ENEMIGO Episode 8 by Ebunoluwa Ademide

ENEMIGO Episode 3 by Ebunoluwa Ademide

ENEMIGO Episode 8 by Ebunoluwa Ademide

My Mate 💕 or My Enemy 🤔

🌻 Sky’s POV 🌻

I appeared in a dark tunnel,my active wolf eyes glowed for me to see clearly. I started the walk without making any footstep sound and soon I came out of the tunnel only to hear voices.

“Where are you going Santos?”

“The master asks us to bring the king’s mate to his chambers.” Another voice replied.

The master? And the king’s mate?! Oh my goddess! Mia! He wants my mate in his Chambers!

I hid myself back in the tunnel when Santos almost met my eyes. Lionel said I shouldn’t talk to anyone and the substance of hiding my scent would fade soon. I have to do something.

“Stay here on guard while I bring her out.”

Whoever the master is must be the Royal Blood Lionel mentioned to me.

Santos went another way while the other stayed back.

‘Time to attack!’ my wolf groaned. I made a hit for the wall to attract the warrior’s attention.

“Who is out there?” He asked. I could sense him approaching the tunnel then I appeared in front of him. His eyes widened when he saw me.

“The Alpha King!” He gasped and I could see a glint of fear below his eyes.

Then I knew my Alpha scent was too strong for the substance Lionel poured on me. I dragged him Into the tunnel,putting out the light he held with my boot.

“Who is the master?!” I whispered in a harsh tone, pinning him hard against the walls of the tunnel. I can’t stay dumb even though Lionel said I shouldn’t talk to anyone.

“I don’t know what you are talking about.” He wouldn’t confess just like the other spies because they must have taken an oath to never reveal the secret.

Then I resorted in using my powers,I turned his face to look straight into my eyes. I hit him in the stomach when he tried to avoid the contact,seems he knew what I was trying to do.

“Look at me!”. I commanded and he obeyed me. “I am your Alpha King.” I could feel my eyes glowing crimson. “Let your loyalty be with me.” I compelled him.

I have never used compulsion on any wolf because my Alpha presence had always been useful but not with rogues or spies and that’s because they always pledged allegiance to their master.

“Who is the master? And what is his mission?”

Several seconds later,I got the information I needed from the warrior. I felt a bit weak after hearing the whole truth from him. At the mention of the enemy’s name on his lips I felt betrayed but I knew I had to be strong to save my mate.

“Where is my mate?” I asked him.

“She’s in the dungeon.”

“Dungeon?” He nodded. “Follow the path Santos went…” He started coughing out blood before he could finish his words then he slumped. I dragged his body out of the tunnel.

I followed the path Santos went,but soon held a loud scream in the air. Mia! What’s that bastard doing to her?! I raced fast by following her scent which led me to a dark area but I could only see a dim light abead. Her screams filled the air again and I rushed into the dungeon without minding what could be in it. All I wanted was to get my mate.

I met Santos trying to force himself on my mate while she struggled to stop him. I grabbed him and threw him against the wall. He gasped in shock when his eyes met mine. “ALPHA king?”

I went to him again and lunched several punches on him before ripping off his head from his body. Mia screamed when she saw the scene.

She kept screaming until she was against the wall, shivering before falling to the ground.

“Mia?” She avoided me when I tried to touch her even without looking into my eyes. “Please don’t touch me…” She sobbed with her palms on her face. She was looking tattered and dirty.

“Mia.. it’s Sky…” She looked at me and my heart broke into pieces at the sight of her face. One of her eyes was bloodshot and I could see blood drops from her nostrils and she had other bruises on her face and body. She wasn’t the beautiful Mia Zion I met weeks ago.

She stood up and went to shut the gate. “No, you’re not Sky..” she whispered to herself as she held on to the gate. “You are not the Alpha King…this must be another hallucination.” She cried out loud. “Alpha King would never come to get me out of here…” She nodded to no one in particular. “He hates me..he doesn’t want me because of my father’s deeds..so stop hallucinating Mia…” She kept chanting. “He hates me.”

Mia didn’t believe that I was here to save her. She thought she was seeing things again.

“Mia..look at me..” she didn’t look at me.

“Disappear and stop tormenting me! No! I can’t take this anymore…!” She cried and moved to the wall. Once again my eyes did a slow crawl on her small frame,she had wounds on her body and it reflected in her steps.

I didn’t want to touch her so she won’t be more frightened by my sudden presence. “Mia!” I yelled then she turned to look at me with a wide eye.

“Are you really here?” She mumbled.

Then I went to her. “Yes, Mia..I am here to get you.”

Mia moved slowly to my side and touched me. “You’re here…but you shouldn’t see me like this…” She turned away,feeling ashamed.

I pulled her into my arms gently. “I am sorry…” I whispered and then Mia cried out in my arms.

As if she had let down the boundary she had built around our connection,my wolf whimpered while she was in my arms. I started to feel her pains through our uncompleted bond and I felt my wolf connecting with hers again.

I kept apologizing to her for not showing up on time to save her. I begged her to forgive me for not accepting her when we first met,for hating her for her father’s deeds.

“My Lord, you don’t need to apologize.”

“I’m sorry…” I apologized again.

“How did you find me?” She pulled away from me gently.

“I’ll tell you everything when we get back to your pack.” I responded.

“I can’t leave now.” She stopped me.


She showed me a lock on her wrist. “It is stopping my powers…” She said.

“Who is with the keys…”

She pointed to Santos without looking at the bloody body. I went to the body and searched his pocket,I found a bunch of keys on him.

“The smallest one…” She said.

I unlocked the lock. “Thank…” She stopped when we heard voices. “They are here…” She panicked.

“Don’t worry…” She groaned in pains when I lifted her up in my arms. “Bears with me for a while…” I said and she nodded.

I uttered a curse when I remembered that I didn’t ask Lionel how we would return.

“Is everything okay?”

“I didn’t remember to ask Lionel how to bring us back.”

“Don’t worry..just set me down…” She said. “They’ll be here soon.” I obeyed.

“Look! It is the Alpha King!” Someone screamed.

Mia held my hand in hers and began to chant some strange words.

A familiar voice screamed. “Get them now!” I looked up to see the master and I gritted in anger. “I will make you pay!” I mouthed.

“Don’t let them go!” Warriors rushed at us but couldn’t get to us because of the boundary Mia created. Mia was right when she had said the enemy was someone close and dear to me.

All of a sudden,Mia and I disappeared into the thin air.


We appeared at the boundary of Crescent Pack. “We should head back to the pack now, your members are waiting.” I made an attempt to carry her but Mia side stepped me.

“Thank you for saving my life but you should head back to your kingdom now.”

Mia was trying to push me away. “No,I am not leaving here without you.”

“No..no..this isn’t about me.”

“Listen to me,I am sorry I tried to shut you out the first time we met. Mia I wouldn’t have forgiven myself if something bad had happened to you..If that bastard had touched you.”

“Well he almost did..but…I begged him…” Tears slipped down her cheeks.

“Mia,you were right about what you said. The enemy is someone close to me.”

“Do you know him?”


“That’s why you should leave right now…your kingdom is in danger. He planned to take away your throne tonight,so if you don’t want to lose it..leave and save your Kingdom.”

“Mia,I don’t want to leave you. I am your mate,I have to protect you.”

“Protect your Kingdom..I am fine.”

“No,you are not fine. Look at yourself…you are damaged! I am going back with you to the pack!” I yelled before realizing that I shouldn’t have done it.

“You should leave…save your Kingdom or else he would -“

“Let him take it! I don’t care!” I shouted.

“No! You can’t let that happen! The people of Donia needs you to fight for them! That’s why you have to go now!” She screamed back at me.

“What’s an Alpha king without a Luna?! He almost killed you!”

“Yes…he almost did but he wouldn’t have done that because he wanted me! He said he would marry me as his mistress once he have the Donia Throne.” She cried.

I became angrier. “He said that to you?”

“Yes..he said a lot of things.”

“Damn him!” I cursed. It’s clear Alpha Zion was never the enemy! My own blood and best friend wanted my throne and even planned to marry my mate.

“You have to go before he succeed! I don’t want to be his mistress.” She sobbed.

I cupped her face in my hands. “Listen to me Mia,he won’t take you as his mistress. You are my mate.

“Alpha King!” I heard Derrick’s voice in my mind.

“I have to talk to Derrick for a minute.” I told Mia before moving away.

“We found the enemy!”

“Old Ben” I interrupted him.

“My Lord,how did you find out?” Derrick asked.

“I will tell you later. Is the Illusion still intact?”

“Yes the witch renewed it…”

“So how did you find him?”

“Someone tried to murder me in your Chambers in the midnight. I captured him and tortured him until he confessed that Old Ben sent him to murder the kill the king.

Eunuch Cole plan really worked. With the powers of illusion,Derrick looked exactly like me. I picked him because he was skilled,so In case anyone tries to kill him he would be able to fight back.

“My Lord I feel there are more people working for him.”

“Yes.. I found his accomplice. Throw Old Ben in the darkest Dungeon in the palace.”

“Yes My Lord.”

“And prepare the men for war because his men will be close to the city gate soon. And Derrick Protect the citizens of Donia Kingdom.”

“Yes, Alpha King!” Then I disconnected the link.

My wolf didn’t want to leave our mate in this state but I also have to protect my kingdom.

“Is everything okay?”

“Yes,they captured Old Ben and my men are preparing for war.”

“They still need you.”

“Mia,promise me that you’ll testify as a witness in Donia Court once I capture my enemy.” She nodded in agreement.

“Why didn’t you heal?”

“My wolf is weak…”

“He injected you with silver?” Mia looked away and nodded.

“No, every pain I’m feeling right now is to pay for what my father did to your mother.”

“I have forgiven him so you don’t have to punish yourself for your father’s deeds.”

He was forced to join the Elders Table to save his daughter but I couldn’t tell Mia about it..not now. Lionel is the best person to tell her everything.

“Mia,heal with your powers,revive your weak wolf before it causes a permanent damage.”

She shook her head. “Stop being stubborn Mia.” My eyes pleaded with her.


“I have something to say…” I said. Mia looked at me. “Once all this is over,I want you in my palace.”

“You want me…”

“Yes..yes Mia…I want you to be My Luna. And I’m sorry took me a long time to say this to you.”

“Are you sure about this?”

I covered the gap between us. “Yes Mia,I accept you as my mate and I want you to be my Queen.”

More tears streamed down her cheeks. I knew My wolf won’t forgive me if I didn’t tell Mia what was on my mind before leaving for my Kingdom. My lips landed on Mia’s lips and she gasped in shock. It took her a second to adjust and kiss me back. I could feel our wolves connecting again.

I had to let her go when she groaned in pains after my hand moved to her waist. “I’m sorry..I didn’t mean to..”

She smiled. “No..no.. I’m fine..just a slight pain there.”

“What did he do to you?”

“We don’t have time…”

“Yes..Yes.. you’re right.” I kissed her forehead.

“I’ll be waiting for you..please be safe.” She said.

I nodded and hugged her gently.



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Asia Chika
Asia Chika
5 months ago

Wow! What a beautiful connection between King Sky and Mia

5 months ago

Ewo see love o

5 months ago

Love is real😁
I love this connection. Dear Alpha King sky, You’ve got reasons to fight for!!