SAVE MY MOTHER (True Life Story) Episode 3 – Samlex LOP

SAVE MY MOTHER (True Life Story) - Samlex LOP

SAVE MY MOTHER (True Life Story) Episode 3 – Samlex LOP

As I watch my mother lying on the hospital bed unconscious, I felt like hitting something so bad to pour out all my anger.

I walked out the hospital ready to do anything or kill anyone to get the money.

I walked to John’s house to meet up with them, when I got there, I met two new people in addition to John and Peter.

Michael and Janet were also my course mate, the five of us happen to be very close in school always looking out for each other, they all cried when I dropped out of school but here we are about to do something dangerous.

I sat down after greeting them all, I pulled out a paper and placed it on the table.

“Listen guys, my uncle will pick the money on Friday evening and because the bank does not work on Saturday and Sunday, so the money will be in the house,” I said looking at their face to see if they are following and when I was satisfied I had their attention, I continued, “this here,” pointing to the paper on the table, “is the house, this is the entrance,” point to the entrance on the paper, “Janet will be our get away driver because of her good driving, Michael will be at the gate with the security and to notify us when there is danger, I, John and Peter will go inside, we have to be in and out maximum five minutes, any questions?” I asked sitting up and looking at them.

“How do we handle the security,” Michael asked.

“We would create a noice outside the gate that will make him come out then we attack him,” Peter replied.

“That is a good plan, what about the guns?” Asked Janet.

John turns behind him, brings out a bag and drops it on the table, he opens it to reveal five AK-47 raffle, “this are not real gun tho, we can’t afford them but we have tranquilizer to make them pass out,” John said.

“Please guys, no casualties, we are not killers and if all goes as planned we would go back to our normal lives like nothing happened,” I said feeling sure of the plan, little did I know that life has its own plans for us.

The d-day came, here we are pack at the front of the house.

Janet goes to the gate and knocks on it, a minute later the gate man opened the security hole to see Janet who was acting drunk with her shirt half open exposing her big breast.

“Who you be,” the gate man asked.

“Open the door your oga sent for me,” she replied, we watched her, hiding beside the gate and fence.

“My oga? make I ask am first,” he said.

“You self, you no go like drink this milk were i carry for chest,” said Janet raising her breast up.

“You mean am, if na play make you stop am,” the gate man said as his eyes lights up in lust.

“Touch am na,” Janet replied moving her breast closer to the gate.

The gate man quickly opened the gate and immediately he stepped out we rushed him shooting him with a tranquilizer, we carried him inside and Janet returned to the car.

We moved into the house leaving Michael at the gate, luckily the front door was open, we entered into the sitting room to meet him and his wife with two children watching television.

John shouted, “everybody lie down.”

They immediately lied down when the saw three masked men with guns, I could see him shaking in fear and I just wished I was with a real gun, I would have put a bullet in his skull.

“Where is the money?” John asked.

“There is no money,” my uncle replied shaking.

“You think we are here to joke,” said Peter picking one of the child and pointing the gun on his head, “if I don’t see the money at the count of five, you child will drop dead.”

“Please don’t kill my child, I will show you the money,” my uncle’s wife said crying.

“Get up and lead the way,” John said.

She quickly got up and lead John upstairs and shortly they came back down with John carrying a bag, he dropped it on the table and Peter opened to confirm it, then he looked up at me and nodded.

“Let’s move guys,” John said, as we immediately ran towards the gate,

Immediately we stepped out the gate we could hear police sirens coming fast towards our direction, at that moment I remember he had a maid who would have called the police when she heard us, why did I forget about her, what a mistake I made, a mistake that will cost us alot

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