The Female Warrior And The Alpha Episode 14 by Yasminne

The Female Warrior And The Alpha Episode 1 by Yasminne

The Female Warrior And The Alpha Episode 14 by Yasminne

Theme : Obsession

“Let’s hear it.” I heard myself say.
Did I really want to find out what was going on between Theo and Irene?
“Okay.” They nodded at each other. “We thought about it hard and agreed that it would be best if you knew the backstory regarding Theo and Irene.”
Well, considering he’s my mate, I would think so too.
“Yeah, not knowing what kind of relationship they have would get you worked up about it.” Leona added, agreeing with Julian. “Julian will start from the beginning, because he was there since then.”
While I agreed with her, I didn’t like the use of the word ‘relationship’. In fact, I would have preferred it if there was no kind of relationship.
Instead I said, “Go on.”

“Theo has been through a lot from a very young age, and only people who lived in the Alpha Manor got to see that. That included the Beta and Gamma’s children, which were Kobi, Irene and I.” Julian began. “We were all very close and tried our best to help him get through it.”
What had Theo been going through? Surely, the whole MoonKnight pack issue couldn’t have had much impact on him. Accutely, maybe. But not chronically.
“But the thing is, Kobi and I were being trained to be the future Beta and Gamma so we couldn’t always be there for him. He also wasn’t always around because he was being trained as the future Alpha.” Julian carried on, sighing.

“We were the only people around his age that knew about what he goes through, and we couldn’t even be there for him. None of us except…”
“Except Irene.” I finshed for him grimly.
Julian nodded. “She was one of the few people who knew Theo’s situation and was always present to help him at all times. Unlike her brother, Kobi, she wasn’t training to become anything so she had time to be with Theo whenever. She expressed an interest in him since a young age, so no one was surprised when she voluntarily stood by his side.”
My wolf stirred within me, feeling discomfort at the thought of our mate spending time with Irene.
“At first, Kobi and I were grateful that she was able to help him when we were absent. However, as more time passed, we realised how much she relished being in Theo presence. I remember Kobi asking me ‘is this normal?’ because she would always be at his side for every possible second. When she wasn’t with him, she’d constantly ask about him or gush about how amazing he is.”
“I never spoke a word to her, and even I knew how obesessed she was.” Leona spoke up, rolling her eyes.

“Her attachment to Theo got so bad, that she couldn’t bare not seeing him for a couple of hours. When we were getting closer to the age of seventeen, she was almost certain that he was her mate and was sprouting this belief to everyone who crossed her path.”
“She convinced a lot of people, and told everyone she’d be their future Luna.” Leona revealed, shaking her head.
“What?” I exclaimed, sitting up straighter on my seat. “Where did she get the guts to say such an outrageous statement?”
They both shrugged. “It wouldn’t be too hard to believe, especially since she’s the daughter of a Gamma.” Leona pointed out. “The mate of the Alpha is usually of Alpha blood, Beta blood or Gamma blood.”
A silence stretched out of a couple of seconds.
I wasn’t born from an Alpha, or a Beta or even a Gamma, and yet I was paired with an Alpha. I knew they were also thinking the same thing because they had curious expressions painted on their faces.

“Speaking of being the mate of an Alpha, why aren’t you-?”
Julian stopped Leona from speaking further by placing his hand on her mouth. He shook his head and gestured to the ceiling, indicating that we weren’t the only ones in the house.
None of my pack members, including Jay, knew about Theo being my mate. I don’t want to think about what their reaction might be like, especially Jay.
“Anyway, when Theo became seventeen and didn’t find his mate, she became completely convinced that she was his soulmate. However, a year later when she became seventeen, it had become clear that they weren’t mates at all.” Julian continued. “Nonetheless, she was still adamant that they were made for each other.”
“She’s a year younger than Theo. So Irene and Kobi are your age.” I realised.
They nodded at this. “Kobi, Irene, Leona and I are all twenty. Theo, just like Jay, is twenty one.” Julian comfirmed.
The four pack members sent for Jay and I’s protection varied from the age of twenty two to the age of twenty five so that meant…
I gaped at them in shock, making them laugh at my expression.
“Oh my God, I’m the youngest.” I whispered.
“You’re the baby in the manor.” Leona squealed, cooing at me like I was an infant.
“Stop, you’re literally only a year older.” Slapping her hand away when she tried to pinch my cheeks. “Back to the story!” I ordered, protecting my cheeks.
“Okay, so at this point I had moved into the Alpha Manor. I saw all the attempts of her seeking any physical affection from Theo.” Leona continued, forgeting about my cheeks. “Anything from asking for a kiss, to climbing on his lap for attention.”
A growl built up in my chest, threatening to escape my lips. I held it back in, controlled the urge to growl in anger. I had seen her touch Theo before, but imagining it was far worse. I had quite a vivid imaginatiom which can be both good and bad.
“Elisia, I promise you. Theo has never caved into Irene’s attempts, for all those years.” Julian said seriously, looking into my eyes.

I saw him hold her right in front of my eyes, and not look sorry about it at all.
“Until recently.” Julian finished, sighing and looking away.
I looked at them, narrowing my eyes at them. They looked at each other, obviously mind linking.
“We need to make a group chat!” Leona said randomly, clapping her hands together.
I raised my eyebrows at her in disbelief, did she just try to completely change the subject?
She then winked at me, sending a message to follow along. Feeling confused, I took my cracked phone out and exchanged numbers.
Julian made the group chat immediately, and named it ‘The secret trio’.
Leona scruched nose at the name. “What’s up with the name?”
Julian didn’t answer, but typed his answer into the chat.

JULIAN: Because we’re sharing the secret of Theo and Elisia being mates…and we’re a trio.
LEONA: Whatever, it’s an okay name…
ELISIA: Why are we chatting on this instead of speaking to each other?
JULIAN: We can say anything we want on here without worrying about other people eavesdropping.
LEONA: You genius! The last time I wanted to talk to Elisia about the mates issue, I made her write on a notepad. It took so long to write…texting is amazing.
JULIAN: Yeah, I know I’m pretty good. The inventor of texting is also a genius like me…
ELISIA: Okay, once you guys are done marvelling the invention of texting, would you care to finish what you were saying?

JULIAN: Right, sorry. So until recently, he hasn’t caved into her desperate attempts for his attention.
LEONA: Recently being, when you arrived onto the territory. That’s when he began to respond to her physical touches. She’s been so ecstatic the past couple weeks because of this.
I huffed in anger, blowing a stray hair away from my face. I went back to furiously typing on my shattered screen.
ELISIA: That does NOT make sense at all! Why would he suddenly pay attention to another girl, once his mate finally appears?
A low growl escaped from me, rumbling from my chest which made Julian and Leona look up anxiously.
“You give off a pretty scary vibe when you’re pissed off.” Juliam confessed, chuckling lightly. “Pretty scary to even a Beta.”
I shook off his comment and went back to typing.
ELISIA: Any reason why he might be behaving like this?
LEONA: My theory is that he is scared…

I looked her reply with confusion. Before I could reply to ask what she meant, Julian spoke out loud.
“You mean our theory?” He corrected, raising an eyebrow at his mate.
“No, it’s my theory.” She shot back. “You said your theory was that his mind was hijacked by a small green alien from the planet Uranus.”
That comment alone threw me off completely. “Wait, what?” I said in surprise, looking at Julian for an explanation.
“Listen, I can explain.” Julian said, defending himself. “You need to understand that he never accepted her attempts for physical affection. He couldn’t even bring himself to hug the opposite sex, let alone make out with them or sleep with them, like she wants.”
I wanted to talk shit about her right then and there, but held myself back. No way was a I wasting energy on such a person…I’ll just save it for the match and beat her ass then.
“Now that he’s responding to her affection, the only explanation is that he’s been taken over by some kind of extraterrestrial.” He continued.

“Really?” I asked unconvincingly, rolling my eyes.
“Yes, really.” He replied seriously, not taking the hint to drop the whole E.T thing.
“What would your Alpha say? Or do, more like.” I said, shaking my head at him.
“He’s my best friend, I can literally say anything about him.” He shrugged.
“Best friend?” I retorted, almost bursting into laughter but stopping myself to not be rude. “I’m sorry, but it doesn’t seem like you’re close.”
“You’ve only seen them interact as Alpha and Beta, not as Theo and Julian.” Leona explained. “Not to mention, we usually give him space when he’s not feeling himself, which is nearly everyday since you arrived. So we’ve been more distant than usual.”
“Ah, that’s just great!” I exclaimed, my voice dripped with sarcasm. “Just peachy!”
I sighed and redirected the topic of the conversation.
“So why would he be scared?” I asked, referring to Leona”s last reply on the chat.
They both exchanged a glance before replying. “I don’t think we should tell you that.” Julian said, looking apologetic.
“What? Why not?” I questioned, feeling wronged. “You’ve told me so much already, you can’t stop here!”
I need more information on him if I want to get pass that wall he always has around me. I can’t understand anything if no one was willing to share the facts with me.
“That’s the point.” Leona said. “We shared as much as we could without breeching Theo’s privacy. We only told you what we thought was fine to share, but I’m afraid you’ll need to find out the rest from him.”

“Please understand.” Julian added, nodding to what his mate said. “It wouldn’t be right to pour his secrets and past without his permission.”
I sighed and leaned on my right arm. They have told me as much as they could and I was really grateful for that.
“I get it, I really do.” I reassured them. “You’ve shared a lot, so thank you.”
I wondered what was making him behave this way, choosing to be distant from me and choosing to spend his time with a, unfortunately, gorgeous and annoying female like Irene.
He hasn’t exactly rejected me, yet he hasn’t accepted me either. I know I haven’t also accepted him, but only because it seemed like he didn’t want me.
Is he being like this because of the same reasons? Did he think that I didn’t want him as my mate?
Leona said it was because he was scared. But of what?
Little did they know that I knew a lot more then they thought.
I watched the happy couple fight over the last chewing gum in a packet, wondering if they knew anything about The MoonKnight Pack.
I mean, why wouldn’t they? They were the Beta and Beta female of this pack after all, so I shouldn’t be surprised.

It was hard to believe that these two happy people secretly knew about the termination of a whole pack, ordered by their Alpha. Hundreds must’ve died that day…
Or maybe they did know about it and doesn’t bother them at all, then the bad reputation of this pack would actually make sense.
I wanted to confide in someone about the whole MoonKnight pack story. I couldn’t understand how a whole pack was attacked and terminated and no one bothered to raise questions.

Being attacked from another pack wasn’t unusual at all, however, other packs are usually notifed about what had happened. If the attacked pack was an ally of ours, then we would send aid to help them back on their feet.
The only conclusion I came up with is that the MoonKnight Pack attack must’ve been ignored by everyone.
Did no one care?
Or maybe they don’t know…

Just then a chilling thought crossed my mind. Maybe the attack was covered up?
It was a scary but ridiculous thought. How could something as big as this be covered up? I convinced myself that that was impossible.
The leaders of every pack hold an annual meeting as well as an annual celebration. Questions should’ve been raised when the leaders of The Moonknight Pack weren’t present. Thinking back to Maxwell’s diary, the Alpha of that pack was called Alex and the Luna was, of course, Lily.
So how come I never heard of the pack? Even Jay didn’t recognise their name and he knows the details of every single one of them.

I would’ve asked Julian and Leona if they’ve ever heard of the pack, but something held me back from saying anything.
“I’m going out for a run.” I heard myself announce.
“Alright, we’ll catch you later.” Julian replied.
“You must have a lot on your mind.” Leona said, referring to Theo and Irene’s backstory.
Oh, you have no idea, I thought as I slipped out the front door.
“Guys, I’ve gone out for a run .” I mindlinked my pack members to let them know where I’ll be.
Somewhere in this dense forest, I guess. It’ll be the first time that I’ll be shifting without Jay in this territory.

I reached the edge of the forest, breathing in the fresh air filled with nature’s scent. The greenery and earth scent filled my lungs when I strode forward, deeper into the forest.
Tuning my sensitive hearing, I stood still listening to the leaves rustling in the breeze, the birds chirping in the distance and the gushing sound of a nearby river.
Smiling, I started to stretch towards the sky, feeling more relaxed than I have been in a while. Feeling connected to the serene sound and feeling of nature around me, I decided it was time to shift.
I scanned the area for a distinct looking tree to put my clothes, and stripped down when I did. I folded them and placed them at the roots of the large tree.
And then… I ran.
I ran fast, enough for the wind to be howling in my ears. The light breeze became harsh wind, hitting me at every corner of my skin.
The feeling from when you’re about to shift is quite unique. You feel sensations you’d never experience as a human.
As my wolf gets ready to take over, every inch of my skin starts to heat up. The hairs on my body perk up immediately, preparing for the shift.
That’s when my wolf pushes forward, physically and mentally, and takes over my body.
Bones and internal organs cracked and shifted into place in a matter of a couple of seconds. White fur grew from my wolf body at an abnoramal rate, creating a warm and fluffy exterior.

I landed effortlessly on all four paws.
I started shake my body from side to side, and stretched my front and hind legs to get rid of any aches.
The actual feeling of shifting, however, was quite uncomfortable. Although, thankfully the discomfort has lessened over the years; it used to be agony when I was new at shifting.
I retreated to the back of my mind, and let my wolf take full control. My wolf decided to trot over to a river a few feet from us and dive in to bathe.
For a couple of minutes, she happily rolled around in the shallow part of the river, drenching her snow-like fur in the water.
A sudden snap of a twig made us perk our ears to the sound. My wolf moved cautiously, but made no effort to leave the river. She wanted the intruder to show themselves.
Just as though the intruder knew what she wanted, a wolf emerged from behind the large tree.
Those familiar golden eyes came into view, owned by a very large black wolf. I’ve seen Theo, in his wolf form, on my second day on this territory.
His different colour eyes meant his wolf was fully in control. The golden eyes were his wolf’s eyes, very different his usual blue ones.
I was sure he could see that my wolf was also fully in control, because of my wolf’s vivid green eyes in contast to my usual gray ones.

His wolf was considerably large compared to me. I could see that even though he’s quite far from me. He then slowly started to stalk towards me, his eyes holding mine. My wolf still made no effort to move, even when he was a couple meters away.
There was something very daunting about Theo’s wolf, it almost intimidated me. His wolf liked to show off his authoritative power as an Alpha and reeked of absolute dominance. Theo must hold back his dominance characteristic a lot if his wolf had this much.
His wolf came to a stop at the bank of the creek and did something I did not expect.

He used his snout to roll a large pebble into the river and wagged his tail. When my wolf gave no response, he then rolled over onto his back and whined.
I felt my wolf’s surprise, and rightly so, because I was also taken by surprise.
Theo, the big bad wolf, wants to play?

The Female Warrior And The Alpha Episode 14

So you got a little insight into Theo and Irene’s backstory

What do you think Theo was going through at a young age?

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6 months ago

Super interesting!!!
Theo must have witnessed his mad father treat his mother callously…

6 months ago

I totally agree with Victoria