the same explanation I give to everyone.
“I am an anomoly. I was born with abnormal strength and speed for a female like me. I know it’s not normal, I’ve been told that my whole life but at least I’ve made use of it.”
He watched me closely, hanging onto very word I said.
“You call yourself an anomoly?”
That’s what people have always called me.

“That’s like saying you being born like this is a mistake.” He scoffed, annoyance clear in his voice. “Don’t call yourself that.”
I stared at him, flustered by his reasoning.
“Then what do you suggest I should call myself when people ask about my abnormal abilities?”
“Not an anomoly or abnormal.” He said seriously, holding my gaze. “Tell them you’re a unique female who was born with the gift of incredible strength and speed.”
That was the first time anyone has ever called my abilities, a ‘gift’.

The Female Warrior And The Alpha Episode 15

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