ENEMIGO Episode 3 by Ebunoluwa Ademide

ENEMIGO Episode 3 by Ebunoluwa Ademide

ENEMIGO Episode 3 by Ebunoluwa Ademide

­čî╗ Sky’s POV ­čî╗

A guard rushed into the throne hall and went straight to the Cullen and he whispered some words to him.

Cullen looked up at me. “My Lord…”

“What’s going on Cullen?”

He bowed slightly. “The future Luna just passed out at the city gate.”

“What?” Everyone gasped out.

My heartbeat accelerated and my wolf began to jump around. ‘Our mate passed out! She just fainted at the city gate!”

I readjusted my sitting position. “Where is she?”

“They are at the city gate waiting for your orders to take her to the infirmary.” Cullen explained.

‘Damn orders! Instruct them to take her to the pack doctor!’ my wolf snarled at me.

I started to feel uneasy at the news of my mate losing conscious. “Let her be taken to the infirmary and tell the best doctor to tend to her.” I instructed Cullen who rushed out with the guard immediately.

Why did she lost consciousness? Is she alright? Will she be okay? My wolf pestered me with questions I couldn’t give answers to.

‘Won’t you go and see our mate? She need us right now!”

“Can you just give me some breathing space!” I yelled at my wolf.

I gestured to Eunuch Cole to adjourn the meeting till evening. And everyone filed out of the throne hall.


I paced to and fro in the throne hall with a worried look on my face.

Eunuch Cole cleared his throat. “My Lord,will you stop pacing and tell me what is bothering you.” He said with concern in his tone.

“I am extremely bothered about this mate issue.” I stopped pacing and caught him smiling.

“Our Luna is a special werewolf.” He smiled heartily.

I raised my eyebrow a little. “Why are you smiling at the thought of her?”

“Well shouldn’t I be happy my Lord finally found his mate?’

“And you are aware she is an enemy.”

“It doesn’t matter be….”

I interrupted him with an angry look. “Her father tried to take away my throne.” I reminded him.

“She didn’t try to take your throne but her father did.” He countered

“Her father murdered my mother in cold blood.” I clenched my fist. “I can’t forgive him!” I spat.

“My Lord, you’ve always wanted to meet your mate.” He reminded me.

“Why did the moon goddess pair me up with the enemy of my kingdom?” I whispered in a sad tone.

“You need to understand that her father is your enemy and not your mate.”

I shook my head in disagreement. “His blood runs through her veins.”

“She’s still your mate…”

“She’ll only be my mate if I accept her.”

“Your Highness,are you planning to reject your mate?”

I nodded. “The enemity between her father and I won’t let me accept her. And who knows what evil plan Alpha Zion would come up with if he finds out his daughter is my mate.”

“My Lord,the Alpha in question is terribly ill and I doubt if he would scale through.”

“I want him dead.” I gritted.

“My Lord,it isn’t wise to wish a fellow wolf death.”

I rubbed my temples. “You’re right. I just don’t want trouble with Alpha Zion.”

“I don’t think accepting your mate would bring trouble to your kingdom.” He said seriously. “And I think there’s a good reason why the moon goddess paired you with her.”

“Haven’t you had any vision lately?” I asked him and he nodded negatively.

Eunuch Cole is a special werewolf too. The moon goddess bestowed the power of seeing the future on him. He is like a Seer.

“She is not evil.” He said with a stern look.

“Wait did you forsee me meeting my mate today?”

He bowed his head. “No,My Lord.”

I sighed heavily. “What do I do? I am finding it hard to accept her.”

He smiled again. “She’s gorgeous.”

I frowned. “Don’t you dare admire my mate!” I growled out.

I face palmed myself for yelling at Eunuch Cole like that! “I am sorry…” I mumbled. “You’re right..my mate is beautiful.” I admitted.

“My Lord, it shows you want your mate but you can’t accept her for Enmity reasons.”

“You’re right…my wolf wants her too….”

“You can’t even stand another wolf admiring her.”

“Did you notice the way my officials eyes kept watching her? They almost stripped her naked with their eyes!”

Eunuch Cole laughed. “Don’t laugh!” I cautioned him.

“Forgive me My Lord.” He bowed.

“What if she’s doesn’t want me too?”

“I don’t know..my Lord.” He shrugged.

“But what if she turns you into a bird if you reject her?” He pointed out.

My eyes widened when he said that. “You’re joking right?” Eunuch Cole bursted into laughter then I realized he was trying to tease me.

“Please forgive me my Lord…” He bowed again.

“And do you really think she is capable of hurting me? And what if she truly uses black magic?”

“Listen my Lord, your mate is not evil.” He repeated.

“You can’t be so sure Cole…”

“You’re only saying this because of her father deeds.”

I nodded in agreement. “My Lord,I suggest you should be concerned about finding whoever sent that spy.”

“You also believe that Alpha Zion didn’t send the spy?”

“The fadded mark prooves that he isn’t a member of Crescent pack. I don’t think a weak Alpha can have the strength to keep sending spies,instead he would be concerned about getting well again.”

I crashed on my bed after taking a long hot shower which really strengthens me a bit. I lazily dragged the bedsheet over my big frame hoping to have a good night rest.

“Our mate is in the infirmary and you want to sleep!” My wolf snapped furiously. I haven’t gone to check up on her and that’s because I don’t want to see my mate,my enemy.

“Let’s not do this tonight. I need to rest to be able to get some paperworks done tomorrow.” I silenced my wolf.

“She’s our mate! We need to know if she’s fine!”

I tossed and turned on my bed for several hours while my wolf fumbled angrily wanting me to just go to our mate. So I gave up the idea of sleeping at the moment.

I hopped out of bed and wore my sleeping robe before grabbing my cloak then I walked out of the room.

Everywhere was so silent when I got to the infirmary. Though I already mindlinked Doctor Zac to let him know that I am coming to see my mate. Well don’t be surprised,rumors spreads fast like wild fire,everyone in my kingdom knows that our enemy Alpha King Zion’s daughter is my Mate.

Doctor stood up and bowed in respect to me when he joined me in the long hallway leading to several wards. “Rise,Zac.” I instructed and he straightened up to look up at me.

“My Lord,forgive me for not coming to your Chambers to check on you.”
“It’s alright Zac,I understand you have to see to the running of the affairs of the infirmary.”

He smiled. “So…ahm..ahm…how is she doing?” I asked,itching the back of my neck.

“She’s fine.”

“Why did she lost consciousness all of a sudden?” I asked him.

“I didn’t detect anything like sickness when I checked her but one of her men admitted that she always pass out each time she had a vision.”

I raised an eyebrow at his words. “A vision?” Zac nodded. “That’s strange.”

“No it is not strange My Lord. I supposed you are aware that your mate is an hybrid. A red witch and an alpha blood also runs in her veins. The power in the red blood makes her weak anytime she sees a vision while the Alpha blood only gives her strength to regain consciousness.”

“Oh!” I mouthed. “Witches see visions too like Seers.” Zac nodded in agreement. “So.. can I see her?”

“Sure my Lord, she’s in the ward on the last end.”

“The special ward?”

“Yes My Lord.”

“Thank you so much,Zac. I’ll get back to you before leaving.” He bowed slightly before walking away.

On getting to the entrance to the ward,I heard hushed voices coming from inside the room. Is she talking with someone? Who could it be? I listened with my enhanced hearing ability.

“Cain,do you think everything will be fine?” I heard my mate’s voice. She was talking to Cain! Why is he still with her? I asked Cullen to get a comfortable room for the Crescent men so they would lay their heads for tonight.
“You don’t have to worry Alpha…”

“Come on Cain,I already told you to stop calling me Alpha Mia. You’re my best friend and I don’t want you being too formal with me.”

Wait! What?! Cain is her best friend? What the heck is going on with these wolves?

“Everything is different now..”

“Nothing is different now Cain,I am still the same Mia.”

“No,I am not going to address you as Mia anymore. Geez! You’re my Alpha and you’ll be a Luna soon too.”

“No Cain I don’t think I’ll be a Luna soon.”

“Is this about Alpha King Sky?” He asked.

“Do you remember my one and only dream?” She spoke up after a long pause.

“I can never forget your one and only dream.” He chuckled.

What’s that supposed to mean?

“Finding your mate has been your one and only dream.” He added quickly and I heard Mia laughing softly.

“Yeah, You’re right.” She laughed.

“So do you think I would forget anything that concerns you?” Cain asked.

“You dare not….” And they both laughed.

Pang of jealousy stirred within me. She shouldn’t be talking to another wolf like this. To be honest I envy the closeness between them and I hope there’s nothing going on between these wolves.

Even if I end up wanting to accept my mate I wouldn’t forgive her if she had been with another wolf before she met me.

Silence…..wait why isn’t she talking?

“Cain,you should go to bed now.”

“No,I can’t leave you alone in here.”

“I’ll be fine. Don’t forget I am a trained -‘

“Warrior.” He completed her statement. “Yeah,I know you have a great fighting skill,you can stand up to any man and you can defend yourself but at the same time I am not leaving you here alone.”

“Come on Cain,you need to rest. We have a long way to go tomorrow.”

“Alpha -“

“Don’t call me that!” She silenced him but Cain only giggled.

“Okay…listen to me,we are in a place where the people thinks you are an enemy,so I can’t risk leaving you here alone when I know anybody can just come in here and hurt you because of the Alpha deeds.”

Okay..okay..now I understand it. He’s not leaving that room. And Cain staying with her alone doesn’t sit well with me.

“Go to bed, I’ll watch you.”

“No,I am not feeling sleepy.”

“Okay,then let’s keep talking.”

Several minutes passed before Mia spoke up again. “Cain,how am I supposed to make things right with Alpha King Sky?”

“I believe there’s a reason why the moon goddess paired you with the Alpha King.”

“I know my father didn’t send that spy or the other spies. He gave up the wanting the throne after Alpha Malcolm’s death.”

That’s not true! Her father still wanted my throne even after my father’s death! Probably her father cooked up some stories for her. He wouldn’t want his daughter to know how much evil he can do.

“The Alpha King is my mate but I am sure he won’t accept me. He hates because of my father.” I could sense the sadness in her tone which got to my wolf.

“What about you? Do you want him?” Cain asked.

“Yes..yes..yes..I want him. You know I’ve always wanted to meet my mate. But it really hard for things to go smoothly between us…like normal mate. We can’t be the perfect mate I have always dreamed of because of everything that has happened over the years.”

Oh! So we all dreamed of this perfect mate..it seems like every young wolf dream!

“I won’t hate him if he rejects me as long as my father doesn’t leave me too.” She sounded resigned.

“Everything would be fine…”

“No,nothing Will be fine if the Alpha King doesn’t find out who has been sending those spies.”

“Yeah,that’s the only way to prove our Alpha’s innocence.” Cain added.

“We’re leaving tomorrow right?”

“Yes.. we’ll leave at dawn. And won’t you tell the Alpha about the vision?”

“You think I should tell him?”

No response came from Cain. “But he doesn’t want to see me or talk to me. I am his enemy.”

“Don’t say that Alpha Mia. You’re irresistible,so I am sure the Alpha King can’t take his eyes off…..”

“You’re only saying this to make me feel better right?”

“No,I noticed the way he watched you with Keen interest. I am sure he won’t reject a beautiful mate like you.”

Wait,did he just call my mate beautiful?!

“I am not expecting too much from him.”

No one has the right to call my mate beautiful! Or even be alone with her! Without knowing I found myself knocking on the door.

“Who could it be?” Mia whispered.

“Stay back while I check…” Cain replied.

I heard the sound of sword being withdrawn out if it’s initial place.

“Maybe it is the doctor or a nurse trying to…” The door opened up before she could finish her words. Cain pointed his sword at me but soon dropped it when his eyes met mine.

“Alpha King Sky…” He bowed and Mia did the same too.

“Rise,” Mia’s emerald green eyes shone brilliantly as she looked at me.

“You shouldn’t be here.” I said to Cain.

“My Lord, I can’t leave my Alpha alone.”

“This place is guarded by trained warriors and no one would dare come in to hurt her.” I said,trying to calm myself.

“Okay,My Lord…”

“I want you to go back to the room,I asked my men to prepare for you. And I’ll like some minutes with your Alpha.”

Cain exchanged glances with Mia. “Cain,you can go ahead.” She said.

He nodded. “Good night.”

She hummed a response before he walked away. “Can I come in?”

“Yes..yes..yes…” She stuttered while she stepped aside for me to walk in.

“How are you feeling?”

“I am alright..” she replied. “Th…tha..nk you..for giving your men the orders to tend to me and my pack members.”

“You don’t need to thank me,I am just doing what is needed to be done.”

Mia fiddled with her fingers as she stood at the door. “Come and sit..” she gestured to the single couch in the room and I went to sit on it.

“Do the same too…” I said and she sat on the bed slowly.

My wolf jumped in excitement as I took in the features of our mate. Her long hair swept over her shoulder,rosy cheeks..my eyes did a slow crawl to her lips. I snapped out of the thought of kissing my mate.

She didn’t look up at me. “I..I…don’t really know how to…” She paused and sighed. “I know it is really hard for you to accept someone like me as your mate because of the…Erm..Erm..” she stopped.

“Your pack and my kingdom aren’t in good terms.” She nodded in agreement.

“My father has done so many bad things to you and your kingdom.”

“And you want to right his wrongs?”

She raised an eyebrow. “How do you know that?”


“My Lord,how long have you been standing outside the ward?”

“Not too long.”

“So..so..so..you heard everything.”

I nodded and readjusted my position. “Your father didn’t send the spies?”

“Yes,my father has never sent any spy since your father’s death.”

“So who has been sending those men since the last two years of my reign?”

“It’s your duty to find out as a king.” She answered.

“It is….” I stopped talking when I noticed the way she kept adjusting on the bed like she was uncomfortable.

“Are you alright?” I asked concern in my tone.

I went to her when she shut her eyes and tried to sit back on the bed but she staggered. I went to her immediately. It is normal to care for my mate.

“Are you ill?”

“No,no..I am alright. I..I.. just feel a little dizzy…that’s all.” I helped her sit back on the bed.

“Thank you..” she muttered. “I am a hybrid,having blood of an Alpha Werewolf and Red witch weakens my system whenever I have one of my vision.” She explained her maternal background to me.

“My mom died when I was just two years old. She was diagnosed of a rare incurable disease that affects red witches.”

“I am sorry about that.”

“No,you don’t have to sorry…” Mia held on to the necklace on her around her neck.

“My dad gave me this locket on my 10th birthday. There’s a picture of my mom in it.” She opened it and stared at the locket.

“I have a locket too,my dad gave to me the day he passed his Alpha title to me.”

“I am sorry about your mom,I know my father -“

“He ripped out her heart at the war ground.” I clenched my fist,feeling of anger rising within in.

She avoided my burning gaze. “I am sorry.”

“Sorry won’t bring her back.”

“But what about?” She paused to look at me.

“What?!” I gritted

“Huh?” She looked away from me. “Nothing… we’re leaving tomorrow. Thank you for taking us in.”

I shook my head and walked to the door.

“Wait my Lord…” She stopped me before I could walk out but I didn’t turn to face her.

“It is true that sorry won’t bring back your mother. And I don’t blame you for the hatred you bear towards me and my pack because of my father’s deeds. But still I want to apologize on his behalf,I am sure he regretted his actions.” She snifled.

“He’s terribly ill..and I don’t think he’s..he’s..” she paused. “I don’t think he is gonna make it. He barely talks to anyone,I communicate with me with my powers by reading his mind. He is dying slowly and I feel so helpless knowing that my powers can’t save him.” She sobbed.

Then I turned to face her. “So please my Lord,I am willing to take whatever punishment you are to give him as long as you forgive him. He needs your forgiveness to be able to rest in peace when he dies.” She walked up to my slowly. “Please my Lord…” Her eyes held a pleading look.

I looked away from her. “Have a good night rest Alpha Mia.” Then I made my way out of the room because I didn’t know what to say to her.

She wants me to forgive her father and punish her for her father’s deeds. Is that even fair?!

And why do I feel pity for Alpha Zion after everything he has done to me.

‘If her father dies and you also reject her,that would be too much for her to bear. Our mate looks pitiful.’ my wolf said in a sad tone.


ENEMIGO Episode 3

Somebody should suggest a solution to Alpha King Sky o! ­čśů
He didn’t even wait to hear the vision she had at the city gate!

Drop a prayer for them please. ­čą░

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20 days ago

I know this is hard for you to take, but you need to be strong to be able to hold the truth. Mia’s father is just a suspect, you need to know the real culprit.
Please forgive our future Luna so she’ll be able to assist you

20 days ago

He better calm down o

20 days ago

Alpha Sky will come around. How will he reject us.Did he want us to die of grief? When he forgives her father,that will help him to aspect his mate. Enjoying it.pls don’t keep us starving ooo.Next

19 days ago

Dear Alpha King Sky,
You need to calm down & stay focus. The enemy is within…..
As for Alpha Mia, she needs to right her father’s wrong

17 days ago

Love dey shack am small small

Asia Chika
Asia Chika
13 days ago

Pls forgive her father and accept her