RIA Episode 22 by Ademide

RIA Final Episode written by Ebunoluwa Ademide

RIA Episode 22 by Ademide




Walking around my large luxurious Jewelry store checking out the old and new items in glasses and cases of different styles of Gold,Diamonds and Silver. Necklaces,Rings,Chains,Bracelets in distinctive styles and designs.

I stopped at a huge glass and stared at the accessories in it. I raised a finger in the air calling the attention of whoever was in charge of the Space.

“Yes ma’am” a lady in black suit came to my side

“Open up this glass and clean out the dust” I ordered

“Okay Ma’am”

I turned away to look at some other things,But then I saw my old Friend walked into the Store.

“Oh! Good Morning Perla!” The old Lady greeted joyfully

“Madam Charity!” I replied as we exchanged pleasantries

“Good to see you again” she said

“Same here” I responded still maintaining my bright smile

“So you’re here to get a Jewelry?”

“Oh yes! I need a necklace and..I’m also here to give you an invitation”

Madam Charity said

“Then let’s go into my office and talk”

I led her to my office

“Please sit” I pointed to one of the couches in my office. She sat gracefully dropping her bag by her side.

“The annual party at the Foundation is in two weeks time”

She brought out an invitation card and placed it on the Table.

Madam Charity runs an orphanage home. It one of the best Charity Organization in USA. And so she holds a party once in a year to celebrate the Kids, sponsors and whoever has contributed to the growth of the Foundation.

I checked out the Card which reads


The party is a Five – Day Event. With Grand Finale on Saturday where they give out Awards to Donators.

“Will you be chanced during this days?” She asked

I tried to think if I would be chanced,when she said again

“You’re the Mother of The Day for this year’s party”

I checked it and saw my name on the downside of the Invitation Card

“You’ve donated so well to the Foundation that’s why we decided to give it to you”

“Oh! thank You Madam Charity”

Well I never expect something like this coming from her. Won’t buy that idea of being the best Donator. I Send money to the Foundation every week..at least Half A million in Two months but I don’t think it enough to make me the Best!

And where the hell is Jennifer Muller? She is always the Mother of the Year? Did she stopped donating to Amber Foundation?

I was tempted to ask But I decided to keep that to myself.

It better not to know about that Sly!

Madam charity is not here to buy a necklace exactly..she’s here to impress me with the title. So I would make contributions to the party.

But even without her doing this..I would still give whatever I have if I wasn’t made the Mother of the Day.

“What are your plans for the party?”

“A lot has been planned..and the Kids are preparing for it too. Games,family outings and performances from the children”


“We decided to print out t-shirts for the kids and people who will attend the Game section”

Then a dress for every child performing that day…Sound good!

“I’ve met with the printing press yesterday..so they’re working on that”

I think this a good plan!

It struck me that children could wear dresses sewn by a talented Seamstress!

I listened to Madam Charity plans for the party without interruption.

They can get the printed T-shirts for everyone! I won’t stop them on that since it a good plan. But I want to do something else on my own path!

“Madam Charity we could make dresses for the girls.. from a certain age..like 6-8”

She stared at me for a second and nodded slowly

“That’s a good idea” she answered with a smile

“But..how do we get someone who will make those dresses?”she asked

Ria! She can! Ian said she is a seamstress!

This is a chance to help, to show her skill to the world!

And I really want to be part of that Dream Ian has been talking about.

” I have someone who make dresses..pretty ones at that. Just help me with the number of children between these ages”

“Yes…I will do that. I will get back to you”


She stood up and clasped her hand around her handbag

“Please help me pick out a nice jewelry for the event”

She said


Then we walk out of the office.

•• ••



The continuous beeping sound under my pillow woke me up from a deep sleep. I reached out for my phone underneath. Caller ID..My Mom!

Why was she calling by this time of the night? 11:45pm

I rubbed my sleepy eyes rapidly and picked the call

“Hello Mom”

“Oh Ian!..I’m sorry for calling at this hour”

I sat up and rested my head on the bed board

“I should have called earlier but I was kinda busy”

“What is it mom?”

“I need to see Ria”

“What?! Why mom?”

“It -“

“Mom..we already talked about this. It isn’t the right time to meet Ria. I don’t want her think that I’m introducing you to her for some reasons. Remember I told you it Business Relationship now..not the other way round”

“Yes I know and that why I called. I want Ria to make dresses for madam Charity’s Children”

“What are you talking about mom?”

She sighed

My mom explained her plans for Amber Foundation.

“This is a great chance to bring Ria to spotlight. If she sew those dresses well..then people at the Event will want to know whoever made them”

“Yeah mom..you’re Right. But will Ria be able to finish up in less than two weeks?”

“Tell her about it first”

“Oh Thank you Mom”

“Just talk to her About it and get back to me”

“I will do that now”

I hang up

Will Ria be up by this time?

I dialed her number

And she picked on the first Ring


“Hi” she responded

“Sorry for calling -“

“It fine I wasn’t asleep anyways”

And why is she still awake by this hour?

“I need finish up a dress”


Thank Goodness I didn’t have to ask her before she told me what was keeping her up.

“My mom wants to make dresses”

“Your mom?”

“Yes. She called in just now”

I briefed Ria about Amber Foundation and told her about Mom’s plans to make dresses for the kids as the Mother of the Day.

“So what do you say?”

“It actually a good plan you know”

“Will you be able help her?”

I asked trying not to sound like I was compelling her to do it.

“Yes I can”

“Will you be able to make at least 50 dresses in less two weeks”

She was silent

Children ranging from 6-8 at Amber Foundation should be up to 50. Not Too sure but we should set our minds on 50.

It a lot of work! Too much for Ria and I won’t mind her saying no cause of the stress. She is just getting better from the conditioning Treatment of the Surgery.

Even though this is a chance to make her famous I would still accept her decision.

If this doesn’t work out then we will make more plans…Better ones.

“Ria I would understand if -“

“I will do it” she replied finally

“Ian I will those dresses for the kids”

“Okay. I will let her know you agreed”


“Bye” I said

“Ian -” she called


“Thank You”

“You’re welcome”

Then the Line dropped

I dialed mom’s number back

“Hey son”

“I just discussed with Ria. And she agreed to your plans”

“Oh That good”

“So when do you want to meet her?”



“Yes Ian..we don’t have much time..just less than two weeks to make at least 50 dresses”

“Okay..where do you Want to meet?”

“She can meet me at the Store”

“What time?”

“12:00..So we can talk before leaving to Amber’s foundation”

“Okay mom”

“See you tomorrow”

I hang up and sent a text to Ria

“Meeting with my mom by 12:00pm” I sent

My phone beeped an incoming message from Ria

“Text me the address”

She doesn’t need address

“Perla Jewelry store. I’ll come and pick you up”

Was about sending it but i paused to add more

“And don’t think of turning my ride down. See you by 11:15pm” then I sent it

Ria might insist on taking a taxi just to save me the stress of driving down to her house from the office.

My phone binged again

“Okay.. And thanks once again”

“Yeah..see you tomorrow”

I replied and waited to see if another message will come in. But nothing.

I swiped to switch off my phone.

I rolled on my bed and toyed with the bedside lamp switch for a while

The thought of seeing Ria tomorrow made me smile.

But soon I drifted into sleep with a huge smile on my face.


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1 year ago

Comment I love this show, good job BRO,next pls

Atume Damian
Atume Damian
1 year ago

To Ria,everything now is yes,thumbs up for you opradre

1 year ago

Comment: I am looking at what il b d outcome of Ian n Ria partnership il be, b/cause he’s never make his mind known to her in time now

Enny Pat
Enny Pat
1 year ago

This story is ???????

Asia Chika
Asia Chika
9 months ago

Hmmmm! Ria is on her way to becoming famous. Congrats dear