RIA Episode 23

RIA Final Episode written by Ebunoluwa Ademide

RIA Episode 23




I stopped the wheels and accepted the glass of water Mrs Elise offered me

“Thank You”

I said after drinking from the glass

“You should get dressed for the meeting. Mr Ian will be here soon”

“I know Mrs Elise. Let me just finish up then I’ll get dressed after”

“You can finish up later Miss Ria. Meeting Mrs Perla is more important…Remember this is a big deal”

I nodded in agreement

“So what price will you give to Mrs Perla?”

“I have thought of it..but I’ve not concluded”

“Hmm..but still I have this feeling that you’ll make a lot out of this deal”

“Yes..but I won’t give Mrs Perla a high price..for Ian’s sake. And not only that.. I won’t bill more considering the fact that it a Charity work”

“You will give discount right”

I nodded

“Let’s just use that word Discount..on each child”

” it won’t affect you right?”

“No..I did a rough estimation last night. And from the pay I will get a form into the Fashion school..and also give Ian the rest of the money of set up my place”

“And you think Mr Ian will accept your money?..No I doubt it. He won’t accept it”

“I will persuade him”


“Mrs Elise -“


“Do you think I can run that Large place and still study at the same time?”

I asked

Doubting if I would be able to attend school and run my place all at once.

“Yes you can Miss Ria. You attend school when you have to..and attend to work when you are less busy from school work. And it won’t be hard since you have an idea about what you wanna learn..and not just an idea..I mean you can sew and you’re pretty good at it. You just want to gain more knowledge about how to run things and know more styles”

Yeah she is right! I didn’t even think of it like that!

“And I think I don’t have to worry about anything since you will be there to oversee things at the workplace while I’m in school”

“No..” She itched the back of her neck

“What’s wrong Mrs Elise?”

“I…I don’t think I can run the business”

“Yes you can Mrs -“

“No I don’t think so..someone else can -“

“No one else except you. If I want someone to help me then it would be You. You’ve been with me for years now and it only you I trust”

Her cheeks flushed pink

What was she thinking? That I would let someone else run the business while I’m away. No I can’t do that!

Mrs Elise is my only trusted companion!

“Let see what position you will hold..” I said and she giggled

“The manager.. Or Accountant?” She laughed

“Come on Miss Ria”

“Just name it -“

I paused

“I’ll be fine with just handling the Supplies of clothes” she said with a smile

“And what about being in charge of the workers, taking stock of dresses -?”

“Can I get to do that too?”

“Of course! As a matter of fact Mrs Elise can do whatever she wants”

“As long as I don’t mess things up”

She said loudly

And we busted into laughter

“Now go and get dressed before Mr Ian comes. You shouldn’t keep him waiting when he arrives”

“Okay” I threw my hands up and stood up from the machine

“I will finish up the dress”

“Thank You Mrs Elise”

I needed to take a shower and change my dress.

I took a quick shower then went in search of my clothes which was hung in the Closet.

Searching for something to wear,trying not to think of Ian as I did.

Why should it matter what he might like or what might make my waist look smaller and my rear end look firmest that they were? It shouldn’t matter to me If Ian will like it!

But as I stood surveying my choices,I suddenly regretted that my limited budget had left my wardrobe empty. I can’t remember when last I purchased a dress for my self. It was left on the practical side.

Well Everything between me and Ian is businesslike so I had no need to be overly concerned with what I look like.

Even though i didn’t have anything I considered impressive. I won’t be underdressed.

I’m meeting the famous Perla Bryant so I should look my best.

So I assumed Jeans is too casual. I opted in for a pair of black twill slacks and a plain white blouse with a banded collar. And I paired it with black flats.

I stood in front of the Mirror and focused on my reflection. I powered my face,freshen a mascara and blush and put a comb through my hair then bound it up. I focused onto myself to make sure I was at least presentable. A part of me secretly wished that I was so stunning that it would take Ian’s breath away.

I slapped myself out of it.

It was something I shouldn’t be thinking,let alone wishing for.

“Strictly Business” I told my reflection much more sternly. Then I turned away from the mirror and moved out of my room.

I stooped on track as soon as i walked into the sitting room. Ian was there with Mrs Elise. When did he come in?”

They stopped talking and stared at me. Did I apply too much on my face?

“Hi” Ian greeted with a smile

“Hi” I replied shyly

He stood up from the couch and said

“Can we go now?”

I gave him a nod

“See you later Mrs Elise” I said before following Ian out of the House.

He was wearing a Khaki slacks and garnet colored polo shirt. He must have changed into this before coming over..cause it doesn’t look office like.

He was freshly shaved and the scent of woodsy Cologne wafted out. I tried not to think how much I liked it or how much I liked that first glimpse of him inside.

But it was all there anyway..just below the surface.

I said to him as we walk to his car

“Sorry for keeping you waiting”

He opened the door and waited for me to enter before saying anything

“It was worth the wait”

He closed the door and made his way to the driver seat. He started the car and it glided into motion.

I thought of what to say to start a conversation but nothing occurred to me at the moment.

“Ramsey got someone that Will set up your place” Ian said. “Two actually. So I planned to meet them tomorrow”

A good way to persuade him to accept what I want to give in setting up my place.

“Will I be there with you?”

“No. I will talk to them and check out their works before introducing them to you”


“About..the equipments you will be needing. Do you have a list? Of machines?”

“I have some”

But I’m still yet to know the rest. There are new inventions coming out which I don’t know of.. And this why I want to attend a fashion school to get to know this things and how to use them

“You will get it at school right?”


“So have you found any?”


“I mean the Fashion institute you wanna attend”


“So tell me about it”

“Rory Thomas institute”

“Is it the best?”

“One of the best”

And not too expensive

“How far is it from your house?”

“About An hour drive” I replied

“From the workplace?” He asked

“35 minutes”

“How long will you be in school?”

“At least three months. I’m not going in for the full course”

“Because you know about it”


“Okay..then Mrs Elise can see to the affair of your place while you at school”

I nodded

My phone beeped. It was Mrs Elise


“Are you there now?”

“No still on our way”

“Okay..I want to get some stuffs from the grocery store. Is there anything you need? so I can buy it”

“Uhmmm..” I itched the bridge of my nose.

I recalled that I made a list last night before going to bed. I planned to drop by at the mall on my way back. But I didn’t remember to bring the list along Now.

“Mrs Elise I pinned the list to the board in the kitchen”

“Hold on lemme check” she was silent for a while

“Oh! Seen it! It almost the same with mine”

“Pleased don’t add shrimps to the list because of Phoebe”

“Oh yes! That’s true I will take it out”

“Thank you Mrs Elise”

“You’re welcome” then she hang up

I looked at Ian whose attention was focused on the road ahead. He didn’t say anything but I felt like we should talk…like have a conversation. But nothing came from him. Same with me. So i just let things remain like that!

•• ••



I caught a glimpse of a figure I know.. Of someone i knew. I didn’t believe at first until I followed him. He leaned closer to a woman holding a basket in her hands. She was Pregnant! The two laughed happily as the man placed a kiss on her cheeks.

Tears gathered at the corner of my eyes as I watched my ex husband Leo and my best friend Abigail displaying their love right in front of me. I couldn’t take my eyes off her baby bump. She was carrying his child.. Probably the second or third. I turned away quickly before Leo could see me.

I shouldn’t have followed Leo when I caught a glimpse of him.

I lost concentration, couldn’t control the tears at the sight of seeing Leo and Abigail together. That should be me! Not Abigail carrying his child!

He is happy! That bastard left me! After everything I did for him! Giving my saving and inheritance to save that Asshole!

But in the end he left because I couldn’t bear him a child! He didn’t remember how we suffered together!

He fell in love with Abigail! He cheated! And that had happened right under my nose and I didn’t know that. I only found out it was true the day I saw Abigail with Leo in court.

I had considered her a good friend but she turned out to be a thorn in my flesh.

She took my Husband! Away from me!

I bumped into someone and the basket I was holding dropped from my grip. Part of the items poured out of it

“Sorry…Sorry I’m sorry” I apologized to whoever I bumped into without looking up.

“Mrs Elise -“

The voice said and I looked up and saw the person. It was Mr Brown.

I looked away quickly to hide my tears

“Good..good afternoon Mr Brown”

I managed to say keeping my head down to wipe my face

“Are you okay?” He asked

I sniffed and got up after packing the items that spilled out of the basket

“Oh Yes! I’m fine”

I said with a half smile

Just trying to maintain the Mrs Elise he met the other day

“How are you be doing Mr Brown?!”

“I’m..I’m good” he replied with a shock expression

Yeah I know I’m weird! Earlier I was crying,grieving for my ex husband but now I’m smiling at a customer.

“What about you?”

“Yeah. I’m fine too”

I clasped my hand around the basket

“You’re here to shop right?”

I asked

That sounded foolish but I still pointed to the basket with him

“I came to get some ingredients for Mr Ian’s favourite dish”

I raised my eyebrow at his words

“Mr Ian…favourite dish?”

Is he a cook?

Is he working for Mr Ian?

“Are you working for Ian?..as his cook?”

His forehead creased

His look like someone who just exposed a deep secret.

He scratched the back of his neck for seconds and I waited for his response.

“Uhmmm..” He paused

He cleared his throat and said

“I’m a chef..or a cook. Whatever you call it” he sighed

“I work at Mr Ian’s place” he completed

What is this?!

Mr Ian said, Mr Brown was his friend..and Cassidy’s father…

Oh well he can be his friend and still work for him.

“The truth is that I’m not his friend like I said”

I stared at him

Now what is he saying?

“Are you done shopping?”

He asked

“Oh yes! I’ll just pay and leave”

“Lemme drop you off at your place”

I stopped on track and turned to face him

“Thanks.. But there is no need for that”

I don’t think I wanna hear the remaining part of the secret. Or

Maybe I’m just scared to find out that Mr Ian had been pretending and deceiving us.

No! It can’t be!

I didn’t sense deception around Mr Ian.

“Mrs Elise..”

He followed me to the payment desk. The lady at the table gave me my bills

“I’ll pay my items and hers too”

He gave his credit card to the lady and I couldn’t argue with him not to pay. So i just let him.

“We need to talk”

He said when we stepped out of the mall.

What is it we have to talk about?

He helped me with my bags

“I will drive you home”

He carried it to his car

“Please go in”

I hesitated

“Well I’ll accept the fare if you don’t want a free ride” he said with a croaked smile on his face. I rolled my eyes and entered the car

“Now what do we have to talk about?”

I asked when we moved on the highway

“The truth”

“What truth?”

He cleared his throat and started.

I listened as he explained Mr Ian’s former plans. And why he had sent he and Cassidy to act like a Father and daughter.

“He was just curious about Miss Ria. And he was really interested in her case. So that was why he did it. But when Cassidy realized that his plans to keep acting as a spy seemed like deceit so she suggested that we bring you into the picture.. Just coming out clean and straight”

After all I was right! Mr Ian is true to Miss Ria!

Always real. His plans was just to get him close to Miss Ria!

And that feeling is Strong! So strong!

“So you’re not Mr Brown?”

“Oh well..”

“So what your name?”

“Tyler Griffin”

“Hmm so your name is Tyler and Griffin for surname. Then what about Brown?”

“My mother’s family name is Brown so I’m still Mr Brown”

He laughed

I nodded slowly

I wasn’t in the mood to laugh at his joke.

I remember the reason I had cried at the Mall. But I managed to blink back the tears that threatened to spill at the thought of Leo.

“Mrs Elise..you weren’t looking good at the mall earlier..is everything okay?”

“Oh! That.. I was just..like that because I had dirt in my eyes and couldn’t see for a while..it the reason why i bumped into you”

I managed to rush my words out! Those words were lies but I think it worked on him. Cause he didn’t say anything about it.

This must end! It has to end!

Shedding Tears because of Leo and Abigail!

The drive to Miss Ria’s house was cool! Mr Griffin and I had a friendly conversation.

Actually we talked about Mr Ian and Miss Ria mostly. I told him about Miss Ria while he filled me in about Mr Ian.

But I didn’t tell him about Ria’s past.

He knows a lot about Mr Ian and it was clear that Mr Griffin was now part of The Bryant’s Family. Since Mr Ian regarded him as a father.


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Atume Damian
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