SAVE MY MOTHER Episode 28 – Samlex LOP

SAVE MY MOTHER (True Life Story) - Samlex LOP


There are certain times you just have to take certain decisions and now was one of them.

I walked out of the big compound slowly and in to the big estate, by now it was night, darkness has taken over the town.

I took a Corner and met with Peter, we hid till it was later in the night almost midnight.

Did you all think i will betrayal my friends after all what we have been through, and how much they have sacrificed for me, then think again.

I and Peter dressed up in all black, followed through the back building, avoiding all cameras and into the compound.

There were three guards patrolling at the back of the house and in order not to create any awareness, we moved with the shadow blending with the dark avoiding all light, when they stepped into the dark, we knocked them out cold.

We proceed into the building, opening the door with the key from the guards. We looked round to see four cameras rotating at all directions and I counted “three, two one,” and all the camera stopped moving, we entered inside been as silent as possible.

We headed to the stair case and immediately there was an alarm, it seems the body guards have been found and we could hear footsteps and shouts of the guards.

We hasten our steps up the stairs towards the top floor but out of nowhere bullets were fired at us and I was hit on my shoulder.

We hid under the staircase shooting back that them too.

“Matthew are you ok?” Peter asked me when he saw I got hit.

“Am fine, let’s move,” I replied and even with the pain I was feeling we continue climbing up hiding under the stairs as we climbed higher.

Gradually we got to the top gunning down those on our way.

The door was locked, I raise three fingers to the camera and brought one down and another and the door opened, immediately they were bullets flying from inside but we hid beside the door when the person ran out of bullet before he could reload, we rushed in shooting at anything and everything.

When he was down we proceed to the last door and I shot it open and The law was sitting on his chair unshaken.

We pointed the gun at him, but there was not sign of fear on his face.

“You boys think you are smart, I want to see how you will escape this,” he said.

“Your time is up and you can’t stop it, you cup is full,” I said moving closer to him and when I tried pulling him up, he threw me over his shoulder and before he could make another move Peter shot his legs.

I got up feeling pain where I was shot, it was bleeding and I pulled my shirt and tied it while peter tied up The law and we carried him outside into one of his car parked out side and Michael and John were already inside waiting for us, (flash back) Michael was very good in picking locks so he broke both of them out of where they were locked and they went into the computer room, knocking out everybody there and they took control of the computers and cameras that was how we were able to get into the building and pass through the doors,( end of flash back), we drove off heading to the gate and about 10 cars followed us loaded with armed me chased after us.

“You can’t get away, Benin belongs to me, let me see how you little brats plan on taking me out of Benin,” said the law but got slapped by Peter.

“You will pay for this, I promise you,” shouted the law.

The cars gave us a hot chase firing at us.

We drove off heading towards Ondo ore road.

Out of no where an helicopter was flying over us following us, when I turned the cars are now more than 15 car, even police were also chasing us.

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