MARY Episode 6 By Danny Walker

MARY Episode 2 A Supernatural Story By Danny Walker

MARY Episode 6 By Danny Walker

He looked around as he arrived at the entrance of the cinema, there was a small post with a title “FASTER 3:00pm” .She bought to tickets at the entrance and they both went in; the cinema had few persons, she sat at the back, some distance away from the exit door he then sat beside her “The movie’s title is Faster; Dwayne Johnson is the main character. The movie is awesome” she said and after 5mins “Why did he shoot that guy?” He asked “Actually, that guy is one of the people who killed his brother so he came back to take revenge” she said with an ice cream in her hand “Revenge is of the lord” Metatron said “Please come on? This is just a movie” she said “Whatever it’s called, that doesn’t mean he should kill” Metatron said “Metatron, it’s a movie which means it’s not real, ok?” she said “So you are saying the guy is not dead” “Yes, he’s not dead” “It’s just acting, my dear” “If its not real then why waste your time watch it. They are only fooling around” “Actually, they are not fooling around. Its called entertainment” she said “Entertainment” he repeated “Yeah, you want some ice cream?” she asked “No thanks I don’t get hungry” he said “But you can eat” she said “yes” “Good, then have a taste” she said “No thank you” “Am not asking you? Am ordering you” she said stretching the spoon of cream to his mouth “I can’t take orders from men” “Come on please? Just a little, I just want you to join me, please” she begged “Alright” he said and took the cream “Don’t you like it?” she said “It’s almost as sweet as Honey” he said “Yeah, its strawberry” she said smiling at him “Its good” he said smiling “Waw, you are smiling” she said happily and touched his face “I finally did it” he said smiling “Yes and you look good” she said rubbing his face “Hello there, miss” a voice said and she turned to see the guy she met at the cinema the last time “You?” she said “yes me” he smiled as he sat down beside her “What are you doing?” she said “Just wanna hang out with you” he said “I see that you do not have manners, cant you see am with someone?” she said “O sorry, hey there Dude am Michael” he said stretching his hand but Metatron didn’t receive it “Metatron? Shake him” she said and he shook him “Change that name” Metatron said “Why” he asked “Because Angel Michael would not be happy you are bearing his name” “(laughs) and why is that” “Because you are the opposite of him” Metatron said “And what does that mean?” Micheal said “It means there’s nothing good in you. You only lay with women and lavish money” Metatron said “Metatron stop it” Yvonne said “(Laughs) White boy, you know I can make your life a misery in this country” Michael said “He’s not just a with boy” Yvonne said “I see, I’ll deal with” Michael said and walked away “Metatron are you trying to make enemies” She said “I’ll be back” he said and stood up and followed Michael “Where are you going?” she said “Sit there, I’ll be back” he said and left…

He followed Michael who entered into the men’s restroom. Metatron entered into the Restroom and saw Michael washing his hands in one of the washing bowls. Metatron walked and stood beside him “how do you use these” he said looking at it, Michael turned to look at him “So the white boy doesn’t know how to use a wash bowl” Michael said “Actually, I do” Metatron said and slammed Michael’s face on the bowl and he fell with a bleeding broken nose and leaving blood stay on the wash bowl “What the Bleep” Michael said crawling on the floor and shouting in pain and suddenly brought out a gun “You humans are horrible” he said “One more step and I’ll shoot you idiot” Michael said “I hate to break father’s rules but what I can’t take is threat from any immortal but you a little mortal man threatening me” he said “I’ll will fucking kill you” Michael said getting up and Metatron grabbed him by the neck and smashed his head on a mirror, breaking the mirror to pieces and knocking him out. Metatron then walked out of the Men’s room and back to the cinema “where did you go” Yvonne asked “I went to the rest room” he said “Rest room? How did you know the rest room?” “I followed someone” he said “O no, don’t tell me you followed Michael” “yes, I did” “What? What did you do to him?” She asked “Don’t worry about him, he’s resting” he said “Resting?” “Yes Resting in the rest room” he said and smiled “Don’t you smile at that” she said “Why?” “It looks evil” “Alright, then let’s relax and watch the movie” he said and put his hand across her shoulders “Now you are acting like a man” she said smiling as she relaxed in his arm and licking her Ice cream. They watched 3 movies and it was now 8:00pm and they left the cinema and went to their room. “O God am so tired” she said and fell on the bed “Don’t worry you can sleep, I’ll watch over you” he said “Do you guys sleep?” “Well, some of us do” he said “Do you?” “Yes I do but when am tired” he said “Are you not tired?” she said ‘No am not” he said “I want you to come and lie down with me” she said “Am not tired” he said “I know but I’ll feel safer with you here” she said ‘Alright’ he said and walked to the bed and lay beside her. She took off her slipper and the band from her hair and climbed the bed and lay beside him and both of them stared at each other “Look at those eyes” he said “O stop it” she said smiling and turned to face the other direction and backed him. They were silent for like 3mins “Why do you want me to do that?” he said “Do what?” she said without looking at him ‘Hold you” “How did you know that?” she said without looking at him “I read your mind” he said “Please don’t ever come into my mind without my permission again” she said ‘I apologize” he said, and she was silent for like 10 secs then said “You read my mind already, so do it” she said, he smiled and moved closer to her and held her closely until she slept, he then stood up and he disappeared…

TWO DAYS LATER Metatron down on the bed and watched the TV so seriously that Yvonne stared at him “Why are staring at the TV like that” she said “Sssshhhh, she’s talking to me something, she’ s telling me something” he said “Come on Metatron, she’s a News caster she’s talking to the studio camera and that’s why you think she’s talking to you” “What do you mean?” he said “She faces the camera and casts the News and it is broadcasted immediately, its kind of complicated” “I see” he said “yeah” she said, he turned to look at her “Where are we going?” he asked “We are going to a club” she said “A club” he repeated ‘Yes a Club, it’s a place for fun and dancing” she said She dressed in a nice Black jean, with black sneakers, a red blue long sleeved sweater with a hood and a Picture of Rihanna in front and Ciara at the back, she had a white singlet inside, she allowed her hair spread on her shoulder and then put on a baseball cap (I believe by now you know what she looks like). She was more like a street girl. “How do I look” she asked him “You look different” he said “of cause I should look different” she said “You look Beautiful’ he said ‘thank you” she said smiling. “so what now?” he said “You’ll change” she said “what do you mean?” “I mean your clothes, I got new ones, you cant go there on suit” “Why?” he asked “Just change ok?” she said bringing out some clothes from the wardrobe “What is that?” he asked “clothes of cause, go to the bathroom and change” she said and he collected them and went into the bathroom and put them on and came out “Waw, that’s a big boy” she said smiling as he came out. He was on a white body hug and black jean and a black sneakers “How do I look?” he said “You are beautiful” she said and kissed his cheek “Thank you” he said and smiling “Ok lets rock” she said. They went downstairs and everyone stared at them especially Yvonne “Waw madam you look…hot” Shannel said “(laughs)thanks dear” she replied “Good morning sir” Shannel said to Metatron “You look happy” he said “What you told me was true. Thank you” she said “Just helping” “But how did you know” she asked “I am a Leviathan” he said smiling “Sorry I don’t get you. What’s that again?” she said “Long story, its complicated” Yvonne said and dragged Metatron out of the reception “What is it again?” he said “Don’t go around telling people you are a Leviathan, they don’t understand like I don’t” ‘But am proud of it” he said “Are you serious right now, you know what lets go” she said and headed for her car; a yellow hummer jeep. “ok Metatron, we need to do something” she said “What’s that?” “Your name” she said “What about my name” “We need to change it” she said “That’s the name my father gave me” he said “Yeah whatever I know but that name is weird to people on earth” she said “It’s the name of a powerful warrior” he said “Whatever but it sounds like a robot to me or are you a transformer?” she said “What’s that?” “Forget it, ok now let me think of a name for you” she thought for about 5secs “Yes Arnold” “Why that?” “Because you are well built, handsome and strong and it’s the name of a popular celebrity” she said “Ok” “He’s name is Arnold Swarzeneeger” “Ok” “What’s with the Ok thing, try saying ‘understood’” she said “understood” “Good boy, You’re learning fast. You are very obedient. Now we are going somewhere and there if anyone asks you about me just tell them am your girlfriend, ok?” “Understood” “Good” “But what’s a Girlfriend?” he asked “A girlfriend is a girl who has a boyfriend’ “Who is a boyfriend?” “O God, ok a boyfriend is a man who loves a woman and would do anything to protect her at all cost, can you do that?” she said “definitely” he said “Good” she said and moved closer to him and kissed his cheek “Why do you do that?” he said “Its called a kiss. You always remember to give a kiss to your loved ones” “Understood” “and that’s what a boyfriend does to his girlfriend and sometimes he kisses her with her without her permission” “that’s disobedience and its not good” he said “No it’s not ok? Its called love. This is earth not heaven” “Understood” “Now we are going out and please act like a normal guy Ok? And always be with me” “You are almost everything to me” he said and she smiled “You are not joking?” she said “I have a friend called Uzor, he was the one who saw me arrive here on earth and the reason I came to earth was because of you” he said and she smiled at him “You are in love with me” he said to her and her eyes widened “What?” “yes don’t lie to me. In you I have found love” he said “You are so straight forward, don’t you lie?” she asked “Never happened, I don’t” “that’s a good reputation, you know in our world you have to lie most times” “yes and that’s why man can never get perfect peace” he said “O you hurt my feeling” she said touching her chest “It’s the truth but don’t worry am here now and you wouldn’t have to lie” he said, she smiled then started the car and drove off…

1;00pm; Yvonne drove to a club not far from the island “This is a new club and its bubbling with people. We are going to have fun” she said smiling nut Arnold (Metatron) was silent. She stepped out of the car with him. The streets had few people going and coming, cars moving, people going into the club. The club was sound proved with two bouncers standing outside but as they approached the entrance he stopped. She walked toward and noticed he was not with her, she looked back and saw him staring at the building “What, lets go” she said “I cant go in there” he said “Why” “I don’t associate with rivals” “what does that mean?” she asked “This is a den of iniquity” he said turning to her “Jesus Christ, what the hell? Why didn’t you say something since” “No offence but Lucifer is in possession of this place and we are not on equal levels now” he said “O that sound s like pride to me” she said but he was silent “Ok then lets over throne him” she said “that might end against the favor of man, and besides these are his works and I will not be part of it” he said “O God here we go again” she wasn’t happy “Lucifer rebelled against our father” “Come on don’t allow your beefing get into your head” she said “This is not a beef!!” he said loudly and there was a loud thunder clap in the sky. People turned to look at him with surprise, even Yvonne was scared “Woow, am so sorry. Lets go’ she said and walked back into the car. They were both silent for like 10secs “I plead your forgiveness for my uncontrolled anger” he said “It’s ok I get it” she said and suddenly someone opened her door and pulled her out and she screamed in fear as she fell out of the car. Arnold didn’t panic, he just opened the door and stepped out and walked to the other side and saw Yvonne trying to get up and he helped her up. “Is that how you treat her woman” Arnold said as he raised his head to see 5 guys, 2 were well built and holding machete and the other three holding guns

“No no no they are robbers” she said holding Arnold “Robbers? The bible didn’t speak well of your type. What do you want?” he said “We want the car keys” one said in bass voice ‘guy why you dey yan English abeg speak brokin jor” another said “You want the car, you should have just asked politely” he said “OK Oyibo, Give me the car keys” the gang leader said moving closer to him “Well the car belongs to her but I don’t know if she wants to give it to you” “You don’t have to know “ the leader said and he was losing his patience “Really? Arnold are you just gonna stand there?” she said “Do you want to give them the car “Hell no” she said “But there’s love in sharing, they just wanna borrow it and return it” he said and she looked at him with surprise “No! They’ll take it and not return and they might harm us” she said and he turned to them “Alright gentlemen, she doesn’t want to give the car, maybe you can go borrow another” he said, the gang leader was now officially angry “You are mad, I have given you enough time because you are white or you think this is a choice!!” he yelled at Arnold “Do not raise your voice at me you mortal” Arnold said “See this Mumu o. you see horn for my head? Abi I resemble ram for your face?” he said loudly and people had already gathered to watch “Are you better than a ram” he asked “Come Oyibo hand the keys now or I go murder you now” he said angrily “Ooo Capo why you dey waste time with this Mumu na” one of his boy said “Snake eye nack this maga for me” he said to one of his boys who brought out a bottle and broke it on Arnold’s head but there was no effect and Arnold stared at him “You come to an immortal with vain weapons? You have one more grace to leave” he said; the guys were surprised at how he took the hit but not convinced as the leader brought out a local gin (ogogoro) from his pocket and poured it in his mouth and sprayed it on his machete then said some dirty words and then stroke Arnold with the machete but he fell down dead instead and became as black as carbon which meant that he had been electrocuted on the strike. And after that Arnold grabbed one of them by the neck and lifted him up “I hope you know how to fly” he said and threw the guy up who went high into the sky, everyone was shocked; Arnold caught another by the neck and threw him against a wall and his head broke with blood spilling all over the wall; people cleared of immediately but some were busy recording with their phones. The other two tried to run but immediately they became Goats “Father should have made goats of you” he said and turned to Yvonne who was surprised and speechless “get in the car” he said and she immediately entered the car and he got in with her and she drove away…

After driving for 15mins to nowhere “I wanna say something” she said calmly “What” he said, she was a little scared “Waw!! What you did back there was awesome. It was like watching a live movie” she said happily “I was protecting you” “Thank you” “they crossed their limits” he said “o yes they did” she said smiling “Are you hungry” she said “Not yet” he replied “Well, I am” she said and parked at a restaurant. They both went in “Wait here, I’ll be back with something to eat” she left and came back two two small trays and placed it on the table “What is this?’ he asked “its meat pie, ice cream and a bottled water” “ok” she started eating and he looked at her and copied her eating moves “Don’t eat like me? Be yourself” she said with mouthful. After they had finished eating, she was tired “Am tired” she said “But I thought after eating you gain strength?” he asked “O shut up, let’s go” she said and they both left They entered their car and Yvonne took off her cap and thew it at the back seat “need some air on my head. What a waste all this dressing for nothing” she started the car and headed back to the hotel “Tell me, about yourself. Who are you really?” she said “Am a Leviathan” “Yeah I know, I mean… ok why don’t you have wings? I thought all heavenly creatures do” she asked “Leviathans don’t have wings but can fly and move faster than light. Angels have wings but not all do” “ok, so why did you leave heaven” she asked and he paused because that question hit him hard “Did you hear me?” she said “Yeah, it’s a long story” “Well, we are gonna be together for live forever, maybe?” she said “I can’t tell you that, for there are things which man shouldn’t know” he said. He was hiding something from her, something he doesn’t want to tell her which might change his relationship with her and he wouldn’t get what he came for. She holds something very important but she doesn’t know it. “Ok then. Tell me, do you like men?” she asked “I have no reason to hate them but you all have one problem” he said “What’s that?” “It’s pride” “Yeah, we’re proud of ourselves” she said, he looked at her “Can I ask you something” he said “Yeah sure” “Why do you feel important?” “Of cus we should we are important even God knows that” she said and he laughed surprisingly to her “You think you are important? Or do you think man is a priority to God? You think you live long but before my father you all hardly last 3 hours” he said “Are you jealous of men?” she said “You think its jealously? A thousand years on earth is a day in heaven” he said “But why is that? God does care about us” she said “Yes indeed he does but You are not the only creatures that worships my father neither are you the only creatures he created beautiful, there are billions of morning stars in the universe all these stars hold a solar system with creatures in it so if you think you are the most important, you are wrong” “What other creatures? Outside the planet there is no life” she said “things that are seen, are made of things that do not appear; things that do not appear are made into things that appear” he said “I don’t get what you say” “You technology but do not know all you can do with it. There are things that men can not see with the eyes. Have you ever taken a trip to the universe?” “So there is life” “Yes there is but cant be seen by men” “So there’s life in other planets” she asked “There are creatures, yes” “Waw tell me about the moon & sun” she said “The moon is like earth’s battery, it does much more than what man thinks and sees” “And the sun?” “The sun is a world of its own, the liquid fire and light holds your planets” “How?” “The planets are like particles caught up in a tornado, they are like particles to the sun and its fire and light works with time to displace gravity and keep the planets at horizon “Waw, you’d make a good physics student” “I was there when they were made” “This is interesting, another question. Why does the earth rotate on its axis and why does it go around the sun” she was interested so she parked the car “The earth is touched by God” “How?”

“After creating it he blew wind from his mouth on the new earth and it was strong enough to spin it. This wind also goes around the earth till this day. And as for going round the sun; the core of the sun rotates at an unbelievable speed and this speed spreads a force that extends far away to all the planets and moves them. Actually, this force is suppose pull the planets to the sun but because the sun’s core is less magnetic, it holds them in space” “I just can’t stop asking, one more question” she said “Alright” “Science tells us that Pluto appears and disappears, how true is that?” “Well, to man it does but to us it doesn’t, the planet Pluto isn’t really a planet, the supernatural activities that occur there affects its visibility” “This is interesting, I have so many questions but maybe later” she said “anytime” he said, she started the car and drove off… They got back to the hotel at about 3:30pm “welcome madam, you are back early” Shannel said “Yeah, thanks to my darling here” she said holding Arnold “She was going to the wrong place” he said “Wrong place?” “Don’t listen to him, we had fun” she said and pulled him along after picking her keys They both went up to her room “I need some rest” she said and threw her bag on the bed and laid beside it “You don’t go to work” he said “Why do you ask that?” she said “my father said man must work before they can eat” “yeah right, I have a job but am on 2 weeks break” she said “Ok” he replied and soon she slept off; he sat beside her and stared at her then touched her hair and kissed her cheek and went out the door…

MARY Episode 6

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