SAVE MY MOTHER Episode 22 – Samlex LOP

SAVE MY MOTHER (True Life Story) - Samlex LOP

SAVE MY MOTHER Episode 22 – Samlex LOP

The corruption in Nigeria, has really eaten deep in to the Nigerian fabric. It more worsen than stage four Cancer, I was left wondering, will Nigeria really survive the corruption, is there any bright future for Nigeria.

I weep for this country, I weep for Nigeria.

Nevertheless, we decide to go on with the next stage, we made the evidence in to several copies, we bought some costume, I dressed up, I was bearless before so I stick some air to make a bear on my face, dressed corporate put on an eye glass and moved into the street going to different Radio and TV stations, but something strange always happens.

I got to one Tv station and spoke with the secretary and was directed to the boss office on getting there and providing all information, I was expecting a smile for such information but reverse was the case.

“Young man I will advice you leave this case alone, the case has been settled and paid for, and if you know what is good for you, run for you life,” the boss said to me.

I had no choice than to go with what I brought, I thought it will be different in other TV and Radio stations but I have never been more wrong.

Every single station told me same thing, it got to a point I noticed I was been followed, I had to go into the Market place before I could loss them and I had to return to the hotel.

Immediately I got back, I narrated how my day went.

“Nigeria is finished,” said Michael.

“Now it all make sense, why no corrupt person or politician is ever caught, The politician, police, press and criminal all work hand in hand,” Peter said, and I couldn’t agree with him less.

“Then who will save us?” I asked.

“Prayers,” replied Michael.

“Taaa, it’s beyond prayers, what kind of prayer haven’t we prayed in Nigeria, we have been praying for Nigeria even before I was born and still yet no progress, we are still backwards like never before,” John said.

“But we can’t stop praying, our miracle is on the way,” Michael said looking to the roof.

We had to check out and lodge into a different hotel in a totally different environment.

We settled down and was having dinner.

“Guys, I have a plan,” John said and we all looked up at him.

“Since no media house will accept our information, the only people who will accept are chiefs competitor, every rich man has a competitor, and I know his competitor would do anything to pull him down,” John said with a smirk on his face.

“Yes, that is true, we need to know who his competitors are,” said Peter and we all agreed.

“The only legal business he does to cover up his illegal business is the Oil well he has, and I know they are people willing to buy it,” I said.

“Yes, so how do we go about it?” asked Michael.

“First things first, let look at the list of those who own oil well in Nigeria and those willing to buy one,” said John.

I picked up the phone and dialed the number, he picked up immediately, “we would like to know chief biggest competitor,” I said.

“He has two main competitors, I will send you their details now,” he said ending the call.

Shortly after, a message dropped on my phone, I opened to see the two competitors names and location to their office.

By dawn the next day I set out with John to the first office while Peter and Michael went to the second office.

On getting to the building, we walked in to meet with the secretary,

“Good day, how can I help you?” She asked.

“I will like to see Chief Lekun,” i said.

“Do you have any appointment?” She asked.

“No,we don’t, but it’s very important, we brought something he would like,” I said.

“You can’t see him, and what so ever you have to give him, you can drop it with me, and come back tomorrow to see him,” she said.

I looked at Michael and he gave me the go ahead to, I dropped the file and a flash drive with her, “give it to chief, it’s very important,” I said as we left the house.

When we were by the door I turned to see the secretary opening the envelope and going through it, but I just thought it was for security purpose.

We went back to the hotel to meet Peter and Michael in the room.

“How did it go?” I asked them.

“We didn’t see him, we were asked to come back tomorrow,” Michael said.

“Same here too,” I replied.

The next day we were back at the office, the secretary asked us to wait and was on her phone texting.

John touched me and whispered to my ear, “let’s move.”

We got up heading to the door, the secretary called out to us to wait but we didn’t listen and walked out.

On our way John said to me, “the mission has been compromised.”

We hastened our footsteps and jumped on the next available taxi but we didn’t realize we were been followed.

In the middle of the night, a very loud bang on the door woke us up, we became scared immediately, the banging got louder, we searched for how to escape but there was no way, the windows were burglary, there was no mean of escape.

Something heavy hit the door and the door fell down.

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