SAVE MY MOTHER (True Life Story) 2 – Samlex LOP

SAVE MY MOTHER (True Life Story) - Samlex LOP

SAVE MY MOTHER (True Life Story) 2 – Samlex LOP


Life is wicked

I stood by the road side wishing a car could run me over and end it all.

I lost my father to a sickness which drain all the money he had, I was a 300 level student of LASU studying Mass communication but I had to drop out of school because of my father illness who we later lost after selling all the properties to Keep him on life support.

He I am confused and frustrated on how to get five million naira for my mother’s treatment.

I went home after deciding to hang myself to death to just end it all before my mom does, I got to the one room we stay, picked a rope from the bucket we fetch water from and tied it to the wood holding the roof because we had no celling, I climbed a chair, put the rope on my neck, I was about kicking the chair when a knock came on the door.

I cursed who was at the door, why do you have to come at this time, I came down from the chair and went to check who was knocking.

I opened the door to see two of my former course mate from school who are in their final year now.

“John, peter how did you guys located this place?” I asked surprised.

“Open door let’s come inside first,” said Peter trying to push the door open but I immediately blocked the door.

“Guy what sup na, you won’t let us in?” John asked.

“Not that, it just that the room is not tidy and it’s smelling,” I lied to them feeling uncomfortable.

I don’t want them to see the rope I tied and the chair, but before I could say something else to stop them from coming in, they both shoved my out of the door and ran inside.

I came inside to meet them staring at the rope and chair with their mouth opened, they both turned to me with surprise and confusion written all over their faces.

“I can explain guys, it’s not what you think,” I said sounding foolish.

“Explain to us we are all ears,” peter said as they both folded their hands on their chest looking at me.

I fumbled with words, searching for words to explain myself but non was coming, I broke down crying and they rushed to my side.

“What is wrong?” Asked John.

I narrated everything from my father’s issues to my mother and what my uncle did and when I finish they too were crying.

“But why didn’t you tell us this all this while, since you dropped out two years ago, you started avoiding us,” said Peter.

“I know there is no way you guys could have help me,” I said cleaning my tears.

“But at least you should have still told us,” said John cleaning his eyes and getting up facing the window, “guy I have a plan,” John said causing me to raise an eyebrow with hope, “but it’s dangerous and risky, but one thing is guaranteed, we will get the money for the treatment.”

“I stood up from where I was sitting and walked up to him, “what is the plan, please say it, I can’t watch my mother die,” I said holding him.

John turn to me, his eyes red, “how much was your uncle awarded for the contract by the government?” He asked looking mean.

“100 million naira,” I replied feeling anxious to hear his plan.

“We would steal it,” he said sounding angry, I have never seen John this angry before.

I stepped back, “no we can’t do that, we are not thieves,” I said feeling scared already.

“John is right, that is the only solution right now, or do you have another way you can get the money,” Peter said walking up to us.

As if the world was against me, my Nokia touch phone rang and when I checked caller id it was from the hospital, I picked and I could hear the doctor saying my mom needs the operation in less than one week or she won’t make it pass the one week, he said alot of things but I didn’t hear any of them, the fear of losing my mother rang in my head, I turned to John “am in let’s do it.”

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Chinwendu marvelous
Chinwendu marvelous
2 months ago

Really mind blowing