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MAD IN LOVE By Tisa Phiri

Jennifer, a working class lady catches her boyfriend and best friend making out in her own house.

With a broken heart, she attends her uncle’s funeral and meets Benjamin, a handsome man but ill man. Jenifer is intrigued by Benjamin and finds herself thinking about him even in the city. When she noticed she had fallen helplessly in love with the handsome ill Benjamin, she goes back to the village, kidnaps Benjamin, and takes him to her house. She starts searching for ways to cure Benjamin but there are people, who would stop at nothing to see that Benjamin is useless in life. Would Jenifer be able to damn these people and get a cure for Ben? How would she be able to cope with Benjamin’s illness before a cure is gotten?

It’s really madness. MAD IN LOVE.

Find out in this captivating story. Make sure you leave your comments

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