ENEMIGO Episode 5 by Ebunoluwa Ademide

ENEMIGO Episode 3 by Ebunoluwa Ademide

ENEMIGO Episode 5 by Ebunoluwa Ademide

­čî╗ Sky’s POV ­čî╗

Memories of the night with Mia flashed through my mind’s eye. I recalled every words she had said to me. I could sense the sadness in my wolf as he retreated to the back of my mind.

All of a sudden I felt a sharp pain on my heart. It was horrid and sharp and it quickly awaken my wolf. Pictures of my mate flooded my mind as I grabbed my chest.

“My Lord!” Eunuch Cole rushed to me. “Guards!” He screamed out loud.

Two warriors came to my throne and set me back in it. “Let’s take him to the infirmary!” Cole panicked.

I stopped them when they tried to carry me. “Mia…” I whispered to Cole.


“Yes..I..I..can..” I groaned in pain.

“My Lord! My Lord! My Lord!” Cullen rushed into the throne hall.

“What is it Cullen? Why rush in like someone who has just seen a ghost?” Cole asked.

“I’ve got bad news!” More panic filled his eyes.

The pain on my chest subsided. I readjusted my position to focus on what he has to say.

“Bad news my King!” He cried out.

I leaned forward. “Speak Cullen!” I snarled at him.

“Sir Lionel sent a message saying that,a group of rogues invaded the Crescent pack at dawn and also abducted the Alpha and killed many pack members!”

My eyes widened as Cullen rushed out his words.

“Your Highness,this explains your pain.” Cole said.

“The future Luna is in the hands of the enemy.” Cullen added.

I clenched my fists and seeth my teeth in anger. Who could have sent rogues to invade Crescent pack and abduct the Alpha.

‘Our mate is in great danger,we have to save her!” My wolf snapped angrily. ‘what if the rogues ends up killing her? What if they keep torturing her? My wolf bombarded me with scary questions about the possibility of our mate getting killed by rogues. No! That can’t happen!

“Prepare our best men.” I stood up from my throne and made my way towards my Chambers while Cullen followed closely.

“How many men?”

“40 Warriors..the best,we need to find the one who sent rogues and save the Crescent Alpha.”

“Yes,My Lord…”

“Tell Beta Elvis to see me in my Chambers.” I ordered,then Cullen rushed off immediately.

“My Lord, I don’t think it is wise to leave the kingdom.”

“What?!” I turned to face him in anger. “My mate is in danger! She’s in the hands of the rogues! And I don’t want to Imagine what those bastards would do to her if I don’t find her!” I yelled at him. That must have being my wolf yelling at Cole.

“I understand, that’s how the mate instincts works. But what if the rogues comes around to invade the palace because you aren’t in it? What if this is the enemy’s plan to use your weakness against you to take away your Kingdom?” Cole questioned me frantically. He was trying to make me realize the dangers attached to leaving my kingdom unguarded.

“What’s the reason behind this your sudden thinking that someone else aside the late Alpha Zion wants my kingdom?”

I am still not convinced that there’s another enemy out there hunting for my throne.

“Your Mate told you that -“

I raised ny hand to silence him. “I know she warned me but I need you to tell me what you saw in your vision.”

“I saw that the kingdom was taken away from you through your weakness – Your Mate.”

“So someone wants to use my mate to get to me and take my throne…” Cole shook his head.

“My Lord, I suggest you don’t leave the palace.”

“But what about Mia? I have to save her.”


“I will never forgive myself if those rogues hurt a strand of her hair. And I swear to the goddess that I’ll kill those bastard!” My eyes glowed crimson,veins bulging at the sides of my neck but I fought for control.

“My Lord,I am not saying you shouldn’t leave the palace to save her but -“

“Go straight to the point Cole!” I snarled.

“Don’t leave the palace unprotected because I feel the enemy is in the palace.” He bowed.

I thought about his words for a split second. Whoever sent those rogues to Crescent Pack just to get Mia must have been aware that she is my mate.

Who is the greater enemy of my kingdom now that Alpha Zion is dead? Could it be that a member of this kingdom is working for the so called enemy? Could it be one of my officials? No! No! I didn’t find anything suspicious about them when I did a background check.

As far as I know,they were all loyal to my father. He never suspected any foul play so I am pretty sure that they are loyal to me too.

Still I was confused,I didn’t know what to do. Protect my Kingdom or save my mate from being killed by the rogues?

“I don’t know what to do Cole.” I admitted sincerely even though I hated being helpless and vulnerable and not knowing what to do in situations like this one.

“My King,I have a plan.” Cole muttered.

I stared intensely at him with a slightly raised eyebrow.

“If you’ll listen to this your humble and lowly servant.”

“Cole,I don’t regard you as a lowly servant. You’re a friend.” I corrected him and he smiled.

“I have a plan which might help you save the kingdom and your mate.”

“Let me know about your plan.”

He moved closer to me. “There’s a way to be present at the kingdom and save your mate too.” He whispered.

“Are you suggesting Magic?” I asked.

He nodded. “Illusion is the only option that can help us.”

Illusion…that seems like a perfect way to be present at the kingdom and be able to save my mate.

“Now that we know there’s a bigger enemy out there who has your mate,you have to find him and save your mate.”

“You’re right Cole but how do we go about it?”

“I know someone who might help us.”


“She’s a witch. I just need a short note of you summoning her to the palace.”

I stood up quickly and grabbed a pen and an ink to write a note. “What’s her name?”


“Kira…” I wrote the name down in the note and handed it to Cole. “I’ll be waiting in my Chambers.”

Cole bowed before walking away.

I let out a sigh and prayed to the moon goddess to protect my mate. Even though I wasn’t ready to accept my mate,I didn’t want to lose her so as not to go through the same pains my father went through when he lost my mom.


I gestured to the six Werewolves behind me to pull off their clothes and tie it to their ankle so we would shift into our wolf forms. I had taken my time to select the best wolves and lead them out of the pack secretly so we won’t raise any suspicion.

There is someone out there who wants to get to me,so the so called enemy went after my mate. After shape shifting,I prayed to the moon goddess to protect my mate. She doesn’t deserve to die!

Her death would affect me and my wolf greatly. Cole did a great job at making me realize that I need a Luna.

‘I want my mate!’ my wolf whispered.

I could sense her wolf calling her to my wolf through the connection our wolves had created in the short while of meeting. She needs me too!

I would kill them All if I see a scratch on my mate.

‘I won’t forgive you if anything happens to my mate.’

I couldn’t bear the thought of not having a mate anymore.

We ran in our forms,making our way to Crescent Pack. 40 Warriors were already there to safeguard the Crescent members.

I heard the Beta died in the battle,so the Gamma was currently running the pack with my men on the look-out. I was surprised the Gamma of Crescent pack would accept my help to protect the pack since we were never on good terms.


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