ENEMIGO Episode 4 by Ebunoluwa Ademide

ENEMIGO Episode 3 by Ebunoluwa Ademide

ENEMIGO Episode 4 by Ebunoluwa Ademide

­čî╗ Sky’s POV ­čî╗


I watched Mia leave with her men at dawn. She wanted to see me but I had ordered my men to not let anyone into the throne hall. I ignored my wolf pleas to at least say a word to our mate. I had nothing to say to our mate which made my wolf extremely sad. But to ensure her safety, I instructed Cullen and Six other men to accompany the Crescent Members to the borders of my kingdom. It is normal for a male wolf to care for his mate but I am not ready to accept my mate.

“Your Highness,” Eunuch Cole walked into the throne hall.

“I want to be alone.” I muttered.

“Alpha Mia dropped a note with Doctor Zac before leaving.” I looked up at him when he said that.

“What did you just say?”

“Alpha Mia left a note for you.” He repeated.

I gestured to Cole to move closer. “Read it out to me.” I ordered.

Cole cleared his throat before reading out the words in the letter.

To Alpha King Sky,
You didn’t give me the chance to tell you all that was on my mind. I am sorry,if I asked too much from you. Forgiving my father wouldn’t be an easy one for you but I hope you find it in your heart to forgive him someday.
I also understand the reason why you can’t accept me as your mate but let not blame the moon goddess for pairing us together. My Lord, I want you but I also await your rejection.

Eunuch Cole stopped reading. “Is that all?” I asked.

He shook his head. “Then go on….”

Sometimes being a witch isn’t a good thing. I passed out at the city gate because I had a vision. I wanted to tell you about it but your men didn’t let me in,so I asked Doctor Zac to help me out. Please don’t prosecute him for helping an enemy.

Eunuch Cole stopped reading again. “Is that all? She didn’t say anything about the vision?!” I tapped the board attached to my throne.

“That’s not all My Lord.” He mumbled.

“Why take a break while reading?” I snapped at him.

“Forgive me,My Lord.” He bowed.

There’s someone who wants your throne. Someone close to you. Someone who has been in your kingdom for ages. I don’t know who that person is but I advice you find this person because I see dark days ahead. Mia Cares.

“That’s all….” Eunuch Cole said.

I stood up from my throne and began pacing with my hands locked behind my back. “Someone wants my throne.” I whispered.

He nodded. “That’s what is in the note.” Cole replied.

I stopped pacing and watched my throne from a little distance. “Who could it be?” I asked no one in particular.

“I have no idea,My Lord.”

I chuckled deeply and resumed pacing. “Someone who has been there for ages wants the Donia Throne.”

“That’s what is in the note.” Cole answered.

“Why can’t he just come for it?” I laughed but soon faded. “Coward!” I growled out.

“My Lord,I think that person is the bigger enemy of our Kingdom. He’s only hiding under Alpha Zion’s deeds.”Cole said.

I looked him. “You think so too?”

“Yes My Lord, Alpha Zion is Ill and his representatives had been able to proof that he hasn’t sent anyone to our kingdom.”

“Which means,the true enemy is trying to cover up using an old enemy.” I finished Cole intended thoughts.

“Exactly,My Lord.”

“No one will take my throne from me!” I said with a serious face.

“We won’t let that happen..” Cole bowed.


“Yes My Lord…” He came closer.

“We have a lot to do. We need to find the enemy of Donia Kingdom.”

“Yes My Lord,what do I need to do?”

“Go to the Office of Records and get the files of the 18 officials in my court. Let’s start by doing a background check on their past. Get me Cullen!” I ordered.

“Yes..yes..yes My Lord.”

“Don’t mention this to anyone…” I placed a finger on my lips.

He nodded and did a gesture of zipping his lips before walking out of the hall.

“Dear Moon goddess,do not deliver me to the hand of the enemies.” I prayed silently.


It was late in the afternoon when I decided to take a nap after looking through the files Cole got from the office of records. So far so good,I haven’t been able to find anything fishy about my officials. No one seem to be having extra war men aside the numbers given under the law of Donia Kingdom. No secrets assets or suspicious movement since I placed Cullen and some trusted men to watch all my officials.

A soft knock on my door stopped me from climbing into my bed.

“Are you asleep My Lord?” I heard Cole’s voice behind the door.

“No,I want to be alone.” I answered.

“My Lord,you might want to hear the news I have for you before taking a nap.”

I rubbed my temples. Being an Alpha King isn’t an easy task. You don’t own yourself but the kingdom own you. And you have to make sure things are in the right place. “Come in.”

Eunuch Cole stepped into the room. “I have news…”

“You already said that before. What sort of news do you bring?”

“Good and Bad news.”

“Share the bad one….”

“Alpha Zion is dead.” He blurted out.

My eyes widened. “What?!”

“Alpha Zion of Crescent pack is dead.” Cole repeated.

“When? How….”

“The news is everywhere. The Alpha died. “He died at midnight.”

“Oh! this explains the reason why my wolf was so sad and it didn’t want to get up at dawn like it used to.”

“That’s because your mate is sad and down.”

I nodded in agreement to what he just said. ‘We need to go and console our mate.’ my wolf whispered in a sad tone.

“No,I can’t leave my kingdom to be with her.” I said

“Are you talking to me My Lord?” I looked up at Cole,I didn’t realize I just said my thoughts out loud.

I waved my hands. “I’m talking to my wolf.”

“It wants me to go and console our mate.” I told him.

‘She’s sad. Our mate needs us!’ My wolf growled out. ‘Stop being stubborn and let’s go to our mate!’

“Can you just let me think straight for a second.” I snapped at my wolf. It let out a grumble before stepping back.

“Cole,what do you think I should do?”

“You can’t leave the kingdom now that you suspect that someone else aside the deceased alpha wants your throne. Leaving the kingdom to attend to your mate would be an easy way for the enemy to attack. So I suggest you send some men to Crescent pack to attend the funeral on your behalf.”

“When is the funeral?”

“Tomorrow morning.”

‘If you aren’t going to show up at the funeral, at least send a note to our mate for her to know we care about her. And we can’t be by her side because we have to secure the throne and protect our kingdom.’ my wolf instructed.

I almost laughed at it words but I held the laughter at Bay. “My men would deliver your message.” I answered.

“My Lord,do you still intend to reject your mate?” Eunuch Cole questioned.

“I don’t know. It would hurt my wolf if I reject my mate.” I rubbed my palms together. “And accepting my mate would seem like I invited an enemy into my kingdom. It’s like I am betraying my people,my throne and my kingdom if I accept her.”

“My Lord,what if the moon goddess made her your mate to make things right? like to settle the Enmity between Donia Kingdom and Crescent pack.”

“You’re right Cole but -“

He interrupted me. “I think it is best to bring in your mate.”

“I’m saying I can’t make any decision now. I have to think..I mean I don’t want to bring in an enemy and ruin my kingdom with my own hands. Moreover,she has a pack to tend to as an Alpha.”

“You still need your mate by your side…an enemy or not. This kingdom needs a Luna.”

“My Kingdom has been fine without a Luna!”

Cole bowed. “My Lord why do I have this feeling that someone might use Alpha Mia as a threat against you.”

I laughed out. “Why would anyone do that?”

“Alpha Mia is your mate and your mate is your weakness now. You know how this mates thing works,you feel anything she feels…pains,emotions and the others. Moreover she gave you a warning then she’s the best person to tell you how to find the real enemy now.”

“I can’t ask her to leave her pack and come stay with me.”

“What are the rules My Lord? The female wolf has to leave her pack to be her mate. If she is Alpha and her mate is an Alpha she has to hand over the pack affairs to a Beta after merging her pack with her mate’s pack. If she is an Alpha and her mate is an ordinary wolf then the male wolf has to join her pack. That’s the rule. Sooner or later, Alpha Mia would have to leave her pack to be a Luna in this Kingdom once you complete the mate bond.”

“Please call me Cullen.” I said to him after some minutes of thinking. “Wait,you didn’t share the good news.”

“Oh!Your Cousin Drake just had babies.”


He shook his head. “Three Wolves at a time.” He smiled.

My eyes widened. “Wow! That’s great news!” I was so excited! “Send a lot of gifts to them.” I said.

“Alright My Lord.” He bowed slightly. “And I also can’t wait to meet our future Alpha king too and maybe more.”

“What?” My smile disappeared too. “What did you just say?”

“I..I..ahm..I said.. nothing. I’ll just go ahead and call Warrior Cullen.” Cole rushed off quickly.

‘why so mad because he wished to see the future Alpha? It is a good idea to me!” My wolf jumped in happiness.

I found myself smiling when I recalled Cole’s words. Every Alpha is always excited and anxious to meet his Junior. I like the idea too, I mean I love kids! I have always loved babies since I was a little boy.

I would have been the happiest man on Earth to think of having a Junior but not with the choice of my mate. It would have been a different case if my mate wasn’t the child of the man who murdered my mother.

‘That’s harsh..you can’t reject our mate. Remember her father his dead now,the only loved one she has is gone and now she’s alone. Rejecting her would kill her chance of ever being happy.” My wolf whimpered in sadness.


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19 days ago

This is too sweet

18 days ago

Hmmm Rip to apha Zion,
Next please

17 days ago

Accept her pls

15 days ago

Next pls….

Asia Chika
Asia Chika
13 days ago

Sorry for your loss Mia. Pls accept her now

williams peace
williams peace
2 days ago

Good morning opradre, please can you learn to complete one story at a time before moving to another, here is this one sacrilege, enemigo and yet uploading another one. I know is none of my business after all you didn’t force me into following and reading it but what I’m saying is the truth be focus, don’t always be carried away. Thanks for looking into it.

1 day ago
Reply to  williams peace

This is a website..you should follow a story that interest you and move on to another when you are through..This story EMEMIGO is already completed

williams peace
williams peace
1 day ago
Reply to  OpraDre

I don’t understand is already completed then where is it. If it has already been completed like you claim. Have read all the stories that is displaying for me to see here. That is why when you come up with new one I aspect you to be serious with it and finished it. Don’t give me that your Facebook thing here please.