Blemished Love Episode 38 – Loudest Thoughts

Blemished Love Episode 38 - Loudest Thoughts

Blemished Love Episode 38 – Loudest Thoughts

Dane and Dani walked in ten minutes after Grissel and Melisa had decided to leave the hall.

Tom seemed nervous while waiting for him but completely had a smiling face on when they walked closer to him in the hall. He checked the time and it was eight in the evening.

‘You can have a seat here. I will be back soon.’

‘Thanks for having me.’ Dane said pulling Dani closer.

He nodded and was walking away when Dani followed.

‘Uncle Tom, should I bring the ice cream?’

Tom took another look at them both and smiled.

‘Of course. Let me help you with it.’

They walked away leaving Dane staring at the room.

Melisa and Grissel were standing by the kitchen table staring at each other. It didn’t look like they were chatting before Tom entered.

‘Love, are you okay.’ He asked concerned.

Grissel nodded and her eyes fell on the ice cream in the bag he was holding.

Dani suddenly laughed and all attention fell on her.

‘Sorry I laughed.’ She covered her face with her palms running to where Melisa was standing.

Tom dropped the ice cream on top of the fridge while fetching a tray.

‘Tom?’ Grissel called.

‘Ahaaa! Do you need help?’ He turned around facing her.

‘Uhmmm.’ She nodded staring at the ice cream.

He ignored her stare, picking up an Orange and Guava juice from the fridge.

‘Guava.’ Both Grissel and Melisa chorused.

Tom watched them closely and smiled. He figured they knew it was for Dane.

‘Dad doesn’t like orange juice.’ Dani said breaking the silence.

‘Got it.’ He scratched his head.

He switched the drink and picked a tray and another glass.

‘Let me help you.’ Dani rushed to Tom.

‘Thank you.’ He smooched her hair.

Grissel you can have the ice cream.’ Tom said from afar and examined her smiling face.

‘Thanks.’ She finally said leaping with joy.

‘Just a little bit of it and no extra ice.’ He cautioned.

‘Okay Love.’ Grissel didn’t want to make her joy so obvious so she put a straight face on.

‘It has already melted so just pour it in a glass.’

Melisa was just watching them give each other faces.

‘You know how to go about the arrangement in the files right.’ Grissel wanted to be sure Tom could handle the visitation arrangement. They had talked about it at length and the papers were ready just waiting for when Dane would show up.

‘Ahaaa. I won’t disappoint you.’

‘I’m happy you are doing this with me Tom.’ Grissel complimented.

‘I love you.’ He laughed and walked away with Dani while Grissel kept smiling.

‘What is going on with you two?’ Melisa asked when Tom left. Her mind was all over the place the whole time. To think Dane was in the next room and he hasn’t asked of her yet was unusual for her. Especially when he pretended not to have seen her earlier that evening.

‘Your brother wants me to give Reed two holidays in a year and one weekend each month.’

‘And you agreed to that Grissel.’

‘I don’t exactly have a choice Lisa.’ Grissel walked away to the fridge.

‘Yes you do. What happened to you fighting for full custody and now giving it away?’

‘I’m not throwing it away.’ Grissel said walking back from the fridge with the ice cream box and glass.

‘Let me help you with that.’ Melisa dragged a chair for her and proceeded in helping with the ice cream.

‘I want Shirley every time of the day but Reed is her father and I don’t want Shirley to blame me someday for keeping his dad away from her.’

‘I know but it’s just as if your sacrifice was in vain.’ Melisa lamented.

‘We didn’t make this arrangement because it would favor us. Shirley wanted it and we just gave our consent.’

‘That’s okay sweetheart.’ Don’t stress yourself.’ She handed her the glass of ice cream.

Melisa’s phone rang for the fifth time and she silenced it.

‘That must be Bryan again.’ Grissel asked her.

‘I would see him later.’ She said waving her hands in the air.

‘Emmm, how’s that going.’ Grissel enquired.

‘Fine I guess. We are moving in together.’

‘Great step.’ Grissel smiled.

‘I hope so an…….’ She was saying when her phone rang again.

‘Just talk to him.’ Grissel encouraged.

She glanced at the ringing phone and answered before Bryan could hang up.

‘Can we talk when I get home?’

‘Okay, but I’m almost at your end.’

‘Huh!’ She exclaimed. ‘Where exactly?’

‘You went to Tom’s right.’

‘Yes, but you don’t need to come here.’

‘Too late, I’m in a cab now.’ He said and hanged up.

‘He hanged up.’ Melisa said in the phone and looked at Grissel.

‘I can see that and you know Reed is still around right.’

Melisa gasped. ‘Tom?’ She yelled out to him.

Within a second Tom rushed to the kitchen.

‘Is Grissel okay?’ His eyes were fixated on Grissel at the door.

‘I’m fine Love but you are going to cause your sister another relationship, if you don’t wrap up in the next two minutes.’

‘What happened?’

‘Bryan is on his way here.’ Melisa chipped in.

‘So?’ Tom asked.

‘So Reed has to go.’ Grissel laughed.

He breathed in deeply and turned away from them.

‘Did he just ignore us?’ Melisa asked with shock on her face.

‘Yes, and I think you should just meet Bryan outside the house.’

‘Sometimes I just feel like going back to be by myself.’ Melisa lamented.

‘That world where you sleep with everything in trousers?’ Grissel asked staring.

Melisa raised up her head slowly. ‘At least I had my freedom.’

‘Freedom or Sex.’

She hissed. ‘I guess the Sex.

‘You are lucky you didn’t have a mom like mine.’

‘Grissel it’s not fair for Bryan to treat me that way.’

‘You are being too hard on him when he only wants you to love him.’

‘But I’ve been doing the loving for the past five months.’ She said with frustration on her face.

‘Are you sure?’ Grissel asked with a smile.

‘Alright. I admit I don’t love him but then it’s no news to him.’ She frowned.

‘Talk to him then and come to an agreement.’ Grissel advised.

‘I wasn’t really bothered about the sex in my last relationship but with Bryan I just feel like something is missing.’

‘You mean with Reed, it was love and no matter what decision he makes about sex you were okay with it.’

Melisa glared at her for a while. ‘Yes I was, mainly because I love him and was willing to wait till he was ready.’

‘Then why make Bryan go through all these when you know he is just a fling.’

‘I don’t see him that way and I respect whatever decision he makes but Grissel the guy gets all nervous when I want to touch him.’

Grissel relaxed back and popped out her eyes as if she just remembered something. She picked up her glass of Ice cream and gulped it contemplating on getting the rest from the fridge but she knew Tom would get angry.

‘You can’t see what is happening here right?’ Grissel asked nervously.

‘Hey, are you okay.’

‘How often does Bryan stare at his phone?’ She asked ignoring her earlier question.

‘A whole lot of times and then checking the window as if he was being watched.

‘And that didn’t look suspicious to you?’ Grissel asked smartly.

‘No and funny enough he happens to have those calls when I bring the issue up.’ Melisa said feeling her forehead. She suddenly had a headache.

Grissel stood up and walked to the fridge bringing out the other ice cream. ‘Please tell your brother you a…..’

‘Yes, I ate the rest of the ice cream. Got it but you seem lost.’ Melisa interrupted her.

Grissel walked back grabbing a seat. ‘Does Henry drive a red pick up?’

‘No, but Bryan had a red pickup.’

‘Had?’ Grissel asked.

‘Yes, he sold it after the wedding.’ Melisa answered.

‘Was that what he told you?’

‘Yes, you know he’s still trying to get his shop running without asking his dad for help.’

‘Forgive me if I step on your toes.’

‘Grissel, what’s the problem.’

‘A red pickup hit me earlier.’

‘So? It’s probably a coincidence.’

‘No, I know a coincidence when I see one but this driver was waiting for me to come out.’

‘That wasn’t Bryan. He doesn’t even have a car now to drive here that fast.’

‘You are naïve Lisa. It’s Henry and he must have threatened Bryan.’

Melisa examined her face. ‘Henry I heard left town.’

‘Well, he’s either back or never left because who else is obsessed about us.’

Melisa looked at her and relaxed back on her seat. ‘I think you are right. Bryan to me is still a naïve little boy which would do anything to please that douche bag.’

‘Okay, so what do we do?’ Grissel asked.

‘Nothing, I’m just relieved it wasn’t Dane.’

‘But Henry is dangerous. He must have followed you here.’ Grissel sounded worried.

‘I told you my Dad had already reported him to the police so I would brief him tomorrow.’

‘Please do before Tom finds out it was him. I’ve had a stress free marriage for the past five months and I don’t want him to flip.’ She said with shaky hands.

‘Relax, nothing is going to happen to your marriage. I brought Henry into your life so I would get him out.’

‘Thanks and I love you.’ Grissel smiled.

‘Okay, how long have you been waiting to say that?’ Melisa teased.

‘Since I walked into your brother’s life.’

They were still talking when Dani rushed in hugging her mom tightly.

‘What’s going on Princess?’ Melisa asked while Grissel held on to her daughter.

‘We are leaving?’ She said sadly.

‘Oh that’s great.’ Melisa leaped with joy.

‘Lisa.’ She run into her arms whispering into her ears.

‘Don’t worry. Nothing would happen.’ Melisa said encouraging her about whatever she whispered to her.

‘Okay, I will see you on Monday.’ Dani said cheekily.

‘No phone in school tomorrow.’

‘Yes mom. Uncle Tom already told Dad my curfew times.’

‘Awesome.’ She said and gave her a peck. Which she cheekily run away after smacking Lisa in the stomach.

‘Dad, I’m ready.’

‘I was waiting for you.’

‘Uncle Tom, did you tell him abo…..’

‘Sorry, I forgot.’ He smiled staring at Shirley who was nervous all of a sudden.

‘Is there a problem?’ Dane asked.

‘No, except when you yell at her.’ Tom announced with a straight face.

‘That won’t happen again. I’ve worked on myself.’

‘It better not dude.’ Tom cautioned.

‘I understand you care about my daughter.’ Dane replied sadly and picked up Dani’s bag while they walked away from him.

‘Uncle Tom, I would be watching you from a far.’

‘I know you would but don’t worry your mom would be fine.’

Dane smiled watching her closely. He opened the door letting Dani out first.

‘I think you should get a security at your gate.’ He told Tom with a serious face on.

‘Thanks, I would see to that.’ Tom waved him and they left.

Dane left a few minutes after when Bryan came rushing in. After greeting everyone he started fidgeting with his hands.

Melisa and Grissel just came out of the kitchen when he came in sweating.

‘Don’t sit yet. We are leaving at once.’ Melisa told him and walked to Tom.

‘Would you be alright?’ Tom asked wiping the stray tears on her face. He knew she wasn’t happy with Bryan. Melisa had no idea when she cried so she grabbed her brother’s shirt to wipe her face dry.

‘Yes, we would work it out.’

‘Great. Call me if you need help.’ Tom drew her in to his arms for a while.

‘Tom, I’m still in Seattle.’

‘Yes I know but I feel like you are suffering too much.’

‘It’s okay, I have a job now and that should at least take away my pains.’

‘I’m so sorry.’ He whispered.

‘Don’t worry about it.’ She pulled herself out of his arms.

‘And that reminds me, did you talk to Grissel about the ice cream intake?’

Melisa glanced at Grissel who was resting her tired body on the couch while Bryan relaxed against the wall. She was surprised he was still standing when from her earlier caution.

She laughed quietly. ‘When Michelle said no ice creams, she meant the one’s with raw eggs.’

‘I’m guessing she ate all that in the fridge.’ Tom figured it out with the look on her sister’s face.

‘Ahuh. It’s alright, just make sure it’s the processed type with no raw eggs.’

‘Thank you Doctor.’ Tom teased and she smacked him while walking away.

When they got to her car, Bryan wanted to drive so she let him. Their drive home was silent after Melisa told him she was okay with his decisions which gave him a scare because he actually came there to tell her the truth.

Melisa knew Henry was following them since they left Tom’s place and it confirmed Grissel’s fear’s earlier. She felt Bryan was just trying to protect them.

They got to his shop around ten in the evening and he had only one room upstairs which was the reason they were moving into a bigger room before that evening’s quarrel.

Bryan took the couch in his shop downstairs while Melisa had the whole room upstairs to herself.


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Tom woke up in the middle of the night and his heart skipped when Grissel was not beside him. He saw the bathroom light on and was relieved but wondered why she didn’t call him this time for an escort. He laid back waiting for her when he heard noises coming from the hall.

They were so deafening to his ears that his heart skipped yet again and he decided to check it out. Tom rushed to the bathroom and realized she wasn’t there, just then the light went off. He was expecting the generator to start working but it never happened.

‘Urrgh.’ Grissel made a faint noise from the hall.

‘This pregnant woman would ki*ll me one of these days.’ He whispered to himself and went off with his head lamp which he picked from the washroom earlier.

‘Who is there? I have a gun.’

Grissel had dragged the couch to cover the door.

‘Love.’ He called from behind her.

The light from his head lamp brightened the whole room.


‘What is going on with you here?’

‘I think Henry is in the house.’ She said walking to him with the gun.’

‘Henry? And what are you doing with my gun.’

‘Why do you have a gun in this house?’ She asked instead of answering his question.

‘Bring it before you hurt me.’ He snatched the gun from her and realized there was no bullets inside.

He burst into a hilarious laughter.

‘What’s funny now?’

‘There’s no bullet in the gun and you carried it out of my safe naively.’

‘I didn’t know and besides did you hear what I said about Henry?’

‘Yes I heard you and I think you took care of that.’ Tom laughed again pointing to the couch behind the door preventing anyone from entering. He didn’t want her to panic as he also believed someone must have tempered with their electricity.

‘Tom, just go and check it out. It’s unusual for both our main electricity and generator to stop working.’

‘Take it easy. I would get a security for the gate early in the morning.’ Tom announced when he remembered Dane’s caution that evening.

‘What do we do right now?’

‘Nothing. I’m sure if Henry wanted to come in he would have a long time ago so let’s go back to bed.’

She frowned at him and walked to the couch behind the door. Tom figured she wouldn’t go up again so he followed and made her feel comfortable with her head on his chest and her belly staring at him.

‘Do you think Shirley is okay?’

‘She would be fine. Can we have a quiet dawn without worry?’ Tom told her rubbing her stomach.

‘Okay, but can you rub my feet for me.’

‘No, I want to sleep.’ Tom declined.

She looked at him and smiled. Tom knew what was on her mind. The reason he had to take Dani out on a Thursday night was because he refused to rub her mom’s feet.

He shook his head and proceeded in rubbing her feet. She slept off after a few minutes and Tom couldn’t help but worry about Henry’s presence in his house.

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9 months ago

Aside “the jailbird” this is the most interesting and intriguing story ve read on this site in a long yl.