SAVE MY MOTHER Final Episode 30 – Samlex LOP

SAVE MY MOTHER (True Life Story) - Samlex LOP

SAVE MY MOTHER Final Episode 30 – Samlex LOP

(True life story)

“We can’t take such offer not after we just escaped death several times, all I want right not is to see my mom and for my friends to get back their normal lives,” I said.

“Is that really what you all want?” He asked looking at me in the eyes.

“We need to get out of here first, then get time and think of it,” Peter said.

“When you have made your choice, dial the number on the phone,” the man said, smiling at us as if knowing what our response will be.

“Matthew, please don’t leave me hear,” the law held my legs begging but I kicked off his hands.

We turn heading towards the exit of the cave when the man voice stopped us.

“You mom is in Hope life hospital, she will be discharged tomorrow afternoon, and your account numbers has been credited with 5 million each, and for you guys, your lecture and lectures were taken care of,” he said surprising us.

I can’t explain the joy I felt that my mom is fine, I can’t wait to see her, I hasten my foot steps as my friends followed me.

We came out to see the forest we ran into the first time, we walked towards the road, and I could remember how Micheal was shot.

We got to the road side and picked a car to the hospital on getting there I ran into the hospital and to the receptionist but met Janet there, we ran to here and she was surprised seeing us, after we finish hugging and greeting her, she took us to the room where my mom was and when we entered she was sleeping.

Seeing her tears ran down my eyes.

My friends held me consoling me, I couldn’t hold the tears any more as I let it fall freely.

At that moment, my mom woke up and the smile on her face when she saw me was heavily, the smile made me realize that all I did was worth it.

I ran into her embrace crying, after embracing her I ran back to my friends embracing them crying and thanking them all.

The following day, she was discharged and I took her home, I left her with Janet and left with my friends and i came back that evening taking my mom to a house we rented that day with the money deposited in our accounts.

It was a two room self-containe, it wasn’t fully furnished but we could manage for the night till tomorrow before I can quickly furnish it.

My mom didn’t ask where I got the money from so I had to ask her why she didn’t ask.

“When I woke up in the hospital and asked of you, there was a man there who said you sent him and you were working in the north trying to raise the money for my treatment, he and Janet took care of me and when I asked to speak with you, he always reply that there wasn’t network at where you are, he told me a day before you came that you will be coming back very soon,” she said giving me the shock of my life.

“What does he look like? and what is his name?” I asked.

“I can’t remember how he looks like and I didn’t also ask him his name,” she replied.

It got me worried, this people are really Mysterious.

“You uncle visited me in the hospital, he was complaining about how he was robbed and how they got away mysteriously, that if he wasn’t robbed he would have paid my bills,” she said causing my heart to skip.

I turned to her, “don’t mind that one, please lie down and sleep, I will be with my friends,” I said leaving her to sleep.

After a week, I and my friends where about to make the call, having thought about it, we all agreed so I had to call them.

He picked almost immediately, “have you all made your choice?” He asked.

“Yes we have,” I replied.

we all said in unison, “we are in.”


Story by Samlex LOP

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6 months ago

I so much Love this fabulous story it mind taking Jesus
God really strengthen you
Oh my God I love this
God increase your knowledge Amen