SAVE MY MOTHER Episode 25 (True life story) by Samlex

SAVE MY MOTHER (True Life Story) - Samlex LOP

SAVE MY MOTHER 25 (True life story)

Michael opened the door and it was room service and we realise the breath we were holding.

She brought the food Peter order for, and we all joined hands to eat.

By 11:30pm the guys were asleep, when I sneaked out of the room into the streets, I searched for a local bar around and saw one owned by an old woman dressed like a young girl, exposing alot of her cleavages.

I took a sit and ordered for a shot even tho I don’t drink it, I asked the woman to give everyone a shot about 12 of them, and she immediately told them and they started shouting, hailing me.

I asked the woman to give them another one shot each and the hailing increased, I just waved at them.

Within a short time of sitting there, I have made two friends and they were sitting on my table, I kept buying drink for then till they were very drunk, as at 3:15am it was left with the three of us in the bar while the woman was at a coner dozing.

I looked around to make sure no body was close by and I lowered my voice, “I have been hearing about someone but I don’t know who that person be,” I said looking at their faces.

“Boss, who be that, tell us, make we do our findings,” one of them said to me.

I looked around again to be sure, “who be The Law?” I asked as the look on their face changed to that of terror, fear and panic.

“E be like time don reach to dy go,” the other said trying to get up but fell back to the chair.

“I just wan know, as I new for town make I know who I go avoid, you get?” I said relaxing my back on the chair.

One of them drew closer to me, whispering In a very low tone, “Na government dy control this state but Na one man dy control government and him name na The law, e be like god, no body know who him be or how him look like, and him get ears and eyes for everywhere, him big pass law so na eim make people dy call am the law,” he said getting up and they both staggered out of the bar.

After about five minutes I stood up and woke the woman, I paid for everything, as I was about leaving the door I heard two gun shots and I quickly laid on the floor and the woman followed suit.

I crawled towards the back door coming out to the kitchen at the back of the door and ran into the street, hiding at intervals behind buses that were parked beside the road.

I don’t know the direction I was going, I was just moving, I got to a junction to see two dead body, the dressing looked familiar so I decided to go closer and when I did, I discovered it was the two men I was talking to in the bar, immediately a cold sensation ran down my spine, I started shaking.

I immediately took off without looking behind nor know where I was running to, I got to a mechanic and hid in one of the spoilt car, I was there till day break. I didn’t know when I slept off, and I was woken by some boys who happened to work as mechanics.

I got up and walked to the road side, I stopped a cab, “I dy go soft life lodge,” I said to him.

“That place far, but enter,” the driver replied.

I was taken aback but thought it was a means to extort money from me but been that I was tired, I jumped in to the cab.

He drove for about 30 minutes before we got back to the hotel, I was surprised at the distance, that then I realised how far I ran.

I entered the hotel to meet my friends at the reception, immediately they saw me, they pulled me to the room where I fell on the bed tired.

“Where the hell have you been,” they asked raising their voice. “You left us worried and we had to search all over for you.”

I apologized to them and explained to them what happened and I could see they too were shaken by it.

“Why did you do something that dangerous alone?” asked John.

“I thought I could handle this alone, but it seems to be more bigger than we thought, and I didn’t want to involve you guys too,” I said.

“What do you mean you don’t want to involve us, we are involved already,” said Peter.

“It might just be a coincidence, they couldn’t have known what they told you but if they did then we are not save here,” said Michael.

Immediately we packed us and checked out, we boarded a cab in from of the hotel, immediately we were driving away, we looked back when we hear people shouting, we saw three Toyota Helux parked in front of the hotel and armed me ran into the hotel.

If we were two minutes late, they would have caught us and there was no escaping that.

“We are in for a big deal,” Michael said and we were quiet thanking God for the narrow escape.

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