SAVE MY MOTHER Episode 21 – Samlex LOP

SAVE MY MOTHER (True Life Story) - Samlex LOP

SAVE MY MOTHER Episode 21 – Samlex LOP

When in danger you have to think on your feet.

Peter knock the container and we watch as the men looked round but they couldn’t see us, one of them pointed at two of them to come and check out the cause of the noise.

We waited till they were closed and on the count of three we hit them with the guy and they fell down unconscious.

We advance towards the other three hitting their head from behind and they fell down, before the third person could turn around to see what was going on, Peter hit him and he too fell to the ground.

We went back and draged the other two and we heaped them together, we took the Keys from one of them and unlock the container and the people lying their were unconscious.

I quickly ran to get the canon men who all came with me and before we got back, Pete has tied all the men up, so we immediately got to work carrying all the people from the container to the boat, it wasn’t an easy task, it took us a long time but we finished before the port were to load the containers to the ship.

Peter followed the boat as the people were taken to the hospital because they have been injected with hard drugs while I went to see what John and Michael were up to, the time now was 10:30pm.

I got to where Michael and John were hiding, “guys we have to leave here now, the police will be here any time soon,” I said to them.

John asked me to look, and I turned to see chief and his body guard coming out of their cars that just came, they walked up to a car that was packed at opposite direction, he met up with a man and they stood beside the car discussing, but we couldn’t hear them.

“We need to get audio,” John said.

“Let me handle it,” I said getting up, dust myself and arranged myself properly.

“Be careful,” Michael said.

“I will,” I replied.

I brought out my body camera we all had and since it had microphone i held it and walked up to them.

Chief was shocked seeing me, his body guards tried stopping me but he ask them to let me be.

I walked up to him greeting him and also the man he was standing with, then I relaxed my hand on a container beside me and stick the camera and it stuck.

“David, what are you doing here by this time?” Chief asked still surprised.

“You know him,” the man asked chief.

“Yes I do, what are you doing here boy,” chief asked looking at me in the eye.

“I have some goods am exporting and I came to make the final inspection before it is loaded into the ship, I was heading out when I saw you and decided to come say hi,” I said looking back at him.

“Oh I see, you are on your way out?” He asked.

“Yes I am, good night gentle men,” I said walking off without turning back but I could feel their eyes on my back.

When I was out of site they went back to their business and I sneaked back to where John and Michael was.

We listened to them talking about how many kilos of coke chief needed and how much he will pay for them, the also spoke on the areas in town where they will be supplying them, the man brought out a suite case and chief body guard brought out a Ghana must go bag, chief opened the suitcase and it was filled with white substance in rubbers and the man opened the bag and it was money.

Chief picked out one of the white substance and fetched a small quantity into his mouth, he nodded his head as if approving and at that time I checked the phone and the time was 10:53pm and a message dropped into the phone, I opened the message and it read, “get out of there now.”

Immediately we packed up but one of our gadget fell, making noise and immediately all attention turned to us but we immediately picked it up running into the dark, we could see two of chief boys running after us, and we could hear police sirens coming from afar.

Peter had returned with a flying boat and we immediately jumped into it and the driver drove off.

That was when we took a deep breath, we got back to the hotel by 12:15am.

We changed and went to bed hoping to hear good news in the morning but was surprised when we woke up and didn’t hear any news of chief been arrested, we were confused.

In the mist of the confusion, the phone rang and I picked up immediately.

“Chief paid his way out last night, you guys have to release the information to the press, the videos and the hard copies and be careful Chief is on the lookout for you,” he said ending the call.


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