SAVE MY MOTHER Episode 24 – Samlex LOP

SAVE MY MOTHER (True Life Story) - Samlex LOP

SAVE MY MOTHER Episode 24 – Samlex LOP

There is always something lurking around in the dark, waiting to strike.

After a long journey, we got to Ore, the bus stopped so we could get food.

I and my friends, we went into a restaurant to eat and after eating, I am Michael had to use the toilet, before we came out the bus was gone, we were confused looking around but didn’t find the bus, thank God we were with our bags, we all used school bags.

I looked up to see a big sign post of a church programme that will be holding three days from now in Edo, I didn’t pay much attention to it.

When we couldn’t wait anymore we picked a small car to continue our journey.

We were about entering Benin when some policeman pulled our car over, our driver parked beside the road and the police men came to the window and when they saw us, they ask us to come down.

We came down looking at them confused, “officers, hope all is well?” Peter asked them.

“What are your names and where are you guys going to?” one of them asked as they took our bags to search.

“I’m David, this is Emmanuel,” I said pointing to Peter, “this is Andrew” pointing to John “and this is Maxwell,” pointing to Michael, I immediately remember the big post I saw about a church programme, I looked up to the officer with a smile on my face.

“We are friends and we are going for a church programme in Edo, which will be starting in three days time,” I replied as my friends looked at me surprised but the had to play along.

“What is the name of the church?” The same officer asked, and before I could reply another officer Walked up to him and whispered to him loud enough for us to hear, “The Boss said they will be coming in a bus and not a small car.”

I was shocked to the bone, but I had to quickly hide it, my friends too were shocked, after searching our bags and couldn’t find anything, they let us back into the car and we continued on our journey.

“How did…..” Michael was to say when I pinched him and he kept quiet looking at me and I looked at the driver and he understood and kept quiet.

After driving some distance “Drive abeg stop we want to pee,” Peter said.

The driver stopped beside the road, He came down and asked us to come down too, we did and moved some distance away and we all faced the bush to urinate.

“What we came for is waiting for us, so we have to thread with caution,” Peter said and we agreed, “on that note we can’t move together we have to move in two, Matthew, you and Michael will stop on the way while I and John will continue, you guys will meet us in the hotel at night,” said Peter.

“How do we know the hotel, you guys will lodge?” asked Michael.

“You will know, let’s go back into the car,” Peter said.

We went back to the car and continued on the journey, after some time, Peter turned to the driver, “which nice hotel can we lodge in here in Benin?”.

“This is a nice one on the Ring road to Ted,” he replied.

“Watin be the name,” John asked.

“Na Soft life lodge ( not real name),” he replied.

At that point we got to a town and Peter asked the Driver to stop which he did.

I and Michael came down and I turned to Peter, ” we will meet in church,” I said loudly for the driver to hear.

“Yeah we will, greet you aunty for me,” said John loudly too.

“I will,” I replied and we left the car as they drove off.

I and Michael located a restaurant, sat and order some food to eat.

We delay there till it was night, then we picked a car to Ring road, on getting there, we were met with a lot of stares as we got down from the car.

Something seems off about the stares, but we had to look like we didn’t notice any thing, we stopped another car.

“Driver abeg, e get any nice hotel we dy around,” I asked not to sound too obvious.

“Yes, Soft life lodge dy very close and you go like am,” the driver replied in his Benin accent.

We boarded and after 15 minutes we were at the hotel, we lodged into a different room and when we were locating the room, along the passage, I saw John standing by a door and when he saw us, he entered inside and we passed like we haven’t seen him, lucky our room was the next after theirs.

On getting inside and dropping our bags, I came out into the street, and located an aboki container where I bought incense and matches and took them to the room.

I light them in the room as Michael looked at me confused, “let’s go,” I said to him, I walked out with the incense and he followed me, we entered the other room, Peter and John were surprised seeing me with incense, I put them at different angle of the room.

“What is the incense for,” asked John.

“By now you should notice we are not dealing with something ordinary, they have ears and eyes every where, this will help chase them out,” I said and they nodded in agreement.

“As far as this mission is concerned, we can’t make any plans, because they will know, all we can do is to plan as we go,” said John.

“Yes, that true, it will be difficult locating this man, we can’t ask or else we look suspicious,” said Peter.

At that point there was a soft knock on the door and we all went mute turning towards the door.

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