MARY. A Supernatural Story By Danny Walker

MARY. A Supernatural Story By Danny Walker

MARY. A Supernatural Story By Danny Walker

M.A.R.Y (Maria. Audrey. Rachael. Yvonne)


This story might be tempting to copy but please do not copy it for any reason just read it. GOD BLESS YOU…

I want to tell you the story of four women who brought a grave problem into their lives as a result of their carelessness which they thought was bravery but it turned out to be much more than they could handle and it brought the most terrible problem man would never think of into their lives…

Maria is a happily married woman with a cool husband MAX, a well-to-do business man, they got an issue with their marriage which was childbearing, and they live in a nice duplex.

Audrey is a fair beautiful lady, a spinster who has a boyfriend who is 20 years old called Chinedu while she is 30, a working class lady, quite rich.

Rachael a beautiful fat girl but feels she’s ugly & too fat always complaining, because of her low self esteem she marries a man who is after her money; a womanizer.

Yvonne a beautiful lady, with an obfuscating husband, she lives as a working class lady, can stand her ground but emotionally weak.

These ladies are gorgeous, that type of beauty that will put you in a confused state of which to love most.

One problem with MARY is that they just can’t get wise.

The fact that Maria has a responsible man doesn’t mean she chose wisely but just lucky to have him………..

This is their story

MARY. A Supernatural Story By Danny Walker

Maria’s face was not looking bright as Max drove home; he constantly glanced at her while driving

“Sweety, what’s wrong?” Max asked

“Nothing” she said looking through the window

“Look we’ve passed the stage of you saying nothing, am your husband I deserve to know what the problem is” he replied

“Ok why am I not pregnant?” she said looking at him

“What kind of question is that” he asked

“Just answer the god-damn question” she said loudly

“Am I to answer that?” he said

“O yes, answer” she said

“Well, the doctor said you’re fine, you’ll have your pregnancy soon” he said

“The doctor! The doctor!! The doctor!!! Always the doctor” she said

“What’s it? He said you’re fine, you can get pregnant” he said

“Yes am fine what about you?” she said. The words rang in Max’s ears as he immediately parked the car.

“What did you say?” Max said looking at her

“Yes are you capable of getting me pregnant?” she said

“What? Did you just say that to me?” he asked

“Max for God’s sake it’s 5 years now and we have no child” she said

“I see so this is what you’ve had in mind for a longtime now right” he said

“Honey am sorry about what I said” she said touching him, he ignored her as he started the car and continued driving, they were both silent until they got home.

The security guy opened the gate for them as he drove in & parked the car amongst the rest cars in an open garage

“Welcome sir” the gate man said to max as he steps out of the car

“Thank you Obi” he replied

“Welcome Ma” he said to Maria

“Thank you” she replied

They both walked into the house and went upstairs into the bedroom. Maria sat on the bed taken off her jewelries and Max went to the wardrobe to take off his clothes

“Honey am so…just forget about it, I don’t feel like talking” Max interrupted her

He walked into the bathroom and locked the door,(he doesn’t do that).

Maria knew he was angry; she changed her clothes and went down stairs into the kitchen to prepare dinner.

She prepared a nice meal of Egusi soup with turkey and some meat with pounded cassava and a pack of fruit juice and set it on the dining table. She sat down in the palour while watching a movie; after 20mins Max came down stairs and sat on the sofa away from his wife

“Honey, food is ready” she said

“Am not hungry” he replied with a straight face

“Am sorry Na, I didn’t mean what I said what I said”

“Ya you never mean what you say” he replied

“Please come and eat your food” she said, now he was angrier

“I said am not hungry, cant you understand that?” he said loudly

“Ok, if you say so”

They both sat quietly for 10mins watching TV until she said something

They both sat quietly for 10mins watching TV until she said something

“I prepared egusi soup with turkey and goat meat with pounded yam” she said without looking at him. Immediately his eyes widened as he turned to look at her

“Ehn? What did you say?” he asked pretending not to hear her and she understood him

“It’s on the dining table” she said moving her head in the direction of the dining table. He ignored her and after about 2mins he turned to look at the dining table and saw that she was looking at him he turned his face away, she smiled and stood then walked upstairs. She knew her husband well enough, that pride in a man will not allow him stand up in her presence and walk to the dining table.

Max looked back and didn’t see her, he then looked at the table again then he stood up and walked to it and sat down. He knew that if he sat down there too long his wife would come clear the food and he wouldn’t be able to ask for it. As he sat on the table and opened the food it was as she described it, his mouth was full of saliva, he swallowed it forceful and his throat gave out a funny sound, he then thought to himself

“chai so this is what I would have missed because of one Mumu misunderstanding. God forbid” he said quietly to himself, he looked around to see if she was peeping at him before washing his hands and landed on the food. Maria then walked down stairs and saw him eating the food happily she busted into laughter but immediately held her mouth as she saw him staring at her with a ball of fufu in his hand

“What’s funny?” he said

“Nothing sorry” she said still holding the laughter, she sat on the couch

“chai this woman must be a witch, see as she dey laugh me because I chop the food, no worry I no blame you make I chop finish first” he thought to himself. He then tried to act been pissed with the food

“There even too pepper in the food” he said with a frowned face

“Sorry” she said immediately like she was expecting that word.

Max ate the food quietly while Maria watched TV. After 5mins Max had finished eating, he became happy, he sat down beside his wife

“Am sorry about what I said” Maria said, Max smiled

“It’s ok” he said and held her close…

“Where the fvck are you coming from?” Yvonne yelled at James who acted as if he wasn’t listening

“Its 12:45am who the hell comes back at such time. This has become a habit, you coming in so late and you don’t bother giving me an explanation, what do you take me for?” she said angrily

“I told you before that work last longer this days” he replied walking upstairs as she followed him

“O shut up you big terrible liar” she said and stopped behind him. He turned to look at her with anger. Then suddenly he gave her a hot slap across the face she screamed in pain. James didn’t mind as he went into the room leaving her sitting on the stairs and crying with her hand on her face.

After crying for 10mins, she stood up and left the house to Maria’s place. James came out of the room and went downstairs looking for her but didn’t find her. He yelled her name but no response, he walked into the kitchen and opened the pot and saw some fried rice in it, he picked up a plate and served himself and didn’t bother calling her again cause that’s why he sort her…

Maris hears a knock on her door; she quickly goes to open the door but surprised to see Yvonne standing there in tears and a swollen face

“My God, please come inside, what happened?” Maria said helping her in

Yvonne was silent but in tears. Max was watching the TV as she came in and he greeted her with a smile but saw her in tears

“What happened?” Max said

Yvonne sat down and wiped her face then sniffed her nose

“Tonight mark the end of my marriage with James” Yvonne said. Maria quickly sat down beside her

“Did James do this to you again?” Maria asked

“Your eyes are red and your face swollen, what happened?” Max added

“James slapped me today because I asked why he came home late” she said

“That’s a very stupid thing for a man to do. Did he loose his mind?” Max said

“James is a big fool and I can’t even recall why I married him” she said

“Come on sweetie don’t say that? We can sort this out” Maria said holding her hands

“No way, am calling my lawyer to continue with the divorce process” she said

“No you can’t do that” Maria said

“I have already started it and won’t stop now” she said; Max and Maria were silent

“Please can I stay for the night” she asked

“Ok, that’s fine by me” Maria said and turned to Max who nodded in agreement

Yvonne spent the night there just thinking throughout the night.

A knock on the door woke her up

“Yvonne it’s me” Maria said

“Come on in” she said

“Good morning” Maria said

“Good morning” she replied

“How was the night?” Maria said

“Fine, how is Max?” she said

“He’s good”

“I’ll be leaving now” Yvonne said

“Yvonne you didn’t sleep” Maria said

“I couldn’t but I have to go now” she said standing up

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah I’ll be fine” she said

“Wouldn’t you take a bath?”

“No time, thanks for everything”

“You are welcome” Maria escorted her out to her car and she drove off…

Rachael wakes up to a beautiful fresh start, she turns around but couldn’t feel her husband around her, she stood up and walked into the bathroom and came out in 15mins with a towel.

She walks to her wardrobe and searches for clothes, she settles for a grey body hug and black jeans and then put on a turtle neck sweater. She sat in front of her mirror and did the usual art work on her face for about 5mins then was ready to go to her supermarket. As she stepped out of her room she saw her husband David coming

“David, where did you go?” she said

“What a stupid question” he said without looking at her and walking into the room and slammed the door

Rachael knows deep down that David doesn’t love her but is after her wealth. Its her low self esteem that’s keeping him with her. As she walked downstairs she could here music playing loudly from the sitting room

“Rita! Rita!!” she yelled but she was ignored, Rachael wasn’t in the mood to get in a fight with her kid sister so she just walked out of the house and got into her SUV and drove off. As she drove she thought about sending her sister far away from her so as to find peace in her home but she knew David wouldn’t allow that and Rachael also has feeling that David is banging her sister but she needed evidence

Rachael knows that if she catches them she wouldn’t know what to do about it…

Yvonne was driving but her attention was not on the road, she didn’t know she had entered the wrong lane. Yvonne was still thinking why and how she got involved with James because all she felt now was hate, she wondered if he had used juju on her, she could no longer endure the pain she felt and have suffered in James’ hand.

She remembered the day James saw her laughing with a guy who came to see her. James had walked into the house that day and saw them and immediately went straight to the guy and punched him on the face and they started fighting.

James broke a bottle on his head and stabbed him; Yvonne tried to stop him but he beat her so bad. The guy ended up in the hospital and Yvonne paid the bills but that was the end of their friendship; James has done this to some other guy too.

She remembered the day he beat her till she fainted, she was admitted in te hospital and only her three best friends visited her and paid the bills, they tried to arrest James but James had the police in his pocket.

As she thought about this suddenly her mind was drawn back to the road by an incoming tanker and it was so close that she froze in fear and removed her hands from the steering wheel but suddenly

“Watch out!!” a guy said beside her and turned the wheels quickly into the right lane. Yvonne was still in shock of what just happened, she was breathing heavily with fear and looked beside her and couldn’t see anyone. She stopped her car by the side of the road and looked at her rear mirror and saw the tanker going. She couldn’t believe what had just happened.

She became confused; was she imagining things or is she going crazy about her problems? She didn’t want to believe that someone just appeared in her car to save her but she could still feel his touch on her thigh, she didn’t even get a good view of his face but all she saw was some kind of bright skin guy maybe a white man

“Maybe my guardian angel” she thought and then she laid her head on the steering wheel and slept off

“Look, Audrey I need the money. Are you giving it or not?” Chinedu said standing beside the bed while putting on his clothes.

“Sweet heart, I’ll give you the money but things are not going well at the store” she replied

“Like I care, how does that concern me” he said

“How can you say that?” she said sitting up

“Look, if I don’t get the money just forget about seeing me again” he said walking out of the room

“Okay, wait” she said and moved to her locker by the bed and brought out a bundle of money and gave it to him

“There you go, I’m sorry, Okay? I love you and I’ll do anything for you” she said; he snatched the money and left without a Thank you

Audrey sat on the bed staring at the door. She happens to be a very rich lady who owns a very large boutique in town, she lives alone in a big duplex but her problem is, dating a guy too young for her.

She walked into her bathroom and came out in 20mins and changed into a nice dress, picked up her car keys and left the room; she walked into the sitting room and saw Nkechi the maid cleaning the house

“Nkechi” she called

“Good morning ma” she said

“Morning, please I would like some spaghetti with stew and fried turkey when I get back in the evening”

“Ok ma” Audrey walked out of the house and got into her car and drove off…

Yvonne wakes up and discovered that she’s in her car, she quickly turned the ignition on but turned it off and was surprised she was parked right in front of her gate. She was wondering how she got there, she remembered she fell asleep by the side of the road but doesn’t recall her driving to the gate

“Or could it have been the stranger?” she said to herself. She was getting more confused, or maybe it was the slap James gave to her that made her see things but her arrival at the gate was not an imagination. She stepped out of the car looked around and saw a petty store few meters from her car, she decided to ask the lady there how she got here.

“Hello excuse me“she said

“ Hey hello” the lady replied

“Please I wanna ask you something”

“Ok no problem”

“ Please ehnm” she hesitated “Who drove me here?” she asked. The lady looked confused

“I don’t understand what do you mean. Who drove you here?” the lady replied, Yvonne was con fused

“Am sorry” she said and was about to leave

“You were in the car with your boyfriend Na or don’t you know your boyfriend again or maybe your brother or your husband. I don’t know” the lady said gesticulating. Yvonne paused

“Sorry but am not feeling well but did you see a man in my car?” she asked. The lady was thinking maybe Yvonne was going mad

“Of cus you were with a man. Am I the one who’s going to tell you the man you were with. You should know him. What kind of question is this?” she said

“Am sorry” Yvonne said and walked to her car. Now she was convinced it was the stranger

“But how was that possible?” she thought to her self

“I was on the wheels” she said. She felt she needed some good rest, so she walked into the compound leaving the car outside. . . . .


To Be Continued. ……

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Really interesting story!

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The smell seems to be very nice….
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Eniola Adebayo
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truly it is worth reading.

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solomon Ade
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