SAVE MY MOTHER Episode 27 – Samlex LOP

SAVE MY MOTHER (True Life Story) - Samlex LOP

SAVE MY MOTHER Episode 27 – Samlex LOP

SAVE MY MOTHER 27 (True life story)

“What do you mean by that!!” I shouted hitting the table, “you dare not lay a hand on my mother or else you will feel my fury.” I got up .

“There is absolutely nothing you can do, I got you all where I want you,” he said and immediately the light came on, I hand to bend my head because of the light, when I raised it up and looked around, we weren’t the only people there, the people were sitting in front of computers and big screens, which has videos of all over town, but one shocked me, I saw my friends in their room sleeping, I slowly turn towards the man and I saw him, looking all hideous with an aura around him, he had a cigar on his mouth.

He walked round the table and walked up to me, “I knew you guys were coming, I know who sent you and I have seen all you guys have done from the first mission up on till now,” he said blowing the smoke from his mouth to my face, “but am sorry to break your heart, this last mission won’t be possible for you.”

It got me so angry, remembering my mother, remembering all I and my friends have been through.

“You are f**king wrong, and I will prove it to you,” I said.

“You are ready to defend and fight for them, your end result will be more less than mine,” he said leaving me shocked.

“What do you mean by that ?” I asked looking around seeing the others minding there business, “what do you want from me,” I asked.

“Now you are asking the right questions,” he said going back to his seat, “there are two things you will do, show me the cave you met them and bring your friends to me then I will let you walk free,” he said.

I looked at him lost of words, not knowing what to say.

He clapped his two hands and three men came and pulled me out, “you have two days to bring them here,” he said to me.

“You will regret this, I promise you that,” I said as I was pulled out into a waiting jeep.

I was taken back to the hotel and pushed out of the car before they drove off, by now it was day break already.

I got up and went in to meet the guys still sleeping, I looked around and quickly located the camera on the top of the room and I broke it, I search around for more and found two camera more which I broke.

The guys woke up to see me breaking the camera, “what is going on?” asked Peter.

“All this while they have been watching our movement in this cameras,” I said pointing to them.

They looked at my confused, I left them in the room and went outside, I came back after some time with some books and pen, I passed them around as they look at me confused.

I wrote on my book showing it to them, “they might be voice recorder in the room too,” and immediately they understood.

I wrote on the book, narrating my movement to them but leaving out the part that I have to take them to him, they nodded after reading.

I asked them to dress up so we can take a stroll around town to get a better understanding and immediately we were out on the street.

We discussed on a lot of things been that we could talk while walking.

My heart was heavy, what do I do, I can’t let my mom die neither can I betray my friends, I was at a cross road but a man got to do what he has to do.

I was sitting with my friends in the room when I told them I found a man who also wanted to bring The law down so we need to work with the man and he has asked us to come see him

On the third day I took them all to his place on getting to the estate Peter took an excuse to buy something, that we should proceed, he will catch up with us.

When we got to the big gate we couldn’t find Peter but just decide to proceed.

We got in and we were taken into the building and to the upper room to meet with the law.

“Where is the last person,” he asked me looking angrily.

“He will be here shortly,” I said.

“Size them,” he instructed his boys, “you have made a wise decision,” he said turning to me as his boys sized Micheal and John.

My friends turned to me shocked, they didn’t understand what was going on.

“Matthew, was is he talking about,” John asked me looking at me confused.

“I had no choice guys,” I said hiding my face.

Michael looked at me with anger and pain on his face, “is this what we get?”

I couldn’t say anything but hide my face.

“You guys must be fools helping him, now he has traded you all for his mother,” The law said coming closer to us.

The look of betrayal on their faces could kill me so I turned to the law, “can I be on my way now?”

“See him off, he said to the guys that brought us in and I gently followed him.

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