RIA Final Episode 62 by Ebunoluwa Ademide

RIA Final Episode written by Ebunoluwa Ademide

RIA Final Episode 62 written by Ebunoluwa Ademide


°°°°°° Ian’s Mansion °°°°°°


I drove down to Ian’s house in a rush. Mr Griffin called me and said that Ian slipped and fell in the bathroom.

“Good Evening Miss Ria” A maid greeted me

“Where is Mr Griffin?”

“He just stepped out just now”

“What about Ian?”

“Sir Ian is in his room” she replied

She didn’t act like anything was wrong.

I rushed up the stairs leading to Ian’s room. I knocked but no one responded

“Ian -” I called

No responds

I twisted the knob and opened the door

“Ian?” I said softly when I entered. The room was dark.

Where did he go?

Why is  the room so dark?

I walked in

Suddenly I felt something snaking around my waist and I jumped in Fear.

“Easy Hun -”

“You startled me!” I relaxed when i heard Ian’s voice.


“What were you doing behind the door? And why is your room dark?”

I expected him to be in bed

“Close your eyes” he whispered

“What?” His hands left my waist and he stood in front of me

“Close your eyes”


“No questions.. Just do as I say”

“Okay” I replied reluctantly


“Yes Eyes closed Mister”

I felt him behind me again.

And his hands wrapped around me.

“Don’t opened it” he ordered

I hummed a response with my eyes closed

I heard a soft beeping sound but it ended abruptly.

“Now open your eyes”

He whispered into my ear. I opened my eyes slowly,the light was on.

“What do you see?”

He pointed to the King sized bed

I gasped in Shock.

My heartbeats rapidly.


It was formed with Rose petals on the big bed.

He put up a shinning diamond Ring right in front of my eyes.

“Ian.. you didn’t slip in the bathroom right?”

He stood in front of me again and flashed me a bright smile.

“I wanted to propose”

He said

“Ian -“

He placed his finger on my Lips to silence me.

“Ria since the day I saw you at the park,and when I met you again I knew it was fate telling me something. I feel like a god whenever you are with me. Ria you make me no longer Lonely. You make me complete, you are my perfection -”  A tear slid down my cheekbone

He went down on one knee.

“I can’t live without you. Ria I want it all. I want to spend the rest of my Life with you. So please Ria give me the honor of becoming my wife”

He was grinning again

“Its the first time I’m asking anyone to be my wife..and to be in my future”

I shifted and moved closer

“I want it all too,I want you and Marriage. I want a Future -“

He seemed satisfied with my response. Ian smiled brilliantly

“Will you marry me?” He asked

“Yes Ian!” I exclaimed

He slid the ring into my finger. He stood up

His voice grew lower and a bit unsteady

“I love you and I promise that I’ll love you for the rest of my Life” He said

“I will hold you to that promise” I replied

The kiss was instant and binding,deep and compelling.

He kissed me slowly and then deeper. My heart raced when he pulled back to look at me

“Ian -” a needy whimper slipped through my lips as I slid my hands up to the back of his neck. I wanted to be close to him

“Oh Ria..I never wanted someone so much like I want you but -”

A sense of desperation filled me

“Ian i want you -“

I whispered

He never said a thing before I found his lips and he opened his mouth to welcoming my invasion. His hands tangled in my hair, each breath he took seemed to draw my breathe out and mingled with mine.

I wasn’t sure if I was ready for love making but it was a risk I was willing to take. He wrapped his arms around me,I yearned towards him,I felt that need I’d feel every time he got close. Desperate to make the contact I tucked at his shirt and he moved back to strip off his shirt. The he touched me and pulled my top over my head and tossed it somewhere. I faced him,the lace of my bra was the only barrier left. He slowly moved the bra strap off my shoulder. I held my breathe, trembling when his hands moved to my back and undid the fastener. His grazed dropped to my b*** and without touching me my n*** responded,hardening the nubs and the ache grew heavier.

“Oh my God” he whispered

He touched me and I gasped when his hands cupped my ***.

“Ian -” my legs were weak,my breathing rapid and I swayed toward him. I lifted my face to his and the kiss was immediate and burning. It seared Into my soul and I felt whole for the first time in my Life. Ian lifted me and then together we were on the bed,leg and arms twined.

Ian’s hands were everywhere, touching and caressing and building pleasures in me. My jeans were gone and Ian’s hand was on my stomach, his fingers under the band of my panties. I lifted my hips, letting him slid the material off and he found my center. Then the fear grew but I tried to relax. I wasn’t going to fail Ian this time. I found his lips and kissed him. His Hand pressed against me and I moved against him. Sensation building up,knotting in my middle and threatening to explode. He entered me,one finger and i rose up and back and then two fingers,instinctively pressing Into his touch,needing it more and More.

Then he was gone. I opened my eyes and he was above me. He had his jeans off. I found him and circled him,I heard him groan roughly. Ian was mine. He moved his legs between mine,and i felt his strength against mine. I heard him whisper my name and slowly he entered me until he filled me. I lifted my hips and he gasped, then he initiated the first stroke. Deep then again and again and I matched him.

The sensation grew, higher and higher freeing me in a way I’d never thought. I soared higher and higher,I arched upward willing to let go completely to give everything to Ian and I did. Nothing I held back. The world around me exploded when i heard Ian say my name,when I heard a sob. My sob,my own tears.

Then I was in Ian’s arms,laying with him and I held onto Ian. His arms around me and I closed my eyes tightly.

He pressed a kiss in my hair then I placed my cheeks against his heart.

Trying to make cognizant sense of my overwhelmed thoughts. I breathe hesitantly.

I raised myself on amy elbow to look at him.

“Ian..I have no idea..how to tell you this but..I have to say it. Thank you for Everything”

I hesitated again trying to get the words past the lump in my throat.

“In every way you made me feel treasured and i had worried that my inexperience won’t be enough for you”

He frowned and began to speak. I silenced him with a finger in his lips

He waited and I continued

“But you gave me the confidence to do everything that was new to me..and more than any of that -“. a tear slid down my cheek

“Ian, you have gave me back my long lost happiness and you connected us in a way that I don’t even have words for “

He captured my lips possessively and pushed me down to himself. Then he whispered in a deep satisfaction

“I will love you forever” I didn’t even try to hold back the tears of happiness as I mumbled

“I will you Love you too forever”



Then she was there,she kissed me with an urgency,she touched me,stroked me. I gasped as she circled my desire and arched for the contact. Her kisses on me drawing at my soul. I wanted her,wanted to be in her. I didn’t want her to stop. She shifted to get over me,to straddle my hips. Then as my hands spanned her waist,she eased herself down on me until I filled her. And everything stopped. She was connected to me,each breathe she took echoed my own. Her hands were braced on my shoulder and I had a sense of her totally surrounding me. Then she moved,slowly at first pushing passion that threatened to consume me. Hearing her moan softly with each stroke, only stroked fire in me.

I heard my own voice whispering her name over and over again.

We rolled onto our side still holding each other. She was close and I held her even tighter.

I wanted her Forever!

Finally she was mine!

And I wouldn’t let her go!

Together Forever!


♠ RIA ♠




Author POV ??

Ian lifted Phoenix up on his shoulder and whirled him in a fast motion.

“Wow! I’m on top of the world!” He laughed happily

And Ian dropped him on the couch gently when he heard Ria approaching. He knew that she was going to scold them for noise making.

“Sorry Hun -” he apologized when he saw the deep frown on her face as soon as she walked in to the living room.

She ignored him

Phoebe went to her

“Mom..look I made another design” she said

“Let’s do this some other time Phoebe” Ria said coldly

Ian forehead creased at her sudden change in attitude.

She stared at Phoenix and then back to Phoebe. Then she made her way back to the bedroom.

Something was wrong!

Ian followed her

She was pacing the room when Ian walked in.

“Is everything okay?”

She stopped pacing

“Yes” she replied without turning to him

She wasn’t happy!

Two years since she got married to Ian but she was yet to conceive.

She was yet to carry Ian’s child in her womb.

And she fear that she won’t be able to have a child. She thought of her days in Lucas den when she had miscarriage. She wondered if it had affected her in some ways.

No child and now the mother of the children she adopted suddenly showed up?

Everything was giving her concern?

A woman came to RRC two weeks ago and claimed to be Phoebe’s mom. Mrs Lawson. And truly Phoebe admitted that the woman was her mom.

Now she’s desperate to have her kids back.. but they don’t want to be with their mom.

And she is sad that she would be left with nothing if she let the kids go back to their mom.

Ian whirled her to face him. Then he saw the tears. She had been crying.

“Ria -”

she moved away from him

“Ian I’m fine”

She swallowed hard and wiped her tears

Why was she the different one?!

Drake is happy with Bay and his son Nathan. He named his child after Ria’s father.

Ethan is happily Married to Ava and they are doing fine.

Loretta is also getting married to Chad in two weeks time.

Elise is also happily married to Derrick and they are expecting a baby soon.

Lorna and Mason are doing good too.

“No something is wrong and I want you to tell me about it”

“Everything is fine” she said shakily

He ran his hand over his face

“Is this about us? You are like this because you’re not pregnant.. Right?”

Then the tears flowed again she couldn’t control it.

He leaned in

“I’m sorry..so sorry” she said unsteadily

“Sorry? Ria you are not the maker of children”

“I know but it hurts me Ian. No child and now Mrs Lawson wants her children. And it will be so selfish of me to keep them away from her. She is their mother.. Not me”

He hugged her

“Don’t think about it. We will have a child -“

“When? I’m so sick and tired of waiting”

“Soon Hun..pleased don’t give up”

She sobbed

“And about the kids..let’s go by Ava’s suggestion”

He released her and tilted her chin to look at him.

“Mrs Lawson doesn’t have any right over her kids cause you already adopted them legally”

She nodded in agreement

“They regard you as their mother..and you clearly know that they want to be with you and not her. So you call Mrs Lawson and tell her that you can’t let them go but you can only give her the privilege to see them during weekends that’s if they wanna see her” he stopped

“Or what do you think?”

He wiped her tears with his fingertips

“I will talk to the kids first” she replied

“Can we do that now and get over it?”

She nodded

He bent over her and kissed her before leading her to the living room

Phoebe ad Phoenix sat quietly on the couch with sad looks on their faces.

Ria felt bad immediately

“Phoebe I’m sorry for -“

“It okay mom” she cuts in calmly

“Can we talk?” She asked and they nodded in unison

“It about your mom”

“We are not going back to her”

Phoebe said sharply

“Yes mom..we don’t..Want to leave you” Phoenix said

Ria noticed the tears in his eyes

“Don’t you like us anymore?” He sobbed

“I like you -” Ria went to him

“Please don’t get me wrong..I Love you.. Both of you”

“Really?” He asked

She nodded

“I’m just concerned about your mom. She loves you more”

“But she left us”  He said

“It wasn’t her intention to leave you in the first place”

Mr Lawson was a violent man! Always beating his wife at every chance he gets.

When he lost his job,his wife saw it as a chance to leave him for good before he ends up killing her. He didn’t let her take the kids when she was leaving.

She looked for them for years but then she found them in an articles relating to Ria Robert.. Their pictures at RRC Launching.

“You won’t be moving in with her permanently..just give her the chance to see you during weekends or -“

“Three times a month” Phoebe said

“Thrice?” Ian repeated

“Yes she lost us so there’s no need for her trying to make up. You are our mother,you took care of us,you did things she was supposed to do. She left so she shouldn’t expect too much” she said

“Okay..but I suggest we take things slowly then” Ian said

“Please forgive your mom” Ria said

“We have nothing against her. She left us but you found us and raised us as your own..and we are not leaving until you tell us you don’t want us and you push us out ” Phoenix said

She became teary at their words

She hugged them

“I can’t.. I don’t think I have the guts”

“So tell her we agreed to see her three times in a month”


Ria knew with time they would forget their mother completely and change their minds.



Ria eyes shot open and she headed straight to the bathroom when she felt bile rose up from the back of her throat. She poured the content from last night into the toilet.

“Are you okay?”

Ian popped his head into the bathroom.

She didn’t respond

He stepped in and held her hair up for her

Tears sting her eyes

He switched on the tap to keep it running and he splashed it over her face.

He passed her some papers from the toilet roll.

She staggered a little but Ian held her quickly.

“Careful..how are you feeling?”

“Dizzy and weak”

He carried her up in his arms to the bedroom

“You need to see the doctor but before that let’s do a home test” he dropped her gently on the bed.

“What test?”

He opened the drawer nearby and brought a pregnancy test strip pack.

“What’s that?”

“Pregnancy test strip”

“Where did you get it..and why do we have to run a test?”

“Don’t question me..let’s just run the test” he carried her back to the bathroom.

It could be that she’s pregnant..!

Elise had the same symptoms at early stage of pregnancy!

What if was just a fever symptoms in her own case?

She thought

Her heart beats rapidly

“Ian I don’t think we should do this -“

Ian balanced her feet gently on the ground.

She studied his expression

A half smile played on his lips

“Pee on the tube”

She did as he instructed

She was scared of what Ian would do,how he would feel if the test turns out negative.

Ria tries to imagine his expression.. He would be so disappointed!

They waited for three minutes..and those minutes were the longest minutes of her life.

She prayed silently for good result

“Time up” he announced and pocked up the strip.

He frowned deeply and Ria closed her eyes.

It was negative

She thought.

“We are having a Baby”

He said and she reopened her eyes


He snakes his arms around her waist.

“You’re pregnant”

He said

A tear slid down her cheekbone


“Yes Hun..it’s positive”

“Oh my God -” she hugged him

“Happy now?”


He slowly brought his lips on hers. A fine tremor ran through her body at the contact she met him back eagerly,gasping for air in between kisses. He slowed his motion and pulled back.

“Now I’m happy! Ian Bryant Jr is growing inside of me!” She said excitedly

“Ian Bryant Jr?” He repeated

She nodded

“How do you know it gonna  be a boy?”t

“My instinct”

“So what about Ria Robert Jr?..or better still let’s make even..Ian and Ria Jr at the same time”

“Like having two babies at once?”

He nodded

“Sweet” she replied

“Now don’t be naughty babies,don’t make your mom sick in the morning.. Okay?”

He talks to her belly.

Then She captured his lips possessively.

“I love you” she said

“I love you too”


“Yes Forever” He repeated.

Life is a mixture of sorrow and happiness. We can’t plan life all we can do is be available for it. Life must be lived as a play. The purpose of life is a  life of Purpose, and life is worth living we can say it is what we make it. And life is never easy for those who dream.

So many of our dreams at first seems impossible,then they seems improbable and then when we summon the will,they soon become inevitable. The Future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to Pursue them.

He who have no faith in himself can never have in God.

Doubt sees the obstacle

Faith sees the way

Doubt dreads to take a step

Faith soars on high

Doubt questions “who believe?”

Faith answers “I”

If you can imagine it,you can achieve it,if you can dream it, you can become it. There is no mistake as great as the mistake of not going on.

Forgiveness is a funny thing,it warms the hearts and cools the sting. Life is an adventure in forgiveness. No revenge is so complete as Forgiveness. Forgiveness began when you recall those who hurt you and you feel the power to wish them well cause To err is Human,to Forgive is Divine.

We make a living by what we get but we make a life by what we give. Reach all the way and God will will reach down to you.

Love is a symbol of Eternity. It wiped out all sense of time destroying all memory of a beginning and all fear of an end.

Love is a battle

Love is a war

Love is always bestowed as a gift freely,willingly and without expectations. We don’t love to be loved – we love to love.

And the moment you have in your heart this extraordinary thing called Love and feel the depth,the delight,the ecstasy of it,you will discover that for you the world is transformed.

Some days are just bad days,that’s all. But remember that you have to experience Sadness to know Happiness. And there is only one Happiness in this life, TO LOVE AND BE LOVED!

•°°°°°°°°°•THE END•°°°°°°°°°•



Its a very unique experience to create a story very dear to my heart and get to share it With you!

I enjoyed writing Ria cause the story really inspired a lot of things.. And it didactic in nature. I’m sure you guys learned from it some ways.

Read Her Other Fantastic Story HERE

PLEASE no matter what, encourage the writer Ebunoluwa Ademide with comments (She is BLESSED)…

Please Don’t be Ungrateful ? Don’t Leave Without A Comment , One Love ❤.

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4 years ago

Waow…what a happy ending…..kudos to Ademide and thanks to opradre for sharing this great and inspiring novel

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I lack words here ??????????

Jane oguala
Jane oguala
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Thanks For This Motivational Story.More Blessing To You.

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Atume Damian
4 years ago

Your ink will never dry Ademide,I really enjoyed this story, and I say more grease to your elbow, and to you Opradre,you are doing a wonderful job here,plsssss keep it up I love you,and to other readers like me,one love to you all,but who is going to be my Ria ? Cos if you are looking for another Ian,m here thanks,m out out if here.

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More inspirations Ademide
More Grace
Thumbs up Opradre
God bless u

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Comment: More grace and may God bless the writer and also opradre, i learnt a lot from the story. Thanks

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Please don’t end it now…! I come online everyday cos of this story,I look forward to it everyday since the story began. Please continue ooo or immediately start another one. God Bless You Ademide n OpraDre.

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This is a great piece, thank you

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Enny Pat
4 years ago

Hmmmmmm… Wonderful! Best inspiring story ever… Thanks opradre n Ademide… God bless you all

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It was so Glorious all through.
A lot of lessons I learnt in here.

Thank you! Aramide the writer.
& Opradre the poster..!!

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May God protect us from our enemies and fight our battles for us o,… I enjoyed this book from the very beginning and it was worth reading a 1001 time… weldone Ademide, this will make a great Movie

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Wow such an happy ending but u should have tell us the sex of the baby lol….kudos to u guys(ademide and opradrd)

4 years ago

I enjoyed reading every comment on my story RIA!
You are awesome Readers and Great indeed!
Thanks for letting my story into your heart!
Opradre, thanks for posting Ria!
May God Bless you!

Agborie Vivian lroro
Agborie Vivian lroro
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Oh my God this story is so inspiring every bit of it. Thanks Ademide for writing and thanks OpraDre for posting. You are just a life saver.

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I so more enjoy every episode of dis story
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Comment:thanks opradre and crew for your time, for this interesting and inspiring story, may your ink never ease, remain bless BRO, we appreciate you

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This is really amazing. The story is quite didactic. God bless you, Ademide! God bless you, OpraDre!


Ubom, Glory
Ubom, Glory
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mercy seun
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Hope Judith
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This is one of the best stories i’v read….thanks Ademide for the interesting, captivating story, more grace n wisdom….
And to Opradre….. Much love and God bless you ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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Patience brown
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Emmanuel Chukwuemellie Okoye
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Can’t believe I read Ria! I mean, I read all 62 episodes! I always see Opradre’s post first on my news feed. I enjoyed them, but I always try to stay away from the stories, I have a lot doing, and I gat to stay focused. So on a boring day, I saw episode 11 of Ria, and I just read it for lack of something to read. Actually I read it for peace. I was tensed up. And that was it. I came over to the site a d started from episode 1. I read at home, on the… Read more »

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