ENEMIGO Episode 6 by Ebunoluwa Ademide

ENEMIGO Episode 3 by Ebunoluwa Ademide

ENEMIGO Episode 6 by Ebunoluwa Ademide

My Mate 💕 or My Enemy 🤔

🍑 Serie 6 🍑

🌻 Sky’s POV 🌻

I mindlinked Kelvin,the fiercest wolf who I asked to lead the other wolves to Crescent pack.

“My Lord,” he said in respect.

“Kelvin is everything okay?”

“Yes,my Lord,” he answered.

“So what’s the situation of things?”

“No signs of rogues anywhere. Our men are around the territory.”

“Always take turns in watching the territory till I come around. And tell no one about my arrival.”

“What about the Gamma of Crescent pack?”

“I’ll talk to you when I get to the borders of Crescent pack so you can -” I groaned out in pain when I felt this sharp pain on my limp. I stopped on track when I realized that my mate was in pain too.

“Your Highness!” Kelvin screamed.

I felt another pain on my side. Damn it! What are they doing to her?! I howled into the air. The link with kelvin got disconnected when another sharp pain waved through me.

Another mournful cry from my angry wolf and the other wolves stopped. The pain was horrid,my chest beating fast while I managed to keep on walking slowly to gather up more strength. I need to be strong for my mate.

The other wolves followed behind me silently. I mindlinked Kelvin again.

“My King are you alright?”

“Yes..but my mate is in pain. Bring the Gamma to the borders now.”

“Yes,my Lord.”

I stretched out my limps,preparing for the long run to Crescent pack,I have to get there before dawn. I signaled to the other wolves to get ready. They lowered their heads in respect before we all kicked off at a fast speed. My wolf was the fastest as the alpha and all he wanted was to just save our mate.

Finally we arrived at our destination. It took us few minutes to wear our clothes which we had tied to our ankles before transforming into wolves. I could hear voices.

“Why on Earth did you bring me out here?!”

“Will you please calm down Gamma?”

“First you searched the Alpha’s study..”

“I was trying to find clue that might lead us to the one who invaded your pack. I’m only working on the orders of the king.”

Yeah! I asked Kelvin to search Alpha Zion’s study to see if he will find anything… any clue which may lead us to the enemy.

“What are we doing out here?”

“You’ll find out soon.”

I told Kelvin not to tell anyone about my arrival. Why? I don’t trust the Gamma of Crescent pack,he might know something too. Since he was late Alpha Zion’s best friend.

We busted out of the thick forest into the open field where Kelvin and the Gamma of Crescent pack stood waiting for us.

“Oh! You’re here my King.” Kelvin bowed.

The Gamma’s eyes met mine and he bowed when I got closer to them.

“Rise..” I instructed.

“Good day,Alpha King Sky,I am Gamma Lionel of Crescent Pack.”

I nodded slowly. “I asked Kelvin to bring you here. I am sorry about what happened to your Alpha and to your pack.”

“It is good to have you,King Sky. And thanks for sending out your men to protect our pack. They are all doing a great job.”

I turned to face Kelvin. “What did you find?”

“I found a note in the Alpha’s study.” He handed me the note.

“The Invaders didn’t leave any sign of how we can find them?” I directed my question at Lionel.

“They are rogues.” He answered.

He should know better. Rogues are really good at what they do. They walk around without letting anyone figure their scents and they can be deadly. I read the writing in the note.

“You gave me your word that you’d help me take back what belongs to me. But you back out of our mission.”

The date on it was about two years ago. “This note won’t take us anywhere.” I mumbled.

“My Lord -“

“I sent you here to find clues but you found nothing!” I growled out angrily. “A mere note won’t help me find her!”

“Forgive me my Lord.” He apologized with his head bowed.

I turned away from him. I was deeply concerned about my mate because my wolf was troubled. I can’t bring myself to imagine what this fucking rogues might be doing to her right now.

I tried to calm my wolf that she would be fine because I haven’t felt any pain after the previous ones.

‘she’s a witch,what if she has blocked out every chance of feeling her pain with her powers.’ my wolf panicked.

Damn it! That’s true! Mia could use her powers or alpha strength to stop me from feeling her pain as her mate. Knowing this,I became more desperate to find her. I went to the Gamma.

“What do you know about these rogues?”

“They came for her…they wanted only her.”

“Bloody rogues!” I cursed under my breath.

“But just one isn’t a rogue.”

“What do you mean?”

“The wolf that led the rogues wasn’t a rogue.”

“What is he?”

“I could smell the royal blood in his veins.”

I frowned. “Are you saying he’s someone from the palace?”

“Maybe and maybe not. But I know of one palace which is the Donia palace.” He replied

“How does he look like?”

“I didn’t see his face because he had a mask on. I tried to when I picked a fight with him after he ripped off the head of my Beta.” He said in sad tone.

“Did he say anything to you? Something that may help us have a clue of who he is.”

“Yes..he said alot of things.”

I moved closer to him. “Tell me.”

“Taking Alpha Mia would bring you to him. He’s aware that she is your mate.”

“Why didn’t you tell me these things when I questioned you about the incident?” Kelvin asked him.

“I wanted the Alpha King to hear everything from me.” He responded.

“What else do you know?”

“He’s waiting for you to come and save her.”

“Do you know where I can find him?”

He shook his head. “I have a location.”

“What? You know where to find the enemy?” Kelvin gasped in shock.

I folded my arms. “I’m listening.”

“I don’t know the location exactly but I only have a clue.”


“I’ll tell you the location if you agree to come with me to our pack and know the truth.”

“What truth?”

“You can’t just set off to find the one who captured your mate. You need to -“”

“I can compel you to tell me everything.” I gritted. I don’t have time for talks.

“I agree with you. You’re my king but I would like to proof my Alpha’s innocence in this situation.”

“What are you talking about?”

“There are so many things you need to know before setting off to save your mate.”

I exchanged glances with Kelvin. “Come with me,My Lord and I’ll reveal everything to you.” He smirked.

I shook my head. “If I don’t find any clue that will lead me to the one who took your Alpha then I won’t hesitate to Rip off your head.”

He nodded in agreement.

“Okay..lead the way.”

Whatever he wants to tell me,I hope it is good enough to help me find my mate.

Gamma Lionel must have mindlinked the pack members because they already gathered around at the centre of the Pack Square to welcome me. My eyes surveyed the pack buildings. And to be honest Alpha Zion did a good job of building a comfortable homes for his members.

“Members of Great Crescent Pack,please meet Alpha King Sky of Donia Kingdom.”

They all bowed in respect. “Long live the king!” Lionel called out.

“Long live the king!” They chorused.

“So today,the Alpha King is here with us and I am sure we would like to hear from him.” He looked at me.

I watched every wolf standing close to me. They all had fears in their eyes,all intimidated by the Alpha presence.

I cleared my throat. “I am sorry about the loss of your Alpha and also for what befell your homes few days ago. Each soul lost In that battle didn’t die for no reason but for a loyal course. They died while trying to protect the lives of their loved ones and their pack. I,Alpha King Sky would do Everything in my power to find those rogues and make them pay with their lives!” I sighed in relief after my speech. Lionel started clapping and the rest joined in.

“The Alpha King has given us his words.” He looked at me. “You have our full support,My king.” He bowed and the rest did the same.

“You can all go back to your homes.” Lionel said and hey started to leave.

Lionel turned to face me. “Let’s go to the Alpha’s home.”

“Your Highness!”

“Alpha King Sky!”

I heard two separate voices call out to me. I turned to see a group of children looking straight into my eyes.

“What’s going on Raphael?” Lionel asked with confusion in his tone.

A boy of about seven years stepped forward. “We want to have a word with the Alpha King.” He replied with confidence.

“Come on son,this isn’t the time to joke around..”

“We are serious Father.” A girl of about the same age spoke up.

“Raphaella..” I silenced him when he tried to object. It wasn’t hard to tell that Raphael and Raphaella are twins and Raphael looks so much like their father.

“Speak..” the children smiled when I gave them the go ahead to speak.

“Bow to the Alpha King!” Raphael ordered and they all obeyed him.

“Please save Alpha Mia!” Raphaella spoke up and the others chanted. “Please save Alpha Mia!”

“Okay..the Alpha King already gave his word that he will save our Alpha.” Lionel said

Raphaella stepped closer,her cute face staring up at me. “Alpha Mia said you the Alpha King is her mate,is that really true?”

“Raphaella, we agreed to beg the Alpha King to save our Alpha and not ask questions.” Raphael scolded his sister.

“I do what I want!” She snapped at him. Oh! What a short tempered kid!

“Kids go…”

Raphaella interrupted her father. “Alpha Mia said you can’t accept her as your mate because -“

“Now that’s enough!” Lionel silenced her.

“Father..” she mumbled sadly like she was about to cry.

I crouched down to her level. And she already had tears at the corners of her eyes. “We miss her so much because no one is willing to tell us stories under moonlight. She’s such a great Alpha but now she’s gone!” She sobbed.

“Such a drama queen..” Lionel mumbled.

“Save our Alpha..”

“I’ll do my best to save her..”


I nodded. “Is that a promise?” Raphael asked.

“I was supposed to say that!” Raphaella snapped at him again.

“Oops sorry but we all agreed to talk to the Alpha.” He replied.

“I am the spokelady here..”

“Kids that’s enough..” Lionel silenced them again.

“Alpha King,I am such a nice girl.” I nodded in agreement but you’ve gat a bad temper kid.

“I promise to bring your Alpha alive.”

“Thank you My King.” Raphael smiled.

“Can I get a hug Alpha King?”


“Father,I just want one hug from the Alpha.. can I?”

“Lionel, it’s alright..she’s just a kid anyways.” I spread out my arms to hug her.

All of a sudden I started hearing a tiny voice in my mind. “Our Alpha will make a good Luna in the future if only you’ll accept her. She will also be a wise Queen,and then I can get a chance to visit the Donia Kingdom and spend some time in the castle. Alpha Mia said it is so beautiful.”
Raphaella was sending me a telepathic message.

Then she stepped away from me. She folded her arm. “Don’t be surprised,I’m sending a message into your mind. I am a special werewolf.” She smiled.

“Thanks for the hug Alpha King Sky!” She said loudly with a bow.

“Don’t worry kids, I’ll bring back your Alpha safely.”

“So friends! The Alpha King already gave us his words, so let’s prepare for the arrival of Alpha Mia.” Raphael sais

“No,we continue praying to moon goddess to protect her.” She addressed the children.

“Okay..let’s just go and pray then prepare for her arrival.”

“There is a reason why the moon goddess pair you with my Alpha.” She said into my mind again.

“Go ahead Raphaella..” Lionel said.

“Okay.. Father.”

She turned to leave. “Peace…that’s all I see.” I heard her softly again. She turned to face me again with a huge smile on her face. Then she waved before racing off.

She’s wise and it’s surprising as to how a little girl could say such things.

“My Lord, I’m sorry about the kids.” Lionel apologized.

“You have great kids.”

Lionel smiled. “Raphaella is a special werewolf like her mom who is the best pack doctor. And Raphaella can communicate with someone through the mind.”

“I figured that out…”

“Did she do it with you?” He gasped out.

I nodded. “What did she say to you?”

“That should be between us.”

“Okay..” then we resumed working.

Lionel took us straight to the Alpha’s home. I saw pictures or Alpha Zion and his wife hanging on the walls. I stared closely at Luna Kehlan’s picture,Mia was just the chip of an old block.

“Alpha King?” Lionel called. I looked up at him. “If you’d come with me to the Alpha’s study.”

We moved to walk home the stairs but Lionel stopped us. “I’d like only the Alpha King to come with me.”

“And why is that?” Kelvin demanded with anger in his tone.

“Only the Alpha is needed to see whatever is in the study.”

“I’ve been to the Alpahs -” I raised my hand to silence Kelvin.

“You might help us secure the territory with my warrior’s.” Lionel said.

I mindlinked kelvin to obey Lionel.

“Are we to trust anyone at this moment?” He aksed

“I don’t trust anyone but I just need to find my mate. He might know something since he was the closest to the late Alpha.”

“What if he’s working for the enemy?” Kelvin asked.

“Then I’ll have to kill him and the enemy.”

“Be careful,My Lord.”

Kelvin bowed before leaving me with Lionel.

“Come wity me,My Lord.” Lionel said. I nodded and he led the way to the study.


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