SAVE MY MOTHER (True Life Story) – Samlex LOP

SAVE MY MOTHER (True Life Story) - Samlex LOP

SAVE MY MOTHER (True Life Story) – Samlex LOP

“Uncle you can’t do this, it’s your elder sister we are talking about here,” I said with tears in my eyes.

“You can’t tell me what to do and what not to do with my money and I said I don’t have any money for her treatment,” uncle Ibe replied me.

I felt disgusted about him, some one I have always respected and liked, I have never seen this part of him before, if a prophet told me as at last week that my uncle will do this to my mom and I, I would have punched the prophet.

“But Uncle Ibe, my mother, your sister sent you to school, paid your fees and even gave you the work you are doing now, don’t do this to her, not now that she need you the most,” I knelt down with my hands clapped.

“And so, does that mean I should spend the government money on her, so because you all heard I won a contract from the government, you all decide to come for your own share,” my uncle said going to his mini bar to pour himself a drink.

“Uncle please, am ready to do anything you want for this money, please uncle Ibe, I will refund the money, I just want my mom to undergo the surgery, if not she won’t make it,” I said crawling on my knees to meet with him at the mini bar.

“Does it look like I care, Matthew, you have overstayed your welcome, now leave my house,” uncle Ibe said getting up, pointing to the door for me to leave.

“Uncle Ibe, please don’t do this to us, you are our last hope,” I said crying more with my nose running non stop.

“Then you are hopeless, leave my house this minute, or I will call the security on you,” he barked at me.

I got up feeling frustrated and dejected heading towards the door slowly hoping he calls me back to say it’s a prank,I stop when I heard him called and happy that he has changed his mind.

“Matthew, when she dies, come to me and I will handle her burial,” he said without remorse.

That was what broke the carmel’s back, I turned gave him a last look and left the house into the street confused on what to do.

I walked four miles back to the hospital to meet my mother in a worse state than when I left.

I rushed into the doctors office to meet him attending to a couple, I ran and knelt beside him.

“Please doctor, I know there is something you can do, my mother is getting worse,” I pleaded as the couple looked at my in pity.

“My hands are tired young man, there is nothing I can do, you have to make the deposit first before we can start her treatment,” said the doctor looking at me with pity.

“Am trying to get the money doctor, I will try more but please don’t let me mom die,” I said as tears ran down my eyes.

“Go and get the deposit first and we would commence treatment, as for now I can’t do anything about her case, the hospital doesn’t belong to me,” the doctor said facing the couple leaving me on my knees.

I got up, walked out the office with my hand on my head, feeling the weight of the world on me.

If any of you know Uncle Ibe, go and warn him, If anything happens to me mother he will regret it.


To be continued in the next post

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