SAVE MY MOTHER Episode 23 – Samlex LOP

SAVE MY MOTHER (True Life Story) - Samlex LOP

SAVE MY MOTHER Episode 23 – Samlex LOP

A group of armed men burst into the house, about 20 of them.

They bundled us out and search through out the room but couldn’t find anything, they took us outside the house and in to a van parked outside.

They blind folded us and drove for a very long time, they stopped and dragged us down and into a building before removing our blind fold.

When my eyes got used to the light, I discovered we were in a building like warehouse, I looked at my friend’s I was surprised to see them looking calm and not scared.

After sometime, Chief came into the building and walked up to us with a smirk on his face.

“You young boys think you are wise, but you fail to understand that we have been in the game even before any of you was born,” Chief said to us laughing. “Before I kill any of you, I will love watching you drown in agony and wish for death,” he frowed looking at me.

As if planned before time, the four of us burst out laughing leaving him confused wondering what was making us laugh.

“I will see if you will laugh, when am done with any of you,” Chief said looking mean.

“If as much as our hair get touched, you daughter Annabella will pay for it dearly,” said Peter.

Chief looked shocked and confused. “You dear not involved my daughter in this.”

“You got her involved, if we don’t let us go in the next 30 minutes, all your secret will be made know to your daughter and the one in Texas USA,” I said.

Chief’s mouth was left hanging, he looked at us in astonishment, “Release them,” he order his boys and they untied us.

“I will get you guys and when I do, I won’t spare you,” said Chief.

We didn’t reply to him, we just walked out the building, going towards the road.

After a long time we got back to the hotel, we brought out the documents were we hide them and decide to swing into action before chief comes for us again.

I left the hotel with John and we located Chief Lekun”s house, but the security refused us entry, we had to sit outside for a long time, and towards evening chief was driving into the houses when we blocked his car, his boys came out to push us aside but we still insist on seeing him, he called one of the boys and after talking to him, he came back searched us and when he didn’t find anything on us except the files we came with, they let us in.

Chief Lekun drove into the compound and parked, the car was opened for him and he stepped out.

We walked up to him, Chief, “Good day sir, am John and this is Matthew, we have been trying to see you, we even left the files with your secretary at the office but it seems you didn’t get it,” said John.

“And what is so important that you had to block my car?” he asked us.

“This is the files sir and the is a flash drive of some of the video you need to see,” I said giving them to him.

He opened it and went through the files and was surprised and shocked at the content of it.

“How did you lay your hands on such delicate information?” he asked, “let’s go inside.”

When he finished watching the videos and going through the files over again he smiled and looked up to us, “you guys did an excellent Job,” he said.

“Chief, we want the information published, we have tried but it seems the media houses have bought over,” i said.

He picked his phone and made a call, asking some one to report to his house immediately.

On our way out of the house I turned to chief Lekun, “your secretary is a mole in your office, when we gave her the files, they came after us,” I said to him.

We got back to the hotel and Peter and Michael were back.

We packed up and left, we took the cars back to this car dealers and boarded a bus to Ogun State.

We go there late in the night, and lodged into a hotel, by morning the next day, Chief Ademola was all over the news, all TV station had his news, talked about him, he was apprehended at the airport trying to escape.

We all took a deep breath, seeing that he has been arrested and we are saved.

We await the last mission, since this is now successful, am counting the days till I see my mom.

Later In the evening, we were all in the room when the phone rang, I picked the call putting it on loud speaker.

“Congratulations on your successful mission, that was brilliant from you guys, this next mission is your last mission,” he said and we all smiled.

“In Benin there is a renowned criminal group, causing havok, killing and stealing from the poor people, the group is lead by someone called Ikebe A.k.a The law, your mission is to catch them dead or alive, wish your guys the best of luck on your last mission,” he said ending the call.

We were all left speechless, who doesn’t know the group and the things they are capable of, if we survive this mission then nothing is ever going to kill us again.

I looked at the guys feeling pity for them, but their confidence gave me more confidence too.

Two days later we were on our way to Benin unaware of what awaits us, unaware that what we were after was also after us.

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