Blemished Love Episode 39 – 40 Loudest Thoughts

Blemished Love Episode 38 - Loudest Thoughts

Blemished Love Episode 39 – Loudest Thoughts

Tom had the police come over to check the house for any clue as to who was in their home but they found none. The light has been restored and Gina came to visit since Julia went on a long vacation with Joe. She left in the afternoon when Grissel seemed like she was interrupting their moment.

Julia was restless even on a trip with the love of her life, she did promise to get back before Grissel gives birth.

Grissel had called Adam as soon as her mom left that morning about getting a security for them since Tom was reluctant to do it. She was scared and pissed off when Tom seemed not bothered about it.

Tom watched her glow around Jessy when they came that afternoon. He noticed she wasn’t that way with her mom.

‘Why do you always do things behind my back?’ He asked after they had left that afternoon.

‘What are you talking about?’ She asked with pretense written all over her face.

‘I didn’t like the fact that you called Adam to get us security.’ He said focusing on her expression.

‘I’m not safe here.’ She said folding her hands across her chest while closing her eyes.

‘You could have talked to me first.’

‘You refused to do it Tom and besides I’m paying for it.’ She tried to open her eyes slowly as she was resting on his laps earlier.

‘This is not about money Grissel.’

Tom just didn’t want an extra person in the house. He just want to be the man of the house.

‘Okay, then stop complaining.’ She snarled.

He knew better not to upset her when she had been cranky all morning. ‘I told you I can protect you.’

She laughed. ‘With what? A gun without bullets?’

‘Yes, at least it would scare perpetrators off.’ He replied happily knowing his joke worked.

‘Honestly, you haven’t given me much attention lately when you keep watching over the gate all the time.’

‘Wow!’ He exclaimed. ‘I know you are tired of staying home all the time but this arrangement is just until Henry is found and you put to bed.

Tom was trying so hard not to flare up.

‘What happens if he’s never found?’ She asked.

‘Let’s stop talking about him already.’ He told her with a tensed tone.

‘Alright, Can I have everyone over for dinner anytime I want?’

‘You know I never stopped you from having them over.’

‘I know but I don’t want to stress you in the kitchen.’ She teased with a smile.

That was her way of getting Tom to cook variety of meals so she can have enough to choose from.

‘We can order a take out.’

‘No, Stella would prefer home food.’ She laughed.

Tom knew she just wanted to get on his nerves and probably get him laughed at when the food turns out salty. He had learnt a whole lot from her sitting in the kitchen anytime he cooked for the past five months.

‘Stella and Austin.’ He asked trying to take her mind off their earlier discussion.

‘Yes, are they getting married soon?’ Grissel asked smiling.

‘I should be asking you because I had no idea they were seeing each other until Shirley told me when we went out yesterday.’

‘Shirley? How did she even know about that?’

‘They brought her snacks in school yesterday.’

‘Ella told me she was going to see her but I had no idea she went with Austin.’

‘I can’t wait for Clive to follow Austin’s footstep.’ He laughed.

‘Can we change the topic?’ She requested angrily.

Tom knew Clive was the last person she wanted to talk about. She still hasn’t forgiven him yet and the more reason he limited his outings with them.

‘Let’s talk about your mom then.’ He gave her a weird look and she knew what he wanted to discuss.

She raised up her head. ‘There are things I can’t discuss with my mom and you know that.’

‘Your mom loves you Grissel.’

‘But I’m happy she’s around Tom.’

‘Good, so she can stay here while I start work again.’ He scratched his head hoping his trap would work.

‘No, this arrangement is okay and I’m so hungry right now.’

Tom stared at her and raised her up so he could go to the kitchen before she throws up on him.

‘Thank you so much my husband.’ Grissel said with excitement on her face.

After their dinner Grissel insisted on clearing her head outside the room since they now have a security at the gate. Tom could see how happy she was through the kitchen window walking in the compound.

‘Tom, your Dad is calling your phone.’ Grissel called out to him in the kitchen from outside where she was taking a walk earlier. She walked into the room swinging the phone. Tom had no idea she had his phone on her.

‘Tell him I’m not around.’ He peeped through the curtain on the kitchen door when Grissel entered the room but the call had already ended. Tom stood at the kitchen door winking.

He does that anytime he didn’t want to talk to his dad. Though he may have forgiven him, that bond between father and son wasn’t there and Tom didn’t want to force himself to love Morris.

‘Okay, I will when he calls back.’ She replied him when the phone rang again. It was an unknown number.

Grissel gave him a smile and he walked closer to answer the call.

‘That must be my new girlfriend.’ He said cheekily pointing to the phone in Grissel’s hands.

‘In your wildest dreams.’ Grissel laughed handing him the phone.

He poked her nose while answering the call with a Hello.

‘Uncle Tom?’ Dani said over the phone.

‘Shirley.’ Tom called out with a weird tone as she sounded worried.

Grissel adjusted herself hoping to hear what she called about.

‘I’m still in school. Daddy didn’t come to pick me up.’

‘What?’ He replied walking towards his car keys hang over the hall porch.

‘Yes, I’ve tried his number but no one picked up.’

‘I’m sorry, where are you right now.’

‘In front of the school gate with the school security.’

‘Great, can I speak with him?’ He asked and didn’t realize Grissel was standing behind him.

After speaking to the security for a few minutes, he was rushing off when Grissel pulled him back. Tom knew Shirley’s school trusted their security so she was safe with him.

‘Is Shirley okay?’ She asked worried.

‘Of course. Wait here. I would be right back with ice cream.’ He feigned a smile and checked the time on the wall clock. It was half past five in the evening.

Tom drove off after Grissel had let him go. He got there in an hour and met with the security. Tom was grateful and tried to explain to him so the security wouldn’t think he was a bad father. He also found out from him, Shirley didn’t want him to call home as she was still hoping her Dad would show up. Tom now understood why she waited till evening before reaching out. They drove to a nearby restaurant to grab some packed food as Shirley kept complaining she was hungry and can’t wait to get back home. Tom however didn’t forget to get the ice cream he promised.

When they got home Grissel was waiting for him at the gate. He was angry seeing her out of the house though the security was right behind her but it seemed to Tom Grissel would never learn her lesson. Shirley run into her arms crying while Tom tried to explain though he doesn’t have all the answers.

‘Mom, I just went to the washroom outside the classroom and everyone had left.’

‘I’m so sorry. Why didn’t you call me?’ Grissel said holding her tears back.

‘I didn’t want to scare you.’ She cried.

‘Shirley can you go in. We are right behind you.’ Tom said and she nodded rushing into the house.

‘Did you find that scumbag of her dad?’ Grissel asked angrily.

‘No and he’s not a scumbag.’

‘He’s a douchebag then.’ She stressed again.

‘You know none of those words fit your ex-husband.’ He cautioned with his eyes.

‘Yeah, you are right.’ Grissel knew Dane was too good a dad to abandon Shirley.

‘Why are you even outside alone?’

‘You do remember Shirley is my daughter right?’

‘I do and she’s mine too, you just have to trust me when I told you she was fine.’

‘Unfortunately, I don’t have that patience when I knew you were lying earlier.’

‘Fine, let’s go in now.’ Tom announced walking her back into the house while the security looked on.

‘He better come back to explain.’ Grissel said.

Shirley had cried after getting into the house when she didn’t understand why his dad abandoned her. Tom had managed to talk her out of hating her dad all over again while Grissel sat down and watched furiously. She slept off in the middle of her evening snack and couldn’t even get her evening bath.

Tom came down after tucking her into bed.

‘You would need to towel bath her later.’ He announced.

She nodded slightly. ‘Reed loves his daughter so why would he abandon her at school.’

‘I don’t know what went wrong so stop working yourself up.’ Tom cautioned her.

‘Who are you trying to call?’

‘I’m trying Lisa. Maybe they eloped together.’ Tom said naively.

‘You think this is funny?’ She asked obviously pissed.

‘I’m sorry.’ He walked to her hugging her tightly.

‘Don’t suffocate me.’ She said angrily.

He let her go instantly knowing it was her hormones talking. ‘You don’t have to get angry. Shirley is fine.’

‘I would go and towel bath her now.’ Grissel said ignoring him.

‘Okay, see you soon.’ Tom replied hastily.

She just hissed and left him in the hall. Tom knew she blames him now.

He admired her walking upstairs and he smiled.

It was already eight in the evening when Tom went upstairs and met Grissel watching her daughter sleep soundly while rubbing her belly. She gave Shirley a kiss and walked out with Tom to their bedroom.


‘I’m glad we made this decision together.’ Bryan told Melisa who had agreed that morning to move into their new house which was just a thirty minutes’ drive from the hospital she works at.

‘Do you think he followed us here earlier?’ She asked.

‘Haven’t heard from him since we left the shop in the afternoon.’ Bryan replied her.

He had told Melisa Henry threatened to harm her and Grissel and that was the reason he was holding all his affection from her.

When they were moving earlier that afternoon, they saw him tailing them and called Morris to alert the police but Henry probably figured it out and took another path.

Melisa had said some awful things to Bryan in the middle of their argument when he opened up about why he wouldn’t touch her yet and knew she had to apologize.

‘Look, I’m sorry for calling you a girl earlier.’

‘It’s alright, I guess I have to man up.’ He smiled.

‘Good. Can we unpack the rest of the bags tomorrow?’ Melisa asked him smiling cheekily when her phone rang.

She frowned at the screen knowing whatever she had in mind had been ruined.

It was the hospital and she stared at the screen repeatedly. She had two days off and didn’t want to be disturbed.

At the same time she knew hanging up would mean she has denied someone life. She looked up at Bryan who nodded.

She picked up her car keys and rushed off while calling the hospital back because the call had ended earlier.

‘Dr. Lisa, we’ve been trying to get a hold of you all afternoon and your phone had been off.’ One of the nurses told her.

‘Sorry, I had to turn it off so I could do some packing.’ She replied her quickly changing into her robe.

Melisa knew there was only one thing that could drag her out of her house at ten in the evening when it was her day off besides the staff who called made mention of an emergency surgery.

She fixed her hair net and then dropped on her knees to fix her white theater boots.

‘Can I scrub in with you?’ The nurse asked her.

‘Great, let’s get going already.’ Melisa led the way quickly knowing she had about thirty minutes to prepare.

‘I heard it’s a laparoscopy.’ The nurse said again while they got to the board.

She checked the board and saw the surgery was in thirty minutes time.

‘Patients name? She was asking when Michelle called her from behind.

In no time she was standing in front of them. Michelle signaled the nurse to leave.

‘I’m glad you could make it. Can we talk in my office?’

Melisa didn’t like the sound of that. ‘But I have surgery.’

‘Yes, I know but you can’t operate this time.’

‘What are you talking about? I was paged.’

‘I know all that Lisa, but just come with me.’ She said dragging Melisa to her office.

When they got there, she dropped a tissue in front of her and asked her to have a seat.

‘Michelle, I’m not a kid. Who’s the patient?’ Melisa asked sensing something was wrong.

She handed Melisa a card stained with blood. She remembered giving her card to Henry when she was working at her old hospital.

Melisa kept staring at her and stood up to leave. She knew it was Henry and there was no way they were going to let her operate.

‘Wait, there’s something else.’

‘Whatever it is I don’t want to be part of it. I can do my job as a doctor if you need me but don’t ask me to make any decisions for him.’

‘Relax, Lisa. Henry is no more.’ Michelle said without budging her eyes.

‘What?’ She yelled and sat down abruptly.

‘He came in late and was shot in the abdomen. I’m sorry.’ Michelle narrated.

Melisa pushed her tears back and asked to leave when Michelle drew her attention to the file on the table. Still standing she glanced at it and looked up at her.

‘Why is my name on that?’ She asked softly with pain across her face.

‘I have no idea but you need to sit down first. I understand you both have history.’ Michelle told her faintly.

‘Yes and I don’t think I’m needed here right now.’ Melisa replied with a sad tone.

‘You are and might just save a life in the next one hour.’

She gave her the other file she kept aside earlier on. Melisa glanced through still pushing her tears back.

She then slumped into the chair and her tears begun to flow. She didn’t want to cry earlier because Henry doesn’t deserve her tears.

Her mind was all over the place. She tried to reach out for her phone when Michelle rushed up to help her.

Blemished Love Episode 40 – Loudest Thoughts

Apparently Dane was found on the outskirts of town alone in his own pool of blood. His car was parked next to his body. The guys that brought him in alerted the police on their arrival. Since there was no eye witness they had no idea how he got shot three times in the same knee and his whole body severely torn apart.

‘How long has he been like that?’ Melisa asked Michelle who was standing with her at the ICU.

‘He was brought here around twelve in the afternoon, we tried our best but I’m not so sure if he would wake up.’

‘But you said he needs the amputation so the blood flow could release the pressure on the other leg.’

‘That’s the idea but it’s still a gamble. You know how these things work Lisa.’

Melisa sighed heavily. ‘But I don’t understand why he came to hand over the Medical Power of Attorney form last night.’

‘You would have to ask him that when he wakes up.’

‘When he wakes up Michelle.’ Melisa said sadly reminding Michelle Dane might never wake up.

‘Mr. Reed here probably knew what he got himself into because the nurses said he was in a hurry to leave so he could attend to his sleepy daughter in the car after getting himself checked.’

It dawned on Melisa, if Dane was there all afternoon he might have left Shirley at school. She gasped and remembered everyone would have called her if Shirley was not home yet.

‘Yeah Shirley.’ He came for her to spend the weekend with him.’ Melisa remembered the events from last night.

‘I think whoever he fought with really messed him up.’

‘Help me understand what tests he had done.’ Melisa asked curiously.

‘He checked his blood pressure and handed the Medical Power of Attorney form over claiming he might be back.’

‘Did you see him when he came here?’ Melisa was so lost at that moment.

‘No, I didn’t even know you two knew each other until I saw the file when I needed to contact his family.’

‘You shouldn’t have called me. I can’t do this to him Michelle.’

‘Okay, I see Grissel’s name on the form as well. Isn’t that your brother’s wife?’

‘Yes, and she’s going to be a tough one to crack.’ Melisa hissed.

‘Then make that choice for him. Forget the rules and I could just tell the board you were off duty in case it came up.’

‘Why would he put me in this tough situation?’ Melisa asked glancing at him sleeping comfortably.

‘Lisa, he knew you are the only one capable of making the right decision for him.’

‘You think I’m capable of signing off on a surgery that would render him disabled.’

‘I don’t know about that but I can see whatever history you have with this guy makes him trust you.’

‘I love him Michelle.’ She said without any denials.

‘I figured that out earlier when you saw his file.’

‘But he hurt me hence whatever decision I might make now may not be justified.’

‘You still love him and to me that alone makes whatever decision you make justified.’

Melisa stared at her and knew she was making a lot of sense. ‘How he got my signature and that of Grissel is what I don’t understand.’

‘That doesn’t matter right now. You can sort that out with him when he’s out of the theatre.’

‘I know that, but I’m still not qualified to do that because I work in this hospital.’

Lisa stared at Dane in the ICU and then back to Michelle.

‘We are running out of time.’ Michelle muttered to her.

‘Michelle don’t push it. This document isn’t legal.’

‘What about his parents?’

‘How long do we have before surgery?’ Melisa asked ignoring her question about the Reed family.

‘Thirty minutes but before that we need to run some tests first.’ Michelle said checking her wrist watch.

‘Alright.’ Melisa replied calmly walking away from her. Michelle followed just to make sure she was okay.


Tom could hardly sleep. He was awake all night watching his pregnant wife snore into the lonely night. Because of Grissel he had to change their bed to a bigger one when she started occupying the whole bed.

He was still wondering how to sleep on the small space available when their bedroom door opened.

‘Are you guys decent?’ Shirley asked faintly rubbing her eyes in the dark.

‘Shirley?’ Tom called out turning on the bed side light.

‘Uncle Tom, I had a bad dream again.’

‘Really, come here.’ He signaled her to come closer while gently adjusting Grissel so Shirley could have a space in between them on the bed.

‘Mommy.’ Shirley called and kept rubbing her eyes.

‘Your mom won’t here you now.’ Tom reached out to her and placed his laps.

In no time she fell asleep on his laps so he positioned her on the bed next to her mom hoping Grissel wouldn’t kick her in the face.

Tom watched mother and daughter sleep soundly. His phone vibrated at that moment and he checked to be sure it wasn’t anyone so important.

When he saw Melisa’s name on his phone, he panicked checking the time which was half past eleven.

He didn’t want to waste time as it was unusual for her sister to call her that late at night.

Tom answered the call quickly. ‘Are you okay? I’ve been trying to call you all-night about Shirley.’

‘Is Shirley okay?’ She instantly asked.

‘Yes, I brought her home but Da…..’

Melisa started to sob. ‘D is dying.’ She told her brother in between her sobs.

‘What are you talking about?’ Tom asked jumping out of bed.

‘He shot and n..eeds su..rgery.’ She sobbed through her words.

‘Shot. How. When. Why?’ Tom asked all the necessary questions while moving away from mother and daughter.

‘I don’t have answers but I need Grissel’s consent for the surgery.’

‘Grissel.’ He raised his voice without knowing. And for some reason Grissel heard him and woke up.


He withdrew the phone from his ear and turned around.

‘Yes, go back to bed.’

‘Okay, but what are you doing in that corner.’ She asked raising herself up and switching on the main light.

‘Emmm, nothing. Just talking to Lisa.’

‘Lisa.’ She mentioned then Shirley turned beside her. She didn’t see her earlier.

‘Yes, Shirley had a bad dream.’ Tom realized she didn’t notice her in the room and it was a perfect moment to distract her from asking further questions.

‘Okay that explains why she’s here.’

‘Yeah, can you go back to sleep.’ Tom said walking out of the room.

‘Wait, you’ve explained why Shirley is here but not why Lisa called.’

Tom heard Melisa’s voice faintly over the phone asking him to hand over the phone to Grissel on top of her voice.

‘Just one of our usual talks.’

‘Tom, don’t lie to me. Is it Reed?’ She probably figured it out.

Tom knew his wife is smart and if he keeps lying at that moment she might flare up.

‘I think so.’ He replied walking back to her by the bed.

‘Is Lisa still on the line?’

He nodded and handed the phone to her when he got to her end. Tom watched her closely while she was just quiet on the phone with Melisa.

‘Grissel did you hear all that I said?’ Melisa wasn’t sure if she was still listening to her because Grissel hasn’t said a word.

She sighed furiously which scared Tom. ‘So the amputation would let him live?’

‘Yes, it’s still a gamble but I know the doctors would do their best.’

‘How did he get my signature again?’ She asked instead of giving her consent.

‘I have no idea Grissel, but we need you to give us the go ahead.’

‘No, you don’t need me Lisa.’

‘What are you implying?’

‘Leave him to die, I guess.’ She said angrily.

Tom snatched the phone angrily from her and gave her a scornful look. He knew she was going to say something like that after what happened last night with Shirley.

‘Listen to me Lisa, do whatever you think is necessary. I would be there soon.’ He said quickly and hanged up. Tom glanced at his wife who just relaxed against the bed post unconcerned.

He dialed Stella’s number which was not reachable. Tom hit his leg so hard on the floor.

‘What do you even care if Reed lives or dies?’ Grissel asked him.

‘You are right, I don’t care but his daughter lives with me and I won’t spend the rest of my life trying to explain to Shirley her mom didn’t care if her dad lived or died.’ He angrily said and scrolled through his contacts.

Grissel hissed and turned to Shirley who was comfortably sleeping.

Tom settled on Austin. ‘Dude, let me talk to Stella.’ He said immediately with a serious tone.

‘What makes you think she’s with me?’ Austin had no idea Tom knew about them.

‘Not now Austin. Just tell her to call Lisa.’

‘Lisa? But it’s late Tom.’

‘Yes, her brother is with Lisa at the Seattle Hospital.’

Tom said and heard Stella’s voice from the background. He quickly hanged up so Austin could handle the rest.

He rushed to his wardrobe and slipped on a shirt and trouser. Tom checked his foot and realized he was in his flip flops. He shrugged and headed towards the door.

‘Where are you going?’ She asked faintly.

‘I think you know where.’ He replied.

‘Nobody needs you there Tom.’

‘In case you forgot, Lisa is my sister.’

‘And what does that have to do with looking after your pregnant wife.’

‘I would pretend I didn’t hear that Grissel.’ He said and turned around to leave.

‘If you walk out of that door, don’t come back.’ She weakly said.

‘You are so insensitive.’ He slowly said in order not to wake up Shirley.

‘Why can’t you all allow Reed to pay for his sins?’ Grissel murmured.

Tom didn’t want to raise his voice because of Shirley.  He turned the door knob and then paused,

‘You know, I now get why Dane treated you the way he did.’ He said angrily while Grissel suddenly went mute.

Tom walked out on her. Grissel took another sad look at her daughter and wiped her face when there was no tears.


Stella and Austin got to the hospital to keep Melisa Company. Dane had been taken to the theatre over an hour ago.

‘You made the right decision Lisa.’ Stella was encouraging her when the police came in. They had been waiting all morning just to talk to Dane and when they heard Melisa knew him they decided to question her.

‘What if he gets mad?’ She asked rubbing her jaw.

‘You saved his life and he must be thankful.’ Austin chipped in.

They heard footsteps behind them and turned.

‘You must be Melisa Addison.’

‘Yes I am.’ She turned around facing the police.

‘What’s this about?’ Stella asked when Melisa seemed scared.

‘We just needed to ask her some questions.’ One of the short officers said.

He grabbed her hands roughly while she struggled.

‘Get your hands off my sister.’ Tom said rushing to them. Luckily for them they were at a quiet place in the hospital where much people are not allowed so there wasn’t a scene.

Instead of the police officers standing up to him they were rather scared.

They quickly let go of her hands when Tom came over.

‘Do you mind?’ Stella faced one of them to give them space. He walked back quickly.

‘Are you hurt?’ Tom asked pulling Melisa into her arms.

‘I’m alright except that I’m scared.’ Melisa pointed at the officers. They seemed like rookies who hadn’t been on the job for long.

‘What do you guys want with my sister?’ Tom asked after making sure Melisa was okay.

‘Her number was the last one dialed by both the deceased and the injured.’

‘So?’ Tom asked.

‘We just wanted to be sure it wasn’t a coincidence.’

‘You would have to wait for Dane to give you those answers but for now my sister is going nowhere with you two.’ Tom announced.

‘I was home all day with Bryan Sculley, in case you two want to confirm that.’ Melisa managed to tell them.

‘House address?’ The tall police officer asked constantly glaring at Tom.

‘1101 Wallingford Ave N around th…..’

‘The family home child care.’ The quiet officer concluded for her.

Melisa stared at him, so did everyone? Tom figured something wasn’t adding up.

‘How do you know that?’ Tom walked closer to them.

‘Mr. Reed was found at the outskirt of that area.’

‘Wait, that’s not possible.’ Melisa complained.

‘And Henry? Where was he found?’ Tom asked.

‘His apartment.’ The policeman replied Tom.

‘That’s weird but I think whatever answers you two need right now have to wait.’

‘Okay, we would excuse you guys now.’ They said and walked away from them.

Everyone earlier assumed Dane and Henry got in to a fight but the officers just confirmed they were found at two different places.

Austin was the first to give a sigh. Tom walked Melisa to her office and went out to call Julia and Morris.

He figured Melisa would be in trouble if Dane doesn’t wake up to tell them what happened and in case that happens he might need his father’s help.

They were still in the office talking about what Dane was doing in her area when Michelle came to inform them, the surgery was successful but he hasn’t woken up yet.

Melisa heaved a sigh of relief and for the first time that night she smiled. And suddenly remembered she had to call Bryan.

Stella had to do all the calling to Dane’s parents who were on a trip far away from home. Melisa hated the idea of them calling everyone when he isn’t dead yet.

Tom wasn’t himself after Michelle had left. His mind was filled up with thoughts of what might have happened. He trusts her sister wasn’t the culprit but another part of him wants to question her about Bryan. Tom shrugged the idea off and proceeded in calling his wife who had been declining his calls. Dani’s phone was also out of reach due to her curfew times.

At the same time he had admitted to everyone Grissel made the right choice asking for a security. At least they would be safe. Then it dawned on him, Henry wasn’t a threat anymore so he didn’t have to worry that much.

He grabbed a sit closer to Melisa trying to cheer her up. It looked like they were going to sleep over in her office.


Grissel had been acting weird all morning. She called Gina to come over which was unusual.

Dani was giving her faces in the kitchen while she went about throwing everything off angrily. Her phone rang and she asked Grissel to answer it but she ignored him

‘Hello Uncle Tom. Where are you?’

‘I had some work. Are you guys okay?’ He asked.

‘I’m fine but mom is acting weird. She even called Grandma to come over.’

‘That’s good news.’ Tom was relieved.

‘Yes, when are you coming back?’

‘I’m not sure yet but can you look after mommy until Grandma gets there.’

‘I would try.’ She said sadly.

‘Okay, tell your mom I love her.’ He said and Dani laughed.

Tom didn’t want to answer further questions so he said goodbye and hanged up quickly.


Tom had confronted Bryan in a harsh way even when the poor guy insisted he had nothing to do with the sh00t-out. He was creating a scene that evening whereby the police nearly took him on.

Melisa knew Tom’s instincts were always right even when he was a child. She dragged Bryan to her office so they could talk because the police were beginning to think Tom was right.

Stella looked on embarrassed while Austin was trying to stop the fight between the boys. It was when Bryan yelled and on getting there Melisa had collapsed. It was almost one in the morning and Tom just had to punch Bryan in the face.


Julia was impatient but Joe had succeeded in convincing her they should leave during the day. But when Tom called back that Melisa had collapsed that dawn they took a late flight back to Seattle.

‘I’m taking the lead. Drive with Morris.’ Julia said heading towards the door.

‘Juju, relax we just got here.’

‘Didn’t you hear Tom on the phone earlier?’ She asked.

‘I did and he mentioned she’s fine.’

‘You and I weren’t there when she collapsed.’ Julia retorted.

‘I know but Tom is there and besides you could speak to her on phone.’

‘Are you driving me there or not?’ Julia asked with angrily.

Joe didn’t respond so she walked out hoping to grab a cab when Morris arrived.

They got to the hospital and met the police still waiting around outside and decided to talk to them.


Grissel stared at their portrait on the wall and hissed. Gina was aware about Stella’s call early that morning about Tom making a scene at the hospital.

‘If he’s in trouble you need to help.’ Gina who had arrived that morning told her daughter.

‘Mom, I asked him not to go because I knew he was just going to complicate things but he felt like I was being insensitive.’

‘It’s the way you said it Grissel.’ Her mom cautioned.

‘I admit was insensitive but that’s the only language my husband understand.’

She sighed and called Dani to bring her phone.

‘Also, you need to tell your daughter what’s going on soon.’

‘Can’t you help me do that?’ Grissel asked barely keeping up with her breathe.

‘I knew that was why you called me here but no you have to reach out to Shirley yourself.’

‘I would wait for Tom.’

Gina smiled. ‘You know I finally figured out why you couldn’t open up to me.’ Her mom said.

‘Because of Dad.’ Grissel responded honestly.

‘Yes, instead of correcting you when you go wrong I always waited for your dad.’ Gina admitted.

‘And you think I’m doing the same with my daughter.’ Grissel smiled weakly.

Gina nodded when Dani came back with the phone.


‘Where do you think you going?’ Tom asked Bryan who was going to see Melisa who just woke up. She probably collapsed because she had been standing all night while the rest slept off in her office but Tom blamed Bryan because Melisa was alone with him when she dropped to the floor.

Tom figured whatever they were arguing about had something to do with Danes condition because his sister was very furious.

‘To see Lisa.’

‘You are not allowed here.’

‘Lisa would want me here.’ He said while Tom walked closer with a fist.

His dad held him back from behind while Julia shouted at him. Bryan didn’t know when they appeared behind them so he walked away upon sighting Michelle coming out of Melisa’s room.

Tom was furious watching him talk to Michelle when his phone rang. He glared at the caller ID and picked up.

‘Grissel? How are you?’

‘Can you stop fighting and come home.’ Grissel said over the phone ignoring his question.

‘Where did you here that?’

‘It doesn’t matter where, just come home and stop poking your nose where it doesn’t belong.’

‘You are my business so does anyone you had encounter with.’ Tom replied her.

Grissel was quiet for a while and sighed. ‘How’s Reed.’

‘Finally, she cares.’ Tom teased.

‘Forget I asked Tom. Just stop causing trouble for your sister and get back here.’ She said sternly.

‘Lisa, isn’t well.’ He tried to find a way to stay back.

‘I’m not well too and last I checked you were my husband not a doctor.’

‘You don’t understand Grissel. That guy is hiding something.’

‘Allow the police to do their job.’

‘Not when they are already suspecting my sister.’

‘Tom? Come back home in the next hour or I relocate your stuff to the guest room.’

‘I can’t leave Bryan here with my sister.’ He said with a controlling tone.

Grissel was tired of being nice on the phone. ‘I don’t have a problem being alone when you are behind bars but don’t make your children fatherless.’

‘Nothing would happen, besides I only hit him in the face.’ He said proudly.

‘That wasn’t right, you need to respect your sister’s boyfriend.’

‘I know but hitting him won’t send me to jail.’

‘You falsely accusing him can get you behind bars too.’

‘Okay Love, I’m hungry anyway.’ Tom said sighting Melisa who was out of her bed fully dressed. He rushed to her forgetting he was still on phone with his wife.

‘Love you.’ Grissel said and was waiting for a repeat of that from him.

‘Where are you going?’ He asked with his phone now in his hands.

‘Home, to see Bryan. Stella told me what happened.’

‘You can’t go back there yet until he’s cleared of my suspicion.’

‘Tom stop it.’ Melisa said weakly while the rest of the family who went looking for her in the room rushed over.

‘Why don’t you want my help?’

‘Dad, tell your son to let me go.’ Melisa turned to her dad.

Morris didn’t know which of his children to support.

Meanwhile Tom had forgotten he hadn’t hanged up.

‘Okay, Lisa you need to eat and get some rest at home since you don’t want to stay at the hospital.’

‘But Aunty, I need to make sure Bryan is okay.’

‘I would drive you there after you have eaten. Is that okay?’

‘I think your aunty is right Lisa.’ Paige who had arrived when she was still asleep said.

‘Alright, I didn’t notice you were here too.’ Melisa feigned a smile.

‘Let me help you out.’ Tom informed, giving the phone out to Austin so he could be in control.

‘I’m not an invalid Tom.’ Melisa knew Tom just want to be in control of her life. He always does that with Grissel and she never complained.

He just stood there watching everyone hoping someone would defend his decision soon.

But Melisa’s eyes met with that of Stella who nodded and she let him walk with her to the car. Julia drove in Melisa’s car behind him.

Grissel shook her head while hanging up.

‘Shirley, is there a problem?’ Gina asked looking at both mother and daughter. Grissel’s attention was drawn to her daughter.

‘Mom, I know dad is sick. When can I go and see him?’

‘Huh!’ Grissel exclaimed.

Gina knew she wasn’t ready to talk about it judging by the look on her face.

‘Sweet heart, have a seat.’ Gina interrupted Grissel’s thoughts.

Shirley overheard her earlier talking to Gina about her dad. Luckily for Grissel her daughter was very understanding and only demanded to see her dad soon.

Bryan who came with a cab knocked on his friend’s door. When the guy came out he gave him a hot slap.

‘What did you do Cephas?’ He asked him while his friend kept rubbing his face. Cephas was one of the many guys Bryan had to watch sleep with Melisa.

‘You slapped me? Timid Bryan Slapped me.’ The guy repeated walking out of the house to check if he came alone.

‘Yes, I did. Now answer my question.’

‘I heard Henry is gone. If that’s the reason you are here then you should go because I know nothing about that.’ His friend Cephas told him.

‘You know nothing about that?’

‘Yes, I only heard from Jake a while ago.’

‘So Jake was involved.’ Bryan asked instantly.

‘I never said that besides if you want to know what happened you should ask the lady you snatched from Henry.’

‘What’s that?’ Bryan was attentive all of a sudden.

‘I mean you thought you were in the clear when you snatched Lisa from the man who made you who you are today.’

‘This isn’t about loyalty.’ What did Lisa do?’

‘Nothing, just get out of my house.’ His friend yelled and pushed him out of the gate.

Bryan didn’t understand a thing he said. He tried calling Lisa but her phone has been off. He knew it was time to drag his father in to his mess as his guilt was already killing him.

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