SAVE MY MOTHER Episode 26 – Samlex LOP

SAVE MY MOTHER (True Life Story) - Samlex LOP

SAVE MY MOTHER Episode 26 – Samlex LOP

We got to a different hotel far away and we lodge.

We settled in and had some food to eat and we all gathered around.

“What do we do?” I asked them.

“One thing I know is they are everywhere, so we either lay low or we let them get us,” said John.

“Get us how?” asked Michael.

“When they get us, they will surely take us to the boss,” said John

“Then what? How do we escape? If he gets us then he gets us for real, no escape,” I said.

“It seems we are all out of idea and options, we just have to act with instinct and pray it work out for our good,” Peter said.

Something hit me that instance, “guys I have an idea,” I said and their face all light up, they drew closer as I shared it with them.

That night when they were all alseep, I sneaked out again, it’s time I do this myself and in my own way.

I returned to the bar I was the last time, it was difficult to locate but I got there 11:45pm, i settled into a chair and order for some shot, today I just had to take it, I don’t know if I will still be alive by day break, I ordered for more as I could see stares from those sitting around.

After 30 minutes of sitting, I could see outside the bar from where I was sitting, all of a sudden a jeep packed outside and three armed men jumped down coming inside with full speed.

Every other person who saw them laid on the floor due to fear but I was still sitting showing no fear.

The rushed in pointing their gun at me and I remain sitting like I didn’t notice them.

Two of them came forward and picked me up and dragged me to the car outside and drove off, but i was surprised my face was not covered neither was I manhandled.

After driving for a long time and taking different turns we finally drive into a very big compound, they parked and dragged me out and into the building, I was marveled at the building and the compound.

We walked through a long passage them came to a lift, we entered went up to the top floor.

I was pushed inside and the locked the door behind me leaving me alone in a decorated hall.

I walked round admiring the things around, I saw a door and pushed it open and walked into the room, the room was dark except for a light ball shining on a table.

A voice startled me, “you are welcome.”

I looked round but couldn’t see any one the voice came from where the light was.

“Come have a seat,”the voice said and I moved forward, when I got closer I could see the image of someone sitting facing me.

I saw the chair and sat on it, I was still looking at the person trying to see his face but I couldn’t because the light was not bright enough.

“Matthew!,” He called out surprising me, “or should I call you David, the fake name your always use,” the voice said as I felt goosebumps all over my body.

“Who are you?” I summoned courage to ask.

“You would find out very soon, it’s obvious you didn’t do your research well before coming for me, or they didn’t give you enough information, have you stop to ask yourself, why did they choose you and your friends or who really are they,” he said putting me in a state of confusion.

“What they are doesn’t matter to me as far I get to save my mother,” i replied gathering courage.

He burst out laughing and stopped at once, “will shall see about that.”

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